Goodell reiterates that second London game could be coming


Despite a concession by the NFL’s point man in London that this year’s game between the Bears and the Bucs at Wembley Stadium won’t sell out, Commissioner Roger Goodell has reiterated that the league wants to add a second game in England.

Last month, Goodell told Dan Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal that he’d like to see the league play a second game there.  Today, Goodell said it again.

Specifically, Goodell explained that the possibility will be discussed during ownership meetings that will happen this week in Houston.

At a time when Goodell likes to say that fans prefer 18 regular-season games, he should ask the fans what they think about sending an extra game to London each year.

40 responses to “Goodell reiterates that second London game could be coming

  1. Methinks they ought to play the 2nd game in Manchester or Birmingham. If the goal is to gin up enthusiasm for our game in the land of soccer and cricket then they need to realize there’s more to England than just London.
    That said I would hope the Bears would be exempt from having to travel across the Atlantic for a decade or so since they’re doing their bit for overseas outreach this year.

  2. fans want a second game in london like they want l.a. to get another chance to not support a team.

  3. Most Brits regard NFL football with mild curiosity at best. They ask why these grown men feel the need to wear 50 pounds of padding and an armored helmet to do pretty much the same thing their lads do in shorts and a singlet. You get a few American expats and curious locals attending these games, but few others will even bother, preferring to watch it on the telly if they’re bored or housebound.

  4. Don’t understand what the end game is. Adding an NFL team doesnt work logistically and NFL Europe has failed allready.

  5. They really need to let this failed idea go. There is not enough money to be made on a couple games and not enough support to sustain a team. The logistics issues would be extreme for Goodell’s vision of a London based team. I say they should stop playing regular season games “overseas” and make the pro-bowl an attraction that bounces around to various venues each year. (England, Japan, China, Mexico, Germany, etc.) Play the game in Hawaii every 5 years.

  6. If the NFL wants the London plan to work, they should schedule a game that people actually want to watch.

    I understand they can’t have division games across the pond, but pick a couple teams with some juice and I’m sure they will sell out.

    But the novelty for Brits to see two teams going nowhere (or worse, a total mismatch) has worn off.

  7. Its a Bucs home game technically. Does the non-sellout mean a blackout in Tampa Bay?
    It is American football, play it here in America..

  8. I want a game in Germany, Berlin or Munich.

    Football has a HUGE fanbase in Austria and Germany and the best teams in Europe, whereas London has just many people, that don’t really care about the game and no good teams whatsoever.

  9. With Los Angeles getting a team soon, Goodell needs the London market as the next big market to hold over teams heads for new stadiums…so London can expect an NFL team in about 20 years.

  10. It’s just such a shame that everything is for sale on this planet. Even women. Every try getting a woman under 250 pounds if you aren’t rich?

  11. asinine to even think of another game in London…honestly has this guy had ONE good idea since he has came into office??…its already disgusting that we have one game over seas to begin with!

  12. I strongly disagree with trying to establish the NFL in Europe. They’ve already tried and failed. The NFL is already making billions over here. Keep the focus here where it belongs. Maybe try Canada, but keep it on this side of the world.

  13. The NFL Europe did not fail.

    The only reason why they lost 30 million a year (which isn’t that much, by the way) is that they did not have substantial TV earnings over here, because no one would televise these games, nevertheless, more than 30k people attended the games, which is comparable with soccer games in Germany, and soccer is by far the No. 1 sport in Germany.

    So no, the league did not fail, the NFL marketing did fail.

    There are many, many talented football players in Europe who’d love to play the game professionally if there only would be a chance.

    The NFL Europe did more good for football and for the evolution of the game in Europe than one single game in London.

    Just think about it Goodell

    And the 30 million bucks that are lost every year are peanuts for the NFL, peanuts!

  14. Much like actual polls show that fans don’t want an 18 game season, if the NFL bothered to survey UK fans they’d probably find a majority don’t want a 2nd game, and certainly don’t want a franchise. I’ve been a fan for over 20 years and I don’t want it, neither do any other fans that I know.

    Most true fans of the game recognise and appreciate what it is and want to respect the tradition and history of the game. The idea of having a franchise across the Atlantic is just not feasible.

    As for the 2nd game, there are many reasons it won’t work, mainly due to the ticket prices. The costs of the game are such that a lot of people can just about justify it as a once a year type event, if they try to do more than that they will just kill what market they do have.

