Donald Driver feels fine, won’t miss any time


As Packers receiver Donald Driver rode a cart into the locker room on Sunday, he feared the worst. But today’s news is very good.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy said that Driver feels good today and likely won’t need to miss any games.

Driver said after the game that the leg pain caused by his collision with Broncos safety Brian Dawkins was intense, and he thought he had suffered a serious injury.

“What happened, the nerve shut the whole leg down,” Driver said. “When you get that bruise the whole leg swells up and that’s how it happened. [On the field] I was grabbing it thinking that was it, even [Dawkins] said he felt it himself.”

But today Driver feels fine, and he’ll be on the field Sunday night in Atlanta. He’ll be joined by running back Ryan Grant, who has been cleared to return after missing Sunday’s game with a bruised kidney.

18 responses to “Donald Driver feels fine, won’t miss any time

  1. Dude is a beast and needs to be the example they teach everyone about at the Rookie Workshops, hes always done everything right….

  2. The ‘other 31’ could only be so lucky to have a player with the ability, dedication & ‘team first’ attitude of DD ……. He is the consummate ‘pro’ that sets the standard in GB …..

    Another reason why a repeat is only a few short months away ……

  3. It was a funny feeling when he went down. With our depth at receivers, I knew we didn’t need him, per se, but I felt this intense personal concern for his health. I didn’t want it to end that way for him, too good of a guy. Strange to feel that way about a stranger

  4. I was happy enough to see him come out of the tunnel at the start of the second half. Then that low and away small window bullet pass he caught in the end zone yesterday put the icing on the cake for me.

  5. I’m certain they kept James Jones as “Driver” insurance, but I did not want to see his season (career) end withn a torn ACL. I sure was glad to see DD back on his feet and back in the game. He’s another Packer that a fan can be proud of…on and off the field.

  6. Was at the game and the home crowd went absolutely nuts when he returned to the huddle after the half.

    And the touchdown? Yikes.

    What a great day to be in Green Bay

  7. Why does Gb have to play Atlanta at home again. They beat the snot out of them the last time and the NFL should have made the rematch in GB. This is total BS.

  8. This is certainly good news, but not unexpected. Wasn’t Driver back on the field after being carted off? It obviously hurt him badly when it happened, but I could have sworn he caught a TD after coming back into the game (which was kind of amazing given how bad it looked and that the Packers were well on their way to winning).

  9. I know he has one more year on his deal, but you wonder if the Packers ask Driver to step aside after the season is finshed. I love the guy, but I want Jones and especially Cobb to get more opportunities.

  10. Donald Driver is a stud, hope he makes it into Canton. If he continues to play at a high level and the Packers win the Super Bowl, he just might make it in. I have never been to Canton but would go just to see him enshrined.

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