Favre claims he was “very gracious and complimentary” of the Packers, Rodgers


Brett Favre doesn’t talk all that much.  But when he talks, he talks plenty.

He talks so much that, as in the case of his recent talking points about the Packers, he has had to talk some more.

On Friday, Favre addressed the controversy that arose from his recent remarks on 790 The Zone in Atlanta, during which he said (among other things) that he was surprised it took Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers three years to win a Super Bowl, and that Rodgers fell into a good situation.

Nothing, for the most part, surprises me anymore,” Favre, who has caused many football fans to utter that same phrase on multiple occasions over the past three years, told USA Today.  “But I have to admit [the reaction to] this one surprised me.”

Yes, it surprised Favre.  Perhaps in the same way Rodgers’ failure to take a team stocked like a trout pond to a Super Bowl win in 2008 or 2009 surprised Favre.

Further confirming the depths of his delusion, Favre insisted that he said nothing about Rodgers that could be regarded as critical.  “It is very [infrequent] when I do interviews,” Favre said. “I was very gracious and complimentary of the Packers and Aaron Rodgers.”

Favre’s extreme characterization of his comments makes the two backhanded slaps stand out even more.  It’s not “very gracious and complimentary” to suggest that Rodgers got lucky, and it’s not “very gracious and complimentary” to suggest that Rodgers failed to capitalize on his good fortune even sooner.

The best possible outcome to all of this?  Maybe it will be even more infrequent when Favre does interviews.

123 responses to “Favre claims he was “very gracious and complimentary” of the Packers, Rodgers

  1. Please just let this guy go away!!!!! Stop talking to him…When he walks in the room, do not look at him or pay any mind to him. As a matter of fact we should all just walk away!

  2. Nothing surprises Favre anymore except it took Rodgers 3 long years to win a title and how anyone could view that as a shot. Typical Favre. Play the country bumpkin while he’s acting like a thin-skinned teenage girl that got beat out for head cheerleader.

  3. so you are really hoping he doesn’t do any more interviews? really? I am willing to bet that this article gets more comments than any other that you post today, simply because it was something Favre said. don’t bite the hand that feeds Flo…

  4. This guy’s vanity knows no bounds, exceeds that of mere mortals.

    He’s f-ing nuts, is what I’m saying.

    Or, a world-class doosh.

  5. You guys over-analyze EVERYTHING. Although I guess that is technically your job, you should at least acknowledge the obvious reality in this situation… Favre is clearly not the most eloquent guy in the room. He tried to make a nice point but started talking…and talking… and talking… and couldn’t find a way to shut himself up, eventually he said something that a) he likely didn’t mean and b) made no sense whatsoever. Not very surprising for people who lack extemporaneous speaking skills.

  6. Favre realizes he’s on the verge of becoming the third best quarterback in franchise history and is just making a jackwagon of himself trying to stay relevant.

  7. This man backtracks more than my ex-wife! Makes a pretty good path to the outhouse. (or as they say in Mississippi, indoor plumbing).

  8. As big an egomaniacal dope as Brett Favre is, this entire story is a media invention. You have to remember that Favre is a football player, not an orator or even a journalist or semi-pro blogger. I believe he was genuinely trying to be complimentary but that the words he chose had a meaning that could be taken another way. Maybe subconsciously he really is a player-hater but I have to think none of the sports writers who have been bashing him for a week are qualified to make that sort of mental health assessment.

    As people who communicate for a living, sports writers should know that this kind of thing often happens (even to them), and the classy thing to do would have been to cut the guy a little slack. But hey, this is the media, and if you can generate a week’s worth of stories out of a couple phrases a guy says then that saves a lot of time doing actual research and investigating and reporting.

    Besides, this is 21st century America. If you can’t get in trouble over the things you SAY, what CAN you get in trouble for?

  9. Not sure what the big deal is…..Brett was saying what everyone else was thinking but didn’t have the guts to say. Beside he did say that Rodgers was very talented and was right.he inherited a very talented team. I’d like to know how long it would have taken him if he only had one or two average to good receivers as Brett had most of his career along with an average defense. How good do you think Rodgers would be if he started out as a 49er as #1Smith did? What does have to do…kiss Rodgers butt.

  10. Why does the media take things that certain guys day and twist and turn them into something there not. And even with people seeing the actual words said, still go along with it. Ok so yea, Rodgers did start out playing for a good team and is it so bad that Favre thinks Rodgers was good enough to win a super bowl so quickly? Most people who are judging and throwing stones haven’t even heard the real interview, as is in most cases like these. Favre will never go away because the media likes to pull every last bit out of them and make every little thing they say headline news or the next breaking story. What’s next? Favre ordered a cheesesteak and said hold the cheese…so apparently he hates Wisconsin now.

