Hightower says Redskins will be in Super Bowl

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Well, so much for a Redskins bye week without drama.

Weeks after quarterback Rex Grossman predicted that the team will win the NFC East (something that suddenly doesn’t seem quite so crazy), running back Tim Hightower predicts that the Redskins will win the NFC, period.

Asked by the folks at CSNWashington.com if he plans to have any fun during the down time, Hightower said, “The fun will be in February when you guys are interviewing us up in Indy.  That’ll be fun.”

Told that he was making a bold prediction, Hightower said, “Very bold prediction.  But I’m gonna stand by it.”

Hightower was smiling, but he apparently wasn’t joking.  Though it’s too early to rule anyone in the NFC out (except the Rams and the Vikings), the Redskins have beaten the Giants, Cardinals, and Rams.  Though they don’t play the Packers, Lions, Bears, Saints, Bucs, or Falcons during the regular season, the Redskins don’t seem to be ready to match up with any of the NFC’s truly elite teams.

Then again, if they play any of those teams it will happen in January, at which time anything can happen in a one-game, win-or-go-home playoff format.

156 responses to “Hightower says Redskins will be in Super Bowl

  1. redskins in the superbowl hahaahahahaha thats a joke hahahaahahahaha the bucs or falcons have a better chance at the superbowl then the redskins.

  2. It would be nice, but….shouldn’t a player making such a bold prediction, at least be playing at a level that’s higher than mediocre?

  3. The saddest part is that if we do get to the Superbowl, the starting back will be Torrain.

  4. The NFC East is full of teams that run their mouths (not unlike their fans), but don’t back it up. I guess we will just have to see, but I can’t wait until the Niners get a chance at these guys.

    Niner gonna GET SOME!

  5. First attempt at humor… I think maybe it was a head injury, and not a shoulder injury that cost this guy his job last week.

    Second attempt… boy, Hightower must have been REALLY IMPRESSED with how Torain ran while taking his job as the starter. Impressed enough to predict a Super Bowl run.

  6. On another note… so glad I traded this guy away in fantasy on Saturday morning. This running situation is about to get really confusing.

  7. Does he know that there is only 1 team to rep the NFC? It won’t be the Skins. Packers, Saints, Lions, Tampa Bay. Hell they lost to the Cowboys and barely made it by the Cards and Rams. Skins are full of funny comments.

    HAIL HTTR lol …. did I do that right?

  8. “America’s Game The 2011 ______ _____”
    Anyone can win this race, The story of the 2011 season hasn’t been written yet, every team has to keep fighting.

    3 more quarters left in the regular season to clinch playoff spots.

  9. Wow, what a great story. An NFL player is confident in his team. Who would have thought that could happen?

  10. This isnt news. Every year some mediocre player on a mediocre team overacheiving early in the season says this.

    Ask him again in week 9 I’m sure he’ll be unavailable for comment.

  11. I gotta say, I’m happy my starting running back for my team thinks he’ll be there… He’ll just need to back it up after the bye playing a beat up Eagles Defense… If he thinks they’ll be there I’m all for it!

  12. Hightower is the man. What do you think he’ll say….”I’m happy man to be groovy and finish at 3 and 13….Yeah man…The tops” Some stupid Pete Carroll quote….


  13. Someone test that man for concusion. Either he has taken an whack to the head or seeing Torrain, who actually knows how to make a cut and hit a hole with power, destroy his credentials as 3-down back has unhinged him.

    Stop trying to get round the end of the line Tim, it is sliding out as well. At some point you’re meant to cut back. You’re doing a nice job on third down but could you please stop providing the opposition with locker room material.

    The ‘Skins are better than they were, which is great, but the roster still has a long way to go. We struggle in the redzone on offense, have a dodgy seconday and we’ve got Rex Grossman. He is always a genuine threat to score for both teams. I really don’t think my heart could take the strain of having to watch Grossman lead my team in a Super Bowl. The stress levels are pretty high already.

  14. LOL Mike Flo could you be any more transparent….. all the positive Redskins articles from earlier, you had other people write…. the second a ‘negative’ Skins article comes along, I bet you snatched it up quick.

    And while I don’t think we’ll be in the Super Bowl, everyone was laughing at Rex earlier when he said we’d compete for the division…. that’s not so funny now, is it?

  15. so much for trying to stay under the radar. but wtf, if your going to make a bold statement, might as well go for the gusto

  16. I wish these guys would close there mouths. Its way to early for that.. But the attitude around there is obviously changing and i’m loving the confidence. Haven’t seen confidence in this team for a long long time. Hail

  17. What is he supposed to say?

    “Our goal is to go 8-8.”

