Vikings game a reminder of Cardinals passing on Adrian Peterson

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Before the 2007 NFL draft, Arizona fans were salivating at the prospect of Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson still being on the board when the Cardinals’ pick came up.

Sure enough, Peterson was on the board when the Cardinals picked at No. 5. And the Cardinals passed, selecting Penn State offensive tackle Levi Brown instead. The Vikings took Peterson at No. 7, and that missed opportunity is still a topic of conversation in Arizona.

It’s especially a topic of conversation this week, when the Cardinals are preparing to play against Peterson and the Vikings.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic writes that Brown and the Cardinals’ front office get questions about the decision to pass on Peterson every year when they play the Vikings, and every year we’re reminded that there were questions about Peterson’s durability at Oklahoma, the Cardinals were desperate to beef up their offensive line, and Arizona thought running back Edgerrin James might still have something left.

But whatever the reasons, there’s no question that passing on Peterson turned out to be a huge mistake for the Cardinals — and one of those times when the fans knew exactly who the team should have taken, but the folks in the team’s war room out-smarted themselves.

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  1. Well, favreblows would tell you that any team that has Adrian Peterson has no chance of ever having a good quarterback, defense, or offensive line. I’ll leave it to him to explain why because it’s beyond my capability of understanding.

  2. Top 7 picks that year:

    1) JaMarcus “Purple Drank” Russell
    2) Calvin Johnson
    3) Joe Thomas
    4) Gaines Adams (RIP)
    5) Levi Brown
    6) Laron Landy
    7) Adrian Peterson

    With hindsight being 20/20 he could have gone 1,4,5,6. Not sure if Detroit would take Calvin or Adrian, and Joe Thomas has been pretty damn good.

  3. When I first saw the headline, I thought it was going to say “Vikes game a reminder of Paul Allen screaming ‘Noooooo! Nooooo! The Cardinals have knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs!” in 2003.

  4. Calvin Johnson is one of those rare instances when it paid off to draft a WR in the top 10.

    As to Adrian, beefing up an offensive line is more important than getting a running back. If you have a great OL, most running backs can be more than adequate. However, Adrian is one of those special backs that come around only once every few years. Hindsight is great!

  5. With the 7th pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select…an offensive tackle.

  6. I think it will be more of a reminder that the cards have been smart enough to pass on McFlab.

  7. mannn watch out ha hes gone run wild this week. jus like he did two years ago wen he they played cleveland. he even said “this is what cleveland passed on”. thirty carries 200 yards this week

  8. Hindsight is 20/20. This doesn’t mean the fans were vindicated, it just means they happened to guess right. Peterson was a walking injury report in college, and at the time passing on him was a very defensible decision. Letting the fans draft for you is still a terrible, terrible idea.

  9. Imagine if AP had been drafted by the Arizona Cardinals with that awful offensive line! He’d probably be decent, but nothing special. He’s lucky that he got on a team with an OL who could run block! As a Cardinal, he’d have been a bust!

  10. @ Phantom Stranger–

    The Lions and the Packers are the only undefeated teams left in the NFL this year. The Vikes are 0-4.

    The Packers don’t have a star RB. Neither do the Lions. The Vikes have AP…..widely considered the best in the league.

    So what is the point you ask? The point is that RBs don’t have nearly the impact in this league compared to 15-20 years ago. Emmit Smith could carry a team. AP cannot. Yet I believe AP is better than Emmit was. The fact of the matter is that rule changes have allowed for QBs and WRs to simply dominate. You need to have a stud QB and great WRs.

    The Vikes needed to blow this thing up and start over. That will take them a few years. By that time, will AP have anything left? There is a good chance he won’t. They should have traded him for draft picks and started revamping their WRs and both lines. That is where they need the most help. And they may still need a new QB. We’ll see if they ever give Ponder a chance.

    Don’t worry Phantom. I don’t expect you to understand. You relatives of Paul Hargis don’t get much. Why don’t you just chill out….start rooting for a winner like the Packers or the Lions….and relax. You’ll be much happier pally.

  11. favreblows:
    “Chill out, start rooting for a winner, like the Packers or the Lions”

    Let me see here, would you have included the Lions in that statement in 2010? 2009? ANY season in the last 60? I’ll wait for your answer….

    that’s long enough. Hell no, you would certainly have NOT included the Detroit Lions in that statement, ever, until now. When the Minnesota Vikings are horrible, and the Lions are the best they’ve been in two decades or more.

    Your admonishment to quit on the Minnesota Vikings and turn to our ARCH rivals is tantamount to telling the Democrats to give it up and just go Repub, or, (gasp) Libertarian! How DARE you tell me, a Viking fan since birth, to just “Chill Out” and quit on my team! Would you have paid any heed if the reverse were true when the Packers utterly SUCKED for a period over the past decade or so? No way.

    So you do NOT get a pass on this. Take your “Chill Out” and shove it.

    Of course the Vikings stink at the moment. But they have me on their side and always will.

  12. @favreblows

    San Francisco sits at 3-1. Do we attribute this to Alex Smith’s stellar performance?

    Baltimore is 3-1. Obviously because of Flacco’s 49.5% comp%…..

    Carolina is 1-3. In the 3 losses, Newton has thrown for 374, 422, and 432. In the one win, he threw for 158.

    Sam Bradford and his 38 att/game? 0-4

    Shall I continue?

    Narrow-minded people pick and choose their arguments to try to force-feed an absolute truth that is untrue. If you are going to state that something is an absolute, you better make sure that it truly is.

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