  11. Please, shut up Brett! Don’t you have something important to do…like making another Wranglers commercial, taking your tractor for a spin, or texting more pic’s of the “Little Favre”??????

  12. He’s already blown his chance as the Packers team’s representative with his behavior & all of his actions. I hope his time with the Jets & his skirt chasing was worth the respect of the rest of his life in the eyes of GB fans.

    If I were him, I’d learn to stay quietly retired.

  13. Carve will do any interview, radio show or call a football game. Whatever it takes to stop his wife from giving him the Ike Turner daily for those text messages last year.

  14. Has anyone ever considered when Brett said “He got lucky” he was referring to ‘where’ and ‘when’ Rodgers came to the team and who he had to throw to? Secondly, when he said, “I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner”, he was talking about how good the team was, and it was expected?

    His comments, no matter how small, will forever be taken in a negative light just because everyone loves to hate him. I for one don’t agree with some of the things he has done off the field, but he just happens to be one of them that got caught doing stupid stuff. On the field? I wish more of today’s players had the heart and toughness Brett had throughout his career.

  15. Favre just doesn’t get it. Which isn’t surprising considering no one has ever accused him of being too smart for his own good.

  16. Put on your Wranglers, get in your pickup and just drive away from the spotlight, never to return.

  17. Really nothing new here, is there? Didn’t we figure out years ago that Favre’s arrogance and stupidity are every bit as big as his arm?

  18. If he were ever as good as he thinks he was. All of his records are due to the length of his career. He has one Superbowl win. Why would anyone stick a microphone in this idiot’s face? He’s simply a narcisist. If the conversation isn’t about his greatness, he’ll demean anyone else.

  19. My God…

    The hypocrisy of this article is suffocating. The way you can both pander to the Favre Hate by suggesting that Favre needs to stop talking, and yet make sure to still post anything he has to say in order to get as many hits as possible is more “backhanded” than anything Favre has said.

    He says the Packers and Rodgers are so good that he’s surprised they haven’t won sooner. Holy Crap, I spent most of my teen years in the 90s hoping for some great rock to fall from the sky and land on Favre, and even I have to say this crap gets blown out of proportion.

    By people who post crap like this. Like you know, you.

  20. I’m on Favre’s side on thus. He was trying to be complimentary and he wasn’t, mostly because he chose the wrong words. This is an age where every word gets dissected. Sucks but thats the way it is.

  21. One often hears of persons that “talk out of both sides of their face.”

    Favre is more like a ‘bag with 2 nozzles, spewing d.o.u.c.h.e from both sides.

    Rodgers is already better than Favre was, in every way, on Favre’s best day, and Rodgers is still improving. God only knows where the ceiling is with this kid.

    Get back on your tractor Bert. Nobody cares what you have to say. You built up a good deal of credit with gutsy play, but you’ve spent it with your petty childishness. It’s all gone. Just go away.

  22. “It’s not ‘very gracious and complimentary’ to suggest that Rodgers got lucky”

    It is, however, gracious and complimentary to the Packers, especially Ted Thompson, that they put such a great team together to make any QB lucky to be there. Because you know, he said he was complimentary to BOTH the Packers and Rodgers. It’s not all about how it looks on the Rodgers angle.

    “It’s not ‘very gracious and complimentary’ to suggest that Rodgers failed to capitalize on his good fortune even sooner.”

    But it IS very gracious and complimentary to say that Rodgers and the Packers are so good that it’s shocking they haven’t won already. Like it saying it’s shocking the Patriots didn’t win in 2007. Is that an insult now? You see, it’s all about how you look at it. But hey, you’ve got hate to pander to. What can ya do?

  23. I think he honestly believes what he is saying.

    Which makes him a moron, not a liar.

    Either way, I think he needs to stop talking.

  24. Here it is re-written without the exact person’s name included…

    Has anyone else reading this article actually listened to the interview on 790 in its entirety? I listen to 790 on my way home from work pretty much 5 days a week. They aren’t defending Favre but insist that all this media extrapolation is just people trying to make something out of nothing. Even Archer, who admits that he’s not a Favre apologist, says that there is no way that any of this should be taken the way that it has. They have even invited our beloved (writer of this article) to come on the radio to be interviewed and he has declined.

    So (writer of this article)…why not go on and interview with them (Archer & Bell)? If you ever want to graduate to legit sports writing then why not go on and defend your views? Otherwise you come across like some hack blogger who lives in his mom’s basement and has no friends.

    I enjoy reading your articles and check out this website daily. So I’m not trying to be a hack either when I say this.

    Most people would love for Favre to keep quiet. I myself enjoyed watching Favre play but could definitely live without the off the field drama that has been going on forever.

