Dolphins didn’t sign Garrard because he doesn’t want to play


When Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne separated his shoulder in last week’s loss to Chargers, the first free agent quarterback that came to mind was ex-Jaguar David Garrard. The Dolphins reached out to Garrard, but a deal never happened.

This week, NFL Network and ESPN reported that no agreement was reached because the Dolphins wouldn’t offer Garrard a guaranteed, one-year salary. Another report suggested the sides couldn’t come to terms because Garrard wanted a $1 million salary, and the Dolphins wouldn’t pay more than the veteran’s minimum. (About a $200k difference.)

Both notions are false, according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

Citing multiple team sources, Salguero reports that the Dolphins didn’t sign Garrard because he “simply didn’t feel like playing right now.” 33 years old with chronic back problems, Garrard reportedly “showed no great desire to play” during discussions with the Dolphins, and is “quite content sitting out this season.”

It’s worth noting that the Herald‘s report is expressly team-driven, and in it Salguero openly claims that ESPN and NFLN’s initial reports came “from Garrard’s agent.” It sounds like the Dolphins might be trying to save face in Salguero’s report. After losing its starting quarterback, the idea that a team wouldn’t pay a relatively meager sum for a proven, veteran replacement could make the organization look bad. Particularly with an 0-4 record.

The agent, on the other hand, is more likely to deceive the media if his client just isn’t ready to get off the couch. Garrard could change his mind later — especially if a competitive team came calling — so the agent would prefer to keep his client’s options open. We already know Garrard’s agent has been trying to drum up interest in his client since early September, and there’s little doubt Garrard would be playing somewhere if that’s what he truly wanted. Clearly, it isn’t.

So we tend to believe Salguero’s side of the story.

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  1. of note: this story isnt worth reading because it is about a franchise who had one good season in the past 11 years and that was because of a gimmick offense.

  2. “the Dolphins didn’t sign Garrard because he “simply didn’t feel like playing right now.” 33 years old with chronic back problems, Garrard reportedly “showed no great desire to play” during discussions with the Dolphins, and is “quite content sitting out this season.”

    Until some team other than the Dolphins comes knocking on his door you mean.

  3. Something about this doesnt make any sense, not sure what Garrard is waiting for? Next Year? Does he plan on saving the tank till 40? If he was smart he woulda signed with the dolphins where he woulda started the rest of the yr and be able to showcase that he still has the it factor to start in this league, no way a team signs him next yr off the “couch” for a decent contract and a decent chance to start. Garrard give me a call if you want a real agent cause your not getting th right advice……………

  4. If there’s one thing my beloved Dolphins have proven over the last few years, it’s that they really don’t mind “looking bad”.

    It sucks to be looking forward to next season already, but I pray they bring in Bill Cowher, and hand him the complete control he desires by firing Jeff Ireland.

    Please oh please oh please oh please.

  5. Why the heck is David Garrard considered some kind of prize free agent? He’s terrible. Just because the Jaguars didn’t consider the “quarterback” to be an important member of their roster and inexplicably made him their starter for six seasons doesn’t automatically make him “the best QB not starting for a team” free agent. If the Dolphins were smart they would look around the league at backups to see whats out there that they could trade for.

  6. “So we tend to believe Salguero’s side of the story.”

    Why even report this story as a fact (Dolphins didn’t sign Garrard because he doesn’t want to play) if you don’t have the facts.

  7. Another playah that doesn’t want to play for the Phins… got a team full… Shocking. Yeah Yeah We Suck!!!

  8. I just saw a report that the Dolphins are trying to sign Brett Favre. This would very likely bring the fish back to prominence.

  9. It’s a smart move.
    What? He’s going to force himself to learn a new offense, play behind a poor offensive line (on a 0-4 team), be paid the veteran minimum, and all in less than two weeks. Then on top of that, after the Bye, THEY HAVE TO PLAY THE JETS (who’ll probably be coming off a tough loss to the Pats).

    I’d wait too.

  10. What makes the most sense is that Garrard could not get a guaranteed contract ( and be a starter) from any team yet. He was waiting for a situation like Miami – the starter goes on IR – but Miami would still not give him a guaranteed contract for the $1M he wants.

  11. In all seriousness, I do believe that this story has legs.

    Garrard just didn’t look the same in preseason. I thought it was his surgically repaired hand, because the ball just didn’t look like it was getting released with any velocity. Then in the final preseason game against the Rams, he came down hard on that same throwing hand that was surgically repaired just last January. He grimaced, and walked off of the filed holding his hand. It was his last ever play for the Jaguars.

