Buchanon, Hall, Williams return from suspensions

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Several players were suspended four games to start the 2011 season.  Since four games have now been played, the suspensions have now been lifted.

Commissioner Roger Goodell made it official on Monday, reinstating Redskins cornerback Philip Buchanon, Titans fullback Ahmard Hall, and Bengals guard Bobbie Williams.

Buchanon, a 10th-year player, is in his second season with the Redskins.  He appeared in 16 games last year, starting five.  Hall has spent all six of his NFL seasons with the Titans.  He has appeared in every game for three straight seasons.  Williams has started all but three games for the Bengals since 2004.

The Redskins, Titans, and Bengals each have a roster exemption through next Monday.  If/when the players are added to the active roster, the exemption goes away.

11 responses to “Buchanon, Hall, Williams return from suspensions

  1. Well Buchanon may be looking elsewhere for a job, I don’t see a real need for the Redskins put him on the active roster the youngs guys have played pretty well…

  2. buchanon should start over deangelo hall. josh wilson should start over deangelo hall. my fatass should start over deangelo hall

  3. hendawg21, I disagree…..We need all the help we can get in the defensive backfield. The entire defense has gotten way better this year, but it’s like pitching in baseball-you can never have too much…….As for who to drop from the active roster, I dunno………..

  4. Ok a lot of fans that come on this site are pretty much football savy so i wonder if someone can answer this question for me. Im a die hard Skins fan and i was wondering when the Skins blitz the qb and naturally he will have less time to throw the ball does DeAngelo Hall play 10 yards off of the receiver? For the life of me i cant figure that out.

  5. WTF, why did any of these teams get a roster exemption??

    When a player gets suspended during the season, the team doesnt get to sign a new player. Maybe the NFL made the players give their salary back to the teams, instead of fining them too.

    What a joke

  6. When a player gets suspended during the season, the team doesnt get to sign a new player.

    Yes, they do. The suspended player does not count against the 53-man roster, so teams basically always fill that spot temporarily with someone else.

    These post-suspension exemptions are not new this year, either. The only thing they really buy you is a few days of practice with a player coming back before you make the roster cut. They can’t play unless you activate them, and you can’t activate them without forfeiting the rest of the exemption period and cutting someone.

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