David Garrard tells NFL teams: “If you want me, prove it”

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David Garrard is disputing a report that he spurned an offer from the Dolphins because he doesn’t feel like playing football right now, saying that he does want to play — just not for the Dolphins.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about me that I don’t appreciate,” Garrard told Chris Mortensen of ESPN. “I was going to lay low with the media but I feel I have to protect my name. I just want to make it clear that I’m a football player, I want to be with a team and be with an organization that will be as committed to me as I will be to them.”

Garrard said he doesn’t think the Dolphins are the right fit for him because they only offered him a contract after starter Chad Henne suffered a season-ending shoulder injury.

“I talked to them in the very beginning – they were one of the teams that were very interested,” Garrard said. “But they basically said, ‘We want to give our guy [Henne] a chance, see how performs and if we don’t like way it goes, we’ll make a move.’ Then it comes when [Henne] unfortunately gets hurt. My feeling is if you want me, prove it to me.”

Garrard did confirm the report that he didn’t think the Dolphins were offering him enough money once Henne went down.

“They were not willing to guarantee me the kind of money that reflects a real commitment and what I believe would protect me from being cut twice in one season,” Garrard said. “That doesn’t mean I’m one of those players who thinks I’m worthy of another big pay day. My thoughts are the money I did want guaranteed the rest of the year was miniscule with respect to what I accomplished over my career. It wasn’t outrageous.”

And Garrard said he thinks the Dolphins have so many problems that he alone wouldn’t be able to solve them.

“I didn’t think I have ability to change an organization in that situation,” Garrard said. “I’m just one man. This is a team sport. I told them I’ve been part of locker rooms with teams that are struggling. I know how the vibe can be in there and it’s tough.”

So Garrard wants to play for some team. But he wants that team to prove it really wants him — and he wants that team to be in better shape than the Dolphins.

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  1. He’s honestly not good enough to be making all these demands, yes teams are starting some bad QB’s, but they are the ones who write up contracts, ball is in their courts. The longer he sits out, the less appealing he will be, especially if he takes the whole season off, but to each their own I suppose…

  2. Is this guy serious? Is think any amount of money would be enough to sign a third tier qb.

  3. Meanwhile Garrard is telling unemployment checks, “I want you, I’m proving it!”

  4. David, I don’t know how to break it to you, but even Jacksonville choose Luke McCown and rookie Blaine Gabbert over you. You should have jumped up and down the Dolphins even gave you a phone call. Nobody else wants you or they would have called you before Week 5. Let’s be honest, it took an injury to Henne for the Dolphins to even call you. Nobody wants you, and get over yourself. You have done nothing of signifiance in your lousy career.

  5. Wow!! This guy thinks he can pick and choose where he wants to go, he acts like the dolphins tryied to humiliate him by offering him a contract, i hope nobody signs this clown!!!

  6. Who does he think he is??? How about He proves he can play???

    Your not Peyton Manning buddy…you were cut by the Jaguars…..THE JAGUARS!!!!

  7. David Garrard,

    If you want to play in the nfl again then prove it, team doesnt not have tp prove anything to you sir, you are no Tom Brady nor are you Aaron Rodgers, hell you might not even be Kyle Orton.

    R.I.P Coach Davis

  8. So let me make sure I have this straight.

    He is looking for an organization that is in good shape four games into the season, yet is still looking for a starting QB and is willing to give said QB a guaranteed contract for the rest of the season?

    Umm…….good luck with that.

  9. Don’t you have to bring credentials to the table if you take a stance like that? David Garrard must want to retire without actually saying “I’m retiring.”

  10. captainwisdom8888 says:
    Oct 8, 2011 3:46 PM
    Seahawks….Redskins….maybe another serious QB injury and he’ll find a home.
    You’re not paying attention.

    He has basically said that he is not interested in walking into an injury situation. He wants to feel wanted, not like a spare tire.

    He basically, and bizarrely, is looking for a team that is in “good shape” yet is willing to bring him as their starter 4 weeks into the season.

    His agent really needs to sit down and have a serious talk with him soon.

  11. A coach told me one time “bloom where you’re planted”. Well David, no one can see you bloom in your back yard.

    You either want to play football or you don’t.

