Jets offensive line exposed in embarrassing loss

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What we learned during Baltimore’s 34-17 dismantling of the Jets on Sunday night.

1. So much for it being a “passing league.” Joe Flacco didn’t complete a pass for 35 minutes of game action. He finished 10-of-31 for 163 yards and a pick and he was the far better quarterback Sunday night. It didn’t matter because the Ravens defense absolutely mauled the Jets.

2. The final score says 34-17.  It could also say: Ravens defense 21, Ravens offense 13, Jets special teams 7, Jets defense 7, Jets offense 3.  If points were given on style, Mark Sanchez would be awarded -3,425 points.

3. The main difference between Flacco and Sanchez on Sunday? Protection. The Jets’ most valuable offensive player may be Nick Mangold. New York’s line has crumbled without him. Sanchez fumbled four times, losing three of them.  He averaged 3.2 yards-per-pass. The Jets had 38 rushing yards.  They had no answers.

4. “I’ve been around football a long time. I’ve never seen anything like that before,” Rex Ryan said after the game.

There’s a reason for that.  There were five return touchdowns (3 by the Ravens defense, 1 by the Jets defense, 1 by Jets kick returner Joe McKnight.)  That’s an NFL record.  There was only one offensive touchdown.

5. It’s a bad sign when the the Ravens’ official team site starts talking trash.  “Mark Sanchez was literally ducking as he was throwing that last pass. He had Haloti Ngata bearing down on him,” the team’s twitter account read at one point.

6. We keep hearing that the Jets should return to their ground and pound philosophy, but can they pull it off? Shonn Greene is ordinary. The offensive line is struggling. This is a team that could badly use a dynamic back like Ray Rice.  The Jets don’t have anyone that can make people miss.

7. Plaxico Burress has six catches for 88 yards in the last three games combined.

8. The Ravens have the AFC North lead at 3-1. It’s early, but they look like the most complete team in the conference.

9. The Jets will be 2-3 and two games back in the division unless they can win in Foxborough next week.  It’s not a bad matchup for Gang Green.  The Patriots have one of the worst pass rushes in football. They may not be able to fully exploit the Jets’ line.

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67 responses to “Jets offensive line exposed in embarrassing loss

  1. you mean refs inability to see penalties EXPOSED…..

    I guess refs dont look at the punters anymore or the dude catching the ball…..

  2. Two great games by Flacco, two bad games. That’s what happens when there’s only one returning receiver from last year. It’s obvious he’s still getting in sync with his new toys. I expect him to be up and down until the second half of the year. Which is fine because our defense is…well you saw it.

  3. Exposed? Are you kidding me? They’ve been exposed for WEEKS! I have been stressing this since Mangold went down. The Jets won’t win PERIOD with this O-Line. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

  4. The Ravens are the most complete team in the AFC. Whether they can beat a team like Green Bay or New Orleans remains to be seen.

    The defense played very very well. Thankfully we get the bye now and will get back our best offensive lineman in Ben Grubbs and our 1st round pick in Jimmy Smith who played a very good CB in the preseason as well as getting back Chris Carr who is either a starter or the nickel guy. Once these guys are back look for our DC Pagano to blitz even more. Right now he is controlled because we are so thin at the CB and S position. Once our depth is back I think this defense gets even better.

    Same for the offense. Give the OL more time to work together and they will get even better. Torrey Smith, Tandon Doss and LaQuon Williams will be much better by seasons end then they are now.

    For all the Ravens fans out there, this has the potential to be a special year. Obviously we can’t know who will be injured, but if it all works out, I believe we are going deep in the playoffs. Best part is that the Squealers probably are going to watching the playoffs on TV this year. They ain’t coming to the dance with the way they are playing.

