The rest of the Giants win in Arizona

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The inexplicable call that wiped out Victor Cruz’s apparent fumble in the fourth quarter is the biggest headline from Sunday’s 31-27 Giants victory over the Cardinals, but there are other takeaways from a game that came down to the wire.

1. With or without Justin Tuck, the Giants can get after the quarterback. They sacked Kevin Kolb four times on the afternoon, including once on the Cardinals’ last-ditch drive that fell short on a fourth down in Giants territory. There was plenty of other pressure over the course of the game and Osi Umenyiora showed that his hurt feelings did nothing to stop him from being a master of the strip sack when he ripped the ball away from Kolb in the first half.

2. The Giants might miss Tuck in run defense, though. Beanie Wells tore through the Giants for 138 yards on 27 carries and scored three touchdowns. It was the best Wells has looked in his NFL career and a reminder of what the Cardinals saw in him when they made him a first-round pick out of Ohio State.

3. Hakeem Nicks is a beast. He had 10 catches for 162 yards and the Cardinals didn’t find an answer for him all day, including on the final touchdown of the game. In the Cards’ slight defense, they still seemed to be in shock over having referee Jerome Boger steal the game from them on a call that Tony Dungy just called a “complete fabrication” on NBC. Based on the previous 57 minutes, Nicks wouldn’t have had any problem making that play if Arizona was covering him.

4. Ken Whisenhunt needs someone better helping him out on challenges. Whisenhunt threw the flag on an Alfonso Smith run that was ruled down on the two-yard-line with a little more than five minutes to play in the game. The play was a first down, which meant the Cards had four shots with Wells, who the Giants could not stop, and the Giants had just called a timeout so he had plenty of time to get a surer look before throwing his flag. The Cards lost the challenge and could have used the timeout on their final drive. They held onto their final timeout and went straight for a frantic fourth down play that failed instead of having a chance to talk things over.

5. Whisenhunt’s play calls on the Cardinals drive that preceded the Cruz play could have used some work, too. He passed twice, including a third down incompletion after the Giants had called their final timeout, instead of going with Wells who, as we’ve mentioned twice, was unstoppable on Sunday. It didn’t help that Dave Zastudil got off an awful punt, but the Cards could have done more to help themselves. We feel bad piling on Whisenhunt after the refs kicked him directly between the wickets, but it bears mentioning.

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  1. just saw the victor cruz replay, how lucky can the giants be? im aware that the league has to somehow compensate the giants for playing with a brain dead quarterback but this is getting ridiculous

  2. i love everyone piling on that the giants got a favor, read the rule. cruz gave himself up, he clearly starts to stand up and lets go of the ball. the rule may dumb, but its the rule.

    the refs weren’t trying to help out the giants.

  3. @alcoholicpotheadHTTR RIP21: Dude, don’t hate the player, hate the game. As a long time NYG fan, I could think of a zillion calls like that that have gone against the NYG. As for Eli, not even at his best and you could see he is better than Kolb. If he’s brain dead, wtf is Kolb?

  4. Cruz clearly gave himself up on the play. He sees a guy coming from his right, he goes down, gives himself up, and then when he gets up, he is looking like he is going back to where the huddle would be.

    Alper – watch the replay and make up your own mind. Don’t be sheep just because Tony Dungy said something wrong. The refs were right there.

  5. A road win is a road win. We’ll take it. The Giants found a way to win because they’re winners. The Eagles found a way to lose at S.F. because……well you know.

  6. @mijoh20 im not a cards fan. im a skins fan. and grossman is a fat piece of trash. my turd would look better under center. no qb pisses me off more than eli who proclaims himself elite. and kolb is retarded as well. games and players like this make me wonder why i gave up playing quarterback for marijuana

  7. Yea it was painfully obvious Cruz went down on his own accord when he seen him coming to make sure nothing crazy happened, he didn’t stumble or fall I don’t know what Dungy or anyone else is seeing. Good call by refs.

  8. My first thought was that Cruz fumbled the ball because he hadn’t been touched but I just saw an explanation of the rule and it clearly states that if a player gives himself up that the refs call the play dead the play is over and that’s what Cruz did !! Eli looked great today I don’t know where all this hate is coming from??

  9. What kind of bogus explanation was the fumble at the end of game. When is the league office going to hold some accountablity to the refs on these calls. A letter a week later is NOT the answer.

  10. mikea311 says:
    Oct 2, 2011 8:33 PM
    i love everyone piling on that the giants got a favor, read the rule. cruz gave himself up, he clearly starts to stand up and lets go of the ball. the rule may dumb, but its the rule.

    the refs weren’t trying to help out the giants


    agreed 100%. Heard Dungy twice on NBC tonite say that it was a bad call. everytime i hear him talk it makes me want to kill myself

  11. What a bogus call huh? What a bogus article. In another one you stated Cruz was running towards the endzone and stumbled? Are you blind? He clearly fell to the ground on purpose and was trying to rush to the huddle. Only the Cardinals would want a turnover like that and actually think it’s legitimate.

    If only the Cards had a real QB, they would be able to close a game out, so don’t say the refs gave the game to the Giants. Actually defending Nicks a little bit may have helped too. Eli and the Giants Defense stepped up, while Kolb and that inconsistent offense stumbled back when it countes most. Better luck next year Cards fans.

  12. In that specific situation, nobody gives up a play. The truth is it was a stupid play by a guy that did’t think! It was a colossal error that led to a Giants victory and is absolutely ignorant to overlook.

  13. Easy Eli with more Glendale magic. See him get away from the rush on the pass to Cruz? Next play…BAM..TD…BALLGAME! Easy Eli strikes again. HAKEEM is a BEAST!

  14. Big win for the Gmen. Osi made some monster plays. He just won’t play the run, and it drives me nuts. Hopefully Tuck can come back healthy soon.

  15. Eli Manning, the brain dead QB?

    You mean the guy that is basically a certified genius off the field? The guy who has a SB ring and MVP trophy in his house? The guy who doesn’t give a SH*T about what the media says, in the toughest media market in the world?

    Who is brain dead here bro?


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