The five games to watch this weekend, from NBC SportsTalk

On Friday, Peter King, Russ Thaler, and I talked about, among other things, five must-see games for Week Five.

If you didn’t see our segment on the five must-see games, then you must see it now.

And you can.

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10 responses to “The five games to watch this weekend, from NBC SportsTalk

  1. Steelers/Titans must-see TV? Well … if you love Hasselbeck, hate the Steelers, or enjoy carnage.

    Seriously, though … yes, considering that our run defense is giving up nearly five yards a carry, I’d agree this is the week Chris Johnson should start earning his money. If he doesn’t, either the Steelers found their mojo or Mr. Adams seriously overpaid.

    But I don’t agree that seeing improvement in the Steelers defense necessarily spells immediate doom for Harrison. Retirement is coming, perhaps sooner than later given his recent injuries. But James has had a good season thus far. Timmons and Woodley, who are years his junior, haven’t. Maybe moving Timmons to the outside and shifting other personnel will light a spark on defense. But I’ll still be counting the days until James returns. And hoping the o-line eat their Wheaties.

  2. Good review of this weeks games. Vegas has some tough lines out there accordingly.

    Surprised the crew didn’t discuss the Philly @ Buffalo game. Lots of implications there. Will be interesting to see if the Bills can bounce back from a tough road loss and I don’t think anyone predicted the “dream” team could possibly go 1-4.

    Another one not mentioned was Jets @ Patriots. The public has hammered the initial line down from -9 to -7.5 in favor of the Pats. I still think the Pats cover the original post as the Jets still have no offense and Jim Leonard cannot cover Gronkowski or Hernandez. Expect big yards from the Pats TEs. Only shot the Jets have is to jump out early to a two score lead and then go to ground and pound mode. Expecting Nacho to go blow for blow with Brady is too much to ask. It’s nice timing that Haynesworth is back also. Pats 28 – Jets 17.

    No love for the Green Bay @ Atlanta game? Fresh off comments from Roddy White and Queen Favre, Rodgers has only more fuel to add to the fire. Throw in the Falcons are a shadow of what they were last season and this could be a brutal sunday night game. Both teams are 3-1 O/U and the total of 54 is scary, but I feel a high probability to go over. Big night for Aaron Rodgers fantasy-wise again.

    The Oakland @ Houston game is right up there with Tennessee @ Pittsburgh on my list of most curious to watch. Oakland is a solid squad and I’m not fully on the Houston bandwagon quite yet. Losing Johnson, per the video segment, dramatically shifts the dynamics of this game. I think we see a great RB duel between McFadden and Foster, with both backs going over 125 yards. Dressen and Owens should have big days for the Texans also. Leaning the Under on this game, but proceed with caution as both squads can play a ground and pound or shoot-out type game.

    Love Tampa as a road dog, San Diego is going to slice up Denver (TEEEEEEEEBOW!), and this could be the Vikings weekend to get a W. Oh yeah, KC will beat the Colts so moneyline that one.

  3. Degenerate gambler. I gamble too, but the only difference is that I win & I don’t need to pretend I think I know what I’m talking about on a message board. BTW, KC will not bet the Colts. I hope you didn’t money line too much on that one.

  4. Although there is no doubt that the Lions are an improving team, I have a sneaking suspicion the Bears are going to pull this one off. As impressive as the consecutive back-to-back wins were, exploiting WHY the Lions got down so far will be key. I sure like watching Megatron though….

  5. @kappy32 – Of course you win. I’m sure you are a regular Sam Rothstein. Probably get comps at the Bellagio every weekend and what not.

    My apologies for posting. I’ll never do it again. I wouldn’t want ruin your day. And Chiefs win boss.

  6. Are you kidding? THE game of the week is my Jags vs the Bengals. People in the stands wearing white shirts (they are promoting this as a whiteout) and about 10-15K folks dressed up as empty teal seats.

    Seriously aren’t coercing people to wear a certain color shirt to a game and calling them blackouts, whiteouts, goldouts, or whatever else a college football tactic? Thats the only time I think I’ve ever heard of it and it sounds so bush league to me.

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