Dolphins start looking for QBs as fears about Henne rise

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Chad Henne said Monday that he expects to start when the Dolphins return from their bye week.

It just may not be that simple.

Jeff Darlington of reports that the Dolphins believe Henne separated his non-throwing shoulder. While Henne is game to play through the pain, the Dolphins sent Henne for a second opinion.  It’s possible that the injury could end his season.

“While the team is not yet ruling anything out, the feelings coming from the organization about the situation are most definitely tense,” Darlington writes.

Jason LaCanfora reports that the Dolphins have reached out to David Garrard and Jake Delhomme. No deal has been made yet, as both veterans are looking for part of their contract to be guaranteed.  (They want to be around more than a week or two.)

Garrard makes the most sense here if the team needs a long-term fix.  At this point, Matt Moore is the only healthy quarterback on the Dolphins roster.

98 responses to “Dolphins start looking for QBs as fears about Henne rise

  1. No need to sign ANY QB to a long-term contract… they need to save the money for Andrew Luck

  2. Please take Kyle Orton off my Broncos’ hands. I can’t stand to watch him any longer, and no I’m not a pro Tebow guy, just HATE Orton.

  3. Please do not trade any picks for a quarterback!!!! The next regime will know what to do with those picks unlike you Ireland.

  4. Damn. Guess, Andrew Luck should start lookin for houses on South Beach soon.

  5. Call Jamarcus Russell’s agent. Jamarcus is the next big thing at the QB position. Don’t let his time in Oakland fool ya.

  6. Here’s Steve Ross’s twat on his Twitter account posted a few moments ago- “Brad, I’m in Hattiesburg … is it right or left at the Firechief?”

  7. Please start the rumors for the serial sexter from Hattiesburg and get the private jet with an entorauge warmed up. We haven’t had a clownfest story lately.

  8. That team is a mess LITERALLY from top to bottom. The owners are all clueless hacks, the GM is a racist prick who can’t spot talent with a seeing eye dog and the coach is STILL hanging on despite only being relevant because Parcells hand picked him and his gimmicky offense that no one falls for anymore.

  9. Garrard makes some long-term sense, except this regime is history, so who knows.

    Wouldn’t be the worst thing for him to show off his skills. If he plays well, someone will want him next year.

    The icing on the cake for this regime would be to sign Delhomme and Russell. That would be perfect. You know, after they trade next year’s #2 for Tebow.

  10. Garrard is the only viable option here. As such,
    I expect Delhomme to be in a Fins jersey by tomorrow.

  11. If they had only looked for a competent QB BEFORE the season started, poor Chad would never have had to suffer like this.

  12. Fear losing Henne? Seriously?!?! Losing Henne is the least of their problems. This is how deluded this organization has become. They act like they were 4-0 with him and now they might not make the playoffs.

    Once again, here are the real problems: 1) Sparano has lost most of the team. That started with the shopping trip for Harbaugh, 2) an inept personnel department led by Jeff Ireland ( see Marshall, Bush, Pat White, and on and on and on…), and finally 3) a cheap and shifty owner/snake-oil-salesman whose make-a-buck-quick schemes are driving away fans by the droves.
    But oh, my gosh, we might have to play our back-up QB!

  13. Orton to Miami was a done deal until he refused to renegotiate his contract. Well, now that he’s paid and has all of 1 supporter in the entire Rocky Mountain region (i.e. John Fox) then it would probably be a lot easier to get it done.

    So, Miami… finish what you started. Please?!?!

  14. I don’t care what anybody says, but Jake Delhomme is the man.

    Give Carolina a 6th rd pick for Clausen, pick up Delhomme, and there ya have it.

    Matt Moore, Jake Delhomme, and Jimmy Clausen!

  15. I am happy that Garrard may land somewhere.
    It’s time for someone else to be tired of him besides the Jaguars’ fans. Hopefully he takes them to the promised land (Andrew Luck).

  16. If the dolphins are going to try to tank it to draft a QB they aren’t going to bring in a veteran with experience…or they shouldn’t, because what if they start to win? Then you are stuck with an old vet who isn’t the future for your team.

    I say you play the season with the guy who is possibly going to be the backup next season and see what you have and get him some experience…then draft a QB for the future.

  17. There’s an extra QB, or two, available from Denver. And I’m talking Brady Quinn, but TT will do also. Hah, that’ll teach the idiot ‘fins.

  18. Ship TBlow to them and get him out of the mile high city of course that would upset all the kids who think the NFL is like fantasy football where fans can pick who starts.

  19. bozosforall says:
    Oct 4, 2011 3:00 PM
    I hear that the Vikings will give them McNabb for a bucket of golf balls. LMAO

    You are wrong about that, i’m a Vikings fan and the offer was a “Tuna fish sandwich.”

  20. And to think, they were thisclose to getting Brees at one point. Ouch.

    Suck For Luck: Initiated.

