Peyton Manning gets clearance to return to the sideline


Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has attended his team’s last two games, but he has been confined to the coaching box, far above the playing field.

This week, when the Colts host the Chiefs, Peyton will be moving to the sideline.

“Obviously, that’s a good sign that he’s getting better,” coach Jim Caldwell said Thursday, in comments distributed by the team.  “I know he’s working extremely hard in his rehab and doing everything that the doctors are requiring him to do.  He’s going after it enthusiastically.”

The question is whether there’s a point at which Peyton becomes too enthusiastic and suffers a setback.  We continue to think it makes more sense to shut Peyton down for 2011, giving him the full season and offseason to prepare for his return.

Then again, with the Colts potentially winning the Andrew Luck Elimination Series, maybe Manning’s motivation is to get back in time to win enough games so that the Colts won’t be able to draft his replacement.

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  1. even if the colts dont draft Luck, they still need to draft an eventual replacement. Painter is a backup, and shouldnt be the heir to the QB throne for the colts.

  2. Peyton will be accompanied by his personal trainer, who can turn his body to the right or left, depending on which half of the field the play is in. The trainer is hoping for no sudden shifts in field position.

  3. Probably the only guy who could win MVP, missing a whole season. Isn’t the Colts’ performance proving his value?

  4. Why the hell would anyone with any interest in the Colts let this dude stand on the sideline??? Its a good sign that he is being cleared to do it, but I wouldnt let him stand there, just waiting to get blown up by a player getting tackled on the sideline, etc. Sure it is unlikely if he stands in the right place, but why take the risk???

    I used to think the same thing when people talked about Brady not “showing support, because he isnt on the sidelines”, etc. Why risk it? Just saying

  5. I am cheering for Miami or Seattle to get him.

    Miami has waited long enough for their true franchise quarterback, and I have always liked Seattle.

  6. If the Colts play Peyton this year, and he gets hurt again, I’ll flat out stop rooting for this team. The Polians and Caldwell have almost single handedly ran this team down the tubes and if they’re as selfish as to cause permanent damage to Peyton just to fill the seats it’s inexcusable.

  7. Payments is like a second coach on the sidelines. But exceptionally well compensated for his work.

  8. In all seriousness, I think hanging out on an NFL sideline, during a game, when you’re recovering from neck surgery is foolish. What the hell is he doing? Dude, you’re not playing so why put yourself in needless danger? People get taken out on the sideline all the time. I thought he was smarter than this.

  9. This is a new injury status for me…

    I new about Out, Questionable and Probable.

    However I was entirely unaware of “Confined to Pressbox” and/or “Eligible to stand on sideline”.

    Who knew?

  10. @eaglesandravens….

    How are you eagles and ravens? Eagles and a nonNFL is ok, but you can’t have two NFL teams. If you’re a man, you just lost your man card and if you’re a woman, drop one of the teams. You get a pass bc maybe you didn’t know, but you only get one team per professional sport.

  11. Peyton cant be replaced. It’s so obvious The NFL misses him immensely, and I’m not even a Colts fan. Dude’s irreplaceable(sp?).

    Luck would be a nice one to come in AFTER PM is gone, but I see him being a threat for at least 5 yrs unless he’s outta here.

  12. trbowman says:
    Oct 6, 2011 5:16 PM
    If I’m Peyton Manning, I want out of Indy if the Colts draft Luck
    You’re obviously not Manning…….you’re Brett Favre.

  13. trbowman says: Oct 6, 2011 5:08 PM

    I am cheering for Miami or Seattle to get him.

    Miami has waited long enough for their true franchise quarterback, and I have always liked Seattle.


    Miami had their franchise QB. He is in New Orleans because Culpepper with a wrecked knee was a better option than Brees. Miami is getting what they deserve. Didn’t Miami also have a chance to get Rodgers as well or anyone else because they are always on the wrong end of the draft?

  14. theblondbomber says: Oct 6, 2011 6:00 PM

    How he ever hurt that giraffe-neck in the first place I’ll never know…

    I think he hurt it propping up that giant forehead.

  15. theblondbomber says:
    Oct 6, 2011 6:00 PM
    How he ever hurt that giraffe-neck in the first place I’ll never know…
    Peyton Manning is no Merton Hanks.

  16. As others have also mentioned – standing at the line with the coaches is extremely dangerous and just downright stupid, especially for someone with impaired mobility and of such irreplacability (at the moment).

    Get him back in the booth or Peyton might realize the very real possibility of being out of a career – or – the ability to walk.

    One pileup with him at the bottom is all it would take and it might not even take that much given the size and speed of some of the guys in the league.

    Sterling Sharpe, give Manning a call and talk to him as one whose been there without the sugar coating. No one else seems to be.

  17. As someone who has had neck surgery, I would be shocked if he suited up again this year. It takes time to heal. No amount of rehab will heal the neck to where he would be able to take a hard hit during this season. Even though this guy is in our division, AFC South, I want to see him back on the field at some point. That way when he is healed we can beat him and the horseshoes on the field.
    A paralyzed Peyton Manning would not be good for the NFL.

  18. Now i am definetly not a colts fan but………..Even if they did have the oppertunity to draft luck….why would they? Peyton will be better next season and they wont need him

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