Favre’s broadcasting debut described as a flop


On Saturday, former NFL quarterback Brett Favre embarked on a career that most have assumed he will eventually do on a full-time basis during football season:  Talk about football on TV.

But according to an account of Brett’s performance as an analyst for the game between Southern Miss and Rice, Favre at least for now doesn’t have the chops to do the job.

Graham Watson of Yahoo! Sports’ Dr. Saturday blog writes that Favre flopped.  Based on the introductory portion of the broadcast posted by Watson, Favre’s performance wasn’t horrible.  But it wasn’t great, either, and it was a little disconcerting to hear a guy who was at ease under the toughest of on-field circumstances openly describe himself as nervous.

Brett could get better if he commits to preparing and working and learning how to resist the temptation to keep talking and talking and talking.  And talking.  The question is whether he’ll become quickly frustrated by something that clearly doesn’t come as easily and naturally as throwing a football.

Plus, at some point he’ll have to wear a tie, and it could be hard to find one that goes just right with his flip-flops.

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  1. Jerry Rice can’t speak and he’s on ESPN. I hardly think the nine people watching USM on tv were that annoyed.

  2. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times : Just because you could play, it doesn’t mean you can call. Too many former players are signed to media deals when they lack the charisma and je ne se qua that a broadcaster/analyst/correspondent needs to have.

    I never found Favre able to keep my attention during any of his press conferences. He was usually pretty monotone, and he seemed to just drone on. That should have given a hint that he’s not a great public speaker…and that’s okay. Just because you were the town’s best butcher doesn’t mean you should start a cattle farm.

  3. I imagine watching or listening to Farve doing game analysis wouldn’t be much different then being at the zoo and seeing a monkey pleasure himself.

  4. meh, I’m sure he’ll get better.
    Remember Terry Bradshaw when he first started the whole TV thing?
    surround him with some dudes like Strahan or Sapp and let him get in a rhythm with the TV thing and get a more natural feel for it.

  5. You really know how to toss em up there. Do we comment on the “flop” part or point out that he wears crocs? Oh well cue both in 3,2,1….

  6. Wasn’t bad, wasn’t horrible, how is that a flop? This is the first time he’s done it and if it wasn’t horrible sounds like he could get better!

  7. I watched the game and tend to agree he’s a flop. Not like he couldn’t be capable of doing it, but he just didn’t add anything in any of his analysis, for the most part just repeating what the play-by-play guy said (when Favre said anything at all).

  8. I’m confused. The article says the performance was neither great nor horrible. But it also says he flopped. Kind of conflicting.

    We need more people on this. More articles and more comments.

  9. Yeah if the esteemed media analyst Graham! Watson! of! Yahoo! Sports! Dr. Saturday!!!! has spoken on the matter get the masons to cut the stones and take them down the mountain.

    Joke!…….(like Yahoo! Sports!).

  10. .


    true that dog…. ..his whole career is overshadowed by “the crocs “.


  11. Football needs Favre a lot more than Favre needs football. He could prevent any blackout just by sitting on a team’s bench, with the possibility that he MIGHT play in the game.

  12. try him out on the NFL network’s “No Huddle” show…idk, just wanna see him do good and what not.
    I hated him in purple and all, but still dude.
    I Grew up with the guy, I don’t want the dude to do/be miserable and whatever.

  13. That wasnt the first time Brett broadcast something, last time he got bad rating too. stick to wrangler jeans that button up favre.

  14. jimbobobjr says: Oct 4, 2011 6:04 PM

    He sounds perfectly qualified to be on the Monday Night Football broadcast.


    Maybe singing the opening song.

    I hear that jobs available too.

  15. Who gave Bert this gig, anyway? Didn’t they ever see one of his press conferences. The guy is as interesting as Jello. Unflavored Jello. Go away, Brent, the world is full of women needing a good laugh.

  16. I wonder if he can sing “are you ready for some football.” Bad as I hate Favre, I’d rather hear him sing it for the next 20 years than Justin Beiber!

  17. axespray says: Oct 4, 2011 7:03 PM

    try him out on the NFL network’s “No Huddle” show…idk, just wanna see him do good and what not.
    I hated him in purple and all, but still dude.
    I Grew up with the guy, I don’t want the dude to do/be miserable and whatever.
    Writing like you talk shows only that your entire set of communications skills is very very bad, Dude.

