MRI coming today for Andre Johnson


Though it initially appeared to be a knee injury, Texans receiver Andre Johnson left Sunday’s game against the Steelers with a hamstring injury.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Johnson will undergo an MRi today to determine the severity of the injury.

Johnson did not return to the game.  The source says that Johnson is able to walk despite the injury.

22 responses to “MRI coming today for Andre Johnson

  1. Just because he could walk doesn’t mean much. I dislocated my kneecap and tore my ACL and MCL, and I could walk (admittedly with some pain and a lot of swelling) as soon as the knee was set.

    Wouldn’t be surprised whatsoever if its a miniscus injury. That’s my guess, I doubt the team would let him walk around after a torn ACL/MCL even if he could.

  2. Dear 7thlombardiontheway,

    i know you’re just a troll and you are bitter that the mighty texans fu@ked up your lowly steelers, but u really need to get a life…kharma will get you in the end…17-10 chump

  3. 7thlombardi – Well, we hope Ben is OK. Sorry he hurt his foot on the Texans. Wish he had hurt his foot kicking your dumb ass. Which would be anywhere he happened to land a kick.

  4. first charles, then andre, not to mention calvin/lesean both left the game with injury…and my starting QB is matthew “glass” stafford…WTF…im screwed

  5. 7thlombardiontheway

    You are a disgraace to all steeler fans. Andre Johnson is one of the awsomest player in the NFL and even though I was mad at how the steelers were playing I was praying the result would not be as bad as wes welkers two years ago

  6. As a Steelers fan I wish Andre gets well and healthy because hes the heart and soul of the Texans. And at 7th Lombardi please stop making not classy comments you are embarrasing Steeler fans like me and others. Just keep your mouth shut.

  7. Thank you to the Steelers’ fans who aren’t being a##holes! (I hope Big Ben’s injury isn’t too serious. The Steelers’ offensive line really needs to get their sh#% together before they get their QB maimed or killed!!) Unlike many who post here on PFT, I try to judge teams’ fans by their individual words & actions…I can’t see condeming everyone just because some are complete di#%heads.

  8. you guys just don’t get it, ever hear of feeding the bears? (not the Chicago type).
    The “complete di#%heads” isn’t a Steeler fan.
    We’d take care of that “in house”

  9. I’m a steelers fan here and I’d like to show that not all steelers fans are classless. I wish AJ the best, the league is better when all of its stars are healthy and on the field and losing AJ would be a big blow to the league. I’m upset we lost today but Houston is an up and coming team with a lot of promise and I hope for them the injury is not too serious and their fanbase can enjoy the same success and enjoyment that i’ve had as a steelers fan.

  10. Most of us here understand what that first comment was about and know it doesn’t reflect the entirety of Steeler nation. Personally, I think that 7thlombardi dude is funny but thats just cuz i don’t believe he means what he says…

    Whatever…the Rooney family are some of the classiest owners in football. Some of Steeler fans are jacka$$e$ but there are some in EVERY fan base…especially Cowboys nation…j/k…not really though.

  11. Long time Steelers fan here.

    When AJ went down I was worried for him and hoping for the best (and not because he’s on a fantasy football team or something trite like that).

    Andre is a great player, pretty classy guy.

    Unfortunately there are some classless fans out there from Pittsburgh (and all other franchises) that don’t know when to keep their mouth shut.

    Here’s rooting for a fast recovery and a great season for the Texans.

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