Deion doubts Romo can lead Cowboys to the Super Bowl


When Tony Romo’s three-interception performance turned a 27-3 Cowboys lead into a 34-30 Cowboys loss on Sunday, Deion Sanders had seen enough.

Sanders said on NFL Network that he can’t figure out Romo’s inconsistency.

“I don’t understand this guy,” Sanders said, via the Dallas Morning News. “Just when you want to believe in him, heroic effort, came back against San Francisco, they said punctured lung and everything. And we praised him, we said, ‘Yeah, he’s that leader, he’s their guy.’ And then you come and do this. What are you thinking? Sooner or later we’ve just got to quit guessing and assuming that this guy’s the guy to get you over the hump, and say, ‘You know what? This guy is always going to be great statistically, but he’s not that guy that can take you to where you want to go.’ And that’s the Super Bowl.

Sanders said the folks in Dallas can’t stomach the roller coaster ride that Romo is putting them through.

“Dallas Cowboys fans are sick of it,” Sanders said. “We had [Romo] on our shoulders last week. ‘Oh Tony, he’s our king!’ But now we want to stone him. I’m serious, that’s the way [fans] feel about him because you can’t trust him. I like him. Statistically, he’s great, but you can’t trust him.”

Actually, Romo isn’t all that great statistically, unless you consider five interceptions and three fumbles through four games this season to be great statistics. But Sanders is surely right that while Jerry Jones still has faith in Romo, many others do not.

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  1. Huh, for once Deion said something intelligent…but he shouldn’t just say Romo you have to add Garrett, Jerry himself yes I add Jerry because I think Jimmy played a big part in winning the Super Bowls of the 90’s.

  2. Yes Deion, you are 100% correct.

    Perhaps we should call up Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Vinny Testaverde, Drew Bledsoe, or any of the other myriad of quarterbacks Dallas had between Aikman and Romo and see if any of them are willing to give it another go. It took Dallas how many years to find a halfway decent quarterback?

    There’s a reason Jerry is giving Romo a vote of confidence. The fans in Dallas will treat Romo as a hero if Dallas wins, and get torches and pitchforks ready each time the Cowboys rack up an L. That’s the way football goes.

  3. Deion, do you really think you’re telling us something we didn’t already know for several years?

  4. While I agree that Romo isn’t likely to win a ring for the Cowboys, he actually is pretty highly ranked statistically, top 5 highest QB rating and completion % of all time. And if you read Peter King, perennial league leader in smiles.

  5. It might help if they had an o-line, running game, or WR’s that knew which routes to run. Passing with a lead and 4 min to go in the 4th? I can’t blame Tony for running the calls sent in the huddle.

  6. I agree, kitna should play, at least he’s consistent. They need to find a successor or replacement. Ryan Mallett??

  7. Over the last 5+ years, everybody who watches football is familiar with Tony “choking” in big spots. Hell, we have seen it twice already this year.

    But what I have seen from Romo is intriguing to me. He goes out and gets a big win making big plays, then he goes out and crumbles under pressure. He shows up at the press conference after the game, and he says all the right things. That is all Tony has learned. He has learned what he is supposed to say, and he has learned what he isnt supposed to say, but he hasnt learned how to apply that to the football field. Until Romo applies it to the football field, nothing is going to change

    Back to my point about him making big comebacks, it is what you would expect from a guy like Romo. When you are down 13-17 points, there is no pressure. If you find a way to come back, awesome, but its the NFL, you probably arent going to come back. So there is no pressure. When you are up by 13-17 points, again, its the NFL, the other team isnt going to come back, UNLESS you F_ck it up. In a lot of ways that puts a lot more pressure on the players with the lead. The team that is trailing is playing with nothing to lose, they mess up and they lose a game they are already losing. But if the team that is winning messes up, they lose a game they are essentially supposed to win…

    But, at least after Romo collapses, he knows how to answer questions, and he knows how to say things like “this one is on me”… He pretends to be accountable so everyone just lets it go, but he isnt accountable, because it keeps happening

  8. I have no doubt that I am tired of Deions comments about the cowboys, didn’t he play for 2 other teams let him go ramble about them.

