Brandon Jacobs, Justin Tuck doubtful for Sunday

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The Giants can’t seem to shake the injury bug, even during a three-game winning streak.

Running back Brandon Jacobs (knee) and defensive lineman Justin Tuck (neck) are both doubtful for Sunday’s game against Seattle. Cornerback Prince Amukamara (foot) and center David Baas (stinger) are both out.

Tuck expressed frustration with his lingering situation this week, cutting his time with the media short. That’s very uncharacteristic for the veteran. It’s possible that the team will sit all the players above until after the team’s Week Seven bye.

Jacobs probably has the best chance to play next week of the group.

15 responses to “Brandon Jacobs, Justin Tuck doubtful for Sunday

  1. and Jacobs, with his injury, would still knock out any little bitch on Philly’s defense out.

    Not so talkative about the big man these days, are we?


  2. Da’re[a]l “Deal” Scott, Let’s see what you got.

    Mentally conditioned to handle injuries know, that’s a good look because after all they do happen.

  3. Wow! Brandon Jacobs is hurt? I had no idea…actually, I didn’t even know is was still a Giant quite honestly…

    @n0hopeleft: I think nobody is talking about the big man because 116 yards through 4 games, and 3.1 yds per rush avg really don’t warrant much discussion…That’s Reggie Bush territory, and he at least intimately knew Kim Kardashian so…

  4. I like this move by the G-men. We probably don’t need either to win, and at the same time gets more playing time for Tollefson. Plus maybe we’ll see Kiwanuka put his hand on the ground a lil more this week?
    And let’s finally see what Da’rel Scott brings to the table. We saw he’s the home run hitter the Giants haven’t had in the backfield in years, so maybe Kildrive can figure out ways to get him in open space?

  5. “We saw he’s the home run hitter the Giants haven’t had in the backfield in years, so maybe Kildrive can figure out ways to get him in open space?”

    If we’re relying on the “brilliance” of Kevin Kilbride, we’ve the lost the game before the ball is even kicked off. Would be nice to see if Scott can offer anything at the pro level. Remember his big run in preseason was against the 3rd string guys. I am done waiting for Ware’s “breakout” season. It’s never coming. The guy get hurt every season when he only sees spot duty. If Scott can produce AND hold onto the ball, I have no problem seeing Ware sent out to pasture.

  6. I’m a Giants fan, and I don’t think a team with this many injuries can overlook ANY team. If the Giants were 100%, OK, but they (meaning fans) can’t just assume that the Giants will show up and the Seahawks will roll over.

    The Seahawks did play a lot better last week when they went into No Huddle, and Giants fans should remember how the Rams No Huddle worked on Monday Night in Week 2. I don’t want a “trap game” here.

  7. clavette says: Oct 7, 2011 1:41 PM

    They need jacobs and tuck down the stretch so I like this move. Im definitely hoping we get to see some of da’rel Scott on sunday

    The only way we’re gonna see him if he’s on the field is a slow motion replay. Zooooooooom

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