Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis has died

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Al Davis, the Oakland Raiders owner who was one of the towering figures of professional football over the last half century, has died.

The Raiders’ web site has confirmed that Davis passed away this morning. He was 82.

In 1963, the Raiders, at the time a struggling franchise in the upstart American Football League, hired the 33-year-old Davis to be their head coach and general manager. He instantly reversed the team’s fortunes and was named the AFL’s Coach of the Year in their first season.

After three seasons as the team’s head coach, Davis briefly left to become commissioner of the AFL, and his aggressive approach in competing head to head with the NFL was one of the reasons that the NFL’s owners agreed to merge with their rival league. With that mission accomplished, Davis settled into a new role as managing general partner of the Raiders, a role he would stay in for the rest of his life.

On Davis’s watch, the Raiders won Super Bowls XI, XV and XVIII. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1992 and is the only person to serve as a personnel assistant, scout, assistant coach, head coach, general manager, commissioner and team owner.

Davis will be remembered as one of the greatest contributors to the game of football that the sport has ever seen.

256 responses to “Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis has died

  1. If you are a fan of American football, this is a sad day. It doesn’t matter which team you follow. This man has done a lot for professional football.

    Rest in peace, Al.

  2. R.I.P. Al

    You might have been seen as a crazy owner, but your help to merge the two leagues to create what we now know as the NFL will always be remembered.

    Just Win Baby

  3. He was great for the Raiders back in the day, but was terrible at his job these past few years. The Raiders can finally be good again.

  4. Terrible news. All fans owe Al Davis a debt of gratitude. Truly an icon of the sport. He will be missed. Rest now, Mr. Davis. You have earned it.

  5. Everyone may have bitched and moaned and rolled their eyes about him at times, but I think that everyone truly respected the man.
    He never bowed to other people’s input on how to run HIS team. I liked that.
    R.I.P. Al.

  6. You can mock some of his draft choices.. But you got to give Al Davis respect for what he did for the NFL..

    Rest in peace.

  7. Mr. Davis has always done things his way. It wasn’t always perfect, but Al was never shy about going after the players he wanted. Never reluctant to spend money to sign players that he felt could help the Raiders win.
    I’ve always said, that I would rather have an owner trying to improve his team, spending the money than a dead beat owner who was frugal with their money.

    RIP Mr. Davis.

  8. R.I.P. Definitely the passing of a legend. As a Broncos fan, I sure didn’t like the guy on 2 Sundays a year, but he made a contribution to the game that cannot be overstated.

  9. Say what you will but Al Davis did as much for football as anyone in it’s storied history. This is a sad day for NFL fans of any team, especially “Raider Nation”

  10. The Al was one of a very few owners who inspired bitter rivalries with everyone, including the NFL. You know, one of the guys who made the league into something we wanted to see. Rest in peace.

  11. Very sad news. Al Davis was an innovator and a leader. He was the first NFL owner to hire an African American coach and promoted equality in many other ways. RIP.

  12. I never knew the guy personally, but growing up, everyone knew Al… The guy’s fingerprints on the game On and Off the field is why the NFL can be considered as popular as it is today.
    In a weird sense, it sort of feels like an uncle or grandfather just died.

    RIP Al

  13. Holy ****!
    I was just reading another news site, when the page refreshed with a “BREAKING NEWS” banner.
    All things considered, that was kinda sudden…

  14. Every time you watch a Super Bowl, you can thank Al Davis for making it happen. A bigger football fan never existed. RIP, Al.

  15. Regardless of what people may think of Al Davis over the past few years, you can’t deny his importance and legacy with the NFL.

    The NFL, Raider Nation, and all football fans around the world has lost A true leader and pioneer … RIP Al Davis

  16. Anyone that takes this moment to say “the Raiders can be good again” needs to seriously check themselves. There is something wrong with you.

    Do some research on the guy; he’s been SO important to the game that we all love right now. Nothing but love and condolences for this man and his family (including the football one) at this time.

  17. Without Al Davis, we do not have the NFL we have today. PERIOD.

    He may have been crazy, he may have hurt the Raiders over the last few years, but he has my utmost respect.

    His success with the early AFL made it possible for my Dolphins to exist.

    This is a huge loss for any football lover.

    P.S. Thank you, PFT for adding a proper picture for this one…

  18. A sad day for the Raider organization and the NFL. RIP Mr. Davis.

    To those commenting about how the Raiders can now be great again, now’s not the time. Have some respect.

  19. Damn. Whether you love or loathe the Raiders….and I consider myself in the latter category, football has truly lost a giant of the game. The modern NFL has Davis’s fingerprints all over it, and the game is better for it.

    Condolences to his family and all of Raider Nation from this Charger fan.

  20. Mad props to Big Al from a lifelong 49er fan. You and your overhead projector will be missed. Brash, bold, cutting edge. He sometimes seemed misguided in his battles with the league office, but there’s no doubt he helped change the game for the better. No doubt. RIP. I’ll only say this today . . . Go Rayduhz!