    “We just want to go out and have FUN!”

    “Our goal is to make the playoffs but lose in the first round.”

    If he said anything along those lines, you would have written up a nice little article about how the Redskins have already thrown the season in the bag and don’t care, that there really isn’t a culture change in D.C., blah blah blah.

    Good for Hightower for having confidence in this Redskins team. Whether they go to the Super Bowl or not, it’s nice to see that the Redskins are actually having aspirations further than just being mediocre as they have in the past. Redskins fans should see this as a positive. Chances are the Redskins won’t be in the Super Bowl but they’ll keep that mentality throughout the off season and into next season. Hopefully the Redskins will pick up a QB in the draft, and the QB will come into a Redskins locker room that wants to win and expects to do so.

  18. If i was the reporter my immediate reaction would have been “ill give you 8-1 odds” i would be in indy at the script cluuub makin’ it rain with my dude pac-man come super bowl sunday.

  19. I mean, at least he and Grossman have been there. Who cares if he’s confident in his team? That’s why they play the games.

  20. I’d have bet real money that their bye week wouldn’t go by without noise. Shannyskins=chaos.

    Hightower should stay out of the prediction business.

  21. Haha the Falcons and the Bucs are elite teams hahahaha. Anyone watch indy almost beat the bucs last night? Or did they impress so much by barely coming back and beating the Vikings. The falcons were getting banged by the bucs until the 4th quarter. They got banged by the Bears. They barley beat Seattle, and they were getting banged until they came back on the Eagles.

    Every team in the NFC east is better then the falcons and bucs on a day in and day out basis.

  22. What would you want him to say? That he thinks they’ll fizzle out and finish 8-8? There are too many outlets for athletes to make comments.

  23. If they make the playoffs, which is entirely possible, they’ve got just as good a chance as anyone else.

    Cleary they believe, and that’s a good thing.

  24. nineroutsider says: Oct 4, 2011 7:03 PM

    The NFC East is full of teams that run their mouths (not unlike their fans), but don’t back it up. I guess we will just have to see, but I can’t wait until the Niners get a chance at these guys.

    Niner gonna GET SOME!


    Lulz, the last time the Niners came to DC they got crushed 52-17. I also can’t wait until your teams gets a chance at the ‘Skins.

  25. redskinspike says:
    Oct 4, 2011 7:21 PM
    What is he supposed to say?

    He could not say anything at all or take the humble approach and say we’re just trying to focus on winning week by week. Do you ever hear Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Brady, or anyone else on those teams making boastful claims like that? No because they already know how good they are to the point where they don’t have to say make themselves look like idiots in the media.

  26. hey maybe the Packers heard Hightower and will give them the crown…way 2 early Hightower 4 any team except maybe the Packers 2 say that?

  27. WOW…..He must of forgot that the Skins would have to go through Green Bay…and New Orleans before that…

  28. skins will be 6-10 … cardinals , rams??? combined 1-7

    beat giants (3-1)

    lost to dallas (2-2)

    cowboys are the only team who hasnt played a losing team yet (combined opponents record is 12-4) and they gave 2 games away…

    dallas wins this division hands down… wait till they hit the weak spot in the schedule… giants will give the boys the most trouble

  29. It’s not preposterous, but as a person that was relatively high on the Skins entering the year, it is a bit bold. Look, the Skins defense is playing great. Their front 7 is really solidified with Cofield and Bowen playing well. Carriker was long thought by many to be more of a 5-technique, and he’s played as well as he ever did in St. Louis.

    That said, I still have concerns about CB depth. Buchanon comes back this week, but Wilson has been inconsistent and DeAngelo is DeAngelo – he’ll run hot and cold. Offensively, I think they can run on almost any team in the league, and the OL is better than given credit for, but Rex (or John Beck) can’t make dumb mistakes.

    They wouldn’t be the favorite right now, but even the favorites, the Packers, have noticeable enough holes that can be exploited.

  30. It’s possible, sure. But I don’t think they have the horses. Besides, when Grossman took the Bears to the Super Bowl, he had a better runner in Cedric Benson.

    I’m guessing having a fourth-place schedule has them thinking big, but there’s no way they’re beating someine like Green Bay or New Orleans in the playoffs.

  31. I was at the game against the Rams. I think Mr. Hightower has been drinking the “kool-aid”, much as the Rams fans during the preseason. The Redskins will only go as far as their quarterback position takes them and frankly, that does not appear very far. The rest of the team played down to the level of the Rams. Good teams sometimes play badly against the worst teams. I will say this, the Redskin fans at the game were polite, friendly and actually knew something about football. Until the Rams futile attempt at a comeback in the fourth quarter, you could hear a cricket chirp in the Dome.

