Reggie Bush: “Coach Sparano is a great coach”

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With his team at 0-4, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano may be on the hot seat. But one of his best-known players says he shouldn’t be.

Dolphins running back Reggie Bush says he’s glad Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has given Sparano a vote of confidence, because the players deserve as much or more of the blame for the Dolphins’ bad start.

“I think coach Sparano is a great coach and it’s not all on him,” Bush said. “Like I said, it falls on all the shoulders who’s getting paid by the Dolphins, we’re all employees here and we’re all grown men, we have a job to do. A lot of us haven’t been doing the job as well as we should have been. It’s not all Coach Sparano’s fault, he’s a great coach and obviously, being the head coach, he’s naturally going to be one of the guys that takes a lot of criticism. As long as we in this locker room know that it’s not all on him, it’s about us, altogether, getting better collectively, we’ll be alright.”

Of course, one of the people in the locker room who deserves the most blame is Bush, who has just 119 rushing yards this season and is averaging less than three yards a carry. That’s not what the Dolphins were hoping for when they acquired Bush this year.

Bush says he and his teammates are committed to turning things around for a coach they like and respect.

“I think everybody in this locker room knows what we have in coach Tony Sparano, we have a great guy, a great person, a great coach, a great mentor, and we just try to block it out and focus on taking care of the things we can internally,” Bush said.

Regardless of whether his players like him, the problem for Sparano is what his old boss Bill Parcells always used to say: You are what your record says you are. And the Dolphins’ record says Sparano is not a great coach.

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  1. Just when Sparano thought things couldn’t get any worse..he gets a “vote of confidence” from Reggie Bush

  2. Promiss thats my dude, but we dont smoke that Reggie Bush.

    Dude is done, along for the ride, collecting a check,

    If he couldnt excel in Sean Payton’s offensive down here in NOLA, he wont do well ANYWHERE

  3. We all know there’s bad coaching, but sometimes bad players can make coaches look bad.

    Unfortunately for the Dolphins, I think this is a case where both are true. Did Sparano really think he was going to keep his job starting Henne?

    Sparano should have insisted on another QB or left the team. Instead, he hung on with players that everyone know aren’t good enough to win a Superbowl.

  4. Of course, one of the people in the locker room who deserves the most blame is Bush, who has just 119 rushing yards this season and is averaging less than three yards a carry. That’s not what the Dolphins were hoping for when they acquired Bush this year.

    If I buy a doll and expect it to talk is the doll to blame?

  5. Bush is not good running between the tackles. He needs to get the ball in space. If that is via a running play then he needs to run hard from the start and once he gets around the end THEN he can juke and dance around a single tackler. Regardless Daboll needs to use him the match-up problem he is. It would help if Reggie thought about breaking a tackle every once in a while.

    As for Sparano, he is a nice guy and may be a good coach but the players have quit on him. That is probably due to the vote of no confidence that Ross gave him when he went after Harbaugh while Tony was still the HC. There is no way for him to lead after that and it doesn’t matter what the owner does (extension) or says (vote of confidence).

  6. So if Bush is so committed to Sparano, what is he doing to improve his lame performance and help save the man’s job?

    Part of a coach’s job is preparing an offensive and defensive game plan that puts a team in position to beat the other team. Another part of the job is motivating the players to execute that game plan properly.

    If Bush is putting this disaster on the players, it’s a sure sign that Sparano either has players that aren’t good enough, or he isn’t getting the players properly motivated and prepared to carry out the game plans.

  7. Now I see why they brought Bush in… Tony needed a friend when the ship started sinking. Bush has been in Miami for a little over a month and he knows anything????

    Dolphins fan… ugh maybe should have left that part out.

  8. stevemcguigan says:
    Oct 5, 2011 10:31 AM
    “Yeah, great at getting us into trouble.” – Han Solo


    Great post, made my day. Thanks!

  9. Reggie, you’ve been fortunate enough to have Pete Caroll and Sean Peyton as head coaches, and you think Sparano is a good coach?!?

  10. It’s obvious reading the comments here who watches the Dolphins and who doesn’t. Bush’s yards and YPC suck because the team has no viable RB option when Daniel Thomas is hurt (Which he has been in 2 of their 4 games). So they run Bush straight up the middle. If there is anything we know about Bush, it is he cannot run up the middle consistently. The staff in Miami is not nearly as creative as the staff in New Orleans. Nor is the QB anywhere near as good. So expecting him to be what he was in NO in Miami is very shortsighted. Reggie Bush is a tremendous talent when healthy and with a complementary player to run inside. Bush is actually one of the guys busting his butt out there. The Dolphins real problems lie in the fact that their $10M/year star wideout can’t catch a cold, they refuse to use the TE position in the passing game, the LB play is horrible, and the secondary is making the LB’s look like All-Pros. I guess however, I shouldn’t look at the comments section of this website if I want to read anything but mindless one-liner easy non-informed zingers. My bad………

  11. “I can’t believe I’m with my fantasy draft pick Reggie Bush”

    I can’t believe anyone would draft Reggie Bush in ff

  12. What else is he going to say? It’s just a “company line” thing. He knows like everyone else knows that Sparano’s gone next year. Nothing is gained by throwing gas on the fire now.