  9. Romo’s having a bad year but careerwise statistically he does look very good. So Sanders is correct. High PR, among the highest for yards/completion.

  10. Who cares what deion thinks!!! The only thing this joker did in his career was become a top showboat!!!! And he made it into the the hall of fame for that??!!!!

  11. Romo made some poor throws that is for sure, but Garrett called those pass plays when he should have been calling runs. Romo should have eaten the balls and taken a sack at least on two of those throws, but Garrett should never had called those plays. I don’t get it, did Garrett not trust Ryan’s defense to hold a 24 point lead?

  12. Any team leading by 24 points that allows the opposing team to score 31 points while you only score 3 more is not going to go to the SB. Romo is consistently inconsistent; we all know that from many years of his play. He’ll never be a steady winner. But the Alice Cowboys have too many other problems to list. At least nobody called them America’s Team in this article.

  13. all QB’s make mistakes. Romo’s had about 3 horrible quarters of football in 4 games. Last year he was good, the rest of the team failed him. Year before that, he was damn good. Went to the playoffs, beat the Eagles in back to back games…was simply wonderful.

    He loses two games, albeit badly, and now everything else doesn’t matter. His career is now, somehow, defined by these two games this season. Has he had bad games before? Yes, what qb hasn’t….he’s also had WAY more great games than bad games…easily. We wouldn’t have a playoff win, we wouldn’t even be an after thought in the NFL if it wasn’t for Romo.

    He’s playing with a banged up team, a young young young O-line, and no offseason coaching at all….after missing every game from week 7 on last year. There’s going to be some groing pains as we get back in the swing of things. Hate all you want media, it’s gonna be a different tune soon.

    Oh, and as far as stats goes…he’s got as many or fewer INT’s than Brady, Big Ben, Cutler, and Rivers…

  14. If Rex Grossman had the same exact performance, people would say this proves that he shouldn’t even be starting. And I’m not saying that Grossman is a good QB. I’m just saying, I see what D is saying…Romo’s penchant for mistakes in key situations has been pretty well documented and it’s holding the Cowboys back.

  15. I agree with Deion for the first time ever. And just because the Cowboys have sucked at drafting QB’s in the past shouldn’t give Romo a free pass because he sucks a little less.

  16. How is this news? Do people really think Tony Romo can do it? You media heads get so excited when he wins games in September. How has he done in December? January? You guys find your favorites and hype them up way too much. Romo is perfect example of it. Fly Eagles Fly.

  17. Defense wins superbowls. Romo is like Farve. He can put the points on the board but he’s gonna throw some nasty picks. Rob Ryan’s guys could have backed him up and stopped the Lions on their last drive, when it looked like they were trying to lose with their penalties. The defense failed to do so. They are the ones who choked. Couldn’t even hold them to a field goal to give Romo a chance in overtime. If Brad Johnson can win a championship then Romo certainly can.

  18. Tony “Turnover” Romo and Super Bowl should never be mentioned in the same discussion. Jason Witten and other “offensive” Cowboy players are sold on him as their leader. Jerry Jones has also stood by his so-called star quarterback — Romo appeared to even brush off Jones on the sideline after making one of his critical turnovers. Way to go Tony for embarrassing your boss on national television!

  19. finally Deion Sanders said something intelligent for a change.. Jerry one the other hand is completely dilusional, Romo will never lead the cowboys to a Superbowl, alot of big empty numbers but always makes the boneheaded plays that costs you football games…

  20. Actually, Romo isn’t all that great statistically, unless you consider five interceptions and three fumbles through four games this season to be great statistics.