  32. Well, yeah! That 1 pt win over AZ and the 7 pt win over St Louis were impressive! I can see where he is coming from.

  33. aaahhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! pleeeeezzzeeeee!!!!! the packers and saints would beat them by 50 points. pitiful hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha. make the super bowl, hahahahahhahahaha….that’s a good one.

  34. If nobody else has branded themselves ‘The Dream Team’, I say go for it.

    Holy crap. Are they letting these guys play without helmets now?

  35. Even if he’s wrong he has three more years according to the Rex Ryan Moron Prediction Scale.

  36. Hightower You and the Redskins are garbage! Why would you put your foot in your mouth so early. I’m waiting for injurys to pop up, I’m waiting for that typical redskins down fall to pop up! Your in the NFC East which by the way you lost to the COWBOYS right off the bat. So basically your losing at least 4 more just from the NFC East. Nobody believes your winning the Super Bowl. Nobody cares
    About the Redskins! The Cowboys are 2-2 and get more pub than thr garbage Redskins. I’m looking at 7-9 for your garbage Redskins.

  37. but, isnt that the attitude you want your running back to have?
    it just wouldnt sound right if he came out and said “i think we are gonna go 0-16 and miss the playoffs” wouldnt it?

  38. At least the players believe. As a fan, I’ll going wait & see before I drink the kool-aid. But, I’d rather hear this than listening to another year of McNabb/Haynesworth crap,

  39. Well, everyone laughed when Grossman said they will win the East. Who’s in first place right now?

    Harmless comments, what’s wrong with aiming high?

  40. Right now Green Bay is the best team in the NFC and it’s not even close.

    However there are still twelve games left and who knows what the Redskins and Packers will look like when December and January comes around.

  41. bold prediction, yes. but, i read in a previous article that “the redskins are shooting for JUST a playoff spot, and would be happy with that…” hightower is thinking past that and has faith in what appears to be the best all around (minus inconsistant rex) redskins in recent memory. every players dream SHOULD be to win the super bowl… good for him HTTR

  42. He needs to stop sniffing glue. The only way the Foreskins make the SB is if they assinate Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Matt Ryan. Otherwise they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

    Even though they have an improved defense, they backfield will never keep up with the GreenBay wideouts and their offense couldn’t score enough points in 3 games to keep up with the Pack, the Saints or the Falcons.

    The Foreskins should be happy as pigs in $hit to finish 500 this year. They just don’t have enough talent on the roster to go much further. Their saving grace is that their DC has the ability to make chicken salad out of chicken $hit. The only problem with that is that it still tastes like chicken $hit.

  43. Redskins usually do make the Super Bowl when a strike or lockout affects the season. Look at the 2 strike years in the 80s.

    Honestly, I think Hightower has been huffing gas but hey, at least he believes

  44. I will be happy with the playoffs but the prediction is not impossible just improbable.Out of all the teams named the only one that I think is clearly better than us is the packers.Falcons and bucs are decent but overrated,lions are solid without a doubt but they def played like garbage in first halfs of the last two games.I think were better than the bears,saints might have us,although i am left unimpressed by everything on their team except drew brees.

  45. The NFC East is full of teams that run their mouths (not unlike their fans), but don’t back it up. I guess we will just have to see, but I can’t wait until the Niners get a chance at these guys.


    Didn’t the Cowboys beat those guys in Candlestick Park without Dez Bryant and with Romo with cracked ribs and a punctured lung?

  46. As a Skins fan, I hope Hightower is right. As a realist, I doubt it.

    That said, y’all with the “he’s high” and “he’s crazy” remarks are probably the same ones who said the same thing about the ’99 Rams. And the ’00 Ravens when they went 5 straight games without a TD. And the ’01 Patriots. And the ’05 Steelers. And the ’07 Giants. I think you get the point…

    This ain’t the NBA. It’s hard to correctly guess who’s gonna be in the playoffs in a given year, let alone the Super Bowl. While on October 4th it sounds crazy that the Skins could be in the Super Bowl, it might not be so crazy in February.

  47. dmackerman says:
    Oct 4, 2011 7:02 PM
    The saddest part is that if we do get to the Superbowl, the starting back will be Torrain.

    Ten years ago, an unknown named Tom Brady took his team all the way.

  48. ruvelligwebuike says: Oct 4, 2011 7:22 PM

    Watch a Packer game once, Tim.

    he proabaly watched last years packers/skins game. who won that? oh yeah, the skins!


