Cooley laughs at Romo for choking, wants to fight him in the cage

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Redskins tight end Chris Cooley is not too fond of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

In an interview on the LaVar and Dukes show, Cooley said he had a great time watching Romo throw three second-half interceptions on Sunday, and that he would love to fight Romo in the UFC.

“It’s so good,” Chris Cooley said of seeing Romo and the Cowboys give up a 27-3 lead to the Lions, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “I was watching the scoreboard in St. Louis, and I didn’t see that they’d lost really until they end, I thought they blew them out so I kind of stopped paying attention. It’s amazing, amazing to watch him choke like that. I’m just saying, I’m up 24 points in the third quarter, if I’m the head coach, I feel like I could probably just take a knee for the rest of the game, punt it away and there’s no way that Detroit’s gonna drive on you that many times. The only way you’re gonna give up that many points is turnovers, right? It’s hilarious to watch him throw pick sixes, too, back-to-back. I loved it.”

Cooley then said the one thing he would enjoy more than seeing Romo lose on the football field is stepping into the cage with Romo and defeating him personally.

“But it wouldn’t be as good as my cage fight,” Cooley said. “For me to beat Tony? I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know what kind of cage fighting skills he has. I would probably try to incorporate my wrestling ability, like when I was in high school. Obviously it’s been a while, but I didn’t like to beat people fast. I like to embarrass ‘em a little bit. Like, take a 24-point lead, and then just play with it a little bit.”

It’s no surprise that Romo is hearing a lot of criticism this week after throwing the game away against the Lions, just as he heard a lot of praise the week before — after beating Cooley’s Redskins.

164 responses to “Cooley laughs at Romo for choking, wants to fight him in the cage

  1. Too bad he didn’t throw any pick sixes against your team, Talky Talkerson.

    Dude has 69 total yards in four games. Maybe a little less chatter and a little more figuring out how to become a bigger part of the game plan.

    That said, it is fun to watch Tony Romo throw up all over himself at key moments

  2. what a tool…he has 7 catches for 66 yards in 4 games and hes laughing at romo? He should worry about losing his job to fred davis instead of dreaming of fighting romo in a cage match

  3. I live in Cooley’s home town and can personally vouch for his wrestling skills. The kid was a stud and Howdy Doody wouldn’t even give him a good test. Chris Cooley – pride of Logan High School!

  4. I see Rob Ryan is doing for the Cowboys defense exactly what he did for the Browns defense- watch the offense build and maintain a lead late into a game, and then teaches his defense how to totally fall apart and squander that lead.

    God, those players must hate playing for him.

    PS- Cooley knocks Romo out in the first round.

  5. I agree that Romo really made a mess of that game but Cooley should stuff it. Guy is past his prime and really not even helping his team out that much this season.

    I heard he struggled with weight problems earlier this season too, maybe you should worry about your diet and the gym instead of running your mouth about a guy who had broken ribs and a punctured lung.

  6. who cares how many catches cooley has when he is saying exactly what every player on the 31 teams that aren’t dallas are thinking?

  7. I will agree that TR could have done a much better job closing out the game, but for a marginal player who lost to the same team the week before to pop off like that and brag about his UFC skills is pretty stupid. Nothing like giving the team who beat you without a touchdown bulletin board material. The Redskins offense was soooo good that they lost to a team who could not score a touchdown. What an ass-clown.

  8. Hmmmm…..This is just a really odd story.
    I’m not a psychiatrist, but I did spend the night at a Holiday Inn Express last night. It sounds to me like Cooley might actually have some honeybadgerish feelings for Romo.
    “C’mon Tony, let’s put on some tights, like the ones I used to wear in high school, and wrestle around together in cage… No…a thmaller cage.”
    This story really kind of freaks me out a little.
    I hope that I forget about it soon.

    Mike, please post something about Rex Ryan, or Mark Sanchez soon. I need to get my mind off of this story.

  9. funny that Chris Cooley can barely find the field. he should start worrying more about losing his job than what the cowboys are doing.

