Cardinals deal with Kolb criticism


The Arizona Cardinals made a bold move after the lockout ended, sending former first-round pick Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2012 second-round pick to the Eagles for quarterback Kevin Kolb.  (We didn’t like the move when it was made.)  With the Cardinals stuck in a 1-3 start, the fans are starting to grouse.

“I have been around long enough to know that everybody has doubts,” Kolb recently said, via the Associated Press.  “It’s the same thing if we were going the other way.  If we were 4-0, we’d be going to the Super Bowl, which isn’t the truth, either.  Good or bad, I’ve learned to not listen to it and have faith in my own ability and what we have as a team.”

Coach Ken Whisenhunt offered a more tangible comparison, even though he pointed out it’s not a comparison.  Even though it is a comparison.

“Once again, I’m not comparing, but I remember the first year that Aaron [Rodgers] stepped in, it was a little bit uneven as well,” Whisenhunt said.  “I remember that there was a lot of talk at that time and that was a number of years ago, and now he’s at the top of the league as far as quarterbacks go.”

Kolb pointed to his lack of familiarity with his new pass-catchers.  “I’d say one of the biggest things is just the timing of the routes and how they come out in the game,” Kolb said. “Those full 100 percent bullets that you are taking in the game with the receivers running a certain tempo, just that timing.  Whenever you see those offenses like [Tom] Brady’s and Drew Brees’ and those kinds of guys, they are hitting people right in stride.  That’s what you want to get to.  We will get there and we have confidence that we will.”

Of course, playing the timing card invites comparisons to the Titans and quarterback Matthew Hasselbeck, who hasn’t missed a beat in changing offenses.  In fact, he’s actually better in Tennessee than he was in Seattle.  And it’s fair to point to Hasselbeck because the Cardinals could have had him for no draft picks — and less money.

That said, the arrival of Kolb already can be described as a success in one important area.  His presence helped persuade receiver Larry Fitzgerald to sign a new contract, which keeps him in Arizona deep into the decade.  Signing a 30-something veteran likely wouldn’t have placated Fitzgerald.  With Kolb in the fold over the long haul, Fitzgerald was willing to make a long-term commitment to the team.

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  1. I never understood why Kolb was regarded as high as he was. He really never proved anything as a starting nfl qb and Arizona was quick to make a big trade for him. He has one of if not the best wr in the league in Fitz and they are struggling. I dont watch Arizona enough to judge but 4 games in it doesnt look like they made a good trade.

  2. This deal may prove to be “better” for the Cardinals down the road in the eyes of the fans and media when Philly realizes just how overrated DRC really is as a corner. Player to be named 2nd round pick will obviously be expected to perform in the future, but I am curious to know how Philly will respond to this deal down the road if (when?) Vick doesn’t hold up physically.

  3. It’s way to early to call him a bust as a QB especially since his numbers really haven’t been that bad… I would argue that the Cards team isn’t what it was in 2008.. Something like 9-7 making the playoffs and some how .. some way getting to the superbowl ..

  4. Off subject buuuuuut…please no more posts about Hank W. Jr. just to garner page hits.
    (I felt one coming) and they’re gettin old, already… 😉

  5. Cromartie hasn’t done much and draft picks are a crap shoot so who knows how it all will turn out.

  6. How is Hasselbeck an adequate comparison for Kolb? Hasselbeck’s role in Tennessee is to steer the ship for a season or two and mentor Jake Locker, while Cardinals reached for Kolb with the intention of him becoming their franchise QB. And to say they could have gotten Hasselbeck for no draft picks- if that were the case, don’t you believe they would have used a future high draft pick on an unproven QB, instead of one like Kolb, who had some degree of success in his previous starts?

  7. 1-3 by losing by a total of 8 POINTS! If Anderson was still here Cards would be 0-4 and in suck for luck sweepstakes. Everyone over reacts daily! Cards will finish with 9 wins and win NFC West..just watch….

  8. Kolb hasn’t started that many games, but he has shown signs that he will be decent. It’s a little too early to write him off. However, the eagles got the Cards all wet and they took the bait…they overpaid for him, but he’s better than anything else they could have thrown out there and he has a lot of room to grow. Think of him as a mid-year rookie…not too bad and he has a great upside. This coming from a Niner fan…

  9. Kolb really hasn’t played all that bad. O line is hurting more than his decision making. DRC has done nothing in Philly. So I like the trade for the most part. Packattack920 you are just a big doucshe bag!!! Sad but true.

