After a dash of defiance, Hank Williams, Jr. apologizes


The latest AP item regarding the unlikely Hank Williams, Jr. Monday Night Football controversy focuses primarily on an apology posted on his website by the singer known for some reason as Bocephus, but there’s a little more to the story.  Though the AP characterizes Hank as “back[ing] off,” Williams displayed earlier in the day a hint of defiance in the face of ESPN’s decision to bench him for a week, possibly longer, after Williams said Monday on FOX News that the decision of President Obama to golf with House Speaker John Boehner was akin to Hitler golfing with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Here’s the full text of the apology, which appears not under the headline of “apology” but “thanks to my supporters”:  “I have always been very passionate about Politics and Sports and this time it got the Best or Worst of me.  The thought of the Leaders of both Parties Jukin and High Fiven on a Golf course, while so many Families are Struggling to get by simply made me Boil over and make a Dumb statement and I am very Sorry if it Offended anyone.  I would like to Thank all my supporters.  This was Not written by some Publicist.”

Here’s what Hank posted on his website before apologizing:  “Some of us have strong opinions and are often misunderstood.  My analogy was extreme — but it was to make a point.  I was simply trying to explain how stupid it seemed to me — how ludicrous that pairing was.  They’re polar opposites and it made no sense.  They don’t see eye-to-eye and never will.  I have always respected the office of the President.

“Every time the media brings up the tea party it’s painted as racist and extremists — but there’s never a backlash — no  outrage to those comparisons…  Working class people are hurting — and it doesn’t seem like anybody cares.  When both sides are high-fiving it on the ninth hole when everybody else is without a job — it makes a whole lot of us angry.  Something has to change.  The policies have to change.”

So it sounds like, earlier today, Hank wasn’t sorry.  Then, at some point, he became sorry.

Given that ESPN had yet to decide on whether Hank will be benched for one week or longer (or permanently) it’s possible that the public apology is part of whatever penance ESPN has asked him to perform.  The fact that the apology comes after his statement defending what he said makes the apology seem far more perfunctory and forced.

Especially since Hank’s more recent statements don’t address his assertion that Obama is “the enemy.”

209 responses to “After a dash of defiance, Hank Williams, Jr. apologizes

  1. Money. That Monday night opening used by ESPN is the only thing keeping him relevant.

  2. Are you ready for some raccciisssmmmmmmm????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A red neck partayy!!!!!!!!!!

    * Hank your an idot, I can only guess Justin Beiber will sing the new hook now or the Black Eyed Peas.

  3. So what if “Hank’s more recent statements don’t address his assertion that Obama is ‘the enemy.'”

    Hank can assert whatever he wants to assert. That’s a funny thing about America, freedom of speech and all.

    If ESPN doesn’t want to pay him because he has an opinion, then I’m sure FOX, CBS or NBC will – which is another funny thing about America, competition.

  4. The whole schtick was tired two decades ago. Of course, in Obama’s America, you can’t blame Hank for not wanting to give up a job. How dare he express, albeit poorly, an anti-Obama sentiment.

  5. Maybe because Obama is the enemy? Anyone who thinks the country is better off today than it was before he became president…well…can’t help em…

  6. I don’t agree with Hank Jr.’s point of view, but I think this quote was blown way out of proportion. I think his apology clarifies what he meant, let’s just move on and let him keep singing the MNF theme song that I look forward to every week!

  7. ‘Hank Williams, Jr. apologizes’

    Aka-‘I’m an overblown no talent hillbilly redneck who still needs that paycheck, so hopefully ESPN will play my dumb song again’.

  8. He is a musician, so who cares.
    Isn’t it weird that left wing entertainers love to hate on the “Rich Republicans” for not wanting to pay higher taxes, yet it seems like everyday I see another one of them going to jail for not paying theirs???

  9. So the best way to help ‘everybody else without a job’ is NOT to try and work it out together, but apparently to stay divided and continue arguing with each other. How does Hank want them to solve this? By NOT talking to each other? WTF? What a gigantic idiot.

  10. The only thing that bothers me about this is that we all know that if Hank had made the same comparison but replaced Obama with any of the Republican presidential candidates, no apology would be necessary.

    Hell, they’d probably give him a raise.

  11. The MNF brand doesn’t need some white trash hill billy anywhere near it’s business. This is a good time to make a permanent change and upgrade it’s image.

  12. So Hank thinks rebulicans or the tea party is gonna help working class people? Oh boy (eyeroll) I don’t even live in the states and know that’s crazier than his offensise hypothetical comparrison.

  13. “If the South woulda won, we’d have had it made”

    That says it all about this guy. That is an actual song.

  14.   This was Not written by some Publicist.”

    ….but it was written by someone with a random capitalization fetish.

  15. Pretty obvious that it wasn’t written by a publicist. What’s with the erratic capitalization?

  16. LMAO, he really said that about Obama? Wow that’s nuts. Yea the economy is bad, but saying that Obama and Boehner can’t play a golf together is insane. Even though their politics are different, those guys are friends.

  17. His apology sounds sincere enough, and I hope ESPN puts “All My Rowdy Friends” back on the Monday Night Broadcast. Of course I’m hopeful it goes back in the broadcast because I’m scared it will be replaced by something horrible and sung by someone who doesn’t even like football. (Like the awfulness that is Faith Hill on NBC’s broadcast, she’s admitted she doesn’t watch football, get that crap off the air.) I have this fear that we might get stuck with some mock up of Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” turned into something about football for the next ten years.