  12. “I didn’t think I have ability to change an organization in that situation,” Garrard said. “I’m just one man. This is a team sport. I told them I’ve been part of locker rooms with teams that are struggling. I know how the vibe can be in there and it’s tough.”

    Tell the Colts one player can’t make a difference.

  13. Psst…David-you aren’t as good as you think you are! You’re lucky ANY team called you. You did NOTHING to earn the $$$ and faith the Jag’s gave you. You lost your job to Luke McGown and rookie Blain Gabbert, for God’s sake. The AFC South is up for grabs this season, yet the Jag’s thought McGown and Gabbert gave them a better chance of winning. Think about that for a moment.

    I wonder how many teams will want you with your inflated ego and average (at best) talent? Smooth move!

  14. I don’t think we have to worry about seeing David in an NFL uniform any too soon! The dude either has gonzos the size of boulders or is dumber than a box of rocks to make those kind of demands……….I’ll go with the latter.

  15. I think people are looking at things from the wrong direction. If I had his kind of money I wouldn’t want to be throwing from behind the Dolphin’s O-line either.

    How many times have Miami QBs needed surgery the past couple years? That’s a lot of risk to soak up for league minimum.

  16. I think it might be time for David to come to the realization that he’s one step away from being completely out of the league forever. Come down off of your high horse named EGO David, take a cold shower called REALITY, shut your mouth, take the first opportunity to play that comes along (if one even does), work hard, study film hard, and maybe, just MAYBE you’ll be able to hold on for another year. The Jags cut you for a reason. They cut you because you sucked bad all preseason. I don’t think this means you actually do suck. I think it’s because you weren’t in shape. You were fat and complacent and ill prepared for the season and it showed up in spades. I know you can play if you’re focused, committed and motivated. Otherwise you tend to suck.

    So, which David is the David that a team is going to get???… A focused, committed and motivated David???…OR, an out of shape, fat and complacent David???

    You see David, the commitment thing cuts both ways.

  17. He wants to play for a good team. And get paid.

    Those teams usually already have QB’s.

    He’s got the diva part down tho

  18. People in this comments section aren’t comprehending what he’s saying, instead choosing to read what they want to read.

    He said it’s not about $$….it’s about a committment to him to give him a legit chance as the long term starter. He clearly said he didn’t want to get cut twice in the same season…hence why he isn’t in Indy or Miami.

    He’s obviously the best FA available right now in the league. The Jags shouldn’t have cut him….with Peyton out, this is probably the most wide-open the AFC South has been in a while. By cutting him the Jags essentially locked themselves in to finishing last place in their division.

    Anyways, I’m sure he’ll land somewhere….when guys like Derek Anderson and Jake Delhomme get multiple chances at starting again, you know Garrard will.

  19. How about you go somewhere and prove you can be a worthy backup. Then maybe you would get a chance to start. Talk to Kurt Warner. That man worked his butt off and whatever role he was given he made the most of it. Earn your position Garrard!

  20. dont get me wrong…. I wouldn’t want to be on the Dolphins either…. BUT, who does this clown think he is kidding???? its not like he’s THAT great.

    of course, I have to admit…. I’m shocked the Colts haven’t grabbed him considering he played on a division rival and he is obviously an upgrade to Curtis Painter…

  21. David is pure class, and he can still play. He just wants to make sure it’s the right situation for him. All you people saying he’s terrible, that’s ridiculous.

  22. I like how David played this. That franchise is a straight joke. It is about to be blown up again and David is a decent QB, so why deal with it? Then they turn around and try to spread lies afterward, but they know the truth…no one wants to play there. Enjoy the off-season Miami…the only players you will be signing are the ones you overpay…by a lot.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people…

  23. Son, you’re better off taking the gig in South Beach. Have you been home to East Orange, N.J. lately????ain’t much football or anything else good going on there!

  24. Wow….you mean NFL teams aren’t lining up to sign a sub six foot butterball for their starting QB? Unbelievable.

    Meanwhile David is honing his vast array of professional skills….”Okay that will be two number ones and two Happy Meals, please pull around.”

  25. I don’t blame him. Who the heck wants to join a team that will be in the running for worst team of the season?

  26. …so what ELSE can he do???…if there’s an answer, i’d recommend he do that…if not – JUMP!!!