  21. He had an impact on the game. Tremendous impact. But he was also a bit of a tool in his later years with the relocating nonsense and treatment of head coaches. And much of that nonsense occurred before it could just be said “look at that old crazy coot.”
    So let’s keep it real as many of you add “RIP” as your addition to the topic or state what a sad day it is. Many of you also stated in the past 6 months you wished he would go away so the Raiders could win again.

  22. He kept total control of the organization for too long and fighting the league hurt him but he has a special place in NFL history….Who can forget the Oakland Raiders of the late 60’s and 70’s…..

  23. He help shaped the game into what it is today, a visionary. I am not a Raiders fan but a football fan and this is a big loss. RIP Al Davis.

  24. Love him or hate him, he was undeniably one of the greatest personalities the NFL has ever known. He was and always will be known as the antagonist and out of the box
    thinker. He will be missed. Sad day for the NFL.

  25. What a sad day for me. Al Davis has built today’s NFL. It’s a sad day for the Raiders, It’s a sad day for the NFL. Rest In Peace Mr. Davis you will be greatly missed. Nation For Life!

  26. I can only hope that the “kids” that post on pft do not use this to make jokes. Half of them do not even know what AFL means. I am a skins fan and please show the respect this man deserves. Yeah, lately some questionable moves again as a skins fan I can relate but let the man rest in peace.

  27. The last 8 years have been brutal for Raiders fans. Sometimes you just wanted Al out of the way. But hearing of his passing leaves me with sadness because he was truly a football genius and legend before his time.

    I think down deep we all want to be like Al..win and do it our way and tell the establishment to go to hell.

    Al Davis will be missed..RIP

  28. I was hoping the Raiders would get back to the Bowl before he passed so he could prove the naysayers wrong. This Raiders team has his fingerprints all over it. Not a Raider fan, but Just Win, Baby.

  29. Devastating news. Tho he was very old and ill, it just didn’t seem like this day would happen this soon. A great loss to the NFL, and American sporting culture.

  30. Great,great Coach and General Manager. This Man was the Raiders,plain and simple. I think the Raiders will beat the Texans tomorrow,unfortunately, but now they got some help from above. Rest in Peace.

  31. I was sitting here planning out the day. Go to work till noon, get a load of firewood, go fishing. Then see this on the NFL network.
    I’m stunned. $hit, now I don’t want to do anything.
    RIP Mr. Davis

  32. The end of an era-there will never be another team with the personality of the Raiders. While all other teams are just bland corporate structures made up of inter changeable parts the Silver and Black had an identity personified by Mr. Davis. Many fans especially younger ones may not know of the many contributions Al made to the sport and while he may have been controversial he was a giant who helped make pro football what it is today.

  33. RIP Al Davis. Although recently he was known as just the crazy old guy who overstayed his welcome, perhaps no other individual has had a bigger impact on the NFL then Mr. Davis. “Just win, baby.”

  34. Loved the game of football, loved his team.

    Disagree with him or not, easy to say, never will be another like him. He made the game, and football season interesting.

    I’d take THAT any day over passivity.

  35. This is sad news. Regardless of how you felt about the man, you could never doubt his passion for the game. He made me shake my head a time or two wondering what he was thinking with his draft choices but the Raiders were his baby. Tip of the hat to the Raider Nation, we know you lost someone special today.

  36. The definitive Al Davis biography will be the definitive biography of the American Football League and the powerful role he played in starting it, sustaining it, challenging the NFL, forcing it into a merger and then dominating it as one of the owners .

    “Just win, baby,” is my favorite all time sports cliche. I’ll never forget Al accepting the Lombardi Trophy from Pete Rozelle, a man he had battled and even sued. Davis was classy in his acceptance and he and Pete are having a martini in the sky right now,

    Steelers fans like their rivalry with the Ravens but there was no rivalry to match Steelers-Raiders in the 70s. Brutal hits, immaculate receptions and deceptions, lawsuits, it had it all.

    Next year is the 40th Anniversary of the Immaculate Reception. Al’s looking at the tape right now. Still think it hit Fuqua first.

  37. This is sad. Al Davis deserves some credit for shaping the NFL into what it is today. His innovative days were behind him but he still deeply cared for his team. There are only a handful of teams that make the entire NFL better when they are relevant, and the Raiders are one of those teams. RIP, Al. I wish you could have at least lived to see another division title.

    On another note, to the folks on here just ripping him and talking about draft busts, etc: I hope you realize people like you bring the whole planet to a lower level of decency. A man who helped deliver the sport you love and never did you any harm has died. Say something appropriate or shut up.

  38. gr8whte says:
    Oct 8, 2011 10:43 AM
    Finally, the raiders can be great again.

    You’re an A-hole.
    A member of the HOF just passed away.

    Signed, Angry Bills fan

  39. what a legend. May he R.I.P. I hope all that wished death on him for the betterment of the Raiders feel ashamed of themselves. He had his faults, but he was always one of kind, and he will be missed.

  40. Love him or hate him, guys like Al Davis created the empire known as the NFL.

    Al and the old guard were visionary maverick entrepreneurs.

