Stephen Ross gives Tony Sparano a vote of confidence


And the next sign of an eventual termination has emerged.  Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has given coach Tony Sparano a vote of confidence.

Per the Associated Press, Ross said Monday that Sparano remains “the right coach.”

(Some of you would say, “For what?  To lose enough games to get in position to draft Andrew Luck?)

That said, there’s still a chance that the Dolphins will turn it around.  In 1992, another guy named Ross (Bobby) took the Chargers to the playoffs after an 0-4 start.

Then there’s the reality that, as Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald told me last week during a weekly visit with WFTL radio in Ft. Lauderdale, Ross could be concerned that the manner in which he treats Sparano could make it harder to attract an A-list replacement.

Still, given that Ross flirted with Jim Harbaugh in January, the chances that Sparano will survive are getting slimmer and slimmer with each passing week.

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  1. The bigger issue is most NFL fans and players wouldn’t give Ross a vote of confidence as an NFL owner.

  2. I do believe the Dolphins should seriously consider replacing Sparano, but this team should expect a “coaching carousel” as long as they are employing the services of a bottom-tier QB. You get the right players on the field, QB especially, and any coach can start looking like an evil-genius.

  3. Steph gave Tony Sparano a vote of confidence, using the back of the Ace of Spades as a ballot.

  4. Parcells ‘picked the groceries,’ and then when he saw they were going bad, he left the kitchen.

  5. “An extension, …….anything you want….”, quavered Ross, “just no more severed horse heads on my pillow…”.

  6. The same vote of confidence he gave him this off-season just a few hours before flying to San Francisco offering to pay any price necessary to woo Harbaugh? Or was it that vote of confidence Ross gave him when he had to drop to his knees, and demonstrate his new found love for him once Harbaugh told him to pound sand!?

  7. I get that Sparano hasn’t really done well in Miami. I get that up until this season, he was a fist pumping coach for field goals. I get that it’s funny to some people that an old injury to his eyes forces him to wear sunglasses.

    I get all that.

    What I DON’T get is why nobody seems to be kicking Jeff Ireland in the nuts while they’re smacking Tony around. The GM is as knee deep (if not deeper) than the head coach in the muck that is the Fins’ talent level. On top of that, he’s the one in January that chased after Harbaugh while trying to push Sparano under the bus! Imagine what a meeting between those two is like.

    Ireland: “Tony, we need to get together to discuss how we are going to attack our running back problem.”

    Sparano: *in his head* “F!$K YOU!” *out loud* “Yessir!”

    I mean, how can Sparano ever feel comfortable knowing that the snake across the desk will point fingers ANYWHERE but at himself?

    Why the hell did you sign that extension, Tony?! If it was simply to get the buyout after this season, then it’s freaking brilliant! I think it’s more like he just wanted to make the embarrassing situation go away as fast as possible, though.

  8. im so happy Harbaugh took 5 mil to coach SF than the 8 mil to coach MIA.

    Ross is full of crap, everyone knows Sparano is done after this year. and thats if he even makes it that far.

  9. Do you guys watch football? Henne isn’t having a pro bowl season…but he definitely isn’t playing like Tony Romo. How about Mike Nolan? What happened to this defense?

  10. This poor guy Sparano is not qualified to be a HC in the NFL. However he was chosen to be Parcells puppit. Parcells left early as he usually does. Let’s just hope this is the last time that Parcells is allowed to pull strings on a coaches career or a franchise in the NFL.

  11. Ireland and Parcells doomed Sparano with a Henne.

    They knew they goofed. That’s why they drafted Pat White to replace Henne.

  12. Anybody besides me ever notice that Parcells after leaving the Giants got progressively worse results at each stop? And left the sinking ship faster each time? And the Belichick had to leave to get out of being labeled “Little Bill” and prove he could do it on his own?….. Belichick definitely turned out better than expected, better than Parcells ever was. Parcells after leaving the Pats never finished what he started again. Set up shop, and leave before the moment or season of reckoning, afraid of failure……

  13. isnt it quite obvious theyre just keeping sparano so they have a better chance of getting andrew luck

  14. Ross is clearly the worst owner in the NFL. He looks to Carl Peterson of all people for advice. He trusts in Ireland, who is a bigger problem than Sporano.
    Ross needs to learn more about football & get better advisors. Unfortunately for Dolphin fans Ross is in over his head as is Ireland, Sporano & Henne.

  15. Please, we Phins fans know that shady Ross can’t be taken at his word. His non-football business dealings in south Fla are an example, as seen by the most recent lawsuit filed against his company. He bought the team to make money off of, not to build a competitor. He thought he could cut costs on the team itself but still attract fans with celebrities. How’s your plan working so far, Stevie?

  16. Ross, should fire himself…and bring Ireland with him.

    Sparano is NOT the problem there..he’s the scapegoat…He was a superstar when he won division.

    Ross is just running a Hollywood showtime franchise…and Ireland couldn’t recognize talent if it stared him in the face.

    Miami has continued to drop lower and lower,,,and as long as Ross/Ireland there, they’ll be everyones bitch.


  18. Anyone who didn’t see this coming – please raise your hands so I can promptly bop you on the head.

  19. This is just a ploy. I can’t believe for a minute that Sparano will stay on after another losing season. This only means that Ross will not fire Sparano in the bye week. However, Sparano’s hold on his job is tenuous at best. Think about it from a business perspective. A losing team does not bring in ticket-purchasing fans, it doesn’t sell merchandise and you can’t market them. Sparano is a walking wounded man, especially after the Jim Harbaugh debacle in January 2010. This vote of confidence is window dressing and nothing more.

  20. Hey idiot Ross, here is what you need to do:
    1. Fire Ireland
    2. Fire Sporano
    3. Stop listening to Carl Peterson
    4. Look to hire a gm, preferably someone from Green Bay, either Ron Wolf or their director of scouting. (they are clearly the best at drafting, evaluating talent & building a team)
    5. Let the new GM evaluate the team & decide on a new head coach.
    6. Draft a quarterback in the first round next season.
    7. Sell the team to someone that knows football.

  21. Just fire Sparano already. Everyone knows he has to go. Instead of trying to ‘make amends’ for the mess up over the off-season, make a clean break, hire the right person for the position.

  22. Steve Ross slapped every game attending fan right in the face today! We can all watch the Dolphins on TV for free and then bitch about everyone being idiots but those who attend the games do so much more. It is the game attending fan that pays about $150 to $200 per game per person to Mr. Ross for admission, parking and concessions. It is this same game attending fan that makes the house rock and sets the mood of the stadium. It is this same fan that spreads the word to his and her friends about what a good time they had.

    Mr. Ross just advised you to kiss his rear end and suffer with a bad team because he is trying to make a point to all of the free loaders in NFL land that illustrates what a good owner he is. Our owner leaves at half time because even he can’t stand to watch his lousy team. Yet, he expects us to give him our money regardless of the quality of the product he puts on the field.

    THE ANSWER IS BOYCOTT! If you don’t have season tickets then don’t go to the games. Don’t buy Dolphin junk. Don’t reward Mr. Ross for the callous manner in which he treats the game attending fans! Let him buy his own damned hot dogs and overpriced beer.

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