  27. Maybe some of you don’t realize that Dave had several million guaranteed in his last Jags contract and he has a working lawyer wife.

    He doesn’t *need* money…

  28. “…miniscule with respect to what I accomplished over my career.”

    Why should they pay him for what he’s done previously?
    It’s got nothing to do with what he can do now. It’s not like he’s a legend or future Hall Of Famer. Or even very good.

  29. I understand a lot of the comments based on this article. If you don’t know much about Garrard and are used to the general NFL player – it can come across as him being a diva.

    However if you know anything about him from the years in Jacksonville he’s actually a genuinely classy nice guy. Really. There’s not many guys that could stand to be role models in this league. In fact look at when he got cut – he took the blame on himself and understood he just wasn’t performing where he needed to be. No finger pointing, no bitterness.

    Perhaps he’s not being realistic about the opportunities that might come his way. But a month ago he wanted the Dolphins to just promise just a roster spot for the season…and they said no. Now they’re calling after an injury begging him to come on? I’d probably say no too.

    As others have pointed out, it is strange that the Colts didn’t make a call given how well he’s played against them first hand. They really thought Collins was a better solution?

  30. How about some love for a QB with no job yet doesn’t want to play for this team or that team….YEA RIGHT!!!

  31. Yes, because signing a veteran QG to start within one week is a sure thing. The 0-4 should stick with the guys who know and have practiced in the system.

  32. I am not a Garrard fan or a Dolphin hater, but I think his words are being twisted. I’m sure the guy wants to play football.But why would any QB want to play for them right now?

    The ownership has been clueless and often destructive since the end of the Joe Robbie era in 1990.

    The coach readily admits he has no idea how to fix what’s wrong.

    The team itself is in complete disarray.

    Every QB exposes himself to the risk of injury, and that risk is definitely magnified in Miami.

    He will suffer verbal abuse from the owners, the media and the fans.

    There is no chance of anything great happening no matter what he or any QB does, until the Dolphins fix at least some of their problems.

    If the Dolphins don’t offer some kind of halfway decent guaranteed money, why would anyone subject themselves to that?

  33. Garrad is too mediocre at QB to ask anyone for money let alone a team;
    At least Romo has a spark of QB brilliance now and then (plus JJ’s patience and delusions of resurrecting Romo into some kind of NFL winner).

  34. I don’t blame him. There are going to be teams that will give him a 2 year deal with good money as soon as they loose a starter or there solid back up. Can anyone say Eagles?

  35. If you don’t want to play for the Dolphins than fine just come out and say it.

    But if you’re worried about lack of respect and getting cut twice than there is a very simple solution to that problem and that’s just play well enough to where they don’t cut you and they will respect you.

    If you’re as good as player as you say you are than go out and prove it on the field.

  36. There is a reason he is not in the NFL and for him to turn down a job is just crazy I hope he is paid up on all his bills because just in case he hasn’t notice we are in a recession and you don’t turn down work in a recession

  37. Garrard is right, why should he go to a team like the Dolphins if they won’t guarantee him his minimal contract. How marketable would he be when he got cut in two weeks because the Dolphins came to their senses and decided it would be crazy to try and win football games with Andrew Luck available.

  38. jikkle, Garrard could get cut easily for no reason. Why wouldn’t the Dolphins guarantee the paltry salary they were offering? The Dolphins don’t want him to come in and actually win a couple games thereby costing them a shot at Andrew Luck.

  39. Good players do not worry about getting cut–but he is worried about it. The Jaguars cut him for a few different reasons. Why would he fear being cut by a team who carries 2 QBs on their roster but only have 1 (+ Devlin on the practice squad)?

    It seems to me that he would have a very slim chance of getting cut as long as he is remotely competent/capable.

    What he is basically saying is that he might get beat by Devlin or his physical health is not good enough to last the season–which is validation for Jags to have cut him and the Dolphins to not guarantee a deal for the rest of the year. If he plays, he gets paid. The problem is that he isn’t sure he can and he basically has said as much.

  40. the money I did want guaranteed the rest of the year was miniscule with respect to what I accomplished over my career.
    And what exactly would THAT be, David?

