Curtis Painter will start on Sunday


The Colts resisted publicly naming Curtis Painter their starting quarterback all week, but they finally gave the word on Friday.

Painter will start against the Chiefs. Colts coach Jim Caldwell made the announcement on Friday.

“I probably didn’t make myself clear earlier in the week,” Caldwell said. “I said this early in the week, that yeah, there’s no question, he’s our starter, and he’s practiced well.”

Caldwell really didn’t make himself clear if he meant to let the world know Painter would remain under center. On Tuesday, Caldwell said he wasn’t ready to make a decision and Painter said Wednesday that he didn’t know who was going to get the start. Whatever lingering doubt Caldwell might have had about Painter was probably alleviated when Collins said that he’s still struggling with the aftereffects of the concussion he suffered against the Steelers in Week Three. He did light work at practice on Wednesday and Thursday, but said that this is the worst concussion he’s suffered in his NFL career.

Painter was 13-of-30 for 281 yards and two touchdowns in Indy’s 24-17 loss to Tampa on Monday night. This will be his second career start.