  49. “Hightower says Redskins will be in Super Bowl”

    Evidently, there’s going to be allot of teams in the Super Bowl this year.

  50. I’m not even convinced the Skins will make the playoffs. Plenty of bad teams have had 3-1 starts or better. It happens, but as the season goes on the teams show their true colors. Washington will end up 8-8 at best.

  51. But seriously…Is Hightower`s prediction any worse that the media`s prediction about the so called dream team??? or the 2010 Cowboys who were supposed to be the 1st team to ever have home field advantage in a SB and yet they finished 6 and 10!….Seriously!!!!

  52. Sure Tim, you can be in the Super Bowl.

    Go ahead and buy a ticket, and watch either GB or NO ok?

    The Redskins might want to actually make it to the NFC Championship oh, I don’t know, more than once in the past 15 years before you start throwing around Super Bowls.

    Hell, there is a chance you might not even MAKE THE PLAYOFFS.

    Because we “all” know how “clutch” good old’ Rex Grossmann, is, how he NEVER throws an ill-advised past, and how he can motivate his teammates…..


  53. Doesn’t every team set a goal to win it all every year? Otherwise, why even show up to play the season?

    You’re right, maybe he should have said something like, “We’re going to tank the season so we can Suck for Luck.”

    …and @superboys5x: never mind the Rex comparisons, I don’t think there are any QBs around the league right now who would want to be compared with Romo. lol

  54. Coming from a Die hard skins fan… probably not gonna happen. However, we DID beat the packers last year, and they entered the playoff as the 6 seed. So IF the skins do make the postseason, anything can happen.

    Also, I find it hilarious people think they are like the worst team in the league. yea they went 6-10 last year. Same as the cowboys, who for some unbeknownst reason people think are going to the superbowl despite getting worse at almost every position last off season. And we lost a LOT of close games. Only blowout was to the Eagles where Vick had his monster “contract” game. Now we have a Full year in the system, better at WR, D and O lines, Linebacker, Secondary, RB, and arguable TE with emergence of Fred Davis. Also have a soft schedule and have gotten rid of Malcontent underachievers. So yea I can totally see the skins finishing like 4-12. Fools.

  55. Good for him…he’s a positive light for his team.

    (Now Timmy, at that preseason Redskins banquet, did you really go outside and get some crack off of ol’ Dexter Manley? Cuz you’ll be lucky to sniff the playoffs and will get bounced like a quarter off the bar if you do.)

  56. Someone else had to make with the funny after Sheriff Gonna Getcha and Southeast Jerome got run out of town on a rail.

  57. They will do there yearly second half nose dive. Washington sucks because thay have nobody at the top of the organization. The owner is a fricken idiot as it pertains to team owership and the coach should know never to hire your kids, you can not handle them the same as a regular hire. In other words, they will choke and point fingers like usual. Hurts to say…..

  58. . Hightower should pipe down, and quit smoking the cigarettes from Chris Cooley’s locker….

  59. Did he mean the Redskins would be AT the Super Bowl … like attending it, in a skybox, munching hot dogs and drinking beers?

    If so, then he’s absolutely correct.

  60. Wow!

    Last year’s Super Bowl halftime entertainment: The Black-Eyed Peas …

    This year’s halftime entertainment – The Washington Redskins Dance Team!

    How cool is that!!

  61. Should players have confidence and strive for greatness? Absolutely! Should they beat their chests and boast about how great they are after week 4? Probably not! Anyone ever notice how the best players/teams rarely talk about how great they are in the media???

    What is it with the NFC East this year?
    Eagles=Dream Team
    Redskins= Day Dream Team
    Cowboys= Bi-polar QB and a RB who can’t count to 4

  62. Honestly, why so much hate on the Redskins? They were a struggling organization that is beginning to turn things around. They don’t play cheap and perform solidly on the field. And Grossman has played winning football. That is all that matters. I applaud the confidence.

    …and laugh at the Eagles. Man I dislike that teams. Their fans are rude. Their coach has no clock management. Their quarterback complains when getting hit outside of the pocket, and they tried to purchase a Superbowl. No disrespect to any Eagle fans on here who have class. Hope your team figures things out. In the meantime, I’m rooting for the underdog Redskins.

  63. ppdoc13
    all due respect…your an idiot.

    Beat Green Bay…….skins beat them last year. This D is for real and I put them against ANY offense in the NFL. I am not saying they are goin to the superbowl or even the playoffs but they are a better team this year and are building young talent.

    Drew brees????? we got a 20 yard FG blocked to win the game the year the saints won th SB. It’s the NFL, your only one play away from making it happen.