    Wow, way to only tell part of the story, MDS. You forgot the 7 TD passes (top 10), 8.38 YPA (top 10) and >65% completion rate (top 10), 21 pass plays of 20 yards or more (top 3 behind Brady and Newton) and 5 pass plays of 40 yards or more (top 1, tied with Rodgers). It boils down to a 92.9 passer rating (top 10). In spite of having Bryant and Austin on the field at the same time for only about a quarter and playing with cracked ribs behind perhaps the least experienced OL in the NFL (or close to it).

  21. I attended a fundraiser once where Deion was the celebrity guest. He was playing for the Redskins at the time. He’s not at all what you think he’d be like- unless you expect him to be a tool. Then he’s like that.

  22. Deion said all this Sunday night on the NFL Network.

    You’re quoting him from a Monday newspaper.
    More proff that nobody watches the NFL Network on Sunday.

  23. bh83 says:
    Oct 4, 2011 8:28 AM
    I agree, kitna should play, at least he’s consistent. They need to find a successor or replacement. Ryan Mallett??
    ———————————————————————————–You think Kitna should play? Kitna doesn’t even think he should play. Did you see his Kitna’s face when Romo told him he was going back in against the 9ers. Kitna couldn’t have been more relieved

  24. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since 78-79. I’ve seen the lowest of the lows (1-15, Aikman/Irving career ending injuries), and the highest of the highs (3 superbowls in 4 years
    I was on the Romo bandwagon from his very first start. My support as a fan has never wavered, and I’ve kept it in check when a lot of people were calling him superman.

    No more. I agree with everything Deion has said here.

    Romo puts up monster stats, despite what MDS says. It depends on what stats you want to look at. Right now, he is ranked number 5 all time at QBR (ahead of Montana), he was number four at the start of the season. But stats can paint any picture you want.

    Ideally, you want an Aaron Rodgers, type QB to win you a SB; a guy who doesnt have to flashy, doesn’t have to force plays, but CAN if it comes to that. But if it’s a choice between a “bus driver” winning a superbowl, or a “ferrari driver” spinning this team out of control and missing the playoffs/exiting in the first round or two, well give me Trent Dilfer every time.

    Romo, in the off chance you are reading this, thanks for the excitement in some of your games, but you’ve used up all your currency with this fan.

    -Dallas fan not looking forward to another 5-10 years without a SB win.

  25. It’s amazing the flak that Romo gets how many Quarterbacks have started with a line as young as the one he has this year or as old and slow as the one last year.
    Then there is the receiving issue has had to deal with. He manages to make a washed out Laurent Robinsion look like Probowler. He has had to deal with Garbage like Roy Williams, The cancerous TO and a bunch of nobodys. The only consistent receiver he has is Witten. Dez and Miles haven’t been on the field at the same time.Yet he somehow manages to have the 10th best passer rating in the league.
    For his career he has a 95.3 rating.

    Start comparing him to superbowl winning quarterbacks like oh lets say Eli Manning and then remember the season Eli won it. He had a top defense, great Line, Great running game yet was still was almost run out of town. There was even talk of benching Eli.

    Jerry has missed on some pretty big picks since Romo has started and hasn’t given the kid the support he needs so far but so did Parcells and he had full control of the drafts.

    Too much is put on Romo to make it all work. The running game sputters, the line hasn’t quite Jelled and it seems like he collapses in crunch time. How many superbowl winning quartebacks had to keep throwing once the team had a lead. They don’t they turn around hand the ball off to a good back that a good line blocks for and they chew up the clock.

    Then we have the safety position. No need to say anything further there. Magatron was shut down until and injury occurred.

    Lastly lets talk about kickers and the huge mistake that was made several years ago with the greatest kicker of all time. Remember who they could have had. So Romo has had to press harder because three points were never guaranteed. Or running back, who did they pass on so the cowboys could select Julius Jones in the 2nd. The Cowboys had an entire wasted draft under Parcells including 1st rounder Bobby Carpenter. Romo is finally starting to get the pieces necessary and everyone wants to crucify him. Yet in spite of all this if the team stays health, they will make it to the playoffs. But if the running game and line can’t hold up I’m sure there will be another “Romo meltdown” because he has to press far too hard.
    Unless your team has Brady, Brees, or Rivers you know damn well you’d take Romo. So consider what the man is working with before you crucify him.