  41. He hasn’t really played well enough in his career to act as if he’s Hall of Fame caliber.

  42. Well, Garrard does have more playoff wins than Carson Palmer.

    At this point, enjoy your money, get your mind right, and have your agent negotiate with the Steelers after the season. Batch was drafted last century, so the clock is ticking.

  43. At some point David Garrard might want to talk to Dante Culpepper… of course maybe he has and that’s why he’d rather stay at home than play for the Dolphins..

  44. halftermguv says:
    Oct 8, 2011 4:34 PM
    Wow….you mean NFL teams aren’t lining up to sign a sub six foot butterball for their starting QB? Unbelievable.

    Meanwhile David is honing his vast array of professional skills….”Okay that will be two number ones and two Happy Meals, please pull around.”


    Garrard’s made over $40 mil in his NFL career. I’m sure he doesn’t have to work another day in his life if he doesn’t want to.
    Maybe you should be honing your McSkills instead of sitting on your butt and talking crap about people you don’t know.

  45. All you stupid ignorant losers acting like Garrard isn’t good enough to be a starter can just STFU, he was 13th in QB rating last year with crap WRs and mediocre protection.

    Jags were retarded to cut him, now they’re worst in the league in scoring points.

    Miami showed how classless they are by getting some hack writer to say Garrard doesn’t want to play to give their fans an excuse to why they didn’t sign Garrard. They are sucking for Luck and don’t have the balls to be upfront with their fans.

    And yes, Garrard is better than the average off the street QB that the dolphins were trying to treat him like. Getting the vet minimum guaranteed for every game is what every player in the league gets if they’re on the opening day roster. What, Garrard has to be a HOFer to ask for that?

  46. Garrard has to show the team he can win and be the future for the team to fully commit to him, if a team like the Jag’s cut him then what does that say about him.

  47. This guy must clearly be Mentally Garrarded to be making those demands. I can’t for a second blame Del Rio for 86’ing this joke of a QB!

  48. Garrard isn’t doing himself any favors by talking but I wouldn’t play for the Dolphins either. It’s a bad situation that keeps getting worse. Their coach is gone soon and he’d probably get cut after the season when the new regime takes over. I’d rather roll with Garrard than Grossman, Tavaris Jackson, Painter/K. Collins, McNabb and I’m probably missing a few more, but not in-season. Dude got cut right before the season started. [Stay classy, Jags.] I’d be waiting too if I was him. He’ll get a job in the off-season for sure.

  49. It is amazing that the Colts have not signed him. They are hurting…He knows a divisional foe’s playbook.

    It is damning actually.

  50. probly was just plain out of shape. a lot of that going around.

    looking at some of these teams that are underachieving… bad conditioning is part of it.

    the teams that were good last year have an easier time rolling this year. there was little offseason for bad/rebuilding teams to retool.

    and jax rode a 3 game losing streak to the end last year. this was coming.

  51. @cobibones13
    Actually my professional skills are a BS and MS in engineering with a PE license. I’m guessing Garrard as most of the NFL doesn’t have a degree or if he does it ia a BA in communications.

    The point is he’s past his prime and somehow thinks he’s going to compete for a starting job.

    I’m willing to bet he’ll be broke in ten to fifteen years and living off of his wife’s paycheck. Austerity is not a common trait amoung recently retired pro atheletes. The list is a mile long.

  52. Yea, just what NFL teams want. A guy who doesn’t want to be put in a tough situation. No pressure. No team is going to touch this guy after this. No heart, no desire. Enjoy your retirement Davey.

  53. This sounds a lot like the end of the line for Dante Culpepper – not actually realizing you were cut….you are unemployed – and you aren’t in a position of stregnth.

    Wake up…or plan on taking snaps in the UFL or Arena league for 2 years before you become a spokesperson for the local Car dealership

  54. From reading this i can say honestly i don’t like his attitude. No wonder no one wants to sign you and the Jags cut you in the beginning of the season…

    Your barely a starter and you should be happy just to play football. One less David Garrard fan here.