  13. Reggie Bush left his career in New Orleans. He will be a forgotten player now that he’s in Miami. He’s a has been at such a young age.
    Most players go the other way around. They get drafted by a team like Miami, whither away for 5 years then leave for a bigger contract to a Superbowl Contender like New Orleans.

    See Darren Sproles.

    But Bush wanted to be “the man” in Miami. He didn’t want to play second fiddle to Drew Brees and possibly have to compete with the other heisman runningback Mark Ingram.
    Well, he got his wish. Now he’s on a winless team, with a poor QB, a lame duck coach, and no possible future for postseason success in his contracted time.
    At least there are a lot of hot girls in Miami wearing brazilian bikinis for him.

    I don’t think you’ll find many people in New Orleans missing him, now that Darren Sproles is there.
    Sproles is everything that Bush was suppose to be.

  14. Sparano is a loser. Look at the way he handled the QB situation at the beginning of the season, he has no guts. Take those silly sun glasses off when you can and look people in the eyes.

  15. Wow alot of hate for my fins on this site. They have not played well this year but I am sick of seeing posts by fair weather Miami fans who think they know everything about running a football team. Everyone was screaming for Horton, how is he doing this year? You are supposed to cheer and support your team no matter how bad they are playing. Look at the Detriot fans. They were subjected to years of being in the bottom of the league. Now they have something to cheer about again. Congrats Detriot fans, I hope my Fins can give me something to cheer about sometime soon. I will tell you this though, no matter what their record is, I will still watch and cheer for the Fins, because I am a real fan. (note, I may throw things at the TV however).

    PFT, for once an NFL player actually holds the entire team, including himself, responsible for the team’s horrible record, and you blast him for it. In a league that seems to be more “me first” then ever before, Bush’s position is nice to see. I like Bush as a person and for his veteren leadership. He sets a good example for the younger players about how to practice and how to conduct yourself as a pro. He will make Daniel Thomas a great back in this league. It is apparent that Reggie is who we thought he was, a good 3rd down back/ slot reciever/ punt returner. The Fins need to get him more touches on the edge and in space where he can be productive. That being said, I am still glad he is on the Fins.

  16. “He is a great coach”


    Did he pay you to say that, Reg?

  17. Have to disagree with the majority of this string of comments. The Dolphins are talented, Sparano has won before in the league (and with this team), and they will get better. They have had a terrible start (partially because of schedule), but they will improve. Of course they probably aren’t going to the playoffs, but if they rip off 3 or 4 wins in a row they could be a team no one wants to play, especially with Daniel Thomas coming on strong…

    And as for Reggie, he could be very good for them if they utilized him as a receiving back instead of a typical running back. That is where most of the blame has to lie on Sparano–not figuring out how to best utilize his talent. But they will get better…

  18. “Tony Sparano is a great coach…”


    …and Reggie Bush is a great RB.

  19. I think one of the hallmarks of a great coach is to be able to go 0-4 to start the season. That definitely fits my criteria of brilliant coaching. Other coaches must be extremely envious of this amazing start to the season!

  20. At least Reggie didn’t call him a “dearly beloved coach”. Then we know the jig is up for sure.

  21. After the NFL got word if Reggie’s comment they bumped him up on the list of players to be drug tested.

  22. He was awesome against Fresno State during his Jr. Year. The best single game performance by a college athlete that I ever saw. He’s just not an NFL everydown back

  23. Translation: I have implanted my lips on the coach’s buttocks. Can I please have more carries?

  24. The word “Great” can not be used to describe anyone associated with the Dolphins. We have the worst owner & GM. Sporano was sold to us by Parcells (another loser) as an offensive line guru. Interesting that the o line is the weakest part of the team. You wonder why we’re 0-4?

  25. I think Daboll has done a great job with this offense.

    However, Daboll needs to get some film on Eric Metcalf and learn how to utilize this skill set. Stop running him up the middle, except on an occassional draw play.

  26. A good coach would have already put a gag order on the entire team.

    I wonder if Seattle would be interested in moving Charlie Whitehurst.

    Go Dolphins… *sigh*

  27. @yevrag3535 and yevrag3535: There is a reason Tony Sparano always has those sunglasses on. It was a great article in the Miami Herald from maybe a year or two ago that explained it. He worked in a fast food joint or something like that when he was in high school, and there was an accident with one of the fryers that resulted in him getting a face full of hot grease. That accident damaged his eyes, and as a result of that, his eyes can’t handle a lot of light, so he has to wear those sunglasses to see.

    @finsuppatsdown: Great post.

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