Redskins’ Niles Paul fined $20,000

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Redskins rookie receiver and punt team gunner Niles Paul has been fined $20,000 for laying a hit on Rams punt returner Austin Pettis on Sunday.

“I was just informed that I’m being fined 20k for that hit,” Paul wrote on Twitter. “Horrible way to start off my bye week!”

Paul delivered a very hard hit on Pettis, but Paul argued that he didn’t do anything wrong because Pettis didn’t call for a fair catch, and Paul said he timed his arrival perfectly to hit Pettis just as — and not before — the ball arrived.

“Its not like I tried to hit the guy in his helmet, I thought I used my shoulder & hit him in the chest,” Paul wrote.

But the NFL disagreed. And now Paul, a fifth-round pick out of Nebraska, will be $20,000 poorer.

18 responses to “Redskins’ Niles Paul fined $20,000

  1. The rams receiver should be fined…Fined for being so stupid not calling for a fair catch! He did that three times, and got anililated each time. He then got a standing ovation from the crowd when he called for a fair catch on his last one. lol.

  2. Pettis should be fined for putting himself in danger for not being smart enough to know that he should call for a fair catch when opposing players are lined up for a free shot on him. He got roasted twice when he should of signaled for a fair catch. He is lucky his head is still attached to his body.

    Hell, the Rams Special Teams Coach should get a fine as well for obviously not being very good at his job.

    Player safety is a two way street.

  3. Both of those hits were just fine…I could see with the fist hit that there was helmet to helmet contact; however, that was as a consequence of someone running at full speed, hitting a target lower than him. Neither hit looked like helmet to helmet was the intent. Both hits drew flags for “hitting a defenseless receiver.” My question is, how can the league uphold this rule if the person receiving did not wave for a fair catch? Had our players not hit the guy catching the ball, he would have tried to score a TD. If he signaled fair catch and was hit, then of course should be penalized. However, if he does not call for a fair catch, and gets hit…well, thats on him. What else is the defensive player to do?

  4. where was the fine on landry for the cheapshot on that receiver? no penalty either and Ball gets a personal foul on a great legal hit…..we beat this team all banged up and refs missing holding calls left and right on Ware…and the 4skins still lost…LMFAO.

  5. Facetooth is was a BS call. And then to fine him is double the insult! You reviewed it on film and still made the wrong call!!! BS!! It was a clean hit! Hail!!

  6. I’m a Redskin fan, and fan of Niles Paul, but he still could have delivered a devastating hit if he had aimed at Pettis’s hips.

    Whilst it wouldn’t have been penalised last year, there is a new emphasis on keeping tackles lower. I don’t think it was malicious. I think the height was exacerbated by the returner bending at the knees as he made the catch. That said, he wasn’t exactly scraping the carpet.

    He was probably trying to hit the guy in the hands, just as he had probably been coached to do. However, officiating has changed, it is week four, and Paul did it after seeing his team-mate penalised for the same thing. Everyone needs to go lower next time.

    The real traversty is the extent of the fine. As a fifth round rookie he has just taken a massive hit to his paycheck. Levying the same fine on mutli-millionaire players like James Harrison has absolutely no impact. If the NFL is serious about bringing tackle levels down, then they need to makes sure there is a real disincentive for everyone, not just special teamers.

  7. Anyone here who says that was a legal hit is a guaranteed moron who didn’t SEE the hit.

    Find it on Youtube. Blatant, intentional hit right in the head.

    You can call Bettis an idiot for not calling a fair catch and be right, but that in no way excuses Paul going direct to the helmet with HIS helmet.

    Not even CLOSE.

    ““Its not like I tried to hit the guy in his helmet, I thought I used my shoulder & hit him in the chest,” Paul wrote.”

    Biggest line of BS this season. Look at the replay, and you can see clearly what his intentions were.

    20K was right on the money. He could ruin Bettis’ life hittinglike that, as well as injuring himself. THESE are the kinds of hits we have to get rid of.

  8. I agree one of the hits was a hemet to helmet but not intentional. The others were clean though. Look at the picture its clear? If they are so worried about player safety the retard should have called a fair catch instead of putting him self in the position to be steam rolled. Maybe the NFL should look into better equipment and make it mandatory for players to where certain designs that are safer then letting them choose what they want.

  9. There is a huge difference between lowering your head and leading with your helmet and leading with your shoulder while making contact helmet to heltmet. All of this talk that player safety is paramount is just a line. If player safety was paramount they’d be playing flag football. Although their helmets hit together, unlike what the broadcaster was saying, this was not why that rule was put in place. All the talk that Paul should have hit him lower is all good until your running at 4.4 speed trying to make a play. Even though their helmets hit, this was a good football play…end of story!

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