Tony Sparano press conference for Monday canceled

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We’re not sure this means anything yet, but Dolphins coach Tony Sparano’s media availability for Monday has been canceled according to Greg Cote of the Miami Herald.

The moment that Miami went to 0-4 on Sunday, the Dolphins started their bye week and the Sparano hot seat watch went into overdrive.

Owner Stephen Ross is in a tough spot. He’s the one that gave Sparano an extension in the offseason. Ross is the one that made a big show of organizational unity and stability after going after Jim Harbaugh.

Just four games later, firing Sparano would be another admission of incompetence by Ross. The only logical in-house replacement is defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, whose disappointing defense has fallen from sixth to 30th in the league.

We’ll be tracking this story throughout the day.

UPDATE: Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Sunday night that Sparano was “certain” to last through the bye week.  The Dolphins haven’t said anything yet.

39 responses to “Tony Sparano press conference for Monday canceled

  1. Yeah, sounds like the guy that needs to be promoted is the underachieving D-coordinator on the 30th ranked Dolphins’ defense.

    Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams left this offseason and were replaced by Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas. This team is a few players away from being a legitimate contender, especially in a division with the Patriots, Jets and Bills.

    If they were in the NFC West, they would have 10 wins.

  2. Miami is a mediocre team – not a bad one. (And that’s more of a commentary about the talent – not the coaching.)

    They just happen to play in an excellent conference and as such, always look bad.

    If the next coach can make this mediocre team good, the record will make them look mediocre.

    That’s just the way it is.

  3. Maybe he has a tennis match with Serena Williams……or is getting a cheeseburger with Jimmy Buffett…Lot’s of logical explanations here..

  4. Hey Ross! Don’t forget to get yourself a one way ticket out of town this bye week too. Oh and bring Ireland with you.

  5. Stephen Ross is clueless with his celebrity part owners to the disco he has operating during the game. Fire the guy and put him out his misery, he too is clueless. No quarterback, no defense, no running back, just nothing. Start over. Clean House.

  6. If Ireland isn’t fired as well, this proves that Ross is an absolute, clueless moron.

    Oh wait, we already knew that.

    As you were…..

  7. Tony Sparano and Chad Henne will be the scapegoats of this team, but they won’t get any better with Jeff Ireland as the GM.
    Seriously, their big move this year was Reggie Bush.
    Chad Henne isn’t as bad as some make him out to be, but he’ll be gone this year.
    Really, this is Bill Parcells fault, with Jeff Ireland a close 2nd

  8. Sparano just traded Reggie Bush for a few Pizzas from Pizza Hut

    Of course the Press Conf is canceled.. he is spending the time on the toilet instead

  9. Mike Nolan??!! Within another month they’ll try to bring Sparano back. Nolan is an unmitigated disaster as a HC. Then again, promoting Nolan could be the brilliant move that moves the Dolphins to the front of the pack in the SuckForLuck sweepstakes.

  10. not a dolphin fan . but fire coach . trade for tebow or orton .. it’s only been 4 games .. you can still turn this season around

  11. Think about how many years it took for Wayne Huizenga to bungle our once proud franchise’s fortunes into the world’s worst non-firing of el Mustachio aka Dave Wannstadt…

    Steven Ross is so much further along the Dolphins owner destroying the franchise curve, which means his exit may be ever closer…

    Suck For Luck baby!

  12. Ross owned the building I lived in for 17 years. He was absolutely brilliant in gaming the rental market in NYC and making money. He also had a very annoying habit of hiring dim-witted “yes” men and women as management. Looks like that strategy works better as a NYC landlord than it does as an owner of a NFL team. I thought he had changed when he hired Parcells, but he gave Parcells such a one sided contract that all Bill did was pick his pocket and laugh all the way to the bank.

  13. We’ll take him back in a heartbeat. Maybe he can show Houck how to teach run blocking .

  14. After what the BIG TUNA did to this franchise, anyone with a brain would not hire him to “help” their team. We need some smart people in management to set the ship straight again. The way it looks right now, the only team we have a chance of beating is the KC Chiefs. I’ve been a fan since 1969 and I know we can be great again.

  15. Guy just got a two year extension. No tears here.

    I think they canceled cause they want to keep him from saying “He has no idea what to do”.


  16. I just can’t see the reasoning for NOT letting Sparano play out the year. First of all, We know Ross is going to after a BIG name guy. More than likely, he will want control of all football personel decisions. That means Ireland is gone too.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to get rid of both at the same time (at the end of the year) so you only have to do this once? Secondly, If you got rid of Sparano now, Nolan would probably take his spot on an interim basis. The new coach will probably want his own people, so Nolan will be let go and THEN…

    Yoy have the optics again of hiring a guy, promoting him, and then letting him go.

    Ross needs to get this right this time. In my opinion, this season is shot, so you might as well wait until the end of the season, Give everyone hope again with a big turn over, and let the new guy see if he can go find a little LUCK for this team and it’s future.