  10. First of all, the comparison to hasselbeck is garbage. Kevins still in his first full year. Matts gonna retire soon a la has a ton more experience. Same can be said for the compensation argument. No ones gonna give up anything for matt even if u had to trade for him. Do u guys remember this thing called a lockout? It went on for months. As a result, some great franchises are off to a bad start (eagles) an some not so great franchises are off to a less than great start (Detroit buffalo etc) lockout served a quite the equalizer. Please or the love of god stop being fools

  11. The Cardinals are cursed. They need to give their stolen 1925 championship to Pottville PA.

  12. It is pretty hard to make David Klingler look like the best QB to come out of U of Houston.

  13. Since when did the cardinals get fans? Seriously Though, could you imagine what the ‘dream team’ would be like if they still had Kevin kolb? They’d be having…dare I say…Practices as well as the ones the jets just had.

  14. He’s not terrible, and it’s going to take time for him to get in sync with the rest of the offense, but the Cards most definitely did give up too much for such an unproven commodity, and it may bite them in the *** when all is said and done.

  15. 1. Get rid of A.J Jefferson
    2. Get rid of Bradley
    3. Get rid of Levi Brown
    4. Tell Patrick Peterson to stop looking into the offensive backfield and keep his eyes on his receiver
    5. Forget blitzing – the Cardinals have not learned how to. Never works.
    6. Tell Kolb to stop rolling out to his right and holding on to the ball. He keeps giving the defense time to run over there and cover.
    7. Tell Joey Porter to go back to California and stay there, please.
    8. Tell Whisenhunt to remember he has players called “tight ends” who are allowed to catch a pass.
    9. Somebody tell the Bidwells to stop playing road games in Washington, D.C. The Cardinals have never gotten a fairly-called game there.
    10. The Cardinals are stricken with a disease called “fear of star quarterbacks.” They already know going in that they can’t beat Tavaris, Eli, or Donovan. They already know they can’t win in Washington. They already know that Seattle is a tough place to win. They have already lost games before they ever play them because of their fear.
    11. Give Whisenhunt this year only. If the Cards don’t win the West, show him the door.

  16. He’s been up and down. Still learning. But anyone that thinks he’s been downright terrible hasn’t watched a Cardinals game. Kolb is a born leader, the rest will come with more experience.

  17. “but I remember the first year that Aaron [Rodgers] stepped in, it was a little bit uneven as well”

    Really Ken? You’re comparing Kevin Kolb to Aaron Rodgers?? Rodgers’ had a MUCH better first year individually than Kolb will have. And I know the 6-10 record wasn’t good at all, but there were no less than three games where Rodgers put the team ahead late in the fourth quarter and the defense blew the lead on the last possession.

  18. He will be fine people. It’s been like 3 months. Relax. Could be worse, u could have gotten vick.

  19. “…we’d be going to the Super Bowl, which isn’t the truth, either…”

    Finally, Kolb is on target!

  20. Whisenhunt is honestly trying to compare Kolb to Rodgers? Rodgers had a great first year as a starter… the team didn’t win due to it’s, as noted above, very poor defensive performance.

    That’s like comparing Roy Williams to Calvin Johnson.

  21. I’am a hardcore Eagles fan and I love that we got Rodgers-Cromartie & a 2nd round pick for Kolb , but in no way was it a steal . Kolb has unlimited potential and will out-work anyone . Philly got a much needed tall & fast CB and (fingers crossed) a impact 2nd rounder . Im not saying KK will ever be as great as Aaron Rodgers is (whose easily one of the best) , but after years of seeing Kolb at Lehigh I guarantee he will be better then Hasselback ever was . The trade was a win for both teams.
    The Cards and Eagles will both end up winning their divisions , so talk now haters cause both teams will prove you doubters wrong !!

  22. Certainly not a Kolb fan, since I’m a Seahawks fan, but it’s way too early to label him anything. The guy signed with the team 5-6 weeks before the season starts, and steps right into a full-time starting job, behind a below-average offensive line.

    I remember reading an article that suggested it wouldn’t be possible to fully judge this trade until the second year, and I find myself agreeing with it.

    Oh, and for those who see Hass as some kind of solution: He’s 36, and the reason he’s playing well is his offensive line has allowed a grand total of four sacks this season, which is probably fewer than if he played one game for either the Seahawks or Cardinals. He is still a good QB at this point in his career, but as a long-term solution for a team looking to “open a window” for an extended time? Not so much.

