Introducing the Mercedes-Benz Superdome

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Despite the many signs that the economy is struggling, some NFL teams have found ways to sell naming rights to the venues in which they play.

It helps if the place is scheduled to host a Super Bowl.

Several weeks ago, the site of the 2014 NFL title game ceased being known as the New Meadowlands Stadium and became MetLife Stadium.  Now, the building in which the 2013 Super Bowl will be played is poised to be known as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Saints and the State of Louisiana will announce on Tuesday a 10-year deal that will, as a practical matter, generate enough revenue to end Louisiana’s financial obligations to the team.

The deal comes six years after a hurricane ravaged New Orleans, turning the Superdome into a place of refuge that quickly was overwhelmed by the many people seeking shelter there.

In that same time, the Saints have become an elite NFL team, with 73,000 seats sold out for the season and a waiting list in excess of 50,000.  And the Mercedes-Benz Superdome has been fully renovated, tying the Saints to New Orleans, presumably for decades to come.

56 responses to “Introducing the Mercedes-Benz Superdome

  1. That name rocks. If you have to name your stadium after a corporation, Mercedes Benz Superdome is the way to go. Sure beats Mall of America Field.

  2. I’ll take a black and gold one then. ha They picked the winning saints, why not the vikings? mall of america field…lame-o! haha hank williams jr….wow what an idiot. his dad must have been a doosey too.

  3. I suppose all of the supporters of the enlightened socialist party on this site will accuse Tom Benson of being a “Nazi” for accepting an endorsement deal from a German company.

  4. Let’s not forget JetBlue! Thumbs up if you think that’s a better name for the Meadowlands than MetLife!

  5. aw c’mon. teams need to get some turnover in the name game to make money… pick a sponsor that won’t be around soon. Stadium…. or baseball’s Enron Field. Not like those places that name their place after…. ketchup…

  6. jbaxt says:
    Oct 3, 2011 9:06 PM
    I would understand if it was Ford, Kia, or Fiat Field. Why would a nice car want to be associated with filth?

    So filthy that it’s hosting yet another Super Bowl next year. Amazing huh?

  7. revisisland24 says:
    Oct 3, 2011 9:16 PM
    Let’s not forget JetBlue! Thumbs up if you think that’s a better name for the Meadowlands than MetLife!


    No way JetBlue can afford that type of marketing. Would be a perfectly suited name for the two teams though.

  8. Despite me trying to watch Monday night football, it seems all I watch is commercials. Come back, Challenge. Commercial. Come back. Injury. Commercial. Come Back Brought to you by blah blah blah. When can we watch some football.

  9. Congrats to New Orleans wish them the best as they deserve it…Good to see them saleing tickets unlike half the NFL teams..

  10. Now for a corporate sponsor for Jerry’s Palace: Fruit of the Loom Field – The Cowboys feel exposed there.
    Raytheon Stadium – The Cowboys get bombed there.
    AstraZeneca Field – Because Romo needs a steady supply of meds for his bipolar disorder.

  11. I’m waiting for Wrigley Field to be renamed Orbit Park so every time I curse at the Cubs blowing a lead that smokin’ hot blond from the commercial will come out and … um … er … uh … slap my face?

  12. I wonder how long it will be (no pun intended) when Viagra sponsors a venue. What kind of mascot would they have and celebration routine after scoring…?

  13. I just heard Jaws say “Anticipate what the defense is going to do – that’s what play callers do” followed by Tirico’s “Answer a touchdown with a touchdown – that’s what championship teams do.” This show ought to be either “Light Days Panty Liner Monday Night Football” or “Gidget Goes to A Game.”

  14. Good thing my grandpa is not still alive. N.Y. Giants play in Mercedes-Benz Superdome and Hitler is in the White House.

  15. Another reason why I am so happy to be a Packers fan.
    They will never cave in and sell out to corporate greed to rename their stadium based on advertising.
    That is just wrong and lame.
    I mean, to rename the stadium after a product is just downright stupid and it takes away from the original old school tradition of naming them after other things that do not need to advertise.

  16. Love the haters of ‘Nawlins…too bad your city is so lame, you will never host a SB…we’ve hosted many, so I guess people get used o the filth along with the great food and culture, huh jbaxt, you loser…

  17. Mercedes made a huge mistake getting in bed with Chrysler.

    The result is what you see on the road today, Chrysler’s with Mercedes badges on them, and people actually buy them.


  18. I must say that place is a dump! I was there the year before Katrina and back there last year, was a dump before and is still a dump before! Head east on I-20 to Atlanta and see how a real dome should be! I can’t wait for our owner to get us an open air stadium to play in just as football is supposed to be played! Outside

  19. So dfalcon, you like your stadium so much you can’t wait for a new one to be built? Not likely to happen, as the fair weather dirty birds fans are going to stop going to the games once the Falcons post that 2-3 record this weekend.

  20. jbaxt says:
    Oct 3, 2011 9:06 PM
    I would understand if it was Ford, Kia, or Fiat Field. Why would a nice car want to be associated with filth?

    New Orleans? Filth? You must be thinking about pre-Katrina New Orleans.

    New Orleans has become a mecca for entrepreneurship, and it was designated by Forbes as the 8th best city to which one should relocate a business. It was also recently named the best city for tech startups.

    New Orleans is on the rise…finally.

    I can understand why someone would remember the old New Orleans, but the new New Orleans is here now.

    Crime still may be a problem, but it is a problem now everywhere. And finally, our government is being cleaned up by a great mayor, a great district attorney, and a great United States Attorney.

    Those are some good reasons Mercedes-Benz would want to be associated with a city that some said should not be rebuilt. Everybody likes a success story.

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