    Of course I don’t know how voting for Tea Party candidates will help the economy . . . . . . . .

  18. get rid of him permanently, his old ass song is played out anyway, have someone else do a song for monday night football, anyone except hank williams jr, ………………….well anyone except lil wayne or drake!

  19. Not written by a publicist?
    We could never tell!
    I’d love to know how that hillbilly decides to capitalize a word.
    Bumps in the road?
    Whenever his tongue hits the backside of a tooth?
    Either it is a clever code, worthy of the German Enigma, or he truly is the moron that I guessed him to be.
    Good riddance, redneck.
    Can we get Tom Waits to do the theme song?
    Now that would be cool.

  20. I’m just tired of hearing folks calling their political opponent Hitler. Unless there are 10 million dead people killed systematically combined with rampant societal mania, you can’t call the dude a Hitler. Only folks like Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao can be considered Hitlers, but that’s allowing them to come off light.

    Unfortunately, this whole ESPN brewhaha is nothing but a pissing contest. The much needed lesson here is about cultural literacy and historical context, and that has been placed so far out in left field, that it makes this controversy moot.

  21. While I welcome the once-in-a-lifetime break from your annoying intro song, don’t back down to these lefty a-holes bro. The folks at ABC/ESPN apologized for every heinous allegation lobbed at a Republican. Your point was deliberately misinterpreted to suit an agenda; hush conservatives at all costs.

  22. HANK !
    disapointed in you Son !

    You backed down. Are you also turning into a Politician?

  23. He should be fired, and Lee Roy Parnell should re-cut the song. Lee Roy makes Hank look like little lord fauntleroy.

  24. Don’t question Obama! He must not be criticized until he finishes his multi-pronged assault on the free market.

  25. Sooooo….Tim tebow can flaunt his opinions about abortion and shove those down our throats and ESPN loves him. Hank Williams voices an opinion about the president and suddenly ESPN wants nothing to do with such an atrocious figure. Freedom of speech right….

  26. I don’t see why people are so up in arms over what he said. He did not say Obama was like Hitler. People need to lighten up.

  27. Why do Some People capitalize Words seemingly Willy nilly?And Why? do these very Same People tend to Be ignoramouses when It comes To Politics and current Affairs?

    I’m hoping he and his stupid song are retired for good. Bring back the cool opening synth theme song from the 70s.

  28. Analogies are like ass- ‘wholes’. Everybody has one, but….

    Unless the target is committing genocide, Hitler analogies are generally wrong. There are so many good analogies for bad promises and poor representation in politics that nobody should feel the need to invoke Hitler. Like politics is a clean slate apart from that mistake? No way.

    Hank Williams Jr: we don’t want to see you on national networks when you’re not inviting us to watch some football with your rowdy friends!@

  29. I’m not some politically correct guru or even looking for it on a day to day basis, but Hank just needs to be pulled. Sure ESPN won’t have the guts to do it. What kind of punishment is a one week pull. Hank if you have a problem with politics and people not working then go entertain the folks who have taken over Wall Street.

  30. …anyone who took the time to watch the video of him on fox news now clearly knows that there is no better representation of an ignorant american redneck than hank williams jr…but i’m sure his “supporters” will soon find him at nascar events once again babbling on about how great life would be if only the south had won!

  31. If I were Hank I would tell the Worldwide Leader to eat Sh*t.

    You seriously think ppl who watch MNF care what Hank says? I would be willing to be they agree. And yet here they are, buffaloing Hank Williams Jr. Come on man, stand behind what you say. You don’t need them!

  32. Oh I guess now he sees how reckless comments can get you in trouble. Sometimes it’s best to keep your opinion to yourself. It’s a shame that a grown man doesn’t understand that concept.

  33. Cue the “stupid redneck” epithets…. Despite the presumed superiority of the legal/moral/political “experts” around here, Bocephus has already achieved far more than those insulting him on this forum will ever accomplish.

  34. The biggest part to me, is that he admitted it was a stupid thing to say.

    I still hope they keep him, and the song off the air. He sucks as a singer, & the song sucks.

  35. he didnt do anything wrong…..
    I was on his side till I heard he did it on fox news. after listening to it though he did nothing wrong.
    he did NOT say either was hitler and did not imply that. he simply stated that the 2 being together was like having 2 extremely different bitter enemies together….

    there is nothing wrong with that at all….
    what should be pointed out here is that people rather judge than listen to the facts….

  36. I would never apologize for speaking the truth. Obama and his party are THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! And the media are their willing accomplices. The media had no problem with celebrities calling Bush a Nazi, stupid among other slurs. They even made a movie about assassinating him. Remember Alec Baldwin, Rosie O’Donnell, Dixie Chicks, etc.etc. It seems the media had no problem with the vile things they said about President Bush. They had no problem because the main stream media is the propaganda machine for the Democrat party. They have been for many, many years. Remember Alec Baldwin on Letterman screaming at the tv audience to go out to Republican Henry Hyde’s house and stone him! Obama is a Marxist and so are the people who run his party. Any one who votes for a Democrat is one of three things: 1. Stupid 2. Ignorant 3. Corrupt.

  37. “Every time the media brings up the tea party it’s painted as racist and extremists — but there’s never a backlash — no outrage to those comparisons…

    Amen Hank. The media outrage is so one-sided. It really is sad.

  38. Of course this wont stop Liberal turds from calling for him to be fired and worse. Liberals are just Hate incarnate.

  39. Give the guy a break…..

    His skull has taken almost as much damage as Steve Young’s.