  5. Not a bad job by the Ravens makeshift line. Andy Moeller has done a great job with castoffs like McKinnie and Gurode.

  6. “Jets offensive line exposed in embarrassing loss”


    Jets QB exposed as sissy in humiliating defeat
    J-E-T-S exposed as frauds in beatdown
    Jets Rex Ryan exposed as foot filming freak
    Jets Rex Ryan exposed as assinine blowhard
    Jets Rex Ryan exposed as fat, loudmouth porky
    Jets fans exposed as New York’s lowlifes

  7. We will still win the Super Bowl.
    Sanchez is the leagues best QB.
    Our defense is the leagues tops.
    Ravens just got lucky.
    I love food.
    I am the smartest coach in the league.
    Our fans are not moronic, 3rd class street trolls.
    My wife and I have the worlds prettiest feet.

    ~Rex “i cant keep my mouth shut” Ryan

  8. Flacco had a bad night and still looked better than Sanchez. It seemed to me this game took longer than it should have to play out. But I guess this is what happens when 2 good defenses meet. The team with the fewest mistakes usually takes it. Tonight Baltimore would like to thank their defense, running backs and special teams.

  9. Maybin got the first sack of his career. At least there’s that. No doubt Ryan is totally befuddled that his Super Bowl team is what people who don’t drink his green Kool-Aid said it is.

  10. So far, the “dream teams” of talk and the offseason, the Jets and the Eagles, aren’t living up to the hype. Anyone really surprised?

  11. “I’ve been around football a long time. I’ve never seen anything like that before,” Rex Ryan said after the game.

    Now that’s funny, he said the same thing before the game when asked about McFadden tearing up his defense last week.

  12. Did rex ryan predict before the season that the jets were going to the superbowl or toilet bowl? I cant remember

  13. nfl, thx for scheduling such a #$%&* monday nite game. im sure to get a seat at my local sports bar since noone will be there to watch it.

  14. Mangold could possibly be back for next week’s game, so it ain’t a guarantee there’ll be such line woes to take advantage of.

    And the Ravens are the most complete team? After how they got beat by the Titans? With one of their wins being against the Rams?

    I know you only have a small sample size to go by, but, jeez…these statements just make you look stupid.

  15. The Jets will have fixed the OL problems by next week.

    How do I know? I’m a Patriots fan and playing the Patriots seems to fix everyone’s offensive problems.

  16. ppdoc13 says:
    Oct 3, 2011 12:32 AM
    The Ravens are the most complete team in the AFC.

    Give the OL more time to work together and they will get even better. Torrey Smith, Tandon Doss and LaQuon Williams will be much better by seasons end then they are now.

    For all the Ravens fans out there, this has the potential to be a special year.
    Did you watch the same game as the rest of us????

    The defense, while good against a very weak Yets O-line, was nowhere near as good as it used to be, and that offense …….. dear God, Flacco was unwatchable. Their offense scored a whopping 13 points.

    You call this “complete”? “Special”? This team wouldn’t have a prayer against the Packers!

  17. What say ye now o you of the big mouth??? Still guaranteeing a Super Bowl? Fatso’s nothing more than a big bag-o-wind.

  18. Rex Ryan needs to go
    …and take his bluster and his big mouth with him.

  19. Other than the run…and a fair pass rush…the Ravens looked pedestrian…I hope the NFL looks at this officiating crew….I can’t wait for next week when the Jets destroy the Patsies…

  20. That old saying that you run to setup the pass is dead. You pass to setup the run. Jets have zero downfield threat capability.

    On the flip side, I don’t know why Rexy didn’t just load up the box with 10 guys down 17. It was painful watching the Ravens run of plays of 5, 6, 7 yards on every dive off the center or tackle. Flacco didn’t throw a pass for what, 30+ minutes at one point? MAKE HIM BEAT YOU THROUGH THE AIR.

    So frustrating watching some of these coaches too stubborn or proud to not change their tactics when it’s so obvious.

    That being said, the Jets are just bad and with New England coming up, it could get ugly. Vegas better set the line at New England -9.5 if they want to entice any action on the Jets.