  23. Seen every game he played in philly this guy isn’t good…played good against bad teams and had inflated numbers against the good teams because reid threw the ball a million times…he beat one good team and that’s when atl came to philly and that team wasn’t even good…it wasn’t a good deal for the cards they gave up too much for this guy..and no I’m not an eagles fan just live in an area where I’m stuck with all there games

  24. Hass is a vet, tho .. that’s an unfair comparison. I had season tickets Hasselbacks first 3 years in Seattle and he was benched twice in favor of Dilfer before he became the player he is today.

    But then again, Hass never the talent he had with Britt, either. It always helps when you come out swinging and land shots right out of the gate.

  25. This team could easily be 2-3. Kolb’s passer rating is over 60%, and his qb rating is 87 which isn’t that bad. I think it’s too early to start passing judgements on the deal. Because as it stands the Cardinals are in a better situation than they were last year and in fact their in a better situation than the Eagles at this point. If he gets into rhythm with Larry Fitzgerald they could easily win the NFC West. However, this is coming from a guy who was in the minority of Eagle fans of wanting them to trade Vick opposed to Kolb.

  26. stairwayto7 says: Oct 6, 2011 8:05 PM

    1-3 by losing by a total of 8 POINTS! If Anderson was still here Cards would be 0-4 and in suck for luck sweepstakes. Everyone over reacts daily! Cards will finish with 9 wins and win NFC West..just watch….


    Yeah ok, show me 8 more wins on that schedule. Especially since they will get PHI as they are finally getting things back in order. They were supposed to have one of the easiest opening schedules in the division. They will split their divisional games at best, and I will guess 6-10, 7-9 at best.

  27. I’m not really a huge Kolb fan, but it seems to me like we are way faster to judge players in football than any other sport. It isn’t just that he is getting accustomed to a new offense, new teammates, as well as being new to actually playing every Sunday. Its also that four games is a relatively small sample size.

    Like I said, I’m not a particularly big Kolb fan and I don’t feel strongly that he will or won’t be a good player (and I definitely think the Cardinals overpaid for him in terms of what they gave to the Eagles). But I do think we are a little quick to decide whether a guy can play or not before we have enough information to really know the answer.

  28. stairwayto7 says:Oct 6, 2011 8:05 PM 1-3 by losing by a total of 8 POINTS! If Anderson was still here Cards would be 0-4 and in suck for luck sweepstakes. Everyone over reacts daily! Cards will finish with 9 wins and win NFC West..just watch….


    9 wins huh? Hmm. 1-3 now. Will most likely lose both to San Fran like last year. That’s 5 losses. Will lose to Pittsburgh, Philly and Baltimore. That’s 8. Hmm. Will most likely lose to Dallas. Have already lost to the Seachickens once. Where do u think they have a shot at 9 wins? They’re most likely gonna see 10 losses. Watch em lose to Minnesota this weekend….JUST WATCH.

  29. I don’t think he is good quarterback, at least not yet, but he isn’t a bad one either. I’d take him over Rex Grossman in a heartbeat.

    Kolb looks like a pretty serviceable starter. The Cardinals are 1-3 because they keep on allowing valuable starters to leave through free agency and trades and never get round to replacing them.

    Still, serviceable or not, the Cardinals got their cheeks parted on that trade. A second and DRC was a Vinny Cerrato like. That also put them on the hook with Kolb’s agent and they ended up giving a massive contract to a player who had more losses than wins.

  30. His balls have been terribly sunburnt since moving to sunny arizona… it doesn’t help.

  31. Kolb isn’t bad, but the Cardinals FO hansn’t done anything to help him. You can’t just say “Welp, we have Larry Fitzgerald. Super Bowl!” They let Breaston go and brought in has-been TE Todd Heap. Good thinking, fellas.

  32. Kevin Kolb and Coach Whisenhunt are doing a great job. The real problem is the front office led by ROD GRAVES who is a sniffer who never played wiffle ball (never mind football) in his life. He is incompetent. Simply put, to say that he knows nothing is a compliment. If it wasn’t for a hostile coup by Rod Graves against Bob Ferguson, he would be lucky to have a job selling life insurance to people in nursing homes.

    How do you have a billion dollar team/business investment run by someone who knows NOTHING! Then they get older and slower every year and do nothing to address this!

    Michael Bidwell should FIRE ROD GRAVES BEFORE ROD GRAVES throws Coach Whisenhunt under the bus like he did to Denny Green, Bob Ferguson, and others in the organization. There is a clear history OF BACKSTABBING here.



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