    That is of course, a joke….as is his remorse. The fewer backwoods rednecks on my TV, the better.

  40. I do, however, like how he used the Republican party line of “there are soooo many people out of work”….but at least he left off the second half “so I should get to pay less taxes.”

  41. For Hank to say that he is concerned for the working class, is about as ridiculous as saying that Hitler desired a society that was built on the foundation of inclusion and ethnic diversity.

  42. I wouldn’t be shocked if ESPN downplayed this and it returned for the remainder of the season, but I’d be shocked if they hadn’t already begun phasing it out starting next season at the latest. ESPN isn’t going to get another golden opportunity like this to do what they want with a lame but historic-to-some jingle

  43. Just going to throw this out there before the whole debate gets under way again, if you are on Hank’s side, than you have to support Rashard Mendenhall and his comments over the summer. It’s the same, exact thing.

  44. His original comment never referred to Obama as Hitler, any more than it referred to Boehner as Hitler ( or Netanyahu). His reference to “the enemy” was to Obama as Boehner’s political enemy. The analogy was poor/stupid, but did not equate any specific individual person to Hitler.

    You know, maybe I expect Hank Williams Jr to come off a little stupid, but he’s nowhere near as stupid as a lot of the ( purposeful?) mis-analysis of his statement. It’s pretty sad when an unintelligent statement is not met with any intelligent/rational discussion but instead just devolves into more stupidity.

    Maybe he’s not sorry because he didn’t say what everyone is accusing him of saying. Yet, he feels compelled to apologize for offending all the people who are either too stupid or disingenuous to realize that he said nothing offensive.

  45. Classic non-apology “apology”. If this came out of Mike Vick’s mouth the Hank supporters would be burying him.

    And most Tea Party people are 65+, they don’t “work”. They collect social security that I pay for. They bilk Medicare that I pay for.

  46. Maybe Obama should start a couple of wars and double the deficit. Then while he’s doing that he could let wall street and the banks run families into the ground…then maybe the right would accept him. Or maybe we could just stop letting Hank Jr do the openings to Monday Night Football. He’s getting really close to being worst than Faith Hill, time to make a Change.

  47. “The thought of the Leaders of both Parties Jukin and High Fiven on a Golf course, while so many Families are Struggling to get by simply made me Boil over and make a Dumb statement and I am very Sorry if it Offended anyone. I would like to Thank all my supporters. This was Not written by some Publicist.”


    What other idiot would capitalize random words mid sentence.

  48. If you think this is a 1st Amendment issue you just shouldn’t be allowed to vote in any public election ever.

    Take a basic civics class. Or at least keep your fool mouths shut on the subject.

  49. If you think this is a 1st Amendment issue you just shouldn’t be allowed to vote in any public election ever.

    Take a basic civics class.

  50. Hank, don’t apologize!

    You have every right to speak your mind.

    Screw the NFL!

    Exercise your First Amendment right!

    Whether I agree with your statement or not, it does’t matter.

    I will defend to my death your right to say it!

  51. Hank, he’s our President. If he’s the enemy then You’re the enemy. We’ve had lots of presidents in my lifetime I didn’t agree with. None of them were ever “the enemy”!

  52. Daddy was a genius who changed the way America sang and then was gone like a vapor. The son is a product of Nashville, inc. and he’ll never go away.
    No matter how old and played his act is.

  53. His father gave him the nickname “Bocephus” after grand ole opry comedian Rod Bradsfield’s ventriloquist dummy. As for everyone bashing on the rednecks, remeber rednecks made America great and corporate yuppie tree huggers ran it into the ground.

  54. What did he apologise for? Being fat, ugly, stupid, a poor singer, or dressing like Hopalong The Rodeo Clown?

  55. Oh I dont want to hear about that! Ohhh wait they said Hank was “backing”- off, ok then….

  56. Regardless of whether or not he returns, can we at least all agree that this is perhaps the easiest meal ticket in entertainment? The only thing that’s changed over the years is the dye in his beard.

  57. I’m a little dumbfounded here. How is what Hank stated wrong? It was quite a very good analogy. Is this NBC being the tyrannically biased nonsense again? *facepalm* Something needs to be done about this nonsense, seriously… or we “will” be living in a Nazi-like Germany…if we arent already. I support Hank on this. And this coming from a Puertorican….not that it matters, but apparently these racists that occupy NBC seem to have a doublestandard with ethnos. smh.

  58. And on his website, the featured video is “If the South Woulda Won”. What an idiot….

  59. ok you can put you white robe and hat on, and get back to your kkk meetings on monday night.

  60. Amazing how these corporate america cronies who turn the other way to the Bush was Hitler statements ‘everywhere’… react quite tyrannical when they ‘much more accurately’ depict Barak as Hitler. I mean, who’s policies are more similiar to Socialism? Bush or Barak…. mcfly? smh.

  61. I don’t understand why so many people are upset at Hank Jr. comparing Boehner to Hitler.

  62. Cant we just go back to the 70’s style MNF theme…Hank you were right about working class people hurting…maybe you should open your damn eyes as to who created the pain…..

  63. If I ever apologize for calling a duck a duck, will somebody please then shoot me in the face?

  64. The white trash POS needs MNF more than MNF needs him and it’s a great opportunity for ESPN to get rid of a drag on it’s image

  65. So its ok for people to say hill billy red neck white trash, but he cant metaphorically compare Obama to Hitler without being called a racist? Its sickening to hear people hide behind racism. Its ok to hate Hank for his”white trash” political views, but not ok to hate Obama because of his political views. Why? because he is black. Funny how Hank is the racist. Why? because he is white.

