Hue Jackson wants the NFL to become a running league again


In a season when six different quarterbacks are on pace to break the NFL record for passing yards, running the ball seems like an afterthought. But Raiders coach Hue Jackson thinks that will change soon enough.

Jackson says that by the end of this season, passing numbers will come back to earth and the good teams will separate themselves by running the ball.

“Hopefully, as the season goes along, I think the league will get back to what it was,” Jackson said. “The teams that can throw the ball will always throw it pretty good. But I think when it gets late in the year, you’ve got to be able to run the ball.”

As the coach of the NFL’s leading rusher, Darren McFadden, Jackson has reason to hope that teams that run the ball will come out on top in the end this season. And Jackson is surely right that some of these crazy passing numbers we’ve been seeing aren’t going to continue. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers and Tony Romo aren’t all going to break Dan Marino’s record of 5,084 yards, even though they’re all on pace to do it now.

But NFL rules favor the passing game more than ever before, and that’s not changing. It may just be wishful thinking to expect the NFL to become a running league again.

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  1. tony romo, and every dallas fan share your sentiment hue. when you watch multiple 20 point leads vanish in the second half, it is proof positive that the running game is still a very important facet of football

  2. It will cycle. As teams adjust their defenses to stop the pass, running with success will become easier. Look at the Eagles, for example. Everyone’s going to run with power on that small/quick defense because they CAN, and they’re not the only defense who was too narrow-sighted to build in a balanced way.

  3. The NFL needs to bring back cornerback contact after 5 yards. Teams just have too many weapons and there are not enough cornerbacks on the face of the earth that can cover with all the constraints the NFL puts on defenses.

  4. Only way is if the rules revert back a little, allowing DBs more leeway against receivers.

    The competition committee seems to have lost some soul. The committee should always be keeping an eye on the balance of the game, instead of on the dictate of a commish out for safety issues only. If Goodell was for real, he’d appreciate that football is a game that is hinged on multiple facets. Skewing a balance ruins the beauty of the tactical game.

  5. Eventually, if the league becomes *sooo* geared towards passing… then defenses will become geared more towards the pass. And then some smart coach out there will start running the ball and probably win a championship doing it.

    The football gods will even everything out in the end, we just all have to have faith.

    God I need to get more sleep.

  6. Tony Romo is a choke artist he will not break the record for most passing yards just the record for how may games choked away.

  7. I personally think they should allow the corners to get physical with wr’s again. Pre- colts/pats afc championship game style. I mean if you can’t hit these wr’s fine but at least make it harder for them to get the ball!!

  8. I love a great tough run game. I think a lot of them have suffered due to lack of padded practices. Running for running sake isn’t the point though. The point is that the team that runs successfully is the one IN CONTROL of the game 90% of the time. There’s a reason that teams tat run for more than 100 yards have a better W-L than teams that pass for 300 yards.

  9. He’s right. Running the ball is about control. It is fun to watch those qbs carve up defenses, but guys like Ronnie Lott, John Lynch, and Ray Edwards gave those receivers something to think about. Goodell’s p#$$y a$$ keeps trying to take that part of the game away.

  10. I love all aspects of the game, but for a couple decades now the run has been sed to set up the pass, not vice versa as people claim. Stats make that clear.

    I’ve been a fan since the early 60s and I never wanna see the league go back to that boring “3 yards and a cloud of dust”.

  11. It’s all about marketing.
    High scores=fan interest (not necessarily the true football fan).

    So, the NFL decides “we need more scoring”= more passing, and less receiver interference.

    This makes for a faster paced game= more excitement. (At least in the NFL’s eyes)

    I’m with Hue. Power running and smash mouth football is the backbone of what football has always been and hopefully will come back to.

  12. Hue needs to be careful what he wishes for considering the Raiders defense gives up 6 yards per carry…

  13. marcsasharc says: Oct 8, 2011 11:49 AM

    It’s a passing league, Hue. Get with the program, it’s 2011.

    Jackson can’t fix everything all at once, but passing league or not, running backs still finish games. Especially when the weather gets nasty.

  14. No way this is a hi-lite game the pass is the way to go quick scores running the ball is to mush work it fast pace go go go with the pass.

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