  10. Ha! This is the very definition of “piling on”… No DOUBT, Romo deserves every bit of heat he gets from Cowboys fans and the media, but isn’t it Cooley’s team that choked away a lead in Dallas a week ago?

    Veeeery brave to publicly challenge a guy 30 lbs lighter to a fight as well. This sort of cowardice is why the Redskins lost to the Cowboys, which was also very, very sweet to watch.

  11. Idiotic, guys that talk like this typically aren’t who they think they are either. Cooley is far more injury prone than Romo and doesn’t play through it, so he can yap as much as he wants all the while watching Davis steal is touches.

    The Skins are the weakest 3-1 team and I don’t think they make the playoffs; that is what Cooley should be worried about.

  12. I hate both the Cowboys and Skins equally but seriously Cooley has got to be kidding me. You’re barely even a starting TE on your team anymore and they’re coming up with H-back packages just to justify your existence on the roster. Grow up Meat, seriously what has your team done in the past ummmm 20 years?

  13. Cooley should step in the cage with Witten and maybe while Witten is kickin his lil bitch ass he can also give him some hints on how to play the tight end position!! Hes a wanna-be!!!

  14. I’m not a Skins fan, but Cooley is my hero.

    And the funny part is he’s probably right. If Romo just “takes a knee” every series in the last 2 quarters, they probably win that game….it was a horrendous showing, and if you’re a Cowboys fan, you have to be worried about this guy….

  15. I thought Cooley retired last year!!! haha!!! Dont worry there is always “Dancing with the stars” for Cooley next year!! On second thought he probably would not make it thru that full season either!! What an asswipe!!!!

  16. It’s interesting. For the amount of trash talk around here—some of it pretty hateful—I’m surprised that there are so many negative comments directed at Cooley.

    I thought today’s fans wanted today’s players to “care” as much about the game as they do. I thought the fans wanted the players to hate opposing players as much the fans do.

    I thought something like this would be overwhelmingly appreciated.

    Guess not.

    Very interesting.

  17. Why can’t the marginal players like Cooley keep their mouths shut like the guys who really play and play well? It’s always the idiots chirping. You never hear stuff like that from guys like Whitten. Maybe the guys who are not talking are busy in the weight room, film room etc…so that they can PRODUCE on Sundays. Shanahan has a history of cutting dudes who do stuff like this. Maybe the UFC is his next real job. Again….Cooley for ASS-CLOWN of the week.

  18. That would be a good fight, right up until Cooley strained his hammy or rolled his ankle. Guy is a walking “Questionable” status.

  19. No doubt Romo sucked, but shut the hell up Cooley! This from a guy who’s most famous incident was showing his johnson to reporters. Try to win more than four or five games a year before you run your mouth.

  20. Why would he want to fight Romo? By all accounts he’s a really nice guy. He’s a choker sure, but that only helps the Redskins. Why would he want to beat him up? What is he a bully or something?

  21. “WARNING: Rogaine side affects may be unpredictable”

    Thank you for the depressing reminder that I actually use this stuff in a pathetic attempt to salvage what lettuce I still have atop my head.

  22. r8rsfan says:
    Oct 4, 2011 11:20 AM
    I live in Cooley’s home town and can personally vouch for his wrestling skills. The kid was a stud and Howdy Doody wouldn’t even give him a good test. Chris Cooley – pride of Logan High School!


    Need a tissue to clean yourself up over there, Chief?

    He’s not even the best TE on his team

  23. This is kinda funny because it’s harmless, but remember when he took a picture of his playbook and accidentally included his little weenis?

    That was REALLY funny.

  24. The Giants lost to them because they kept shooting themselves in the foot. The Redskins BARELY got past the Rams. And any objective observer would take Romo over Grossman on ANY day.

    So, yeah, this is a great time to talk.