  66. …ha ha…it’s clear from many of these comments that a large number of pft posters unfortunately self identify with the term “ignorant american redneck”…mocking people like hank williams jr strikes too close to home for some of you and really hits a nerve…

  67. I always wondered what idiots put Obamacan’t in office and now I see it’s sports morons from this blog.

  68. Hank, do you really need the money from them playing your song? Screw the apology, what you said this morning was classic, then you have to go ruin it by apologizing because you ‘might have’ offended people…. blah blah blah.

  69. If ignorance were an energy source then the Hank Williams supporters here are gushing oil wells.

    Hank is sick and tired of “the media” portraying the teabaggers as racist and ignorant.

    Here’s a suggestion to avoid this…Don’t have teabaggers standing with signs painted with Obama as a monkey, an African tribal chief with a bone in his nose and even a Hitler moustache.

    Or my favorite “Keep government hands off of my Social Security”.

  70. Of course even the most obnoxious among us has the right to think and say whatever he wants. But to invoke the name of something as foul and evil as Hitler to depict anyone -much less the President of the United States of America, is simply indecent. Not okay.

  71. Well, my dreams of escaping the nonsense of political talk have been squashed. Neither bush, nor Obama are nazis. Does anyone want to take a second, and think about the meaning of comparing someone to Hitler?

    I haven’t seen one concentration camp in the past 12 years.

    The authorities haven’t broken into my home and taken or killed my family.

    I haven’t seen one trace of genocide. (if you make a jobs reference…lay off of the hyperbole)

    At what point do we stop treating a differing opinion as a threat to our personal way of life?

    Be who you want to be. Let other people be who they want to be. Calling the president hitler is akin to Adrian Peterson comparing pro football to slavery. It just disrespects the people who ACTUALLY were affected by Adolf and the SS.

    I guess perspective is now taboo in the world of MSNBC vs. FOX.

  72. Liberalism is a mental illness as exposed by the left wing clueless morons here defending Obamaderp.

  73. In before the next idiotic “OMG! They’ve VIOLATED HIS FREE SPEECH!!” shoutout. ESPN is not the government and can hire or fire or run videos or not run videos of whomever they want for pretty much any reason they want.

  74. halftermguv – Here’s a thought. How about Obamaderp stop bowing down to third world country leaders. Taking credit for killing Bin Laden when he didn’t give the go ahead. Shoving bogus health care down our throats thereby forcing hospital and doctors out of work. Having his Attorney General illegally give 3,000 assault weapons to the drug cartels in mexico who in turn murdered thousands. Etc. Etc. Etc.

  75. Well, for what its worth… the jewish community is running from Obama almost as fast as the independents are, LOL…

    my Jewish friend told me just today that he feels that Obama is probably what he considered to be the most “anti-semitic” President in modern history.

    So maybe Hank WIlliams Jr. isnt too far off?

  76. How many of you jerks defending Hank stood up for the Dixie Chicks in 2003?

    Not many, I’d bet.

    Drop dead, all you teabaggers.

  77. Let’s not focus on his point at all. Let’s focus on crying over him using the term Hitler.
    Yes he made the point poorly and maybe even lazily using the tired old Hitler reference.
    But is it true that it is stupid for these two to be playing golf to iron out their differences? How about we discuss that? Or is that too hard for too many of us? So take the simple approach and over blow the Hitler reference.
    So his earlier statement is not defiance. It was an attempt to clarify. But an apology for the Hitler reference is proper.

    By the way..Who decided that he was referring to Obama when he said Hitler?

    Unless we can discuss what people mean when they say someting instead of tearing them down for how they say it, we as a country trying to resolve differences will get nowhere.

  78. slickster35 says: Oct 4, 2011 6:18 PM

    Obama is the enemy to the American way of life.
    As you are the enemy to intelligent thought. If you don’t like America – leave!

  79. halftermguv says:Oct 4, 2011 7:34 PM

    Here’s a suggestion to avoid this…Don’t have teabaggers standing with signs painted with Obama as a monkey, an African tribal chief with a bone in his nose and even a Hitler moustache.

    There were what, a couple of idiots out of thousands with those signs, yet you and the rest of the libs disingenuously continue to claim it is racist. No, it is political: Stop pi$$ing away money. Obamy is doing that faster than any previous president in history.

    Obama is a lot like Hitler if you consider what he is doing as economic genocide.

  80. We are better off with Obama. Under Bush we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month, now we are gaining jobs. Yes unemployment is still high, but a lot of those jobs are government jobs. The Tea Party wants limited government, but then bad mouths Obama for 9.1″. Hank can call Obama Hitler, free speech and all that. If he has to be classless to make his point, shame on him.

  81. I don’t care about HW’s politics, but geeze, enough already with that cheezy MNF intro. It’s terrible. I hit mute everytime it comes on. Not all MNF fans are rednecks from Alabama.

    I miss the old days with the cool MNF music and Cosell doing the intro.

  82. the premise of hank’s comment – that two sides at polar opposites have no business getting together to try to find common ground and should be condemned for even trying – is exactly what is wrong with this country.