  26. Deion is a “dish it out, can’t take it” guy. Meh. Ask him about his tackling skills and watch him puff up like an indignant politician who is hiding skeletons in his closet.

    Same guy won’t criticize Eli anymore for bad games because he BELIIIIIEEEEEVES in EEEEEELIIIIII after the velcrohelmet , a great defense and Asante’s bad hands, etc got them a SB win. Having or not having a ring has 0 to do with what a guy does in any given game before or afterward. Eli and Romo are pretty much the same guy ability and playing style wise minus Eli’s two great playoff games that led up to their SB win .

  27. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since 78-79. I’ve seen the lowest of the lows (1-15, Aikman/Irving career ending injuries)



  28. Blow the season and get in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.


    Throwing games is something you’d expect teams like the Lions to do. Yeah they got the win, but guess what. They woke up Monday morning and they’re still in Detroit, and they’re still the Detroit Lions.

  29. Romo’s a hall of fame quarterback when there is no pressure on him, but add only a smidgen of pressure and he turns into Heath Shuler. He is weak minded and will never be able to produce when it counts. If Matt Ryan is “Matty Ice” then Romo is “Fat dude in a speedo on the Jersey shore”

  30. averaging 2 turnovers a game! wow. hey dallas you want your record our our vikings. At least we know what to expect. ha. romo can’t win the big one and either can the vikings. they are both just pretenders. GB vs the vikes? probably 0-2 but a win(by a miracle) would make most vike’s fans season. ha

  31. whoever believes kitna should play over Romo is ridiculously challenged mentally Stephen mcgee is obviously better than kitna he has a stronger ARM more accurate down the field just a better QB all around and he has shown it in his chances that not only can he play all game but he can play good in the 4th quarter ps tony Romo has a REALLY high rating in the 4th quarter for being a choke artist so dumb comment there to

  32. Definitely not a Cowboy fan, but who really gives a rats-ass what this dried up, old, has been, pimp dressing, punk thinks. If I was Romo I’d shrug off anything coming out of the mouth of that punk.

    But, I do hope they lose all of their remaining games!!!!!!

  33. Wow, shows how dumb Cowboys fans are dissing on Deion who actually helped the Cowboys win a SB with an actually good QB in Aikman! Romo is just wearing the star on his helmet, doesn’t make him a good QB! He gets praise and you fans love him for it, then he turns around and gives you a huge pill to swallow and you still love him? I wonder if these cowboys fans are only swallowing the pill from Romo or other stuff from Romo because all the ‘boys fans obviously don’t have a problem swallowing things!

  34. itsmammoth wrote: “If Romo gets a ring, I can’t wait to see the looks on the rest of the county” – for one ROMO IS NOT GETTING A RING PERIOD!!! He can’t beat the Lions up 24 points! He crys over everything! He is an embarrassment to the QB’s before him like Aikman! Another thing is that I think you meant country not county because overall satisfaction will not be that great coming from one county!

  35. Romo’s new wife may not like to hear this but I think it is fairly obvious….he hooked up with Jessica Simpson at halftime.

  36. azskinsfan says: Oct 4, 2011 10:01 AM

    Romo belongs to the Eli Manning club. When things don’t go right, they both look like a little boy that someone stole their lolly-pop.

    Except Eli is clutch.

    Romo is in the MATTY ICE CLUB.

  37. Why does anyone think deon is cool? What a waste of skin, him and ray Lewis should have an rant-off to see who’s the bigger Joke!

  38. it’ll be awfully hard for Romo defenders to make a case against him choking. he has moments of brilliance and confidence followed by sheer boneheadedness and stupidity. if you like rollercoasters then step right up to the romo express.

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