  25. Wow Chris , you are such a stud ! What a ass clown, you are like a cross between that goofy ass Brent celek ,well and yourself , you were never any good in the first place and will never sniff the goal line again now that Fred Jackson TOOK YOUR JOB.. looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane.. you half a retard looking idiot

  26. reflections69 says:
    Oct 4, 2011 11:42 AM
    The cage fight challeng would mean a lot more if he were to challeng…I don’t know…someone like Ndamukong Suh.
    At least take on someone from your own position. Witten would eat him alive.

  27. Oh yeah, now that you are out of the league , I guess any press is good press , loser ….. FRED JACKSON BLOCKS unlike you…… enjoy your retirement…. hope its just a little bit better than your play …..18 – 16 loser !

  28. Romo could use some MMA training. The guy looks like an average unathletic joe out on the field that can just happen to throw a good pass every once in a while. I think if he did MMA training and put some form of muscle on his body then he wouldn’t flinch and choke as much and and be able to take a beating without getting injured as easily.

  29. @TheCooleyZone u talk an awful lot of crap 4 a guy that has 7 catches for 66 yards. 18-16. #hasbeen@29

  30. Cooley is awesome. Romo is a choke artist. For those of you calling Cooley a marginal player and suggesting that he is past his prime, remember that he’s coming off a knee injury and surgery. Look at his body of work, up through last season before he had the injury. He’s been a Pro Bowl player his whole career and he’s not done yet. When he’s 100% healthy, look out.

    And when will people stop it with the Tony Romo love-fest? Talk about marginal players…Tony Romo is the very definition of a marginal player. Everyone wants to ignore his “mistakes”, but when the same mistakes keep happening, they ‘re not mistakes at all — they are shortcoming.

    Don’t forget the Cowboys-Redskins rivalry. Cooley and the Skins HATE the Cowboys. That’s how it should be. I’d expect nothing less than for the Redskins to revel in the Cowboys self-destruction last Sunday.

  31. My money is on cooley. Check out cooley and qb from hawaii (name escapes me) on youtube goofin on romo and witten. I like what i see.. i like what i see. Friggin hilarious. Oh yeah. It was colt brennan

  32. You can’t challenge, Tony Romo to a fight and expect the tools over at the 4-letter network not to blow it up -which they will-but I still loved it!!

  33. Im a huge Cowboys fan, but not a fan of the Wonder Boy Romo at all. That being said, i think CC should take a serious look in the mirror. You talk alot of smack but have Grossman as your QB ?? WTF is that ?? I think CC’s stats speak for themselves !!! Maybe he should stick to doing more commercials than talking shat !!
    And to want to fight another player ?? what are we 15-16 years old ??
    Hes the proto typical douche with a big mouth…
    Come talk when the season is over, and your team is long out of a playoff spot !!!
    Wasnt he the same A-hole who was man crushing Donovan last season ?? Oh and CC, how did that work out for you guys ?? lol

  34. Cooley is awesome. Romo is a choke artist. For those of you calling Cooley a marginal player and suggesting that he is past his prime, remember that he’s coming off a knee injury and surgery. Look at his body of work, up through last season before he had the injury. He’s been a Pro Bowl player his whole career and he’s not done yet. When he’s 100% healthy, look out.


    Sure, when 2 Pro Bowl appearances backing Jason Witten up out of 7 seasons = “his whole career”. Romo’s been to more.

  35. Dude, Cooley’s a prankster…. he says everything laughing… guy is all about havin fun, but he also works hard.

    Yes, his production has been down this year, but he’s coming off a couple injuries. Lets wait til the years over before burying him.

  36. Lots of people don’t know how funny Chris Cooley is. His blog is pretty frequent in tongue-in-cheek comments and he honestly was probably baited into the cage fight comment.

    I met Cooley at a Bloom grocery store once and the guy is awesome, really a ‘one of the guys’ attitude. Not everyone in the NFL takes themselves so seriously.

  37. gcsuk says:
    Oct 4, 2011 11:56 AM
    And to think I used to respect this guy. What a douche.

    Why’d you ever respect him?

  38. There’s a lot of people here siting Cooley’s stats this season, but it’s not fair to compare the HGH-using Cooley vs the No-HGH Cooley.