    BUT…writing articles like this that just stirs up the frenzy is just pointless dribble. His radio interview is only a big deal because of the multiple articles that you have written as well as all the other sportswriters that are trying to make a name for themselves.

  25. Every thing he says is taken & twested & he’s right it shouldn’t have taken the packers 3 yrs to win the SB just like it shouldn’t haven’t taken3 yrs for Bret to realise he should retired 3yrs sooner

  26. I believe thats how it was intended in fact I know thats how it was intended , as a compliment ! Basically what he said was Rodgers and the Packers were so talented that it was inevitable that a championship would happen and it could have happened at any time after he left ! There is a lot to learn from Steve Carlton don’t talk your words will be twisted !

  27. Rodney Harrison is right, Favre is a selfish, egotistical moron.

    It will be sad to see what the future holds for Favre who was a exciting Hall of Fame QB.

  28. If Favre gives Suzie Kolber a wet sloppy kiss on national TV would you, then, stop trying to keep him in the news? His best times were ON the field, away from women and microphones… let him fade away, please. One interview leads to 3 trying to minimize the damage that #1 did ~ open mouth, insert feet.

  29. Wow. I think Favre is an idiot, but you clearly haven’t listened to his interview. He was saying that he could see a young talented team, on the brink of a championship.

    Nothing like sensationalism to drive traffic to the website

  30. I guess a lot of people didnt listen to the interview. Listen to the transcript first. I am no Favre apologist but he is right in this sense but people’s perception of him will be negative so of course the negative reaction.

  31. The press keeps Favre going, just think if someone jumped on anything dumb the press says or writes and for sure the Insiders. The so called experts would go broke if they bet on what they have to say or predict.

  32. Packers fan will always love favre but Rogers will be loved more.
    Aaron Rogers is simply better than favre when all set and done.
    Favre will go to hall of fame no questions about that and he’ll cry and
    Cry and cry…all he wants after that. Aaron Rogers definitely has the chance to win 2 or 3 more super bowls like Brady and will be recognized as one of the greatest qb in history.

  33. Can we please, please let this Favre thing go? He said Rodgers was bright, he said Rodgers is very talented. He also said he meant it as a compliment to both Rodgers and to Green Bay. let’s just take him at his word. If he didn’t mean to compliment Rodgers, why say he did? It just doesn’t matter.
    Favre has made some doofus moves and is paying for it but we really enjoy piling it on, don’t we? I’ll likely get flamed for this, but Favre really isn’t the Anti-Christ and just maybe he’s trying to mend a few things. We complain that he just won’t go away but we keep commenting on how he won’t go away. Leave it up to Favre and Green Bay. That’s who is involved.

  34. i am not surprised. often drama is made where drama is not even present. i perceived Favre saying” surprised (Rodgers) didn’t win it sooner”, as a straight up compliment to Rodgers being a good player. Meaning from jump, Rodgers had the potential to take this team all the way. “Damn that boy good! ” everyone was saying from his first start. If Favre had said “he was surprised they won”, that could be a slight. Someone you think never having a chance; rises to the top to win? Surprising

  35. It really is quite amazing how thin-skinned are the Packers fans on this site. I’m not sure if Aaron Rodgers and the Packer players are as hypersensitive to perceived criticism, or if all of these stories are media-driven.

  36. He is just an ex-football player talking off the cuff on a local radio show.

    You treat it with the gravitas of a state department official making a major political gaffe that has started a war.

    Also …. I am sick and tired of privileged, millionaires whining about being disrespected by imagined slights.

    Hey, maybe not every single being on this planet thinks that you are the absolute greatest person who has ever existed. It happens.

  37. It never ends. He’s on the all time NFL Snarky team. Didn’t know when to give it up, wouldn’t mentor, took swipes at the organization that made him. Only thing that’ll happen with this is that the Packers organization will retire 12 before they retire 4. And 4 brought it on himself.

  38. Further confirming the depths of my delusion, I read this article all the way to the end.

  39. I never cared for favre, particularly how much he was slobbered over for doing dumb things on the field . “favre being favre”

    apparently now he is reduced to doing and saying dumb things off the field..

    IMO rodgers is as least as good of a qb as favre, but doesn’t have a screw loose. maybe favre played with too many concussions or took too many pills..In any case the guy who threatened to quit because he had no receivers should shut up about the talent rodgers inherited

  40. “I was very gracious and complimentary…” Screeech. Anyone reading this who has ever described him- or herself as “very gracious and complimentary” about anything even once, thumbs up. Otherwise, thumbs down. Do not text me with a pic, however.

  41. Everyone bashes the daylights out of Favre, but he has a valid point. The old man lead the Pack to the NFC Championship game, and the very next yr, Rodgers lead them nowhere. I agree with Favre on this one.