    That same hand injury caused him to miss the last two weeks of the Jaguars season last year.

    Bottom line, I think he retires.

  12. @scomibord

    Nope…you are wrong.

    The Jaguars are not paying him anything. All of his garaunteed money came at the top end of his contract. When the Jaguars released Garrard, they owed him nothing. If they kept him, they would have owed him $million dollars.

    As such, there is no dead money being paid to Garrard.

  13. Garrard collected his one-time severance pay, and is sitting on $8M from the Jaguars. Anything he makes from another team eats into what he collected from the Jaguars. So, Garrard sticks it to the Jaguars and lets his back heal completely for 2012…

  14. Maybe the Fins realize that not signing Garrard gives them a better chance to land a real franchise QB – Andrew Luck.

  15. Garrard didn’t want to play when he was with the Jags this summer, either. But he did want to continue to collect his inflated salary.

  16. The notion that the Dolphins suck for Luck are not accurate. The Dolphins just suck! Gerrard & his agent know that so they are staying away from a team as poorly coached and managed as the Dolphins are currently…….and so it will go with the team that Bill built. (Bill Parcells)

  17. He’s made his money for himself, and future generations.

    As someone who has suffered from a bad back since I was 20 – I’m 47 now – I wish he retires. He can already live like a god for the rest of his life. Football’s a game, David. Your back is forever.

  18. This is not much of a surprise to Jaguars fans after watching his play during the preseason. He did NOT look like his heart was in it…He was given full opportunity to change, but apparently could not. The timing of his release seemed odd (ok, you called the organization classless, bush league), but locally many questioned if he really wanted to continue to play. Most of us here in Jacksonville wish David well, and hope he will continue his career…he has a chronic illness (Crohn’s disease) and it may be that he needed this break…

  19. If we don’t soon see Garrard himself on camera reassuring potential teams that he’s anxious to get back on the field, we can figure Salguero’s report is accurate.

  20. So wait… the Jags aren’t a joke anymore because they cut a QB who has no desire to play?

    btw @ jagmania, David is not eating off any 8 mill off the Jags this season that’s the whole reason they cut him before the season started. They payed him 0 dollars this year. And owe nothing more. Nothing else was guaranteed he already collected that off his 2007 heist.

    But David is a good guy off the field. Also he is fighting an incurable disease and I wish him and his family the best, but he is not an NFL starting QB. But he is a great guy. Best wishes Dave.

  21. I don’t know if anybody here has claimed that Garrard is a “great” quarterback. Having said that, the Jets would have a much better chance of winning it all with Garrard.

  22. “footballisfun says: Oct 7, 2011 10:41 PM

    Football’s a game, David. Your back is forever.”

    Nice post, footballisfun. Weird to be that EVERY post on this board is either ripping Miami or Gerrard. It seems pretty simple: he doesn’t want to risk his back. Can’t blame him him a bit.

    Some truly sad, pathetic and cynical people here. Must be a slow night for Jet fans…

  23. Gerrard…. 1 good season, 1 terrible season, rinse, wash, repeat… Please dont let another Steve “just good enougj to get u beat” DeBerg in the league… We already have McNabb

  24. If Garrard has a bad back, the most foolish thing he could do is come back in the middle of the season for a bad football team.

    Saying no is a good move on his part. There’s probably only a handful of teams he could play for with a good O line and not get killed. And none of those teams are looking for a starting QB.

  25. So let me see if I get this straight…David wasn’t good enough to play for a team who whose back-up is now replaced by their third string QB as soon as he screwed up. But, now David is good enough to end up on any team out there.

    Sounds to me like David was intentionally kicked out of his job to make room for the “sports media tooting” rookie who wasn’t even good enough to beat anyone out of their starting job.

    Don’t worry David, Karma, she still is a ish…You will get the last laugh.

  26. I don’t see how the team-driven report makes any more sense. He wanted a guaranteed salary for the rest of the year and it’d have to be $1m for him to move off his couch. That makes more sense than his agent CONSTANTLY teasing that teams are interested in him if Garrard really doesn’t want to play. Every week, the agent is claiming there are 3 teams talking to him about David. A good agent doesn’t beat the drum like that for a client that isn’t too motivated.

  27. The point everyone misses is that Garrard isn’t really very good.

    ….and guys like Kerry Collins or Sage Rosenfels are?

    Still, I think the worst gig in football is getting signed off the street midseason and being expected to play quarterback right away.

    I think if Garrard wants to play in 2012, he’ll find work. It might be as a backup or at most a stopgap starter, but that’s all he was going to be for the Dolphins or anyone else who signed him this year, when he wouldn’t have the benefit of offseason/preseason to learn a new offense.