  83. Ummm…the Tea Party is portrayed as extremists because thats what they are. They support Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann for Christ’s sake. When you believe that the guide to running a 21st century country lies in a book almost 2000 years old, that makes you a bit of an extremist in my book. Don’t even get me started on the whole ‘not believing in evolution’ thing. As if evolution was an idea and not an undeniable fact…

  84. Hank hit it right on the Head, the country is a laughing stock to the rest of the World. Unemployment was 6% when Obama took over and it is at or near 18% today, that is right that 9% figure they feed you dummies is a Pipe Dream.

    The Chicago Used Car Salesmen is in way over his Head, Jimmy Carter II lol

  85. What congress is doing to the nation Is ridiculous. Anyone who will say other wise isn’t thinking clearly. Anyone willing to let the nation default so they can run for it on re-election is sick. We all love to prove points but be realistic, you dont sacrifice the good of the nation for a few. Our nation will fall if everyone fails to compromise.

  86. get this hillbilly out of there, get someone else to sing the intro,
    so hillbilly hank can go back to Whistlestop, AL, or wherever he came from, go drink his moonshine and smoke his wacky tobacky

  87. It never fails to shock me how many ignorant, uneducated people live in this country. You only need to read the first 20 comments (littered with “obama is the enemy” rhetoric) to understand how why this country is headed downward.

    The republican controlled congress would rather make Obama look bad, to appease these redneck middle American hicks, than step up to the plate and get a bipartisan plan in place to straighten this country out. This is the same group of people who do not understand “socialism,” yet throw it out like it is some great insult. Ironically, the majority of these people live in towns that would not exist had it not been for government built highways.

    I give it to the GOP, they have balls. They say what they want and blatantly make up/ distort reality. Its just sad how many weak minded people can not think for themselves.

    [not to bring up the racial undertones that are clearly just below the surface of this issue]

  88. If anyone actually read or listened to what he said, he was NOT AT ALL being racist or bashing Obama. But God forbid you have a negative opinion about Obama, thats off limits, but it was always open season on Bush, how ironic. Kanye West called Bush a racist on live TV and he was praised

  89. We are becoming the divided states of America. Rome was not conquered. It collapsed on itself. We need to come together.

  90. It’s disappointing to see some of the comments here beating the free speech drum. Of course he has to freedom to say whatever he pleases! It’s not like he’s being picked up and imprisoned for speaking out against our elected representatives.

    It’s just that you can’t say whatever the hell you want (this case rather ignorantly) and keep a job. The man has made himself an unlikable character to those with the opposite political disposition.

    When you add in the fact that he’s this goofy character with bad facial hair and an insistence on wearing sunglasses in all situations, that’s just bad business. Not to mention that song has gotten really tired.

  91. Hank Williams comments were just plain ignorant. Political opposition is not analogous to facists imposing genocide. Republicans and Democrats actually do work together and actually do things like compromise. There is no real war between political parties. If Williams is too stupid to realize that, he should keep his fat trap closed. Celebrities (and pseudo celebrties in this case) on both the left and right who get involved in blowhard politics only hurt themselves.

  92. josh928 says:Oct 4, 2011 5:55 PM

    Sooooo….Tim tebow can flaunt his opinions about abortion and shove those down our throats and ESPN loves him. Hank Williams voices an opinion about the president and suddenly ESPN wants nothing to do with such an atrocious figure. Freedom of speech right….

    Tim Tebow did not call the President of the United States the enemy or use any analogies with respect to Hitler. This is not a freedom of speech issue. Nobody is denying Williams the right to free speech. He can say whatever he wants. ESPN also has the right to associate or disassociate itself with any person. They have rights too and they are trying to, you know, make money and not offend their advertisers and viewers.

  93. snoqualmieterry says:
    Oct 4, 2011 8:23 PM
    We are better off with Obama. Under Bush we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month, now we are gaining jobs. Yes unemployment is still high, but a lot of those jobs are government jobs. The Tea Party wants limited government, but then bad mouths Obama for 9.1″. Hank can call Obama Hitler, free speech and all that. If he has to be classless to make his point, shame on him.

    for most of Bush’s presidency, unemployment was under 5%, it as the banking crisis of freddie and fannie controlled by Dodd and Frank, democrats that bush and cain no less than 17 times tried to get the dems to get under control because a meltdown was coming because of these bundled morgages…Dems are the problems they haven’t clue and apparently you dont either

  94. There’s a special kind of hell reserved for people like Hank Williams Jr. . .

    Unfortunately, it involves listening to Hank Williams Jr songs for all eternity, so he’ll be fine.

  95. Obviously Hank made a poor public comment, and should no better.

    Regardless, I think the NFL should can him. His act is tired.

    I vote for more of Faith Hill in really short skirts or extremely tight leather pants =) Is she not hot?

  96. Really people… the Redneck references are equally as hateful as his “Obama is the enemy” reference (probably because he’s black). Your point can’t be taken serious when hateful undertones are being used. The only way for us, as Americans, to move forward, positively, is to accept one another as we are, not tolerate one another for who we are. As Ghandi once said: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

  97. Obamaderp is not Hilter. He is the Anti-Christ and here is one of his servants… The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee called for a special counsel to investigate Attorney General Eric Holder’s testimony on a federal gunrunning operation.

  98. yeah…. he didn’t say he was sorry that he said it… he said he was sorry *if* he offended anyone….

  99. Kanye west bashes the president and he is praised . A white guy bashes the president and people want him out of a job. Seems a lil backwards to me don’t u think??