  42. Someone who is a PFTer who reads this stuff and knows #4, please advise him to do one of two things 1) figure out how to bend over backwards on complimenting the Packers organization i.e., “my time in Green Bay was so special to me” or “I will always be grateful to the Packers, Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren for believing in me and giving e the chance” or 2) decide to go into the HoF as with a vikings jersey and have AP or Childress put on your jacket. This guy was a great QB and put the Packers back in business for 15 years but he’s an athlete with an ego that is beyond compare. Someone needs to advise him better on the PR. He has to try to win over the Packers fans after what he pulled at the end of his career. This isn’t doing it and going in the wrong direction.

  43. Gee, what a shock that a reporter might use things out of context or focus on the negative. C’mon people, Favre doesn’t care about Rodgers or probably like him. He’s just being honest. He’s retired. Top ten of all time. How fast Packer fans forget how he resurrected your team from the doldrums in the 90’s.

  44. Favre needs a better advisor, or maybe his head is too big to take good advice. I think he is trying to win his way back into the hearts of Packer fans, he just doesn’t get it.

  45. “The best possible outcome to all of this? Maybe it will be even more infrequent when Favre does interviews.”

    After the last 3 years or so of covering anything and everything Favre, I don’t believe you really mean this for a second.

  46. Rodgers was so unwanted when he got to GB that he even had a few death threats. As I recall Favre didn’t exactly welcome him either. That’s not falling into a great situation as a matter of dumb luck.

  47. I can’t imagine being a former NFL superstar–lately, we have heard a lot about some of these guys, either saying negative things about the team the played for or refusing to visit the White House but it seems like they are all trying to keep the attention on themselves–it must be sad to realize that everything you’ve accomplished–when you are done playing–no one really cares anymore–i guess that’s kind of sad

  48. I still dont hear what you cats are saying about his interview..I think your sretching i think he WAS giving them an addaboy and ya:ll took it as an all s@#t….I agree he need to take the John Deere off into the sunset,but i think ya’ll fishing here.

  49. Favre is a HOFer and is an NFL Legend once he has a few season away from the game and is inducted into the Hall (which will be on his first try) everyone will love the guy again. But as of now Favre needs to stay away from the cameras, microphones and field.

  50. This man is so bitter about getting old. If he insists on trying to stay relevant, he should talk to the good folks at Activia about an endorsement deal.

  51. FFS, let’s move on from the Farve stories already. No one CARES

    There are a ton of great game stories more intriguing than this story

    ie: Packers vs Falcons
    Patriots vs Jets

  52. Rodney expanded on his stance last night on NFLTA. He said he talked to Jets players who told him how selfish Favre was and how he had different rules and a separate locker area (just like he did in GB).He was getting all fired up like he wanted to put a jersey on again and go hit that diva MF. It was awesome.

  53. Superior fan base – check
    Superior players – check
    Superior coaches – check
    Superior front office – check
    Superior media – check
    Superior facilities – check
    Superior stadium – check
    Superior concession stands – check
    Superior ballboys – check
    Superior at being superior – check

    The Steeler Nation’s dominance in this league is unmatched (6). This is unfair to you and we understand this. That is why we are making the neccessary changes to make it work for everyone. After we win our seventh Lombardi this year we will start our own league. You get to keep your pansy league while we start a real football league for the game as it was made.

    This league will consist of the Steelers organization (this means the superior facets listed above) ONLY. We will establish rules from the ground up. These rules will stick to the foundations the game was based on. 112 members of the NFL may enter this league after deemed “pure”. We’ll introduce our own draft system that will occur every year (details still need arrangement). The orginal Steelers team (in all it’s glory) will be divided into eight teams for the first season. The system is subject to change after every football year.

    Everyone prepare for the SFL

  54. Sheesh, you guys give Favre too much credit. I believe him 100% when he says he didn’t mean it – he’s likely not a deep enough thinker to play in those waters. The reality is the press, being the jackals that they are, saw an opening to blow up all over the screen, akin to the Jackson Pollock painting remark in a Two & a Half Men episode, and exploded all over it. Give it a break already.

  55. The man has a point. With a lock down defense and so many offensive wepons they should have won one earlier… but they are going to win it this year again

  56. Give it a rest already. Favre never said Rodgers got lucky, he just said he was surprised he didn’t win it sooner. Give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was complimenting Rodgers skills and the quality of the Packers as a team and LET THIS GO.

  57. “Maybe it will be even more infrequent when Favre does interviews.”

    One can hope, but I doubt it. That would require media to stop asking Favre to talk to them. Until radio stations like The Zone remove the temptation, Favre is unlikely to stop talking.