  28. ….Garrard reportedly “showed no great desire to play” …..
    Garrard showed the same desire to the dolphins that he showed to the Jags since he got the $60 million contract.

  29. Thank you Armando Salguero! You sir, a re a true journalist!

    I apologize to Mr. Ross for reacting to what was presented as a factual account of the Gerrard negotiations in the manner that I did. I said that he had slapped the fans i the face once again. Armando Salguero’s investigation shed new light on what transpired. I believe that reacted as any fan would act. SORRY! NEVER MIND!

    This brings up another good point about Dolphin marketing. Those responsible, allow Sports writers and media entertainers, like talk show hosts, to become the de facto public information office for the team. The Dolphin news section of should be the place where Dolfans and the media get factual information and can leave feedback. Would it hurt if Andy Cohen, or the cheerleaders or even the players could communicate with the fans?

    My guess is that the Dolphin Family is good for lots more than just buying tickets and Jerseys! It is just a thought. Quick accurate news that kills all rumors and speculation combined with networking! I feel a profit coming on!

    Oh, Mr. Ross did you ever look at those offices at the stadium from the parking lot? The view makes a bad first impression of Sun Life Stadium. Have them close the blinds or something to create a more professional appearance.

  30. Garrard needs the right team to be able to do well. He needs a team that can run the ball 70+% of the time successfully where he only has to throw a few passes on play action. He simply cannot pass the ball effectively or consistently.

    He needs to sign with the 72 Dolphins, not the 2011 “suck for Luck” contestants.

    That said, he is picking his spot carefully. There are very few teams that he can see himself playing for.

    He has collected over $20 million and is a very smart man who I doubt will have any money troubles for the rest of his life. He doesn’t need to play just anywhere.

  31. Garrard is better than Sage, so paying an extra $200k shouldn’t have mattered.
    Where this story falls apart (and makes the Fins look bad – low hurdle, I know) is if another street QB, say Trent Edwards, turns down Miami as well.

  32. That’s odd. I seem to recall every GM on this site and on every NFL show calling the Jaguars decision to cut Garrard “trrrble”. Meanwhile Jag fan knew he didn’t look right and looked as if he was ready to pack it in. Why pay a guy $8 mil when the heir apparent Gabbert is there and he really didn’t show ANYTHING to seperate himself.
    If any of the media talking heads had watched the tape they would have saw it too, but they were too busy measuring Eagles players ring finger for their SB ring, wondering what size jock strap Tony Romo wears and what Rex Ryan eats for a late night snack.

  33. Moving forward this is a reality the Dolphins will have to face; free agents will not want to play for the Dolphins especially @QB. Miami now has to show that they have enough talent to win or the better free agents will look the other way. The draft is where Miami should rebuild.

  34. You mean he didn’t want to play for the Dolphins. I bet if Brady or Rodgers went down, Garrard would jump on those opportunities.
    Here is a list why you don’t want their qb job:
    1. Other than Long & Pouncey the linemen are aweful.
    2. No TE to throw to.
    3. Our coach is a field goal fist pumping idiot.
    4. Our owner is clueless & takes advice from Carl Peterson & Jeff Ireland.
    5. Our offensive coordinator is Brian Daboll.
    Any question why he turned them down?

  35. I’m shocked. An agent creating a false image and possibly lying about his client?

    Garrad doesn’t want to play for peanuts and the agent can’t make money on peanuts either. He’s obviously holding out for mo money or other offers.

    I can understand why Miami would have zero intentions of giving away the farm on someone who is unproven and out of football right now.

  36. For a guy like Garrard or Delhomme the fins could be a career ender. If you go in there and try to learn Dabol’s excuse for an offensive system and then spend the next 12 weeks getting beating up and looking bad, who’s going to take you seriously after that?

  37. @Nationalmediacan….Jaguars decision to cut Garrard is trrible…
    You are 100% correct. I remember hearing the national pundits declaring the decision a “joke” “classless” and simply to save money. I wondered…are they looking at the same situation that I am? I actually looked at it as a smart business decision. The timing was unfortunate, but was due to giving him EVERY benefit of the doubt for a little too long. But the lazies out there just looked at it from the usual perspective toward the Jaguar organization.

  38. @finsfrontofficeisajoke Cowher and his chin would be fantastic for Dolphins. They could finally find a replacement for Dan Marino, after almost 2 decades, in Andrew Luck *insert joke about Dolphins’ luck here.* And finally: The Miami Dolphins, the one team Bill Parcells could not save.

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