    Give me the Davis’s, the Rooneys, the Maras, the Hunts any day over today’s new owner who “hedge funded” their way into the NFL.

    We’ll miss ya Al.

  41. Never been a Raiders or an Al Davis fan. But it’s hard to argue with 3 Super Bowl rings. He was a marketing genius as well. I have a lot of respect for his accomplishments. The NFL would not be where it is today without him. It’s hard to imagine an NFL without him in it. RIP Al Davis.

  42. Al Davis’s glasses and sig white Raiders track suit belong in the Smithsonian. Jokes aside, Al Davis was one hell of an owner for most of his tenure; and love him or hate him, there will NEVER be another like him.

    From Packer Nation to Raider Nation, our hearts are with the Silver & Black. R.I.P. Al Davis

  43. Not only did the NFL lose one of the All-Time Legends, the Raiders have lost their Owner, GM, President, Chief Scout and Defensive Coordinator.

  44. RIP Al, Thank you for creating the Raider mystique that i have come to know and love. Although i didn’t agree with everything you did, i will be forever grateful to you and your vision.

  45. Shortly after his selection to the Hall of Fame in 1992, Davis explained how he built the Raiders through the influence of his Brooklyn youth.

    “I always wanted to take an organization and make it the best in sports,’’ Davis said. “I admired the New York Yankees for their power, intimidation. I admired the Brooklyn Dodgers under Branch Rickey for their speed and player development. I felt there was no reason the two approaches couldn’t be combined into one powerful organization.’’

  46. I have to admit, I was lured to the comments section to see how many ignorant trolls there were. He did a lot for the AFL-NFL merger, therefore he did a lot for my city in Buffalo.

  47. No matter how much we blame Al for the past 5-6 years of horrible football from the raiders. The man was great for the game of football and the raiders franchise .

  48. Very sad day in Raider Nation. As frustrating as its been with Mr. Davis the last few years, he did so much for Raider Nation and the NFL overall. He is on the Mount Rushmoure of the NFL no doubt. RIP Mr. Davis you are RAIDER NATION amd thank you for the 5 Super Bowls and 3 Lombardi Trophies!

  49. Greatest owner in all of sports.. The only owner that actually cred if his team wins… You fat losers at home can say what you want but this guy is the reason you are watching the NFL today..
    Without the King Davis there is no NFL

  50. im seriously disgust in reading all these trolls saying along the line “glad his dead, or his gone”. Al Davis changed football for us, Steve Jobs changed how we live for us. you might say it was for the money and what not. Hate them or love them, in the end the positive out weights the negative of how we live and are being entertained today. Show some respect.

    RIP to both, and thank you.

  51. Totally shocked and saddened. Al did so much for thr NFL, including being the first to hire minorities and women in higher up positions within an organization in thr National Football League. A true pioneer who will never be duplicated R.I.P

  52. A sad day for the NFL. You may not have agreed with him or liked him, but Al Davis was one of the last giants of the league. His success in ALL facets of the game is legend and his presence will be missed by ALL!

  53. As a Broncos fan, I’ve taken my shots over the years at Al, but in truth, his passion, drive, and vision changed my favorite game for the better, and I’m thankful for that. Best to his friends, family, his team (because they really were his team) and those who loved him or loved to hate him. This is a loss for everyone.

  54. You Raider fans might be the most annoying in all of sports, and that is all a credit to the great Al Davis, he created a mystique, he built an image that has lasted through a decade of futility. His swagger and style defined a franchise, he had a constant determination to be the best which is a lot more than you can say about many sports team owners. Rest In Peace Al Davis, the man with an ephemeral Commitment to Excellence… and Thank You for what you have done for Football.

  55. NFL Network doing live updates…Even Michael Lombardi had nothing but nice things to say.

    Born on the 4th of July 1929…An amazing American.

    Just win baby!

  56. Its great to see all the fans of different teams that realize what Al Davis mean to the game.
    Kudos to them

  57. You have to tip your hat to all that Al Davis has done for the game. Much of his decision making over the last decade or so has been suspect for whatever reason. But it does not diminish his accomplishments or tarnish his bust at the HOF in Canton.

    For anyone who does not know about the AFL and how its pioneers changed the game, Google “remember the AFL” or anything that pertains to the American Football League. These guys, including Al Davis, scared the crap out of the NFL in a very short period of time. And they were the only league that forced the NFL into a full blown merger and not just an absorption of a few teams like the ones from the AAFC.

    Mr. Davis coached on Sid Gillman’s staff with the Chargers and turned the Raiders from a laughing stock into an AFL powerhouse in 4 years time. It was Al Davis who “put on the brass knuckles” and got AFL owners to sign NFL stars to AFL contracts. And not just with Oakland. The NFL had to scream “uncle” while Tex Schramm and Lamar Hunt hammered out the details of a merger. He even had praise for one of the best Bronco players not in the HOF, Rich Jackson, as the best defensive end to play the game.