    Chris came in to the season much lighter this season and the facts speak for themselves.

  39. Come on Cooley….I hate Romo more than anyone, but you have 7 catches for 66yards on the year and 0 TD’s. I sure hope you can fight in the cage, b/c your not even the best TE on the Redskins anymore.

  40. While he’s at it, he should challenge the Dallas kicker, David Buehler. Except, Buhler would be the snot out of him.

  41. when you’re being sat on by Fred Davis, you tend to have too much time on your hands. Cage fighting starts sounding really good.

  42. While he’s at it, he should challenge the Dallas kicker, David Buehler. Except, Buhler would beat* the snot out of him.

  43. Cooley is one of my favourite players. Moreover, he is usually a stand-up guy but this lacks class.

    Worse still, it looks a little stupid after Romo beat us on Monday night. If we’d won the game it would still be a dick move, but it just looks pathetic now.

    Sure, you can enjoy a division rival getting beat, but don’t crow about it afterwards. Trash talking is pretty lame when you’ve won the game yourself, it is even worse when you do it of the back of Lions win.

  44. If this were a black player every PFT writer would write something along the lines of…..
    “Chris Cooley shouldn’t worry about fighting Tony Romo in a cage, and instead worry about his pathetic numbers this season.”
    What a joke…

  45. I read the headline and pictured Romo and Cooley sitting in a cafeteria together, when Romo choked on a chicken nug and Cooley laughing. Then when Romo cleared it, Cooley threatened to fight him. That’s the type of world I want to live in.

    It was still a great read though.

  46. This is pretty funny stuff. Although when you have a great view of another game it’s usually because you’re on the bench. Just saying.

  47. maybe Cooley needs to kick the guys ass who posted his junk on the internet a couple yrs ago…..Mrs Cooley if u need a man to reach way up in there to make u feel good CALL ME……. cause Chris ain’t doing u any good

  48. Yeah, I think Cooley’s great, and funny as hell, but if my qb’s name is Rex Grossman, I do not poke fun of Romo throwing picks……definitely not…..

  49. I laugh at ALL you Cowboys fans for giving Romo praise that obviously didn’t deserve! You give him praise, he gives you a blow to the gut! Chris Cooley may not be able to actually speak about it because the Redskins lost to da Romo, but what he says is right Romo Stinks!
    I think it is hilarious that some fans say stuff like this : “I laugh at the fact that Cooley is being outplayed by the backup TE this season.” , “Who is Chris Cooley? Shut up and play a full season.”, and also this “Hey Cooley, you should be in a cage alright. At the zoo!!”
    It sounds like whining children with these type of comments. He belongs in a cage at the zoo – sounds like you would hear at a playground! Who is Chris Cooley? – sounds like a Romo lover that can’t take criticism! He is a back up TE – it feels like one of those type of kids that try to impress others, but really that is one of the weakest comebacks type of thing! Well then obviously Romo is getting clowned on by a back up TE that hasn’t played a full season and that he also belongs in a cage at the zoo!

  50. That would be exciting to see. I would love to see Jerry Kids get the butts kick off the field (Chris Cooley and Romo) yesss…..

  51. what a doche bag… hell, Skins can’s beat Boy’s. What makes them think they have a chance against the Lions?? Just saying

  52. Wow, Chris Cooley is officially a douche bag. Tony Romo is still a douche but WOW Cooley came out of no where with that garbage….

  53. Cooley is such white trash! Funny how he chose not to challenge Ware to a cage match! lol Surprised he didn’t call out the kicker.

  54. Really?! Do we really have to know this? Why doesn’t he do something tougher-like challenge a kicker to an indian sunburn off.

  55. Cooley should probably keep his trap shut considering his inability to stay healthy and getting taken over on the depth chart by the oh so talented Fred Davis

  56. Spoken like a real jerk-off. We’ll see who’s laughing at the end of the season Cooley. Funny how Romo brings back those high school memories, wearing tights, and groping another dude. Maybe the Redskins should have their own concerns?

