Dolphins say cancellation of Sparano press conference was a matter of “timing and logistics”


The report from Greg Cote of the Miami Herald that the Monday press conference of Dolphins coach Tony Sparano was cancelled has sparked the first full-blown hot-seat watch of the season.  With the Dolphins entering the bye week, now is the perfect time to install an interim head coach.  However, it apparently is too early to conclude that Sparano is a goner, based on the absence of a Monday press conference.

Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene advises that the press conference was canceled due to the “timing and logistics” of the team’s return from San Diego.  Greene said that, after Sunday’s post-game press conference, Sparano told Greene that the coach wouldn’t have anything new to say on Monday, because he wouldn’t have had a chance to review the film or to update the status of quarterback Chad Henne.

Of course, none of this means that the axe won’t be falling on Sparano this week, especially with a bye coming up on Sunday.  But the team’s position for now is that the cancellation of the press conference is unrelated to anything that may or may not be happening at the upper reaches of the organization.

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  1. The team has some decent players but they play with no sense of urgency or responsibility. They (collectively) have an apathetic attitude and that is on the HC almost as much as it is on the players themselves. Sparano has been walking on eggshells since the Harbaugh fiasco. There is no way for him to exert leadership, inspire confidence and instill discipline under the circumstances. Ross has shown a complete lack of understanding of how to lead the team and place them in the best possible situation in order to win. I like Sparano but he is handcuffed and ineffective. It’s time to move on and find somebody from outside the organization. I love Nolan as DC but not HC. The big name guys (Cowher, Gruden, Fisher) won’t come in mid-season and the team can’t snag a top coordinator at this point. My suggestion: Mike Leach or, ugh, Eric Mangini. Regardless of who they replace Sparano with, he needs to crack the whip and hold these guys accountable for their uninspired play.

  2. Management knows they are going to can him sooner or later. Why not just get it over with and put the man and fans out of their misery.

    They’re not gonna catch the Pats or the Bills. Time to enter their name in the Luck Sweepstakes.

  3. Busy week.

    Ross and that idiot Ireland are getting on a plane to go entice another guy who wouldn’t coach the Dolphins if his life depended on it.

    When they get back and everyone finds out about it, Sparano gets another two year extension.

    Tony’s gonna get rich.

  4. Why do it now? Wait till the end of the year, when you can get both Luck and your pick of coaches.

    No coach worth having is going to come on board now. Why would he? He will be stuck with someone else’s staff and players, and the losses will be put on his account. Makes no sense. Rather wait, make sure you win the Luck sweepstakes. That will also give you your choice of coach (Gruden, Cowher, Fisher, etc.), because they’ll line up out the door to coach Luck.

    And the best way to win the Luck Lottery seems to be sticking with what you got for now. Ergo… conference canceled.

  5. Absolute BS.

    It wasn’t a night game. The game started at 1pm PST. It was over by 4:15 PST. If they flew out 2 hours later, it means they probably got home between 1:30 and 2:00 am EST.

    Are you telling me that an NFL head coach that had just lost his fourth straight game to start the season wouldn’t be back at the facility watching tape by 9-10am?

    Christ, this organization can’t even lie well.

  6. George Halas Paul Brown and Vince Lombardi could all come back from the grave to coach this team and still not get more than two wins out of it. What they need is Luck.

  7. Soooo…what exactly does canceling due to “timing and logistics” mean? Does that mean they still intend on having a press conference later this week, once the team has returned from San Diego? Does that mean Sparano has to meet with management behing closed doors and then have a press conference? Or does that mean upper management hasn’t yet fully decided on putting Sparano’s head on the chopping block?

  8. realitypolice

    Your a moron the game didn’t get over til 730 eastern time. Figure out the time zones.

  9. “Does anybody really care?”


    What an arrogant question! I guarantee you that every Patriot, Jet, and Bills fan is keenly interested in keeping Sparano as Miami’s head coach.

  10. uraduntx says:
    Oct 3, 2011 11:38 AM

    Your a moron the game didn’t get over til 730 eastern time. Figure out the time zones.

    In my post, I say the game ended at 4:30 PST, which if you don’t understand, means PACIFIC standard time.

    If you add 6 hours of travel time to the end of a game that ended at 7:30 EST (4:30 PST), you get 1:30 am EST.

    That may be little too much math for someone with your limited cognitive abilities, but just trust me.

  11. The situation in Miami is a completer disaster. Every move they make is in the wrong direction. From terrible drafting (like passing up on both dalton and mallet), and FA moves (Reggie Bush, need I say more), to still trying to convice themselves that Henne is a starting QB in the league. They need to begin cleaning house asap. Everyone must go.

    Luck wont be a savior, but he’ll be a huge step in the right direction.

  12. will it end with Sparano walking towards the podium with “Don’t Stop Believin” playing in the background, then everything suddenly going black + silent?

  13. translation:
    recently, loads of time have become available for coach sparano, and we feel it’s logistically impossible to require him to return from his vacation since we are no longer his employer

  14. As the Dolphins crash and burn, Bill Parcells will likely be enshrined in the Hall of Fame next summer and hailed as a football genius. Funny how that works.

  15. You had to wonder when Parcells flew to coop what would cause him to leave. We may have a great clue, ownership’s commitment to mediocrity. Are we sure William Clay Ford has’t bought this team?

  16. Parcells is like the guy in your fantasy league that starts 0-4 and just gives up without making any moves or setting his roster each week. He’s a quitter who always bails before the job is complete. The last “great” team he put together was the Giants in the 1980’s, which he’s been living off ever since.

  17. Completely understand. I wasn’t able to cancel my season tickets until a little later this morning because I was still drunk from trying to cover up the pain they put me through every week! FU ROSS!

  18. i read and watch all post game pressers of the afc east. i have to admit i feel a little bad for coach pastafanappili. he talks good football speak but knowing you are not wanted has made him a lame duck and the team knows it. its everyman for himself now.

  19. It’s over. He’s lost the majority of the team and he won’t get them back. Put Bowles in as interim coach and see what he can do before he gets poached next season. Let Nolan try to get the defense fixed. Ireland has to go too at some point, as he is equally responsible. My fear is that the erratic behavior of our owner will scare off a quality GM and coach. Too bad Ross can’t be fired as well.

  20. When is Bush going to “break out”? I thought all he needed was a chance to be a “featured back”?

    Seems like he is still 2.0 yds/rush Reggie.

    One of the NOLA reporters called it right when he said that Bush is the biggest tease in the NFL.

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