  58. Another slow week for NFL headlines! So the leftist media attempts to make a mountain out of a mole hill. At least Tony Romo is happy that he’s being ignored for a day or two!

  59. Please stop trying to sway public opinion against this guy. The Packers executive commitee along with Ari Fleischer have already done that. As Ron Wolf has said, there has never been anyone that wore a Packer uniform that was greater than Favre.

  60. Come on people. I’ll never understand the “Favre loves the spotlight” bullplop. This is the first time we’ve heard from Favre since the end of season except for when he has had reporters bother him in his own town to reaffirm he isn’t playing. And if you don’t like Favre stories, don’t read them. Or, PFT, don’t post them. You’re all a bunch of teenage schoolgirl hens clucking about everything he says or does. Its pathetic.
    Do you notice the Favre stories get more hits and comments than most others on this site? Yet you HATE Favre. You know what? I HATE Jersey Shore. So I don’t watch it. Or go near it. Or read about it. Maybe I’m crazy, but most people, logically, avoid things they dislike. PFT’ers on the other hand, must have their two sense heard about Brett Favre, like water-cooler gossip at work.
    Take off the green and golden glasses.

    He said Rodgers was good. He said he fell into a good situation. Both are flippin’ true! We have said for years that sitting behind Rodgers helped mature him as a player. Did you see him as a rookie? Horrid. We have said that he has a talented team, the best wide receivers in the league, and a top ten defense. But when Favre says it, then it becomes an insult? There’s nothing wrong with falling into a good situation. I bet Alex Smith wishes every day that San Fran took Rodgers so he could be in Aaron’s shoes. Hate Favre? That’s fine. Act like it. But that doesn’t mean that everything he says is wrong, insulting, or pointless. Thumbs down this comment too. I’m sure most of you will. And proceed to cluck some more about Brett Favre needing to go away. But maybe, just maybe, you can start clucking at PFT for posting an article about him dailing, hoping he unretires.

  61. Would everyone just calm down already…when i read his first comment about Arod I took it as a compliment, like “I thought Aaron had the talent to go to SB sooner…” as if in a good, positive way.
    Oh well, I guess when you hate someone you’ll read them wrong EVERYTIME and they’re better off not opening they’re mouth at all.
    Sorry Brett, I’ll apologize on behalf of the haters.

  62. Can we add this to his interception record??? Apparently it didn’t go where he intended and he would like to have it back!

  63. j972, Ron Wolf was a great GM. and is still highly appreciated in GB. But not everyone agrees with him given recent developments.

  64. favre is right if all the haters please just look at the whole donut and not just the hole in it -brett said aaron has tremendous talent and he is very bright and the packers have a great team ..wow people get a life everyone will just focus on what they want to to make a story. he meant no disrespect in saying he was suprised it took 3 years – see whole interview

  65. Brett doesn’t want Rodgers or the Packers to do well, he’s just a sycophant. Only the poor suckers who think this guy played “for the love of the game” will believe him now.

    He’s manipulative, has to be in the spotlight, and is vindictive. I’m just thankful his Viking Super Bowl run ended on his INT. It got better when Rodgers and the Pack had an amazing run that netted the Lombardi trophy. The next one puts Rodgers ahead of Favre forever, which will drive Brett utterly insane.

  66. Favre, what a dork. This guy has totally trashed his image all by himself. His records won’t be remembered as much as his ability to insert foot in mouth.
    Why won’t this guy go away. Maybe his wife, the social flower, is driving him crazy sitting in the swamps of Hattiesburg with nuttin to do. You can only sit on the tracker so long then it ain’t fun anymore.

  67. redrifle14 says: “Everyone bashes the daylights out of Favre, but he has a valid point. The old man lead the Pack to the NFC Championship game, and the very next yr, Rodgers lead them nowhere.”

    Get real. I vividly recall the Ol’ Gunslinger saying that not being able to predict that the same team would be good the next season was a reason he was considering retirement.

  68. Brett,
    You had your time, you wore out your welcome, now shut up and go away. And stay away! Your fear of Aaron Rodgers upstaging your legacy is clear and certainly a valid concern. Most everyone has already forgotten about you, just try to show just a little class and let A-Rod have his time.

  69. Brett’s behavior (on and off the field) the past few years has tarnished his legacy. Brett is likely to be remembered for: the “will he or won’t he retire” drama; going to the Vikings just to spite the Packers; texting pic’s of his pr#*% to a woman (not his wife)…when he could have been remembered for: the record of most consecutive starts; one of the best QB’s in Packers’ history; the inspirational story of his recovery from pain pill addiction; etc.
    Sad…and disappointing.

  70. The team was loaded for bear in 2007, Rodgers was lucky to be drafted there, and I was surprised they didn’t make a deeper run, in 2009 at least.