    While not a Raider fan, they have always had my grudging admiration. Look at the 1980 team. 2-3 after Pastorini goes down with an injury. In comes Jim Plunkett who leads them to a 9-2 finish. They win one playoff game at home and win two on the road and top it off by beating the Eagles in the Super Bowl. All with a team of other peoples cast offs.

    Perhaps some of the Raider fans who post on this forum should research the history of their team so that they can better appreciate who Al Davis was before they post their “remembrances”.

    Al Davis and other AFL pioneers deserve much of the credit for the game of pro football being the great thing it is. Don’t let Davis’ decline of the last few years take away from all that he meant to the game.

  58. RIP Al. Thank you for giving me my team.

    For the people out there that have to disrespect the man that helped give them the game they love, i hope nobody dances on your grave or the grave of your loved ones but karma will pay you a visit.

    Win lose or tie Raider till i die.

  59. Al legacy will live on forever. He created the greatest brand in all of sports. Just win baby, Pride and Poise, the Autumn Wind, Commitment to Excellence, Raider Nation, and the list goes on.

    These players need to dedicate this season to Al, and play the best games of their careers on Feb 5th.

  60. I knew the IDIOTS comments would come. No matter what he did in recent years, the NFL in it’s current state is there because of Al Davis and some others. Respect for those who have passed.

  61. I have to think our world is in real trouble when all someone writes is RIP Al, and someone actually puts thumbs down. Sick people on here doing that.

    RIP Mr. Davis. Just win baby!

  62. RIP Al Davis. Thanks for your contributions to the game. Sorry the last game you had to see was my Patriots beating the Silver and Black.

  63. Dude some of you guys are seriously dicks! Yes he made some questionable moves over the last several years. Quit acting like you could’ve done it better. There’s a reason you aren’t in the NFL. Crazy as he seemed, the man did more for the game than most people in the history of the sport. Certainly more than anyone else alive today so give the poor man some damn respect!

  64. “This man was truly dedicated to one thing and one thing only, Winning. No one did it better.”

    I’d have to say that the Raiders’ record over the last several years say otherwise.

  65. Has there ever been an owner who wanted to win more than Al Davis? He would do anything, try anything, & spend any amount for success.
    Regrettably, some of the players he hand-picked personally for greatness just did NOT have greatness in them regardless of how much belief Al Davis had in them. For this he was often belittled.
    Al Davis NEVER let down his players, & was faithful to Raider players of the past who had served with honor. You can still see the great players from those days walking around the Raider compound today. It is a sad day indeed.
    Our Raiders never had to worry about a penny-pinching owner who compromised the team because he was too cheap to get the players he hoped would help him win. All he wanted was to collaberate with the coaches & players to build a winner HIS way.
    I remember the good old days in Raider lore. It didn’t matter how many penalties they had in a game or a season. They still found a way to win. They were an irresistible force which could not be denied. It was really fun to watch! Al was always trying to sail the ship back in that direction because he knew that philosophy would still succeed today. A team built like that was built to dominate, & have you hating them if you were a fan of a different team.

    It worked before. It will work again.
    R.I.P., NFL Maverick.

  66. Al Davis not only got his Raiders to win 3 Super Bowls but the fans won as well.

    He believed in pushing the ball down field dating back to the 1960s. Today’s NFL has Davis’ name all over it.

    While we don’t like how much passing is taking place, would we rather see Vince Lombardi’s Wing T offense?

    Rest in Peace, Mr. Davis.

  67. Dating back to Dec 20, 2009 his team is 4-0 vs rivalry Denver Broncos, 2-0 vs all other Division Conference teams (AFC West), he exits the game with great satisfaction of being 10-0 against his Division teams.

  68. Michael, your post failed to mention the huge impact Mr. Davis had on race and sex integration in pro foot ball. Davis is the Jackie Robinson of football–the character the racial integration story revolves around.

  69. RIP Mr. Davis. Al Davis was a maverick, a legend, and will be remembered as one of the pioneers responsible for the NFL today.

    Thank you Al Davis.


  70. I cant believe some comments on here, the man just died he did so much for the sport of football. If you want to make dumb comments about him passing away go on espn with the rest of the idiots that comment on there stories with stupid jokes and chirps. RIP AL Davis

  71. I am young…I didnt know much about Mr. Davis until I watched that AFL series on the NFL Network. Davis had as big a hand in shaping modern football as anybody and for that I will always remember him…a true icon and an actual maverick. Plus he was great for the bay area community. As a life long bay area native and niner fan, I salate Al and the Raiders…he changed the nfl and was a towering figure that wont soon be forgotten.

    Give them hell in Houston for Al!

  72. Although he was his teams’ own worst enemy a lot recently, Al Davis defined the Raiders and made a huge impact (positive and negative) on the NFL.

    RIP Al

  73. RIP to the father of the AFL, which made pro football as we know it today possible. Whether you loved him or hated him, you can’t deny he helped shape the future of the game we love so dear, and built a dynasty in the process.

  74. as a Raider fan, who came to love them in the early 80’s this is a sad day. RIP Al and thank you for loving the Raiders as much as I do..

    for the fans of other teams offering their respect and condolences in a classy manner, you have mine as well.