  100. Its time this country got the leader it deserves…not the one it needs. We need to stop all the handouts and bail-outs. We need Donald Trump to run the business of the US Govt. Put the money where its needed and fortify the military. Then, use the military and take over all those third world countries that posess oil. Terrorist nations anyways, so who will miss the suicide bomber type? If the other world powers have problems with us doing that, then we can offer them oil at a discounted price. Money drives this world anyways. If greed is the problem, then greed can fix it. I have had enough of paying 3-4 dollars a gallon for gas. If we owned it all, then we can get it for less than a buck a gallon. That is until the greedy take over yet again. Damn…there is no solution.

  101. sadskinsfan89 says:Oct 4, 2011 9:53 PM

    Kanye west bashes the president and he is praised . A white guy bashes the president and people want him out of a job. Seems a lil backwards to me don’t u think??

    ** That is because liberalism is a mental illness and we have a nutjob in the WhiteHouse.

  102. It is funny how liberals are all for free speach when it suits them..but heaven help anyone else who may. its rediculous and why I dislike most of them.

  103. This is PRO FOOTBALL TALK !! Enough with the politics already. I am an Obama supporter and feel like ripping every right winger on this site but we are all football fans. We can disagree on politics but we used to keep it civil. The polarization (big word for you righties, sorry I couldn’t resist) of this Country is the real problem. Congress is disfunctional and not doing its job representing the people. Get mad at them. For now, grab a beer and enjoy the NFL. At least we have football (sorry NBA fans). Chill

  104. Don’t cave to the liberal media, Hank. Stand in front of what you believe in, trust me there are more of us that support you than the media will lead you on to believe.

  105. ESPN has some nerve..reguardless of what Hank said..just Google ESPN and sexual harassment and crime..see what you get and some reporters are still working there. Maybe if he was a sportscenter anchor he would get a one day suspension Sunday and be singing Monday..

  106. Hank, The problem with our political system is that each side tries so hard to earn the support of their party that they forget that we are ALL on the same side. divisive comments like yours contribute to the problem. We are all to blame. Both Obama and Beohner want this country to succeed. If a round of golf is what they need to break the ice let them play.

  107. This is a guy that writes songs defending the great southern tradition of lynching. He never should have been on Monday Night Football in the first place.

  108. clayton43 says: Oct 4, 2011 10:02 PM

    “It is funny how liberals are all for free speach when it suits them..”

    You mean like how Conservatives claim to love the Constitution, except for, you know, the parts they don’t like?

  109. If you really want to see what a redneck piece of
    garbage this guy is go back and watch the interview
    on Fox and Friends(itself one of the biggest jokes on TV). Jon Stewart I’m sure will have a field day with
    this one….

  110. He has nothing to apologize about. People are too sensitive. He didn’t compare anyone to Hitler, he just drew a clumsy analogy.

  111. I love the Monday Night Football song by HWJr but I honestly didn’t miss it. And after hearing his comments comparing our President to the most evil man in the history of the world, I hope I never hear it again.

    That said, someone PLEASE get rid of the Sunday Night Football theme song on NBC. It’s absolutely horrid.

  112. The outrage is the comparison of Obama to Adolf Hitler. There is no one in the American political world that should be compared to Adolf Hitler.

    If people actually knew something about Nazi Germany then they may not pass Hitler’s name around in such a flippant manner.

  113. Don’t care if I ever see your face or hear your voice again Cletus. You had the cakest most undeserved source of passive income anyone could ever hope for.

    We won’t discuss the fact that the song sucks and you were the weakest part of anyone affiliated with Monday Night Football not on one of the teams (a feat of epic proportions).

    Please fade into anonymity.

  114. The media basically forces him to apologize proving that the government are Nazies, as far as Obama goes hes an actor that reads a script that others write for him hes a stooge.

  115. I can’t believe there are actually people out there that believe that Barack Obama and probably the most villainized and evil man in history have ANYTHING in common.

    Not agreeing with the President is one thing. Not voting for him is another. But he is YOUR President, regardless.

    People who say things like that don’t deserve to be American. Why don’t you just join Ol’ Hank here, rent a cabin out in the woods, and talk about how Obama is redecorating the White House in sickles and hammers and planning on handing the keys of nuclear weapons stockpile over to the the Arabs. While you’re at it, why not blow up a federal building or join some anti-government nut out in Montana. Because this kind of talk is every where these days and only the truly stupid and dumb believe it.

  116. Loved the part where he referred to Obama and Biden as “The Three Stooges”.

    How ’bout dem redneck maths?

  117. Funny, many people here are spewing the terms “redneck”, “hillbilly”, “white trash”, “trailer trash”, “hick”, and others, and yet they are claiming that someone else is racist?

  118. Oh no, stop the press! A white man said something negative about our black president’s performance and doesn’t like the shape the country is in. He must be a racist! Hang the stupid white devil, this is an outrage! Ridiculous. Look around people. Wake up. I don’t disagree with anything he said in his clarification of what he meant in the interview, and I was in support of Obama being elected. The double standard in this country is disgusting.

  119. “qdog112 says:
    Oct 4, 2011 8:13 PM
    slickster35 says: Oct 4, 2011 6:18 PM

    Obama is the enemy to the American way of life.
    As you are the enemy to intelligent thought. If you don’t like America – leave!”

    This is flat out ridiculous, and screw you for saying it. If you don’t like America, leave? Wrong. If you don’t like America, change it. It’s called democracy. Open a book.

