Peppers on Stafford injury: Not something I take pride in


Last season Bears defensive end Julius Peppers injured Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford’s shoulder. Now Peppers is preparing to see Stafford again on Monday night.

We’ve heard a lot in the NFL recently about defensive players taking shots at quarterbacks’ sensitive spots (particularly with Tony Romo’s ribs), but that’s not Peppers’ style. Peppers says he doesn’t feel good about being the man who took away most of Stafford’s 2010 season.

“To be honest with you, it really doesn’t get me excited to see anybody get injured,” Peppers said. “It’s not something I take a lot of pride in, the fact that I hit him and injured his shoulder last year.”

Peppers asked to see Stafford in the Lions’ locker room following last year’s game in Chicago and said he didn’t want to see Stafford hurt. Peppers leaves his mean streak on the field,

50 responses to “Peppers on Stafford injury: Not something I take pride in

  1. Injuries happen in footall, and for the most part, aren’t anybody’s fault.

    I’m just glad Stafford is healthy this year, finally elevating the Lions into a top tier team.

  2. Great respect for an athlete in this day in age. Feel sorry for Bears Though, this being our first home monday night football game, the Lions will be on point. And with Nick Fairley starting, this Detroit Defense is, no has, just got meaner and better.

  3. Hell, it would be nice if some fans had that attitude with all the injury loving jacka$$es on this site.

    Kudos to you Mr. Peppers.

  4. Another Lions fan here.

    I’ve never blamed Peppers for Stafford’s injury. The hit was legal and clean. I don’t think anyone in Detroit saw it otherwise.

    Peppers is a classy individual, and the only thing I don’t like about him is that he’s not on our team. Other than that, I wish him the best (when not facing the Lions).

    And by the way, he didn’t end Stafford’s 2010 season. Stafford came back later, and got hurt in the Jets game.

  5. I had some respect for Peppers before, but upon hearing his attitude regarding the Stafford injury, I’ve gained a lot more respect for him. With that said, I’m still a Lions fan and still a Bears hater. GO LIONS!

  6. Stand up thing for him to say.

    His job is to put the qb on the ground, not necessarily hurt them.

    Nice to hear these guys are looking out for one another.

  7. joetoronto says: Oct 7, 2011 9:44 AM

    But you held his arm to his side before you drove his shoulder into the ground.

    Just sayin.
    I’d like to apologize to Julius Peppers.

    The play I’m remembering must have been the other shoulder injury Stafford suffered, not the one when they played the Bears.

  8. Not only is he a fantastic player, he is a nice guy. Classy move going to the opponents locker room. When you have guys like Dunta Robinson cheering knocking someone unconcious with a dirty hit, its nice to see the flip side with this story.

    Yet another reason Im disappointed he went to the Bears and not Eagles last year.

  9. Good to hear about Peppers checking on Stafford last year, first class move.

    Also, someone earlier mentioned that Fariley would be starting, is that true or am I missing something? Last I heard was that he might get some spot snaps in but nothing too much.

  10. I’m glad Stafford is staying healthy and having some success – in looking at the reception numbers – he’s spreading the ball around (except in the red zone – where Megatron is his man).

    Good to see good sportsmanship is alive and well in the NFL too. Sometimes you wonder…. Julius Peppers went up a few notches in my book after reading this.

  11. Peppers is and always has been a standup guy who plays with mean streak on the field. Off the field he is a great guy.

    I’m not sure why people are attacking Suh in here though. Suh is basically the same thing. He plays with mean streak on the field. Off the field he does all kinds of charities for people in need.

    It’s funny seeing MDS condone one and negate the other.

  12. Ray Nitschke was the baddest of the bad. He didn’t try to hurt people, he tried to kill them… on the field.

    Off the field he was a calm, kind, articulate, bespectacled man that could converse with you about nearly anything at any level.

    This article makes me respect Peppers a good deal. Not as much as Nitschke, but still quite a bit.

  13. I’ve watched a ton of Peppers’ games and I have never ever seen him do one thing that’s even questionable as far as being dirty. He just makes plays the right way.

    To the guy who said he held Stafford’s arm against his side, did it ever occur to you there’s less chance of Stafford’s getting hurt that way since his arm wouldn’t be getting bent in an awkward angle that way?

  14. Nice! I’ve always been a fan if Peppers. U was praying the Leo’s woulda traded up one spot in that draft to get him, instead of ol’ Joey Blue Skies! On that note, very classy Mr. Peppers….hey Mr. Backus please protect your QB this week. Remember last time you got used like a rented mule!!!

  15. Peppers just showed he’s a gentleman. It’s so refreshing to see a player show concern for an opponent instead of doing some ridiculous happy dance or strut while his opponent is laying there
    visibly hurt. He’s a tough opponent but I just decided I like Julius Peppers. Wish he were a Packer.

  16. This just in, Backus is even worse than ever this year. T hey better slide someone over to chip Peppers or it could happen again. And I, for one, don’t want to see Stafford hurt nor Stanton trying to get the ball to Mega the rest of the year.

  17. I am a lions fan, and have an undying amount of respect for julius peppers after reading this! he is the true definition of a real player. He’s skilled and humble, and understand the true concept of the game.

  18. packerrube13 says:Oct 7, 2011 10:06 AM
    “Straight up class act. Always has been, just like Urlacher and Tillman.
    A Packer Fan”

    Forget about the 08 game against the panthers and the NFC title game against the bears already?

  19. As a Saints fan, I saw him a LOT every season, so I was pretty happy when he left Carolina. He was always a class act…wish we could have got him.

  20. Good man Peppers. He’s one player I look forward to watching in action. If the Bears had more players like him they might have a shot. I can see the Lions adding another 6-10 sacks to the 15 sack total Cutler has this season though.

  21. I have followed Peppers since his time at UNC. He has always been a humble, classy individual. Actually, he got heat from Panthers fans because they didn’t think he played with enough fire.

    He doesn’t like the spotlight, either, which makes him different than most othe NFL players. That’s why he’s not still in Charlotte. He was a big fish in a small pond, and that made him uncomfortable. Now, in Chicago, he’s a big fish in a big pond.

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