    This Raider fan appreciates that as well.

  75. Everyone is a Raider fan today. He is as reponsible for the NFL as it exists today as Rozelle– maybe more so.

    Wonder what this does to the LA stadium situation? Family has to sell out to pay taxes, right? Second coming of the LA Raiders, starting in Rose Bowl?

  76. Al Davis was “a little off the beaten path”. Most
    of the best are. You don’t have to understand them to appreciate them. God Bless Al.

  77. Oh my gosh! Just logged on and saw the headlines. So hard to take this in. I can’t imagine the game without Al Davis. He was a giant of the NFL.

  78. Whether some of his notoriety was deserved or not, he were a towering figure and played an important role in making this league what it has become. Rest In Peace, Mr. Al Davis…

  79. GG Eden says: Oct 8, 2011 11:43 AM

    Some sad individuals are thumbing-down all the condolence posts. Pathetic.

    Unlike Mr. Davis, those people will leave no other mark on the world.

    Rest in peace, Coach.

  80. R.I.P Al Davis. Everybody thought you were off your rocker towards the end, but you still knew enough to know Lane Kiffen was a phony. The NFL community just lost an icon.

  81. Thanks for the respect being paid to Al Davis by fans of other teams, it means a lot.

    The NFL lost a great man, hell… America lost a great man…if half the people with some power had the balls and will that Al Davis had….this country would be better off.

  82. Brett Favre says

    I can’t believe with all the years the Raiders played pro ball they haven’t won more Super Bowls

    Seriously though Al Davis was a creative and Unique individual something that is sorely missing in today’s society. RIP AL

  83. The last true original, pioneer, legend, one of a kind great man. The last owwner synonymous with his franchise.

    Rest in peace, Al Davis.

    You will truly be missed because you changed the game.

  84. wow. just wow. not much else to say but RIP to one of the pioneers of the NFL as to what it is today. its ironic too because here in Buffalo there was a rumor that was short lived claiming Ralph WIlson had passed. In any case, he made a mark and who knows what this league would be like without men like him….

  85. As a Raider fan 30 years strong and having to ingest all the negative things said about Al Davis the last 10 years it’s goo to see the respect of fans from other teams being posted on this forum. I can’t even comprehend the Raiders without Al…Very sad day for the Nation. Thank you for your good wishes and respect.

  86. Very sorry to hear about this. He was a pioneer, a visionary, a renegade and completely dedicated to football. I remember the huge rivalries the Steelers had with the Raiders back in the early 70’s.

    RIP Mr. Davis, Just Win Baby.

  87. I would have loved to meet Al Davis. There is the story of how Pete Rozelle was trying to get something done in the early years that would move the league forward and most of the owners were against it except for Al Davis. They were rivals but Mr. Davis recognized that what Rozelle was doing would be great for all the owners and Mr. Davis stood up for him. He was/is a great business man.

  88. its funny, it was like you never thought he was going to die. like he would just be around forever. makes us all think about our own inmortality i guess. rest in peace big al.

  89. He was one of those guys whom you thought might actually be immortal. Now that he’s gone, it feels like a huge piece of the Game’s legacy died with him.

    Here’s hoping we see a long-term resurgence for one of the NFL’s greatest franchises as a tribute to a legend.

  90. As a hard-core, dyed-in-the-wool Chiefs fan, Al sure made this rivalry fun, and helped make it one of the best in pro sports. My condolences to Raider Nation.

  91. Not a fan of the raiders, but you still recognize the fact that Al was a great man.. He might have been a little controversial, but he did give everyone an opportunity, including Gruden, Kiffin, and now Jackson. The guy just wanted to win, and didn’t want to pay people that he perceived were losers… I can’t blame him for that… He will be missed.. RIP AL you are a legend.

  92. A lot of people took shots at Davis over the last few years, but none of them were there when Al was building professional football for all of us. RIP.

  93. The greatness of the Raiders is in it’s future. Now that Davis is gone.
    Al Davis was a complete fraud for over two decades. Check his record if you don’t believe me. He was a dinosaur that refused to evolve. It might be to late this year. But finally next year the Raiders can actually begin steps to compete in the modern NFL. Of course knowing Al he will still try to kill the Raiders from his grave. Who knows what’s in his will to ensure the Raiders continue to do things his way ensuring more misery. Steinbrenner went out a world champion. Al went out like the pathetic loser he was the last 20 years. With an loss to New England. Al was a great owner only if you liked being a pin cusion who enjoyed to watch your favorite team lose. Or you were a fan of the other 31 teams. Finally the misery Raider fans have had to endure all these years can stop. Might not happen right away. The damage Davis did can’t be fixed over night. But like the wall in Berlin finally being torn down. This is a great day.

  94. You’re one of a kind Al. Thanks for everything you have done to make he game what it is today. RIP. Texans aren’t going to win on Sunday.

  95. Wow.

    Didn’t expect to be reading THIS today.