  120. So according to Hank the Hick, politicians getting red faced and screaming at each other like the morons that go to tea party rallys is supposed to help the economy get better? Hank should just shut his mouth and play that stupid MNF song he’s been milking for the last 10 years.

  121. The only people dumber than Hank are his supporters here who seem to think that the Republicans are fighting for the working class.

    And for the record, I’m not a Democrat. You don’t have to be to see such obvious truths.

  122. I just want to remind everyone out there that all the jobs didn’t disappear and the national debt didn’t soar out of contral when Obama took office.

  123. This no-talent ass clown (sorry michael bolton) as some of you call him, has more passion and love for this country than most of you mopes writing these lame comments from your parent’s basement. Yeah he apologized, but I am sure some of you commenters have kissed your boss’ a$$ so you can keep that $7/hr job. Heck I guess that would be just enough money to keep your world of warcraft account open and buy some mountain dew so you can withdrawal to your poon infested room. Keep throwing stones you mopes and while your at it, man up and grow some…. PS not a fan of Hank, just an observer of idiocracy.

  124. Hey Hank! Good luck with that senatorial campaign in Tennessee! Though I wouldn’t trash my day job until it’s in the bag.

  125. How many Hank defenders actually saw the video? He acted in a highly belligerent manner before the topic ever got political and appeared to be drunk. When the fox bimbo and her two eunuchs dropped their jaws in shock and disbelief you know how bad it was. It’s extremely rare for anyone on Faux News to be shocked by sheer stupidity and old Hand sure did his way.

  126. clayton43 says: Oct 4, 2011 10:02 PM

    It is funny how liberals are all for free speach when it suits them..but heaven help anyone else who may. its rediculous and why I dislike most of them.

    It’s got nothing to do with liberal or conservative. ESPN owns the channel and owns the free speech rights on that channel. They have the right to associate or not associate themselves with anyone they want. What ESPN cares about is money. Hank Jr. said something that was liable to offend about half their viewers, so they exercised their free speech rights and canned him.

  127. Don’t bring him back. just play the classic monday night song. that will never get old. shows you the kind of DA that are sticking up for this whole our way or the highway. the fact that he states they will never agree on anything shows you the number one problem with his point of view. that MF would be living in a trailer if was not for his Daddy. he has no
    clue about politics . he is just a stupid redneck.

  128. Thumbs up for putting Hank Jr on Mount Rushmore, thumbs down for encircling him and stoning him to death. Neither up nor down = I recognize that sometimes this blog is like one of those blogs that cops material from Popsugar that cops material from Huffpo that cops material from a newspaper that cops material from the AP in an effort to blow minutiae up into controversy for the sole purpose of getting page hits for the sole purpose of raising ad rates.

  129. vbe2 says: Oct 4, 2011 5:29 PM

    Obama IS the enemy in political terms.

    That is a perfect example of what is wrong with Washington and the country.
    It does matter who you voted for, if you WANT the President to fail then you are a sorry excuse for an American.

  130. The complexity of it all:

    ESPN did the right thing and should can him permanently.
    ESPN should have never hired him in the first place – can you say background check?
    One should never do an interview (with vultures) when one is half in the bag.
    I don’t see Hank doing ads for Jack Daniels.
    What happen to “free speech”?
    “It’s not what goes into a man’s mouth that defiles him, but what comes out f it.”
    Like many uneducated (rednecks) he has no clue to the cause of the political, economic and social injustices of today.
    Some do not learn from history – you cannot blame any one group or a few leaders for the fall of an empire that does not serve the common good (but claims it does).
    Look at the big picture Hank before you say something stupid again. You know what you meant but the rest of us don’t have a clue.

  131. These comments are exactly why politicians can do whatever they want.

    Instead of actually caring about political stances, all anyone cares about is the word “republican” or “democrat”

    If you’re one, the other is the enemy. Any time I see someone call a liberal a socialist or a marxist, I can’t help but just laugh, because it shows how much they truly understand: nothing.

    So instead of picking the best candidate, everything is split right down the middle into this neat little black and white categories of good and bad, heroic and evil. Maybe it’s more fun that way?

  132. hank jr wasnt all that sorry, right next to his apology on his website, a link to a song titled, “If the South would have won.”

    still shocked his public persona survived choking the girl out in the bar a couple of years back.

  133. “Maybe Obama should start a couple of wars and double the deficit. ”

    Lets see. Double the deficit…… CHECK
    One war in Libya ……. CHECK

    Looks like he’s just one war away.

  134. I don’t even understand the comparison. If I were to compare someone to Hitler, it would be someone who is very strict, or cruel. Like him or hate him, I wouldn’t say that fits Obama at all.

    And when did it become such a horrible thing to compare someone to hitler? I get why a public figure shouldn’t do it, and especially bad to compare the president, but I’d have no problem saying my boss, or my teacher is like hitler.

    Its not like i’m literally saying my teacher is the most evil person in the world, or is planning would just mean he’s strict, cruel, or an ahole.

  135. “Every time the media brings up the tea party it’s painted as racist and extremists…”

    I am happy you dispelled that unfair charge by comparing the POTUS to Hitler.

  136. slickster35 says: Oct 5, 2011 12:37 AM
    Don’t try to post anything against Obummer on this board, it won’t be posted.
    Wow. You guys lie like a rug.

    PFT probably doesn’t want their commenters calling the POTUS Hitler. You don’t want your fellow football fans knowing you think that.

    It’s embarrassing.

    Sometimes you have to save people from their own stupidity.