  21. Both teams looked pretty even to me, the difference seemed that the Ravens just had more easy opportunities to score defensively. Both offenses are similiar design. Down the stretch Baltimore is known to crumble before the Jets, we’ll see

  22. thepowerofgreen says:
    Oct 3, 2011 12:19 AM
    Well at least the Jets will be 3-2 next week when the take their frustration out on that suspect secondary the Genius put together out of spare parts and draft rejects
    I’m a Pats fan, and couldn’t have said it better myself. Also, no Mayo.

  23. I don’t know about the Ravens being the most complete team in the AFC. Their offense was completely inept last night.

    Having said that, any team with Ray Lewis is formidable.

  24. The Jets need to put on their big boy underpants and play big boy football, quick. The offensive line gives Sanchez zero protection, and he’s already a shaky-at-best QB when his line is giving him some protection. Now he’s wincing and cowering with every snap, anticipating getting hit, and just trying to unload the ball regardless of who is on the field in the direction he’s throwing.

    To the posters that say the Jets fans are blaming it on the refs…while we you want to slam Jets fans with random insults, you meant to say Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels. They were going on ad nauseum during the game about the kicker getting slammed twice without a flag and the missed calls. Ravens and Jets fans were both posting during the game about the terrible misses by the refs last night. Both teams suffered from the bad calls.

  25. bspurloc says:Oct 3, 2011 12:23 AM

    you mean refs inability to see penalties EXPOSED…..

    I guess refs dont look at the punters anymore or the dude catching the ball…..


    Sanchez 11/35 – 119 yds – 0 TDs – 1 INT – 3 Lost Fumbles

    I’m sure that’s the ref’s fault.

  26. Now it makes sense why Rex Ryan asked other teams to step up and beat the Patriots before the season started.

  27. I am the biggest Jet fan in the world but you’d be kidding yourself if you can’t admit that they haven’t upgraded any position on the field. Sanchez was bad but the O line was worse. Our defense is good but not great. Our running game has taken a step backwards, and the receivers don’t matter if the QB can’t get them the ball. The Ravens D was sick….. period. Can’t make excuses, this is big boy football. The Ravens completely dominated and the Jets won’t make the playoffs if they can’t address the multitude of issues they have.

  28. Rex just said that the Jets are the best team in the league, and, they will be will not accept anything less than a super bowl ring. Anything less is failure.

    Rex, Rome is burning dude. Get your head out of the internet.

  29. Jets fans:
    Hang in there with Rex. Please? I know the NY thing to do is to bash your coach to the point where he gives up and doesn’t even want to be there anymore and quits/gets fired. Just try not to.. this one time.. please? He’s a good coach who makes football more fun for everyone. He talks a lot but if you watch his press conference after the game, he took the loss on his shoulders like a man.

    Hang in there with this guy… remember what your D was like before he got there.

  30. It’s going to be interesting to watch as the media falls out of love with Sanchez. He’s done quite well as a game manager sort of guy since he entered the league, but that is all he is. The talking heads are finally starting to catch on to that.

  31. The Ravens are a Complete TEAM. Yes they played poorly against the Titans on BOTH SIDES. Last night the passign game was not pretty but in the second half the Ravens averaged over 5 yards per carry. Not sexy, but effective. Flacco is throwing to a lot of rookies with no offseason. The team is special…the Jets…well they are the Jets…OVER HYPED AND OVER RATED

  32. “8. The Ravens have the AFC North lead at 3-1. It’s early, but they look like the most complete team in the conference.”

    The Houston Texans beg to differ. The Ravens defense is still much better than its offense on a consistent basis. The Texans defense is as good as it has ever been and so is their offense.

  33. What we learned from the game last night.
    1. The refs are blind as a bat and called a lop-sided football game. The jets punter was ran into twice without a call. And i dont even want to get started on that second Sanchez fumble that went for a TD. (His arm was moving forward!)

    2. The Jets need Mangold back. The o-line was awful, Baxter is a rookie so you couldn’t expect much from him. But Wayne Hunter is horrible and not getting any better it’s time for the Jets to find a new RT. There’s plenty of good o-linemen still available (Ohara)

    3. D looked good still have alot of room for improvement

  34. with all the league passing averages getting destroyed this year at least there is these two qbs to bring them back to earth

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