Eric Foster suffers gruesome injury Monday night


An ugly injury to Colts defensive tackle Eric Foster overshadowed a close first half between the Bucs and Colts on Monday night.

Foster’s leg/foot bent backwards unnaturally for everyone to see.  Teammates got emotional as Foster was fitted for an aircast and carted off the field. We’d be shocked if he played  again this season.

The injury came during a good two minute drive by Josh Freeman that ultimately didn’t lead to points.  For a second straight week in primetime, the Colts defense is keeping a game closer than expected.

The Colts lead 10-7 at halftime after a Bucs field goal was overturned because Tampa had 12 men on the field.  Indianapolis scored their touchdown when Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib got out of position on an 87-yard touchdown catch by Colts wideout Pierre Garcon.

This game was billed as a chance for Freeman and the Bucs to show they belong on the national stage.  America — and Tampa ticket buyers — could use a little more convincing.

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  1. Best wishes to Foster for a speedy recovery, you never want to see a player get injured like this.

  2. If life were fair and we were awarded redemption in light of all our suffering, Eric Foster would be in store for greatness. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. He will have to undergo painful surgery, long rehab, and another offseason during which he’ll have to work his way onto the team.

    That sucks. I hope he makes it back.

    And: You have to give it to them; the Colts play hard all the time. They do a good job keeping games close, for the most part. They might end up being the best 0-16 team in the history of the NFL.

  3. The Heart displayed by this guy as they were carting him off, was incredible. I wish him all the best.

  4. His foot was just…. yeah. I wish him a speedy recovery, that was a lot of heart he showed while getting carted off the field.

  5. There is nothing more I would have liked to see as soon as I turn on MNF after a long-days work in which every Giants fan was giving me all I can handle, was a knee bend in a way it shouldn’t. FML big time…..

  6. I didn’t see it but the announcers were comparing it to when Theisman broke his leg.
    I remember back then, them showing that sickening replay over and over and over…. [ gag ]

  7. Prayers that the injury won’t be as horrific as it looked. Wishing Foster a speedy recovery.

    As for the game, I know my Steelers have serious issues. But rather than focusing on what Pittsburgh did wrong last week or what Tampa is or isn’t doing tonight, it’s time to start giving the Colts some credit. Painter is finding his rhythm, and the Indy defense is playing its heart out. This team isn’t going quietly into that good night just because Manning is laid up. No one can assume the Colts will be an easy win.

  8. You know that it was a nasty injury when they only showed the replay once (with a warning to the viewing audence) during the nearly 7 minutes it took to cart off Eric Foster off the field.

  9. I saw the Theisman injury. This looked almost as bad.
    I hope he can play again.
    That was a tough man laying there. He barely moved. I imagine I’d have been flopping around like a fish on a dock.

  10. After watching E.J Henderson go down a few years ago with that femur it should give hope to Foster that with dedication and hard work he will come back strong. Best of luck young man!

  11. That was a real ugly injury, and his team seemed shaken up quite a bit. I hope it wasn’t as bad as it looked, but my prayers go out to him and his family.

  12. kudos to the MNF team for staying classy and not showing it over and over and over…seriously, good job

  13. Best wishes to that man. Tremendous heart shown by Foster as he was being taken off the field. The human side of the game was revealed by all the guys torn up from both teams. I hope we don’t see many more injuries like that.

  14. Look very Theisman like. Hope he makes a full recovery.

    Nice of mommy to let the little boys stay up past their usual bed time so they can thumb down well wishers. Time for bed little children you have busy day in third grade tomorrow.

  15. Am impressed by the heart shown by the Colts D. The offense is also picking up. This team is not shutting down by any means. That’s good coaching. Hopefully they will compete for the division crown.

  16. @Colts fans,Colts organization

    I don’t care if all I get “thumbs down”…Enough is enough and I’m getting sick to my stomach watching Colts players get stretchered off because of this systematically flawed, so called hall of fame Polian insists on throwing 220 pound defensive tackles and linebackers out there to get killed. These players want to play, I get it but do they even fit the profile of a NFL body? This isn’t an opinion anymore, they don’t and his drafts are consistantly putting players on IR.

    These players need jobs and are risking their careers and lives playing for the systematically flawed Colts. It’s sad, poor Eric Foster may never walk again, Manning may never play again, Melvin Bullet seems to have the same injury as did Sanders past(shoulder)..HMMM, out for the year, Brackett. Your shoulder is the first to go when your tackling guys 20 pounds heavier then you. These guys aren’t SUPPOSE to tackle other players bigger then them…How much sense does that make?

    Poor Curtis Painter had 1 second to pass last night with that “revamped, Bill Polian so called approved line” thats gonna eventually get him KILLED as did Collins, his 4 million dollar investment, which is another blunder because Painter is a MORE capable quarterback.

    I’ve never seen anything or anyteam as structurely flawed as this team, especially from a so called “hall of fame” GM. I’m speaking from the heart here and as a fan of the NFL…..Please, Please, Please fire this Bill Polian and STOP this nonsense, this crazyness and this insane philosophy that he’s seemed to have put in stone in indianapolis. He’s had years to fix this offensive and defensive line, and because there’s not enough bigger guys around you have someone like Eric Foster getting creamed, the onus is on a “Gary Brackett or a Melvin Bullet” to make a tackle when your defensive line should be big enough to ATLEAST slow a runner down. Let me hear the old cliche…”Its the NFL, players get hurt” Bullsh%T, not like your team, your team gets crushed and I’m sick of watching it.

    I’ve had enough. Again these players are courageous, they can’t help they get drafted, they want to play, but I can’t help but think that your team goes through the same IR, bullsh&t every year and I think its your system that’s putting these players in harms way. It’s time, this Polian guy has to go and go like today, before someone dies.

  17. “The Colts lead 10-7 at halftime after a Bucs field goal was overturned because Tampa had 12 men on the field. ”

    Both teams had 12 players on the field. Only the Bucs were penalized.

    Horrible officiating in that entire game.

  18. I’m fortunate I didn’t experience the unfortunate event.

    Does anyone remember the Raiders-49ers Monday Night tilt when Jerry Rice (then) broke the touchdown record? first receiver to catch 100 TD’s? September 5, 1994?

    There was an unfortunate incident in that game. Napoleon McCallum, runningback for the then Los Angeles Raiders had his knee go about rong way. In comparison how greusome was the Foster injury ?

  19. The worst injury on TV that I remember was Munoz’ in, I think, a Super Bowl. Compound fracture of the lower leg, IIRC.

    Lotsa class from the Bucs, too.

  20. That was Tim Krumrie, cometkazie and I remember that Super Bowl. It turned my guts and I was just 10 years old. Between that and Theismann, I don’t ever wanna see either one again.

  21. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Oct 4, 2011 5:08 PM
    That was Tim Krumrie, cometkazie and I remember that Super Bowl. It turned my guts and I was just 10 years old.

    Thanks for the correction. I have had Munoz in my mind for it all these years.

    Krumrie was quite a player. Both were outstanding at their positions.

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