    You must have been a Favre fan back in the day and whatnot, right dude? Prolly got a rad jersey hangin’ and whatever. One of those ones with half Pack and half Jets, right? Raaaaaad, Dude. But hated on the Queenies when he played there and whatnotroflmao OMG! LOL!!

    To quote the immortal Judge Schmales, “Well, the world needs ditch diggers, too.”

  18. Can any of these former football player speak properly or form an intellignet thought? No. We had the Emmitt Smith fiasco. I never understood a word of what sort of Zwahilli sounding language Shannon Sharpe is speaking. Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders think theyre Will Smith and Martin Lawrence shooting a movie together. The point is none of these guys have anything useful to say anyway.

    Just for fun I would love to see someone give a real lunatic like Randy Moss a TV contract. It would be unintentional comedy at its best.

  19. I think the vikes should get a few players on a plane and head to Mississippi to talk him into coming back. Hopefully they can get it done before week 15. How much worse can he be than McNabb? I think that they are only a qb away from winning a regular season game……

  20. Well, you know, there’s training and coaching for broadcasters, just like for athletes. I remember Terry Bradshaw when he first started his broadcasting career and he was not so very good then either.

  21. Can we just combine Farve, Emmit, Joe Buck and Collinsworth on the same show, and only air it to Guantanamo prisoners, as a form of cruel and unusual torture?

  22. Jenn Sterger not surprised that Brett failed to measure up to expectations

    Favre falls short again

    Favre has a small weiner

    Favre shrivels in spotlight

    all better headlines for this article. still nice to see this ashole make a fool of himself again


  23. He’s got the chubby fat face like he had during the Vicodin years….uh-oh. He;ll do anything to get away from his wife these days eh?? What’s he making, couple hundred bucks for this gig…? Jesus.

    I see a Joe Namath/Suzie Kolber “I wanna kiss you right now” moment right around the corner for the DongSlinger with some young hottie sideline reporter from SoMI…you know it’s coming.

  24. Brett is smarter than anyone doing football media this side of Al Michael. Present company definitely INCLUDED. Not to mention the drooling butchers of the English language inhabiting these forums.

    The guy got an education degree before he went to the NFL. At 21. Lot tougher getting your education while playing a high profile sport full time. He didn’t need any academic favors to do it either. Both of his parents were teachers as well as coaches.

  25. Favre didn’t do well in a situation where he had to provide insightful, pithy soundbites?


  26. Favre: “The good teams are good at what they do.”

    Brilliant analysis.


    Umm if you hadn’t sourced the quote I would have assumed madden said that.

    “This offense is all about scoring points.”

    John Madden

  27. I think it’s awesome he wants to be a broadcaster. Then HE can see how annoying it is to always hear all those “Is Favre coming back” stories first hand!

  28. He couldn’t possibly be worse than guys like Matt Millen or Bob Davie. Put him on the NFL Network so we don’t have to listen to the garbage that continually comes out of Michael Irvin, and Warren Sapp. At least Favre will say something entertaining from time to time. I’m sure Fox is eyeing Favre as a Bradshaw replacement. Plus the fact that the more he is in the broadcast booth, the less he thinks about making another comeback!!

  29. Brett should be coaching high school football like his dad, Irv.

    He’s be happy there and would do a great job.

  30. the two reviews of his performance I read called him “entertaining”. funny how the only one you mentioned called him a flop.

  31. I hated the way he ended his football career, but that is done.
    The guy is trying to build a new career, and he is starting pretty modestly. You guys should give him the chance to get his shizzle together. The beatings need to stop, you are looking pretty petty here

  32. Why would he have to wear a tie? Am I the only one that thinks is lame that sports broadcasters wear suits and ties like they are going to a funeral?

  33. Favre wasn’t great, but he sounded like he could get better with time.

    He’s not nearly as bad as some of the other commentators we have today.

    Have you heard Warren Moon on the Seahawks broadcasts? He’s horrible.

    And what about the stable of inarticulate butchers of the English language that ESPN has employed as commentators? Jerry Rice, Lomas Brown, Emmitt Smith, Magic Johnson, Keyshawn Johnson, even Cris Carter at times.

    These guys couldn’t put together a grammatically correct, coherent sentence if their lives depended on it.

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