  71. I love Aaron Rogers, but he has more than a touch of arrogance. I surely don’t see all the “class” they keep talking about, what with that kinda cornball championship belt thing and the way he conducts interviews.

    True “class” would take saying, “Favre was a great quarterback and I AM lucky to have succeeded him.” He may not fully mean it, but “class” means taking the high road against those you feel may have slighted you.

  72. The media is pathetic. If you serious read what he said and take that as a jab at rodgers then you my friend are a complete idiot and a sheep following the media. He complimented rodgers and the media twists it which ever way they want so they actually have a story. get over favre already.

  73. Favre uses the press, by design. And you idiots in the press keep falling for it. Favre is not a dummy. This was planned and calculated, to rock the Packers boat/locker room, and to get himself back in the news. And you idiots fell for it!

  74. this site and others like it are irresponsible. favre WAS complimentary. but you sports writers have no life and have to create DRAMA wherever you can, so you spin the facts. shame on all of you. you’re pathetic.

  75. I guess Favre is supposed to say everything everybody wants him to say all the time, and meanwhile every sports reporter on Earth will continue to interview him and force him to continue saying everything everyone wants to hear.



  76. No matter what he says SOMEBODY will turn it into some kind of B.S. “issue”.

    Maybe he “retired” so he could be left ALONE??

    You can only get so much milk from the cow before the milk turns to piss and vinegar.

    And Rodgers IS an arrogant turd. Why pretend he’s not?

  77. Come on give the guy a break. He’s a legend. His comments were an obvious tip of the hat to Rodgers. If you don’t get that then kill yourself. Really.

  78. Favre was asked a question and answered it truthfully. It a sane universe, no one would have found it insulting. But in Packersland, he could have fallen on the ground and licked Aaron’s boots and the world would still have said he was a disrespectful diva who should have gone away. They won’t be happy until Favre is dead and buried. Even then, they’ll complain he died in a way that cast aspersions on the Packers and their precious Aaron. 🙄

  79. Why don’t you lighten up a little bit, maybe he’s not as smart as you highly educated media boys. He just might have just phrased his answer wrong while trying to be complimentary. You seem to have some sort of obsession about digging up everything Favre does and then wishes he would go away. Maybe YOU needs some Professional help to get over it.

  80. To those of you posting that what Favre said is a compliment you are absolutely correct. But you fail to understand that by the very definition a backhanded compliment requires a compliment. A backhanded compliment tho provides provisions or works to diminish the compliment given. There is no argument that Favres rambling served to put qualifiers on it and served Favres own ego. Ultimately I think both sides are a bit overblown. Packers and Packer fans need to recognize that Favre has made strides to even bring himself to compliment his old team. And Favre needs to understand he’s done enough to alienate Rodgers, his old fan base and team to warrant extreme skepticism over anything he says.

  81. Favre is one of the most self-absorbed egotists to ever play sports.

    He never helped Rodgers learn the game at any point he was in Green Bay.

    He pretends Rodgers “fell into” a great situation and wonders why he didn’t win a ring sooner. If the team was so great, why didn’t Favre win another ring around that time?

    Why did it take Favre five years to win a ring when it took Rodgers only three?

    Favre declared the Vikings team he helmed was the best team he ever played on. Why didn’t he win a ring with them, then? Oh, that’s right, too busy throwing picks.

    And for Favre to insinuate, as the hillbilly did, that the Pack was so good last year that no one should be surprised they could win a title even with Rodgers, he completely ignores the fact that that team was rife with second-string and third-string players, because so many of the star starters were out for the year.

    Send someone a photo of your junk, Brett, because your endless petty jealousies are so pathetic. Keep acting high school and destroy what’s left of your legacy.

  82. Sorry Deb but I must disagree witgh your take on Packer fans. It was PFT, ESPN other supposed experts who said his comments were a backhanded compliment/slap. Most Packer fans I know have gotten over Favre and choose to remember his good years in GB and look over the last 3 years.

    Favre can never be irrelevant. The media will not allow it. Every time the man speaks it is completely dissected. Unfortunately his talent did go so far as to include his ability to speak precisely & pointedly leaving some of his ramblings subject to interpretation.

    I realize there are some Packer fans on here who are still having issues with Favre but all fan bases have rubes. Hell, look at the drivel 7thLombardiisontheway posts…even after the losses.

    Personally I’d like to see the Pack & Favre somehow mend fences and have them retire his jersey the same year he goes into the HOF. I just don’t think the media will allow it. NFL channel is currently hyping their NFL Gameday Morning show with “Michael Irving sits with Aaron Rodgers for a response to Favre”. I’m sure it’ll be somewthing along the lines of can’t change the fact that he followed Favre, how he loves being a Packer and he can only control the things he can control, blah, blah, blah….