    Definitely had an impact on the game, and the league itself. Without Al Davis, the NFL isn’t what it is today. No one had a greater passion or devotion to the game.

    Sympathies to Raider fans everywhere.

    Regardless of where the team has been the past few seasons, Al Davis built a legendary history for your franchise. You lost your guiding light of 50 years.

  96. And kudos to PFT for ditching that wonderfully funny Skeletor photo for one of Al in his infamous track suits.

    Good job, guys.

  97. R.I.P. Big Al. You will always oversee the Silver & Black forevermore. Whether you agreed or disagreed with the man, this is a HUGE loss for the Raiders and the NFL. No man represented his team better than Mr. Davis.

  98. I truly expected the hater and disparaging comments to be in full spread today…

    I am overwhelming surprised at the respect and honored comments by fans from around the league. For those of you that managed to have dignity today, it is appreciated. Al Davis wanted everyone to love the Raiders as much as he did…

    I appreciate the fact that today, at least, we are all football fans…

  99. Rest in peace Al……..you and Ralph are one of a kind. Always respected Al Davis. Raider Nation can also give thanks to Ralph Wilson.
    Ralph was a guiding force in AFL policies that ensured success, such as gate and television revenue sharing; in 1961, with the rival Oakland Raiders in financial difficulty, Wilson loaned the club $400,000 and was also willing to loan money to Billy Sullivan of the Patriots. Wilson helped keep those franchises afloat, likely saving the entire league from folding.

  100. Love him, or hate him… Al Davis will always be remembered as one of the most polarizing figures in sports history.

    That said, if you know anything at all about football, or life in general, you will respect him.

    RIP, Mr. Al Davis. And thank you!!!

  101. Al got ripped on too much by people in the media!!!

    Ever since John Madden’s Hall of Fame speech, I have always found the media to be classless to Al when they showed NO respect to a man that was in a walker at that same speech!!!

    The media lets Brett Favre gets away with doing a bunch of dumb things while a man who could’ve employed Brett gets a verbal scathings from those who claim to be “holier than thou”!!! How sad is that??

    He was not perfect, but at least have the decency to be courteous toward his presence when he is not the man you once knew and is in declining health!!!! I heard NO courteous remark toward Al from ANYONE in the media when it came to his health!!!

    Al Davis = One of a kind!!! Rest in Peace, Coach!!!

  102. R.I.P. Al Davis a true NFL Pioneer…but like SATO told Mr Miyagi in Karate Kid 2…”i give u time to mourn, then we fight” so we still got to whoop ya in H-town tmrrw!

  103. Thank you & R.I.P. Coach! What you did for the AFL as commissioner will forever be appreciated by this Charger fan.

  104. To bad Al Davis could never adjust to the times, he still believed he lived in the 60’s and it shows in the Raiders play. But to all the good memories he left R.I.P. Al Davis.

  105. Wow, this is shocking news. I’m not a Raider fan but am saddened. I hope he got to watch/attend the great games that Raiders have played so far this year, and hope they make the playoff’s in his honor!

  106. Not a Raiders fan and for all the mockery the guy took in his later years he is at least in part responsible for the NFL as is today.

    Al was a very special kind of guy and I am sure does not get his due by the younger generations.

    RIP Al and thanks for all you did for the game.

  107. We lost two incredible Icons in the same week, Al Davis’ impact on the NFL equates to that of Steve Jobs impact on the computer industry ! He WILL be missed. R.I.P. Al

  108. One thing’s for sure. Al won’t be going to hell. The devil still has a restraining order against him.

  109. Whether you liked or hated this man. You’re gonna see players and coaches from all teams, past or present, give their respects to this man. He helped open the door to make this game what it is today. The best game in the world. R.I.P. Mr. Davis.

  110. People continue to ask me how I can proudly show my silver & black every day, no matter what the win/loss record happens to be. They ask how I first came to be a fan living in the middle of the country. It is easy. The Raiders play with a chip on their shoulder. Every other team plays better when going up against them. Every other team tries harder. I think it is exactly what Mr. Davis wanted. Most people understand and agree after I explain this. I hope you do also.

  111. Why I’m a Raiders Fanatic……..

    Here’s a short grocery list.

    The Legend; The Lore

    The Nostalgia

    The Black Hole

    The Autumn Wind

    The Iconic Mister John Thomas Ralph Augustine James Facenda

    The Cult-Like ‘Nation

    7000 Coliseum Way Tailgating

    The Immaculate Deception

    The Heidi Game

    The Sea of Hands

    The Ghost to the Post

    The Holy Roller

    Red Right 88

    The Tuck Rule (Which I dub; “The Great Snow Heist”)

    Fat-Ass 400 LB. Anthony “The Goose” Siragusa intentionally pancaking the shoulder of (which he was fined for) Richard Joseph “The Cannon” Gannon at the 11:00 minute mark of the second quarter in the 2000 AFC Championship Game (“The Big Flop”)

    The Raiderettes

    The Yaaaiiiddahs!!!! (Mister Christopher James “Boomer” Berman-ESPN; NFL Primetime)

    The Player Personnel Assistant, The Assistant Coach, The Head Coach, The General Manager, The League Commissioner, The Principal Owner and Chief Executive Officer, The Esoteric, The Revered, The Incomparable Mister Allen R. “Al-Just Win Baby” Davis

    The All-Time Dreaded; “Silver & Black!!!”