  57. howley1 says:
    Oct 4, 2011 12:05 PM
    @TheCooleyZone u talk an awful lot of crap 4 a guy that has 7 catches for 66 yards. 18-16. #hasbeen@29


    Seriously, go back to Twitter. You wasted about 2 inches of page space on this blabber

  58. I still picture old school wrestling cage matches when someone says ‘fight in the cage’. Cooley should watch it, I hear Romo trains with Superfly Snuka in the offseason.

  59. To all of you folks who are offended by Cooley’s comments: get a sense of humor. His tongue was firmly in cheek.

    Cooley often gives sardonic, satirical interviews. It’s his trademark.

    That said, the author of this article either doesn’t get the joke himself, or he’s trying to rile up the haters by omitting the obvious fact that Cooley spoke in jest.

    Come on dudes. Lighten up.

  60. Im very surprise over all the hate here…if you have been following Cooley since he has been in the league, thus is the kind of stuff you get from him. He’s funny, engaging to the media, and sounds like a normal guy. I have to admit, that I was shocked to hear him call Romo out like this, I’ve never heard him do so before. That said, it was in a playing tone while talking to former Redskin and friend LaVarr Arrington. Who knows, perhaps Romo was a dick to him in the past…

    But for all the haters to talk smack about his onfield play as poor, y’all need to wake up. He sat out almost all training camp, and as a result lost up to 25lbs of muscle (between knee and virus he had). 20-25lbs of muscle is a lot to lose for a TE, plus missing the lionshare of training camp explains why he is #2. To think he sucks just proves your ignorance…teams would jump at the chance have him.

  61. If two people from each team are going to cage fight… I’ll go with either Orakpo v. Ware or Jay Ratliff v. Gano. As for Cooley, aren’t you like a fullback or something now? Isn’t Romo the starting QB for the most popular football team in the world? Just checking.

  62. lmao i love it… being a giants fan theres nothin more i like to see that dallas losing (yes even over philly) and seeing romo choke then seeing jerry jones upset made my day ..and if that didnt make me happpy philly chokin and giants comin back to win made my week lmao…im not worried about wash. grossman will soon become grossman again and redskins will again suck lolol

  63. You guys do know he is 19th ALL TIME right?….washed up and in his twenties…sigh..we just have TWO very solid TE’s….you guys honestly have no idea.

  64. Him and his Skins couldn’t do jack against Romo/Boys when they had their chance. Criticize from a distance and then challenge the guy to a event he’ll never ever follow through. You’re such a BIG man.

  65. In the new dictionary for the word, “Meathead”, a picture of Cooley should appear. Then again, no one knows who this marginal player is.

  66. This guy is such a loser…6 catches for 70 yds…show some class Fooley. I like the 700 people above that think he is a prick and 600 who give thumbs up for talking trash with his horrid stats……does he realize romo played agains them with a cracked rib, miles out, dez 50% and newman 50%? we still won without scoring a TD…that right there told me this team is not going anywhere.

    come on guys….romo choked 2 games away..we all saw it. The 4skins have played 2 nfc west teams and 2 nfc east games…boys took them to the woodshed and giants were all banged up…the meat of the schedule is coming up (no pun intended weenie teenie fooley) and we all know with GROSS man and Fooley stumbling around out there are destined for last place. Thats been the trend for the last 20 yrs right…LMFAO.

  67. Isn’t Romo the starting QB for the most popular football team in the world? Just checking.


    all that proves is that this world is full of d-bag bandwagoners.

  68. I usually would look down on someone for making these comments but I am down with this idea. I would love to see them in a cage fight. I think Tony Romo is bum and gets more credit than he deserves. The fact that he lost that game is not uprising. I mean is anyone surprised. I would love to see Tony get beat up in a controlled setting. I think the guys is soft and a cage match would just be another example.

  69. 27bills says:
    Oct 4, 2011 11:28 AM
    WARNING: Rogaine side affects may be unpredictable

    Post of the day lol Bravo

  70. there are two weenie teenies in that org…Dan weasel boy synder and fooley’s package….LMFAO.