  17. The team has some decent players but they play with no sense of urgency or responsibility. They (collectively) have an apathetic attitude and that is on the HC almost as much as it is on the players themselves. Sparano has been walking on eggshells since the Harbaugh fiasco. There is no way for him to exert leadership, inspire confidence and instill discipline under the circumstances. Ross has shown a complete lack of understanding of how to lead the team and place them in the best possible situation in order to win. I like Sparano but he is handcuffed and ineffective. It’s time to move on and find somebody from outside the organization. I love Nolan as DC but not HC. The big name guys (Cowher, Gruden, Fisher) won’t come in mid-season and the team can’t snag a top coordinator at this point. My suggestion: Mike Leach or, ugh, Eric Mangini. Regardless of who they replace Sparano with, he needs to crack the whip and hold these guys accountable for their uninspired play.

  18. This mess is the owners fault..the minute he took full control of the organization he made a circus out of it, with all the celebrity owners, the going after a coach when he still had one. Ross is the person that really needs to go!!

  19. Too bad for Tony. Good man, just not head coach material.

    The Fins effort against the Pats shows they can be very good. It’s simply in their heads, and it will take some changes to fix that damage.

  20. RomosRibs, please. Houck dropped more OL knowledge in the toilet bowl this morning than Sparano will ever possess. The OL was one of the very few bright spots for the Cowboys yesterday. They need a new RB coach. Skip Peete just ain’t getting it done! Of course you’re not going to do very well trying to run up the backs of your blockers without even looking where you’re going! Trust the line and wait for the holes to open up! The Cowboys haven’t had a 1,000 yard rusher since Peete took the job. In fact in 13 years with the Cowboys and Raiders I think he’s coached only two RB’s to 1,000 yard seasons. Julius Jones had a 1,000 yard season the year before Peete got hired and Justin Fargas had his only 1,000 season the year that Peete left the Raiders!

  21. Press conference canceled because Dolphins have a bye week coming up. Coach usually talks to the press on Tuesday.

  22. Okay! The Dolphin’s are dead at 0-4. With a loss to the Jets, only the die hards show up for Tebow Day (Denver). after that “event” dolphin fans have nothing to look forward to without some changes. If Ross is going to sell dome tickets this year we have to give the fans a ray of hope!
    Change 1:
    Fire Tony today and make Nolan head coach. It gives Ross a look-see at a candidate for head coach. A win at Jets will energize the fans because 12-4 is a great season.

    Chance 2:
    Ticket sales staff will concentrate on selling discounted tickets to travel agents who can book a Miii get away package around those games being played here when it is cold up North. Our fans will meeting lots of drunks from Duffy’s Bar in New York.

    Change 3:
    If we end up hiring a new outside genius guru, well Jeff Ireland is gone because the new guru will have his own personnel assistant to the genius.

    Change 5:
    Some players heads will roll!

  23. ……and the reason I don’t like Sparano is simple. He’s supposed to be a down and dirty, lunch pail, blue collar kind of offensive line coach. Ummmmmmm the Dolphins offensive line has been a pathetic, ineffective game of musical chairs since he arrived. He can’t fix the one thing he’s supposed to be good at so it’s no mystery why the team is a catastrophic failure and woefully unprepared on game days.

    The ridiculous process of Ireland bringing in sub standard talent via draft, trade and free agency and the inability to coach them properly has gone on long enough.

    I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would spend a penny to support this level of incompetence. Eff the Dolphins and their entire clueless organization from top to bottom.

  24. Ironically, change 2 is what the Fins have done for years… focusing on luring a bunch of carpetbagger fans with money to drop inside that horrific stadium while ignoring the home folks… Won’t it be grand to see all those Broncos jerseys for the next home game?

  25. 8drinkminimum says:
    Oct 3, 2011 10:06 AM
    “Huezinga hired Parcells not Ross.”

    Then Ross is doing what he always does and, to be fair, does very well. Making money anyway he can. Hope his vanity drives him to do whatever it takes to win or it will be a long ride for Dolphin fans.

  26. You’d think that if you look at the history of Dan Snyder, you’d learn about how not to run a franchise.

    Sparano, Ireland, and Ross look so much like Zorn, Cerrato and Snyder. A weak coach that can’t inspire his troops or force accountability, a clueless GM, and a fantasy-player owner.

    History is repeating itself.

    Solution: Find yourself a terror of a coach and back off. The only one that comes to mind is Marty Shottenheimer from the UFL. Snyder almost got that right but wasn’t ready to back off yet. Or do it the traditional way: Find an awesome GM (is Charlie Casserly ready to come back?) and together find a new coach.

  27. The dolphins are like a kid who studies all week for a big exam. All week they know the what needs to be doneto pass but, the day of exam they draw a blank… this bye week they must regroup. Come off the bye and start putting some wins together. They dont see many challenges up comming. The sad part is the biggest challenge they face is them selves

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