    It cracks me up when idiots such as yourself have so much hate about a team(and obviously no football knowledge) that your opinions are a joke.

    BTW, foreskins? man, I havent heard that in awhile, your are just a wizard of creativity.


  64. The Redskins beat the Packers last year.


    The Redskins are much better than last year.


    Will they make the SB? Who knows. But is it surprising or comical to think a player on a division leader says they will make it? No.

    Anyone who thinks different or is laughing needs to be checked. Not Timmy H.

  65. Guys, PFT does a really good job of providing links to the original news stories. Go to the link that mentions “interviewing us in February” and watch how this comes out and how Hightower says it.

    After looking at the original clip, it looks to me like he just throws this out there and he’s kind of laughing like he knows it’s a reach but he’s just messing with the reporter.

    This is typical “media/fan” dynamic. All you guys who are “up in arms” over his comment need to look at the original content before you get on your high horses.

    Just my opinion.

  66. As much as I’d love to see it, when teams run their mouths about winning a Super Bowl it rarely ever happens.

    The Skins should have learned their lesson about this back in 2000. How’d that work out?

    This is the 3-and-1 elevator. Going down?

  67. last time the skins played green bay,guess who won?
    the skins got got a better chance of getting there and winning than the sheagles ever do!

  68. Laugh and snicker if you must but just a few light years ago I think the Saints were feeling the same way and no one gave them believed and then there it was….

    Think if you do a study on the odds on favorite every year most of those teams don’t make it, how many times in the last 4-5 years have the likes of the Patriots, Ravens, Chargers, Cowboys again the Saints etc., been predicted to make it and or win the Super bowl and they don’t even make it???

  69. Ok of all the Division leaders only one team’s opponents up to now have over a 500 combined record…

    GB…has played

    NO – 3-1
    Car – 1-3
    Chi – 2-1
    Den – 1-3


    Washington has played

    NYG – 3-1
    AZ – 1-3
    Dal – 2-2
    Stl – 0-4


    Detroit has played

    TB – 3-1
    KC – 1-3
    MN – 0-4
    Dal – 2-2


    Tampa has played

    Det – 4-0
    MN – 0-4
    ATl – 2-2
    IND- 0-4


    NO has played

    GB – 4-0
    Chi – 2-2
    Hou- 3-1
    Jax – 1-3


    SF has played

    Sea – 1-3
    Dal – 2-2
    Cin – 3-1
    Phi – 1-3


    At present NO would seem to have played the tougher schedule based on record but then again who knew which teams were going to be improved and which teams were going to be bad based on last year and week 1 power rankings??? I say its still too early yet to determine who the contenders/pretenders are but by the end of the 2nd qtr of the season it should start becoming a bit clearer…

  70. skins23 says:

    And while I don’t think we’ll be in the Super Bowl, everyone was laughing at Rex earlier when he said we’d compete for the division…. that’s not so funny now, is it?

    Not saying much for that division.

  71. When did the Bucs become an “elite” team? They barely took care of the Colts Mon night!!! Freeman will be exposed real soon!!!!

    Skins in the SB? Yeah right!!!!

    Go Giants!!!!!

  72. skins23 says: “You know absolutely nothing about football.”

    Is that all you’ve got? Not even a denial that your team’s locker room tends to chaos? How ’bout that QB controversy, you know, when Beck was going to start? Think that helped stabilize things? Remember all that ridiculous noise last year?

    Ever notice how you almost never hear crazed predictions, verbal intimidation, etc. coming from the teams playing at an elite level? Of course you haven’t. You’re unfamiliar with stable culture in a locker room.

  73. hey, at least we’re talking about something positive in DC, instead of Fat Albert, McTwoHopper, suing newspapers, or lameduck coaches.

  74. Hightower says Redskins will be in Super Bowl

    ….as part of the halftime show.

  75. Actually it is still just as funny. Nobody is buying into the skins just because you beat 3 crappy teams and Dallas and Philly have had rough starts. The skins are still the 4th best team in that division and it will still be won by Dallas or Philly. Most likely Dallas.

  76. scudbot says:
    Oct 5, 2011 8:57 AM

    “Ever notice how you almost never hear crazed predictions, verbal intimidation, etc. coming from the teams playing at an elite level? Of course you haven’t. You’re unfamiliar with stable culture in a locker room.”


    Rex Ryan and the Jets say ‘hi’…oh, and T-Sizzle and the Ravens send their regards…

  77. What the hell else do you [fans, media] expect form alpha males getting payed for playing a sport? I mean really, get over yourselves and stop taking everything that comes out of an athlete’s mouth as gospel.

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