  71. 5xchamp says:

    Oh yeah, now that you are out of the league , I guess any press is good press , loser ….. FRED JACKSON BLOCKS unlike you…… enjoy your retirement…. hope its just a little bit better than your play …..18 – 16 loser !


    *Sighs* Oh Cowboy fans you try so hard and fail so miserably. First of all Fred Jackson is a RB for the Bills, Fred DAVIS is the other Redskins TE. Secondly Cooley is clearly the better run blocker of the two Redskins tight ends. Please fact check before you post moronically next time.

  72. I love how all of these pro commenters are listing Cooley’s stats. Do you realize that he has played fullback for the last two games?

    PFT continues its Redskins bashing campaign.

    LOL @ 31st ranking.

  73. Isn’t Chris Cooley the guy who lost his starting position? Of yeah, he is.

    Since when do bencher warmers get interviews? Are we gonna start hearing quotes from Special teamers next? Does anyone want to know what the field goal holder is thinking?

    Cooley needs to be reminded that Romo and the Cowboys beat them already w/o Miles Austin. Cooley’s contribution to that game? 4 catches for 41 yds. Not exactly making an impact.

    The only time anyone should hear from Cooley is when someone is talking about his wife in a bikini. And speaking of his wife, Cooley better start playing better so he gets a new contract. No new contract means no more hot wife. It’s that simple.

  74. Lol @ the people citing HGH use. Wether or not Cooley did/didn’t use HGH, it has ZERO effect on ones pass-catching ability.

  75. Cooley is awesome. Romo is a choke artist.

    Really?? I’m neither a Skins or Cowboys fan, but if Cooley’s going to run himself off at the mouth, shouldn’t he be challenging Witten to a cage fight? Oh wait…..then he’d have to compare his 7 catches in 4 games to Witten’s 27 catches in 4 games. Why is it that the trash talkers always go for the throat of someone smaller and weaker. Oh wait……I know the answer to that as well. Cuz they’re too chickensh#! to go after their equivalents like the Witten(s) and perhaps the linebackers they go up against most during a game. Cooley and D-Ware in a cage…….yeah I’d pay to see that.

  76. Maybe Cooley should start paying more attention in practice instead of day dreaming about rolling around in a cage with Tony Romo then maybe he would have more then six catches this season.

  77. some of u don’t even know who our other TE is n yet talking trash? Fred Jackson? cmon? who is the idiot here

  78. Cooley may be a has been but everything he said about Romo choking is dead on. The entire NFL was laughing at him, not just the fans.

  79. Wow. I could care less about either Cooley or Romo, but Chris, isn’t this the same Romo, who with busted up ribs, beat your vaunted Redskins? Cage fighting, what a tool. Get of the IR, then you can talk tough guy.

  80. chobes68 says:
    Oct 4, 2011 2:44 PM
    Wow. I could care less about either Cooley or Romo, but Chris, isn’t this the same Romo, who with busted up ribs, beat your vaunted Redskins? Cage fighting, what a tool. Get of the IR, then you can talk tough guy.

    UMMMMM, Cooley is not on IR, check your facts cowturd fan,

  81. karlpilkington, Why dont you tell your boy, If he wants to fight somebody fight a boxer or a MMA guy, Bet he would get his ass whipped, If he is soo bad, Why dont he jump on the golf course and see who would get the beat down. Clearly Tony is not a fighter, Cooley is a bully, And Bullies get the beat down where I’m from

  82. Sorry Cooley but you would have to get thru Witten first and I think we all know how that would go…LOL!

  83. Obviously Cooley was joking, but who cares?! Tony Romo is a choke artist and he should be ridiculed. When did the NFL and some of it’s fans become such babies?! These are grown men battling every Sunday, not two women at a bake sale! Talk about the “wussification” of America. Grow up people! Wahhhhhhhhhh, don’t talk about Romo, “that’s my quarterback”; sound familiar?

  84. Bet ya, Romo has a much bigger bank account. Oh, and a much better looking women. Cooley is mad cause he wanted to marry Tony.