    Subtotal; “Priceless!!!”

    Should I continue……..?

    If you can’t dig that; then get out of football…

    RIP, Al’

  112. Today I lost a role model of 30 years. Think about what he accomplished in life. Think about the respect he earned. Think about those who loved him and hated him. To paraphrase, you can judge a man by his enemies as well as his friends.

  113. STOP ALREADY WITH THE TRAGIG EULOGIES !!! HE WAS 82 YEARS OLD !!!!! ITS NOT TRAGIC !!!! The 5 year old kid who gets shot by accident in a drive by is tragic. Not some 82 year old multi millionaire that already lived the life that very few will be able to,
    Yes he was a visionary and a self made man but he stuck around the organization too long and was one of the main reasons the Raiders have been irrelevant for so long.
    Please stop with all the histrionics and affectatious RIP’s. In reality but for his family he will be missed but few.

  114. angelosdraftboard says: Oct 8, 2011 2:44 PM

    STOP ALREADY WITH THE TRAGIG EULOGIES !!! HE WAS 82 YEARS OLD !!!!! ITS NOT TRAGIC !!!! The 5 year old kid who gets shot by accident in a drive by is tragic. Not some 82 year old multi millionaire that already lived the life that very few will be able to,
    Yes he was a visionary and a self made man but he stuck around the organization too long and was one of the main reasons the Raiders have been irrelevant for so long.
    Please stop with all the histrionics and affectatious RIP’s. In reality but for his family he will be missed but few

    What a stupid and insensitive thing to write about any man on the very day of his death. Who cares how old or young he was? We should be observing this somber moment with respect and reflection, not using it as an opportunity to spout off irrelevant and idiotic ideas about the value of a man’s life relative to his age.

    Al Davis was a true giant in profession football. The impact of his personality will live on in the Raiders organization. He was a champion 3 times over, and his contributions to both the AFL and NFL are unmatched among the current crop of owners.


  115. Sad news, seems like he’s done a lot for the game. Also sad for the 2012 forth rounder that would have gone 8th overall.

  116. Why so many “thumbs down” for Raiders FANS who are pointing out the obvious. Al Davis was a legend and he did what he loved. Unfortunately in doing so he made the lives of so many coaches, fans and players miserable over the past 10 years of his life through years of bad football and unstable teams because of it. The guy was a control freak and Raiders fans watched MANY great coaches and players leave because of it.

    Most who were critical of Al Davis were not disrespectful about it and his death does not change anything. He is diserving of a tribute ala George Hallas in Chicago and Al Lerner in Cleveland for the many good years he brought to the team but to think that Raiders fans should up and not speak their true opinions of the man because he died is more disrespectful to his memory than the fake adulation he’s going to get from people who could care less about the Raiders or Davis yesterday. As any Raiders fan knows, if Davis had a problem with you, he’d have no problem telling you about it. If you want to honor the mans memory then be a Raiders fan, Raiders fans don’t hold back and it was Davis who taught that. The Raiders were one of the most hated teams in the NFL in their day and Davis LOVED that. If you’re giving a thumbs down to a Raiders fan giving their opinion of him or the team that isn’t snuggly and loving then you in turn are forgetting (or never knew) what Davis himself wanted out of his fans.

  117. This man was the butt of alot of jokes, but no doubt a innovator and huge part of the game i love today.

    I can not imagine the Raiders without him. Guess i figured he would just be around forever like Joe-pa.

    RIP from Who dey, A direct decendant of your actions and thanks to a man that was every bit as influencial at Paul Brown himself.

  118. Some thoughtful PFT reader above just referenced “Autumn Wind” – very appropriate given this very sad day. My thoughts and condolences go out to his family and my fellow members of Raider Nation. And to all his detractors and haters out there – you’ll NEVER accomplish what this man did for us, the NFL, and professional sports in general.

    Godspeed, Al. You will be forever remembered and immortalized. You truly were “Da Man.”


  119. angelosdraftboard says:

    STOP ALREADY WITH THE TRAGIG EULOGIES !!! HE WAS 82 YEARS OLD !!!!! ITS NOT TRAGIC !!!! The 5 year old kid who gets shot by accident in a drive by is tragic. … Please stop with all the histrionics and affectatious RIP’s. In reality but for his family he will be missed but few.
    Spoken like a four-year-old. I don’t believe anyone here is talking about tragedies. We’re expressing our appreciation for what the man meant to the sport we love and expressing our feelings on his passing. Believe it or not, people are still loved and appreciated at 82. And in reality, the five-year-old–and the 25-year-old–who die at the prime of life are truly missed only by those closest to them. It’s not your place to tell others how to feel about someone else’s passing. Your rant was infantile, inappropriate, and embarrassing for you. I feel sorry for your immaturity and shallowness.