  55. We all know the bad history with the Dolphins, so less get off the Andrew Luck band wagon, even as we know they should dump the head coach. they will most likely keep the General Manager, and if we get the high pick, they will go after a punter, you know , got to get younger, so unless the owner gets rid of the Dallas 2, we are doom for more failure. Its like working for a real dumb boss, you can only look for another job because there is no cure for stupid. Bill

  56. “samoanjungle says: Oct 8, 2011 11:24 PM

    Carson Palmer to the Dolphins for a 2nd rd pick”

    If Miami we in almost any other division that might make sense, but in the AFC East they could go 10-2 the rest of the way and likely end up 2nd or 3rd after an 0-4 start.

    Miami needs MORE draft picks, and a younger QB, not less draft picks and a formerly good QB with a torn up arm.

  57. “cobibones13 says: Oct 8, 2011 8:11 PM

    All you stupid ignorant losers acting like Garrard isn’t good enough to be a starter can just STFU, he was 13th in QB rating last year with crap WRs and mediocre protection. ”

    Sincerely, David Garrard’s agent.

  58. They only offered him $800k… and wouldn’t even guarantee that. He has a point.

    SN:: I’m a little disappointed about how the writers for NBC (on this app, anyway) tend to weave in biased perspectives/opinions into the stories. NBC, please just present the facts (all sides) and allow the readers to form our own thoughts about the situation. As you can see from all the comments, there are a multitude of opinions out there that don’t need to be led… only fed the truth.

  59. He basically, and bizarrely, is looking for a team that is in “good shape” yet is willing to bring him as their starter 4 weeks into the season.

    His agent really needs to sit down and have a serious talk with him soon.

    Maybe they’ve already seriously talked that decided there is probably no situation Garrard is likely to walk into being cut as late as he was this year, which is going to improve on waiting to see what normal free agency in 2012 brings. Especially if he took his “severance” from the Jags this year.

    Would you want to go to the 0-4 Dolphins when they offered you a minimum wage temp job and you’ll just be back on the street in February anyway?

    I bet Garrard can make better money (with more security) in the backup QB market next year than the Dolphins were offering him to fill in (possibly behind Matt Moore, at first) now.

    Yeah, he could come in cold and try to play for a desperate team the next couple of months. But it’s not likely to help his 2012 stock. He’s got an established body of work — the good and bad — out there already and sitting out 2011 won’t change people’s perceptions.

  60. This Garrard thing has taken on more steam. We can call it “Garrard-gate!” Does anyone really care? It is obvious that the Dolphins wisely wanted a shorter term contract so that they could evaluate Garrard’s performance with the not-so-hot Dolphin offense. Since the Vikings and the Colt’s have passed on his services, I have to ask, “Who else will be knocking on his door with a long term deal?”

    It is also obvious that Garrard’s agent created this he said-she said scenario attempting to save some portion of Garrard’s marketability. If the guy could play, he would have taken a couple of million dollars and played just to get a salary and illustrate that some team could get a good QB and win now!

    My guess is that this guy is either hurt or off his rocker! He is looking for a sucker to give him one last big payday! I saw – buy a McDonald Franchise and start selling burgers, Garrard!

  61. Let me clear things up for all u idiots who obviously know NOTHING about football. Garrard has an 85 qb rating for his career. He has almost 90 touchdowns and just over 50 interceptions. He has over 17,000 passing yards in just 4 seasons as a starter and hes done it all behind one of the worst offensive lines in the nfl. He is strong, he is fast, and if there is nothing in the air he can score with his legs. Do ur ur homework before u let diarrhea pour out of ur stupid mouths. His career QB rating is up there with some of the best in the game. Shut up please.

  62. Sounds to me like he needs good ol Jerry McGuire as his agent. “SHOW ME THE MONNNNEEEEYYYY!”

    That’s like a woman turning down your marriage proposal because their weren’t enough carrots in her ring. You can’t expect a lady to take you serious if you bought her ring from the K-Mart spin rack, now can ya?

  63. Garrard is an idiot! Unemployment is at 9.1% and this guy is turning down a job making millions. He proably couldn’t get a job at McDonalds unless he bought a franchise. Let this fool watch the game on TV like everyone else who is unemployed.

    Looking forward to the Jets game. I hope they get a picture of Sporano cheering on the field goal unit!

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