  85. DeAngelo Hall….Chris Cooley…

    These Redskins seem to have an odd fixation on Romo. Do they have a swimsuit poster of him in their locker room or something?

    If Chris Cooley wanted to be tough, he’d challange Ware, or Witten, hell even Sean Lee or Brooking would probably destroy him.

  86. Who is cooley, never heard of him!! Anyway romo chokes against good teams , he didnt choke against sorry asss redstinks!!

  87. Oh wow, another bitter, looser redskin commenting on a Cowboy player….Maybe if cooley worked harder and paid more attention to his own position, he wouldn’t be loosing it to Fred Davis…..I’d go in a cage with you, Chris…anytime, anyday…LOOSER…

  88. Hey Chris, you dumbass, you just LOST to Dallas and ROMO the week before. He beat you and your team. Your own quarterback choked that one out. If you are saying that you’d rather have Grossman then Romo, it’s clear concussions have gotten the best of your ability to make reasonable judgmental decisions. And, you have to face him one more time, so just bet he and every other Cowboy will take your idiotic remarks and use them as needed motivation to beat you and your team down, this time in front of your home crowd. Enjoy it.

  89. At first I thought, “WTH Chris? Why give them motivation to sweep us next game?” But then I thought about and listened to commentary on ESPN and now, I think Hell Ya. Let’s face it, the last several game have been boring, stale sleeper games that no one gives a $hi? about. Look at the last game, Dallas comes back and wins on the foot of the kicker cause they could score a TD. Washington couldn’t do squat in the second half. Outside of Dallas and Washington this rivalry has been dead for years. Now, thanks to Cooley’s ill-advised rant, you’ve got announcers saying, “Wow, did he say that? Really?” that just changed the equation. Cowboys, get pissed, don’t blame you. But let’s face the rivalry is now back; the only real rivalry in the NFC East is back. So let’s all get pissed, both teams, smash everyone between now and November 20th and let’s have a war in D.C.

  90. For those of you bringing up Cooley’s stats you are just dumb if that’s how you judge him. First of all, he missed all pre-season with a knee injury and has been limited in games. Secondly, he has played full-back the last two games because of an injury to the full-back Young.

  91. polishrod says: Oct 4, 2011 1:27 PM

    howley1 says:
    Oct 4, 2011 12:05 PM
    @TheCooleyZone u talk an awful lot of crap 4 a guy that has 7 catches for 66 yards. 18-16. #hasbeen@29


    Seriously, go back to Twitter. You wasted about 2 inches of page space on this blabber


    You wasted 3 inches responding to it. How ’bout that Alex Smith, huh?

  92. Kulo wants to wrestle around in a cage? What a &@$?!, if your so
    Bad ass kulo why didn’t you do something on the field when the boys smack you around the field? After the game was over I saw you go over to Romo and smacked him on his ass? So do you hate him or LOVE him? Jealous and envy won’t take you far sweet heart. Kulo your a $&@?$! Just like the Redskins!

  93. Guys calm down. Cooley is a great character guy, and one hilarious interviewer. I heard the entire interview on 106.7, and it was really all in good fun. I mean cage fighting with Romo? He was literally laughing his was through it.

    Also Cooley has played basically two games so far this year because he was limited with his knee in the first game. And he’s been playing FULL BACk to fill with Darrel Young out with a hamstring injury.

  94. I do like Cooley, and he is a free-spirited guy who loves to give a good interview.

    Still, I wish he’d give Dallas, of all the teams in the NFL, a little bit less bulletin-board fodder. George Allen would probably have fined and/or suspended a guy for saying stuff like Cooley says.

  95. I can’t stand the Cowboys at all. That said, Cooley is on the same team that’s gone 51-65 during his time there, lost in double-digits four out of his seven years and he’s calling Romo a choker?

    Isn’t Cooley on the same team that ran the “swinging gate”? The same team that’s sued 40+ year season ticket holders for not being able to pay when they’ve lost everything to the recession? A team that’s been a loser pretty much over his entire time frame with them?

