Monday morning one-liners


A couple of close calls went against them, but the Bills blamed themselves, not the refs, for losing on Sunday.

The Dolphins are suffering from a severe lack of playmakers.

RB Stevan Ridley saw an extended role in the Patriots backfield on Sunday.

Jets WR Santonio Holmes said QB Mark Sanchez and the offensive line need to be better than they were on Sunday night.

Wide receivers were not part of the Ravens offense on Sunday night.

Bengals TE Jermaine Greshem had a huge second half against the Bills.

RB Peyton Hillis directed questions about his limited role in the Browns offense to coach Pat Shurmur.

Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review doesn’t buy the notion that the Steelers just need to be a little better.

Texans DE Antonio Smith had a sack for the fourth straight week.

Said Colts WR Reggie Wayne, “We need to get that winning feeling again.”

Jaguars P Matt Turk has made the switch to punting the ball rugby style.

Titans coach Mike Munchak saw “glimpses of good” in RB Chris Johnson’s performance.

Rookie LB Von Miller was a bright spot on another dismal day for the Broncos.

Jackie Battle got the call as the Chiefs’ running back to close out the game.

Two interceptions overshadowed everything else Raiders QB Jason Campbell did against the Patriots.

The Chargers hope LB Larry English’s two sacks are a sign of things to come.

Cowboys S Gerald Sensabaugh said he felt well enough to return to the game following a third-quarter concussion, but NFL rules forced him to stay on the bench while the Lions came back to win the game.

Giants DE Osi Umenyiora had a strong game in his 2011 debut.

Has the decision to make Juan Castillo the Eagles’ defensive coordinator already failed?

It looks like a three-man rotation at running back for the Redskins.

The Bears offensive line looked much better after moving Lance Louis to right tackle.

Lions LB Bobby Carpenter saved his best game for a meeting with his former team.

Packers WR Donald Driver returned to the game after injuring his leg, but there remains fear he could miss time down the line.

RB Adrian Peterson said he has no regrets about signing a contract to remain with the Vikings.

It was a second straight week of dropped passes in the fourth quarter for Falcons WR Roddy White.

Panthers TE Jeremy Shockey was livid after having a touchdown taken away on an offensive pass interference call.

Saints TE Jimmy Graham is completing the transition from future star to present star.

The Buccaneers are excited about playing on Monday night for the first time in almost three years.

The Cardinals didn’t throw a single pass to WR Andre Roberts.

Rams PR Austin Pettis took a beating on Sunday.

Gwen Knapp of the San Francisco Chronicle calls Sunday’s comeback win a signature moment for 49ers QB Alex Smith.

WR Doug Baldwin is making the Seahawks look smart for giving him a chance.

13 responses to “Monday morning one-liners

  1. ****Has the decision to make Juan Castillo the Eagles’ defensive coordinator already failed?


    yes it has..

    Has Andy Reid’s inability to identify talent in players and coaches been evident for years??

    yes, yes it has.

  2. LOL @ Shockey. He’s just mad that he spent the first three quarters chirping after every play only for his team to lose.

    Seriously, at least twice, when a teammate made a play, he ran up next to his teammate and started trash talking the Bears player like he was the one who did it. Can’t remember the last time I saw that in the NFL.

  3. Even after putting up 540+ yards against the Bears defense, we still get beat by the Devin Hester show. That flag against Shockey was complete BS! The flag didn’t even come out until after he scored…

  4. “WR Doug Baldwin is making the Seahawks look smart for giving him a chance.”

    Baldwin is awesome. Very precise route-runner who catches anything thrown near him, and has shown the ability to hang on to the ball in spite of big hits.

    With Rice showing why Seattle paid him all that money, Williams showing some signs of returning to his form of last year, and Baldwin as a #3/slot guy, Seattle has assembled a pretty decent corps of WRs. The big guys on the outside are commanding attention, and Baldwin is making the most of his opportunities.

    Anyone out there interested in trading for Golden Tate? Baldwin is making Tate a luxury. I’d call Baldwin the steal of the draft, but of course, he was undrafted, and mostly ignored by teams looking for camp-fodder UDFAs….including by his former college coach Jim Harbaugh.

  5. That first INT by Campbell should have been a touchdown run by him the middle of the field was wide open, I know Pryor would have ran into the endzone, but that turn over seem to take everthing out of the raiders and gave pats a spark!!!

  6. Andy Reid is always trying to out smart the competition and this time he out smarted himself by moving his offensive line coach to defensive coordinator.Castillos defense couldn’t stop a high school team.McDermott did a better job with alot less talent and with a far worse defensive line coach.If your going to fire McDermott you better hire a defensive coordinator who is alot better than Castillo like Trygovac or Winston Moss from Greenbay.

  7. The Juan Castillo-defensive coordinator experiment failed even before the lockout took place!!!

    O-Line coach to def. coordinator, what a joke!!!

  8. Driver is still one of the toughest players in the game…

    Seeing him comeback in the 2nd half after hurting his leg, inspirational….(imo)

  9. “The Dolphins are suffering from a severe lack of playmakers.”

    Yet for some reason, they thought bringing in Reggie Bush would change that. The entire state of Lousiana could have told you different.

  10. Reid’s time should be finally done. People cant figure out how Marvin Lewis still has a job in Cincy after 9 yrs. The bigger question is how Reid still has a job. Atleast Lewis gives us low expectations. Reid hypes his teams up, then lays a massive egg, 12 yrs straight. He will NEVER win a Super Bowl, so give it up Eagles fans.

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