  21. Call the Dolphins and talk to them about tickets, then laugh at the prices they quote you.
    You can go on the secondary markets and get tickets for just about all the games for as low as $15 bucks….

  22. Jeff Garcia is still playing football. He’s old but I’ve never seen him be anything but reliable. No clue why the guy isn’t at least a backup on an NFL team.

  23. They would probably have to give up a 2nd to get Matt Flynn from the Packers and they have WAY to many problems to take that leap. Like previous poster said, “it is not like they are a QB away from the playoffs”.
    Coaching and GM changes coming. Take Gerrard and roll with it.
    How many years in a row are they going to re-build before they at least have the foundation???

  24. slickrick971 says: Oct 4, 2011 1:54 PM

    Too bad for Henne. Has was actually having a decent year too.
    You’re either related to Henne or you’ve never seen a football game in your life!!

    4tds and 4 interceptions with a QB rating of 79
    is decent???

    His completion % is his worst in 4 years at 57.1%

    Try watching a game/games before you post something absurd

  25. Brady Quinn to Miami will never happen because I believe Daboll hated him. Browns traded QB’s so much because each coordinator had their favorite

    Chudzinski had Anderson (both are in Carolina now)

    Daboll had Delhomme

    Quinn was the odd man out where none of the coaches he had liked up. Looks like Delhomme will be Miami’s new QB. I bet Matt Moore is giddy with excitement!

  26. It’s getting around that time for the Fins waste a second round pick on another mediocre quarterback.

  27. They should be searching for a new GM, then a coach, then a quarterback. If that doesn’t happen, search for a new owner.

  28. NO Denver QB’s are wanted. ANYWHERE. By ANYONE. 3 bad QB’s and now all Bronco fans consider themselves a QB factory to populate the nation’s teams.

    Sign somebody, play Moore, play Henne on return, draft a QB. Jeesh.

  29. If Ross was football smart (which he’s not), he’d instruct Ireland not to trade FOR anyone but rather to trade AWAY dead weight such as Marshall, Bush and Sean Smith for draft picks in 2012. That would make the team more attractive to potential GM’s and coaches. If he was football smart. If…

  30. Call Belichick and make an offer for Mallett. They should have drafted him in the first place to take over for Henne if/when he regressed again.

  31. they should definitely get whatever 3rd stringer QB is available… lead with Moore to give him some experience… suck for luck the whole way…

    it even fits with the tightwad owner….

  32. 2sausage11 says: Oct 4, 2011 1:48 PM

    Carolina 2.0 Moore and Delhomme


    Which equals Andrew Luck…… they’ll take it

  33. The Broncos will trade you Kyle Orton for a good box of donuts.

    It’s hard to get good donuts at high altitude. The dough doesn’t rise and fluff like it does at sea level.

  34. devinmr711 says:Oct 4, 2011 1:52 PM

    Call Jamarcus Russell’s agent. Jamarcus is the next big thing at the QB position.

    A 400-lb QB is considered the next “big” thing???

  35. What a short time until our validation, Fin Fans! I said it, every other Miami fan said it, every “expert” said it.

    “The Dolphins need QB depth. Matt Moore is not the answer. The Dolphins are screwed if Henne falters or gets injured.”

    Just four weeks in and everybody who is NOT paid to make the Dolphins a better team can smugly say to those collecting a paycheck:


  36. a good fit for the dolphins would Josh Johnson (backup behind Josh Freeman) from the tampa bay bucs, if you look at his skill set and the dolphins needs at quarterback, this would be a more-than-perfect fit.

  37. It would be nice if it weren’t so frowned upon to “rebuild” in the NFL, seems like that’s such a dirty word these days. Nothing wrong with tearing it down if it’s not working instead of polishing a turd year after year like teams like Miami, Seattle, Jacksonville, Minnesota, etc. It worked for Detroit and seems to be working for Cincy just to name a few.

  38. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Oct 4, 2011 2:12 PM
    That team is a mess LITERALLY from top to bottom. The owners are all clueless hacks, the GM is a racist prick who can’t spot talent with a seeing eye dog and the coach is STILL hanging on despite only being relevant because Parcells hand picked him and his gimmicky offense that no one falls for anymore.

    Mr Wright, you are right on there!!!!

    This franchise a complete mess & Henne the least of their worries…So,,,they just bring in another average help them win 4-6 games.

    At least they have great halftime shows.

  39. it would make no difference who they got as quaterback for this team. cant run the ball, cant get any kind of consistent pass attack going. the d is a joke and probably could not stop your average college offense. i have never seen my dolphins in worse shape than they are now. head coach without a clue. gm that is even more clueless than the coach and an owner who only cares about getting more celebrity minority owners. i am ashamed and embaressed to be a dolphin fan now. things have to change or this team will have no fan base left. it gets worse and worse every season.

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