  120. As a recent convert to the game all I’ve ever heard about Al Davis is cheap shot jokes. Luckily NFL Films has shown me the important role Davis played in making this game great. Has there been a story on the Raiders in the last decade, even the positive ones, where there wasn’t a whole bunch of cheap shots at Al.

    Media, couldn’t you have said these things yesterday while he was still here to hear them.

  121. R.I.P. Al Davis.
    One of a kind.

    In a related item, he still trails Marvin Hagler, Rocky Marciano and me on the Most Noteworthy People from Brockton, MA. list.

  122. RIP Al…..you put together a competitive team year after year because of your great football expertise. Raider Nation will miss you and your philosophy will forever be endowed with the Black and Silver lining.

  123. Whats up with all of these people giving a thumbs down whenever someone posts “R.I.P. Al Davis”? Come on man, even if you did not like him or his organization, you should have the common courtesy to pay him and his family respect. You should have the ability to separate sport from life!

    R.I.P. Al, Pro Football Hall of Famer!

  124. Anybody disliking the posts in support of Al Davis are fickle fans that have no clue at all how much this man had to do with the sport we all covet.

    Without Al Davis there’s a good chance football would be merely a hollow shell of what it is today.

  125. I love footall. In particular proffesional football. This man definently helped forge the NFL into what it has become. It is sad to see the elder statesmen of the modern game pass. I am not a member of Raider nation, but to all those in the nation and the Davis family please understand every true fan of the sport lost a friend today.

    God speed Al, and thanks again for doing your part to give all of us the best sport on the planet.

  126. Oct 8, 2011 5:29 PM
    Anybody disliking the posts in support of Al Davis are fickle fans that have no clue at all how much this man had to do with the sport we all covet.

    Without Al Davis there’s a good chance football would be merely a hollow shell of what it is today.

    the man invented rivalry


    what team didnt we have a rivarly against?!


    RIP, Al Davis, you know you are a legend when even the enemies paid their respects.

    “Once a Raider..Always a Raider”
    -Al Davis

  127. Al Davis will live on as long as there is a Raider team and there are Raider fans. He had 48 years with the Raiders. I have been a Raider and Alabama fan since I started watching football, in the early 60’s.
    Thanks for the Raiders and making things interesting.

  128. I would like to personally thank all of the fans of ‘other’ teams that came here to pay homage to Mr. Davis:

    Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, Steelers, Redskins, Lions, Packers, 49ers, Bears, Browns, Giants, Eagles.
    Anyone else notice the abscence of the Seahawks or Cowboys?

    I also would like to thank Mr. Davis for giving every, castoff, low-life, also ran, hope and a team to root for.

    RIP Al Davis, you will be missed.

  129. Al Davis- Legend.

    I am not a Raiders fan anymore (haven’t been since Jim Plunkett’s days), but I do absolutely thought of Al Davis as a genius.

  130. It’s hard to put my feelings into words. A part of my youth, a part of my life, has passed on.

    There will never be another AL DAVIS.

    You were unique, you were your own man, and you loved the game of football with a passion that no one else in my lifetime has ever matched.

    Thank you for the excitement, for all those last minute victories, the Heidi game, the Blanda era, Ghost to the Post, the Holy Roller and the “necessary” rule changes, the intrigue, the Raider mystique, the passion you exuded, the pride for your team, and the love and loyalty you demonstrated for your “playahs”.

    Most of all, thank you for all the memories we will continue to cherish. The game of football has lost an icon, a legend, and it truly will never be the same…..but we will always have the memories of what made it great and shaped it.

    ….and thank you to all the fans of other NFL teams who posted their respects to Mr. Davis, his family, and the RaiderNation. Times like these remind us that we are fans of NFL football, and Al Davis was one of the pioneers of the modern day game. Much respect to all of you.

  131. Al was a jerk. A sad greedy man who deserves no praise. I hate it when people are called great simply because they’re rich.

  132. Like so many Raider fans across the globe I was enchanted by the players and colors and logo which of course Al Davis created. As I grew older I realized that every thing I loved about the team came from Als influence. I pray that the fans and organization never allow his vision to dim, that the fire that burns brightest will always be “The Will to Win” as embodied by the greatest sports owner of all time. Thank you Al!

    Special thanks to all the classsy fans who have paid there respects. It means a lot!

  133. Al did as much for his time as MLK. Sure Al Dais didnt give his life but talked the talk and most definitely walked the walk all the way! It didnt ever matter to him where you came from, what your skin color was or what americans felt you were entitled to, He always gave the opportunity to the best Man out there! Period! Maverick in public life and Pro sports. Bet theres a few athletes that will back that statement up. The guy didnt give up his life on a podium….The Man lived his life through his actions. Period. The Man did more for human rights just on the field than most in their lifetime. A Barrier breaker, A maverick.A mold broken! Definitely didnt agree with all his moves football wise, But I am a Raider fan at heart because of the Image and what Al stood for on and off the field. RIP AL and long live the Raider Nation!

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