  137. I don’t care for Williams’ music or agree with his politics, but this whole thing has been WAAAAY overblown. He did not compare anybody to Hitler. He did say that Obama and Biden were “the enemy,” but a lot of Republicans think that way, and, in strictly partisan terms, they are that as members of the opposition party. As Americans, we all have the right to oppose the president, or even dislike the guy if we see fit. I don’t think that an apology was necessary.

  138. Obama is not Hitler. Hitler at least had some charm in managing to get a nation to swoon. Obama is just a bully and a narcissist. Any person that votes for him next year is a bad person and a bad American.

  139. There’s little to guess about this mans bigotry. Did anyone see that internet video he produced during the last Presidential campaign? Yeah, good ‘ol boy country western stuff except the “n” word was in nearly every line. Obama was yet to be elected. After I picked my jaw off the desk I hit the delete button ASAP. Maybe I should have kept it, or better yet, sent it to ESPN,,,,,,,,

  140. What’s funny is all you that are defending Williams that make statements about how Liberals pick and choose what constitute “free speech,” nobody is saying that he doesn’t have the right to say what he wants.

    Williams does not own the airwaves. He is not the final arbiter of propriety. He – and anyone – can and should be judged by his words. We all have the right to accept or reject those words – but mostly it’s ESPN’s reaction to the words of their spokesperson that should be judged.

    Williams may or may not be a racist – but enough tea partiers have demonstrated abject racism to cause suspicion. If you have a problem with that, COMPLAIN TO THEM.

  141. The fact that so many approve of what William said shows the depths to which this country and Repubs have deteriorated. They created this debt crisis, crashed the economy,are blocking the recovery and then approve of this unmerican nonsense. THEN they blame the president!

    This is VERY scarey for the country where anything goes. ESPN should cancel Williams permanently. What he said was despicable! And people in this country should wake up and stop buying the propaganda! It’s gonna destroy this country– and mebbe pro sports except for the moneyed elite!

  142. The word police are alive and well in the land of free speech. So much for the First Amendment. Be careful what you say in Amerika.

  143. Keep the politics out of football broadcasts. That’s the bottom line. All of America watches NFL football, and there’s no reason to make half of those fans listen to somebody spouting the other half’s politics. They should no more have Williams on there than they should some liberal music artist spouting their views. Let Williams talk all he wants on other broadcasts and let’s just have MNF be about football.

  144. Amadeus says: Oct 5, 2011 11:55 AM
    The word police are alive and well in the land of free speech. So much for the First Amendment. Be careful what you say in Amerika.

    Who from the government infringed on Hank’s First Amendment? Go read your US Constitution. There is no mention of ESPN in it.

  145. grpatriot says: Oct 5, 2011 8:20 AM
    Maybe a better analogy, “Nero fiddles while Rome burns!” Ah, the government tit!

    Wouldn’t that be the ideal economic environment for business? I thought the guvment didn’t create jobs?


  146. citiciti says: Oct 4, 2011 5:35 PM
    Didn’t hurt my feelings.

    You probably aren’t Jewish and have relatives who were murdered by Hitler.

    Lucky you.

  147. Williams is not apologizing for what he said; he is sorry IF people were offended; he is not sorry that he said what he did. It is unfortunate that the guy earns a hefty salary and then spits in the face of patriotic Americans with his remarks. He has shown how little he cares about this country; he cares about Hank Williams and his rights. Well – with rights come responsibilities and that starts with respect for the people duly elected to lead this country; we don’t need this kind of role model. Roseanne and The Dixie Chick learned there are consequences.

    Of course, Williams has a right to express his views – but they/he should not be part of MNF. Now the”apology” is a selfish move – to keep those ESPB checks coming in. Let Williams find a new gig.

  148. I’ve been muting Hank’s opening to MNF ever since they started running it. No amount of explosions, bouncy cheerleaders, and washed-up guitarists are going to polish that turd of a song.

    ESPN – it’s not as popular as you think it is. Trash the opening because it sucks, not because of some obscure HWJ interview that got blown out of proportion.

  149. People are stupid. If he would have said “it’s like an apple and an orange getting together” to make the point that they’re polar opposites, there would’ve been no issues. He picked two polar opposite people to make an example of how different the two guys are. He didn’t say Obama’s Hitler and Boehner is Netanyahu…Get over it. They’re political enemies who stand on complete opposite sides of virtually every issue, and that was his point. The president has done an awful job anyway, and it doesn’t help that so many people come to his rescue and baby him when someone says something “mean”.

  150. jeffe43 says:
    Oct 4, 2011 10:29 PM
    This is PRO FOOTBALL TALK !! Enough with the politics already. I am an Obama supporter…

    So wait…lemme get this straight…”enough with the politics” is immediately followed by “I am an Obama supporter.”


  151. that song is never ‘dated’. I can’t imagine watching the intro to the show without it.

    I think I’ll NOT and wait until the game starts.

    Everyone, including posting on here is entitled to ‘free speech’ and that should include extreme knee jerk REACTIONs !

    I had no problem reading the whole quote.

    It is terribly SAD with HIGH unemployment, house foreclosures, and more people falling into poverty level that the two very important policy making politicians who DO NOT see eye to eye basically on ANYTHING, especially this long, should ‘play’ golf. STUPID.. who are the politicians trying to fool, oh… the voters.. simple as that.

    Keep politics out of sports, It would be nice if ESPN had some balls… and keep it out.

    Put the song back in.

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