    LOL, the Redskins have won the same amount of playoff games that Romo has.

  96. “LOL, the Redskins have won the same amount of playoff games that Romo has.”
    Er, over the time frame Cooley has been in the league, the Redskins have won the same amount of playoff games that Romo has.

  97. Cooley’s street cred just went up in my book. You are now my favorite Redskin. My money is on Cooley, while Romo somehow ends up punching himself out in the 12th round.

  98. Typical coward, picking on someone he outweights by 50 to 80 lbs, why dont he talk smack to witten or demarcus ware,, thought so..

  99. Romo and the cowboys will swept ur ass this year!!!, you should be worrying about fighting for the startingTE job u puss, you know this is your last year as a skin you back up bitch. Stand on the side line and cheer like ur xstipper/cheerleader wife. Also Romo would put u in a choke hold and choke your douch bag ass out!

  100. The righting is on the wall Douche Cooley, I hope you’ll have to play for the Seahawks or Bengals next year! Because the only job you’ll be able to get in DC is in a cage at the ZOO

  101. Lol @ bsoldiers. Way to be a classy, classy Cowpies fan. Wow!

    You do realize that your beloved Cowpies COULD be 4-0 right now, if Romo hadn’t choked away the Jets and Lions games, right? You may not like how Cooley said it, but there is no denying he’s right.

  102. Oh, and y’all might check the past few weeks of injury reports to see why Cooley’s catches are down. He’s getting over a bad knee AND he has been volunteering to help his team by filling in for injured fullbacks.

  103. He and Romo weigh about the same. He wasn’t really wanting to fight him. He was laughing the whole time, they were joking….

  104. Why are there so many people on here that dislike the Skins. If you live in the DC area, the Skins are your team. Even if you hate Snyder, you should still support your home team, provided you grew up in this area.

    Cooley is just doing what rivals do. They talk trash. And given the fact that the Redskins/Cowchips are one of the best rivalries in football, then Cooley can say anything he wants to about his division rivals.

    Hello out there to all of the Redskin haters – THE SKINS ARE FOR REAL!! Last time I checked, the Skins defense was ranked 4th overall and their Punt Teams will knock your f*cking head off if you don’t call for a fair catch.
    As for Cooley’s stats, he had a major knee injury and has been filling in for our fullback. Oh, by the way, the Cowchips are not and will never be “America’s Team” Get over it!!!! (I would love to see Romo lose every game like that)

  105. Chris Cooley=Kip Dynamite. Lol.

    You sound so stupid! You’re such a joke! Dude, if you’re so ready to fight in an Octagon go join the UFC and quit being a little B. Cooley, you wouldn’t last a round in that cage. I think you need to put the PS3 controller down and come back to reality.

  106. Wow who knew Cooley was such a tool? Dan Schnieder better make this lunatic pee in a cup.
    Haven’t seen a good steroid snap like this since Bill Romonowski. I think Romo is a choke artist too, but wow.

  107. Mav,

    And you have proof, of course, that Cooley is on steroids. Right? Be careful with the slander. The only “tool” in this discussion is Romo. I hope he continues to play for the Cowchips just like in the Lions game!! I love watching the Cowchips lose!!

  108. Scrub+DBag+Punk=Cooley

    Please win something or do something before you run your mouth. We will all see who is where at the end of the season, so go make a pot, stare at your little wizard wiener, and enjoy the view from the bench.

    P.S. Chris, the Rogaine isn’t a winning

  109. Look, if y’all want to bust on Cooley for laughing at Romo’s mega-choke against the Lions, that’s one thing.

    But, the cage fighting thing? that was nothing but a joke, aka humor, aka hyperbole, aka exaggeration, aka most Cowpies fans who post here are either to stupid or lazy, or both, to bother actually listening to what the guy said on the radio before blasting him.

  110. Cooley is basically a backup TE now. He should concentrate on keeping his job because his time in the league is almost done. He had 1 good year and the rest of his career has been a huge dissapointment. Chris spend more time in the weight room and less time texting.

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