  15. Putting games in London is a slap in the face to fans here. No one wants this except maybe the league. by all reports, while London may turn out for the game, it is still nothing but a novelty to them, and it isn’t something they are demanding more of. And so, it just hurts fans here. As a fan of a team, you only get 8 home games per year. This isn’t the NBA, NHL or MLB where losing a home game or two isn;t a big deal to fans – in the NFL there are only 8, and you are going to take that away for two fans bases each year? Not to mention the competitive disadvantage that is for the teams that lose the home game – home field matters in the NFL, and you are going to lose that for one games. So while all the other teams in your division, in yur conference get 8 home games, you not only have to fly all the way to London just to play a game (a trip no other team in your division/conference has to do), but you then only get 7 real home games compared to 8 for everyone else.

    Dear Roger – just stop changing the league. Get out of the way, keep your mouth shut, stop trying to legislate everything, stop trying to squeeze every last penny out of the league, and let the players and the games speak for themselves. Stop meddling. All you are doing is hurting the competition in the league.

  16. This really pi$$es me off. It was good ole American money that built the NFL and therefore it belongs to us ! Stop sending our games overseas Goodell. God, you’re an idiot !

  17. The passing of Al Davis has led game historians to rehash his legendary battles with Pete Rozelle. Al wasn’t always right, but he was always ready to go to the wall for what he believed. Maybe he supported chasing the pipe dream of a UK franchise. But if not, it’s a shame he wasn’t in the same fighting form he showed when he took on Rozelle. I’d love nothing better than to see the Al Davis of the 70s rip that idiot Goodell apart.

  18. if the uk has no good teams why is a british team the european champions, you know just wondering? don’t think a franchise would work as most fans in uk already have a team but as a bears fan really looking forward to seeing them in action

  19. Goodell is just another greedy corporate tool outsourcing jobs and money overseas at the expense of the American public. What else is new? You better learn to speak Chinese and willing to work for $2/hour in the new America.

  20. bigtrav425, let’s not totally discredit Goodell. for the changes he’s made…I think the re-designed NFL logo is pretty cool.

  21. There should be no over seas games. You gut the American fans and season ticket owners as it is. So you take a home game away from them. at least charge them less for for having one less home game. This guy sucks as commisioner

  22. “Also, why are the Bucs always in London? They were there in 09 too”
    Because the Bucs ownership had purchased Manchester United a couple of years ago, but it overreached their fiscal reach and now they are paying for it with blackouts in Tampa. Also, i was talking with some blokes from New Zealand, who said its a waste of time trying to win an obvious soccer fan base over in England.

  23. Time for the owners to put the shortleash back on this d-bag and if that don’t work…smoke this fool before all we have left is lingerie football, which is nice but only interesting for so long and extremely confusing to ray duh fans..

  24. If by some miracle the Vikings don’t end up in LA, put 2 of their home games there. That way the small fan base in Minnesota is assured of 2 extra games on television.

  25. This whole thing confuses me. They don’t want to play the f’in probowl in Hawaii because of it’s location etc…. but they want to cram games in England down our and their throats. Canada is pretty close and so is Mexico. Sure the economy isn’t as vibrant as the US (sarcasm) but how have those experiments gone?

    Go big. How about China? Australia?

  26. It is not hard to get a women under 170 without money. You just need to find one with low self esteem.

    What was the one good idea Goodell had? Oh, asking Jane Skinner to marry was a good one!

  27. Why not move the entire league overseas? The greedy US-based global conglomerates have already outsourced all of this country’s labor and means of production anyway. Why should the NFL be any different? But then the government and their corporate masters need the NFL State-side to keep the dregs sedated and distracted while they strip away what little remains of this country’s foundations.

  28. Goodell’s a slick corporate suit, not a football fan at all. Pete Rozelle must be spinning in his grave watching this Madison Avenue lackey sell out the fans at every possible instant. Goodell has proven he’s a bold-faced liar by saying the fans want 18 games when every poll I’ve seen indicates just the opposite (and he must surely have seen those same online polls), and now he’s claiming we want a second game in London, when I don’t know anyone who even wants the first game in London (admittedly I don’t know any London natives). Come on PFT, step up to the plate and run a poll on this topic! Give Goodell more rope to condemn himself with by completely ignoring the voice of the real football fans.

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