  83. all he meant was that he had so much respect for Aaron’s talent, and thought he would have won a superbowl faster than 3 years. Its a compliment. Farve expected Rodgers to win right away.

    amazing how the masses finds that offensive.

  84. Right. AR was on the bench for a couple years. “It’s not in my contract to mentor Aaron Rodgers.”

    But AR should have won the Super Bowl his first or second season as a starter. Right. Even though Favre considered retiring because, as he said, the team that went 13-3 could go 3-13 the next year.

    Wake up, apologists.

  85. No Brett you are suppose to bow down and kiss the feet of the almighty Packers and their hillbilly fans. The same ones who all hated Arron Rodgers when he was drafted and wanted to run Ted Thompson out of town.

  86. How about the I’m retiring, I might be unretiring, no I’ll stay retired, then his post-draft unretirement, then his refusal to compete and all the chaos that caused.

    Yeah, that was a really good, easy situation for Rodgers to fall into to. Every analyst on the planet expected Rodgers to fail because of the noise and the intense pressure he was under. Half the fan base at least wanted Rodgers gone.

    Favre’s a dick.

  87. I’m tired of the childish bickering between Packer fans and Favre. I think the majority of people took the diva’s comments to be complimentary and only a conspiratorial packer fan would think otherwise. Favre is a diva, no doubt about it but he’s also proven over the past 2 decades that he isn’t very good at articulating his thoughts. Packer fans apparently forget that Favre has disparaged many a team, player and fan throughout his career as a member of the Packers…….and that was ok then accordingly to Packer fans becuz he was a “tough throw-back player who pulled no punches” but now that the shoe is on the other foot, they are the first and loudest to cry wolf!

  88. Hey, rulz!!!

    Yes, I know a lot of Green Bay fans appreciate the good things Favre did as a Packer and the sports media uses anything the man says to stir up controversy. I’m just talking to the pot-stirrers and to those Green Bay fans here who regularly dump all over him 🙂

    Oh, we Steelers fans don’t pay any mind to 6ringsblahblahblah7. He’s not one of us–just a guy who’s riffing on our fans to make fun of us and irritate everyone else. He’s been outed as a Redskins fan. Apparently he didn’t know Steelers fans don’t say, “Hail!” 😉

    Hope you’re doing well!

  89. Favre, like most of us, finds it much easier to be gracious when he’s being told that he’s the greatest than when he’s hearing that someone else is better. In his prime he could be very circumspect of QBs like Marino and Starr. When he came back to GB as a Viking the first time and won, he was kind in his comments toward Rodgers. Now he sees that things are moving on quite nicely without him, and it eats at him. Just a competitive human being who happens to have all the things he says, including the not-so-diplomatic stuff, put under the public microscope.
    And Deb, I don’t know how the picture looks from hundreds of miles away. Favre will always have his… fans? supporters? apologists? in Wisconsin as in the nation. But the general perception in the place where people watched the saga unfold, heard every interview, and read every story is this: Favre not only burned his bridges when leaving the team, he then relieved himself in the river. Many former Packers have ended their careers with other teams and are still loved by Packer fans. To cite a recent example, I can guarantee that Aaron Kampman can come back and make good money at autograph sessions anytime he wants to. If you really think that this is all just a bunch of bitterness on the part of Packer fans, you’re nowhere near as intelligent as I thought you were.

  90. @ footballrulz –

    The media has agendas. They are looking for viewership or website hits, and controversy works like a charm.

    scudbot says:
    Oct 8, 2011 9:44 AM

    Rodgers was so unwanted when he got to GB that he even had a few death threats. As I recall Favre didn’t exactly welcome him either. That’s not falling into a great situation as a matter of dumb luck.


    Favre was talking about the football side of things and said as much in the interview. He also said Rodgers was bright and had tremendous ability. But hey, let’s just focus on something we can twist and interprit negatively. You Packer fans need to stop being so emotional when it comes to Favre. It’s sad really.

  91. Everybody on here talking about favre needing to shut up needs to shut up because if you really werent interested you wouldnt be reading and commenting on this article…Also favre made rodgers the QB he is today because if rodgers would have went to the 49ers he would be in the same spot alex smith is in…

  92. stavreafavre says:

    And Deb, I don’t know how the picture looks from hundreds of miles away. … Favre not only burned his bridges when leaving the team, he then relieved himself in the river. Many former Packers have ended their careers with other teams and are still loved by Packer fans. … If you really think that this is all just a bunch of bitterness on the part of Packer fans, you’re nowhere near as intelligent as I thought you were.
    It’s a complex situation, and yes, I see all the colors. You’ve got a vet superstar edging past his prime who can’t let go and doesn’t see–or doesn’t care–that his indecision may cripple the franchise (as Bradshaw did Pittsburgh). You’ve got a young guy who knows his window won’t be open long and resents delaying his opportunity. And a team winds up having to choose between its past and its future. The guy who spent years as the Chosen One doesn’t react well to getting the boot, and to prove he’s still Da Man. It’s the Young/Montana dynamic. But that didn’t occur during the Blog Age when every word Joe said would have been reprinted in hopes of generating page clicks. And Joe is more subtle than Brett.

    Of course, I understand why a lot of Pack fans feel as they do about Brett. But I wish more of them could understand why Brett behaved as he did. No matter how tough they seem, athletes are fragile. It’s not easy being beloved, then seeing that love shifted to someone else.

    I’m under no illusions about Brett’s character flaws. But there aren’t many things I admire more than people who keep getting up no matter how many times they’re knocked down. That’s how Brett played the game. No skirt for that QB. So I indulge myself by taking his side. Doesn’t mean I don’t see the Big Picture.

  93. Football World to Brett: John Madden’s not around to spin your idiotic quotes anymore. Don’t do interviews. Quit sending pics of your junk to chickies. You’re done. Spend your next 5 years in obscurity and maybe we’ll forget how much of a douche you really are.


    Bears Fan.

  94. justafanofitall says:Oct 8, 2011 8:30 AM
    “I’d like to know how long it would have taken him if he only had one or two average to good receivers as Brett had most of his career along with an average defense. How good do you think Rodgers would be if he started out as a 49er as #1Smith did? What does have to do…kiss Rodgers butt.”

    1: So Donald Driver/JavonWalker/Greg Jennings/KeithJackson/Chewy/RobertBrooks/SterlingSharpe/AntonioFreeman/and the rest of those guys were “average” ?

    2: Reggie White/Kampman/KGB/Sharper/McKenzie/Butler/Woodson/Harris/Collins/etc.
    Those were “average” defenses?

    3: Quit yapping about Alex Smith, that dude is a straight up doofus. I wonder if Charger fans keep saying, “Well if Peyton were drafted by us, he’d be as much of a bust as Ryan Leaf.”

  95. txxxchief says:Oct 8, 2011 9:19 AM
    “It really is quite amazing how thin-skinned are the Packers fans on this site. I’m not sure if Aaron Rodgers and the Packer players are as hypersensitive to perceived criticism, or if all of these stories are media-driven.”

    If your team were relevant and everyone were taking shots at them from a bunch of whiney fans of loser teams, it’d get under your skin to… or at the very least annoy you… but you wouldn’t know that cause it’s been what? 30 some years since the chiefs mattered.

  96. redrifle14 says:Oct 8, 2011 9:32 AM
    “Everyone bashes the daylights out of Favre, but he has a valid point. The old man lead the Pack to the NFC Championship game, and the very next yr, Rodgers lead them nowhere. I agree with Favre on this one.”

    Favre and vikings were basically the same exact team as the 09 squad that were in the NFC title game and they went nowhere in 2010.
    And it wasn’t like that defense didn’t show up, they shut down Vick and helped that WR turned QB win a road victory against a playoff team.

    So… you know, for all the favre fans that like to bring up 08, I just want you to remember 2010.

  97. axespray says:

    If your team were relevant and everyone were taking shots at them from a bunch of whiney fans of loser teams, it’d get under your skin to… or at the very least annoy you…

    Are you kidding??? Oh please spare me the preaching! The Pack has been relevant for about five minutes. My team has been relevant for a few years now, and you have been one of many guys constantly trying to get under our skin. Good grief, it’s a wonder lightning doesn’t strike you for posting that hypocritical nonsense!

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t comment on Favre to take shots at Pack fans. I comment on Favre because I’m a fan of the Iron Man he was on the field and am tired of seeing him bashed everytime he opens his mouth no matter how innocuous his comment. It’s about him, not you. 🙄

  98. @ axespray says:

    Talking about another team’s irrelevancy when yours was the same for over a quarter century? Obviously you don’t know your own team’s history well enough.

    Considering you Packer fans never let anyone forget the number of injured players you had last year (most of which were back-ups) as well as using the injury bug as the excuse the Packers didn’t fair well under Rodgers’ first year; you should be fully aware of how injuries can derail a season.

    The 2010 Vikings weren’t essentially the exact same team as 2009. They had only two offensive players who played every game (and even they went down during games). The interior line suffered from inuries all year; the wide receiver corp was a mess; and every DB missed time except Winfield, including street free agents they picked-up during the season. Inuries piled up at those three positions.

    Inuries played a key part to the fall-off from 2009 to 2010. That and crappy play.

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