Raiders just win, baby, as Al Davis draft picks lead the way


When the Oakland Raiders made first-round draft picks out of Sebastian Janikowski and Darrius Heyward-Bey, a lot of people shook their heads and said, “That’s Al Davis for you.”

So it’s fitting that on the day after Davis died, the Raiders won a big AFC road game, playing just the kind of football Davis loved, with Janikowski and Heyward-Bey leading the way.

Janikowski went 4-for-4 on field goals, connecting from 54, 55, 50 and 42 yards, showing off the strong leg that Davis loved. And Heyward-Bey was the Raiders’ leading receiving, catching seven passes for 99 yards, including a 34-yard touchdown, showing off the speed in the vertical passing game that Davis loved. Throw in an 18-yard touchdown pass from Jason Campbell to Chaz Schilens, and it was enough for the Raiders to hold on for a 25-20 lead over the Texans in Houston.

The game was a thriller to the very end, and when Texans quarterback Matt Schaub hit Joel Dreessen for 34 yards and got Houston inside the 5-yard line with seven seconds to play, it appeared that the Raiders were on the brink of losing it. But Michael Huff intercepted Schaub in the end zone on the game’s final play, and the Raiders celebrated an emotional victory.

One of the sad aspects of the Raiders’ recent failures is that in the eyes of some, those failures tainted Davis’s half-century career. But there can be no question that Davis was a brilliant football mind. And even though he’s no longer with us, he can still put his stamp on a Raiders victory.

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  1. It’s amazing the range Janakowski is trusted with. They don’t even think twice before sending him out to kick a 50+ yarder.

  2. rockybev35 says: Oct 8, 2011 3:50 PM
    Huejackson and rest of Raider commenters on here-
    Sorry for your loss. He was a great pioneer for the game!
    Having said that, you will lose tomorrow. You are playing a team more talented than you in their house.
    Dont make comical statements because the owner died!
    Andre’s Johnson says: Oct 8, 2011 3:53 PM
    To all Raiders fans who think Al Davis’ death will translate to a convincing win over the Texans:
    You think the Texans are going to roll over just because the Raiders’ owner is dead? Good God, people. Oakland isn’t playing Fresno State tomorrow; there WILL be another NFL team on the other side of the ball.
    Look for the Texans to exploit the Raiders’ hyperintensity (drawing them offsides, inducing personal fouls, etc.). The officiating crew had better not hand this one to the Raiders as a consolation. That’s really the only thing I’m worried about.
    Ratpee1 says: Oct 9, 2011 12:37 PM
    The Texans are for Real!!
    Houston 31 Raiders 13
    Say what?

    The Raiders walked into your house, beat the crap out of you and won the game in the process.

    No excuses.

  3. Great for DHB…two solid weeks in a row.

    Chaz Schilens with the TD

    Jano booting the hell out of the ball.

    Huff with the pick.

    Like the article said, all four of these players are home-grown drafted talent.

    Long live the Raiders.

    Great game, Houston.

  4. What ever has gotten into Darrius Heyward-Bey, I’m all for it.

    It usually takes WRs three years to get into a groove in the NFL — and while it is still early — DHB is showing signs he can become a serviceable weapon, if not a staple, in the Raiders’ offense.

    And what can you say about Janikowski? Sure, he was a first-round pick as a kicker, many laughed. But, how can you laugh when Sebass can hit field goals from 50-yards and beyond and make it look easy?

    Finally, it was fitting to see another Al Davis high first-round pick Michael Huff end the game with an interception.

    Hue Jackson kneeling near the sideline after the game crying pretty much describes the feeling of the Raider Nation… this win was for Big Al.

  5. I’m pretty sure a lot of people who normally hate the Raiders were hoping they’d win today. I know I was.

    A great ending, and a great tribute to Davis.

  6. DHB with 2 big games in a row, the kid just needed some time to develop.

    All you losers calling hum a bust, so early in his career, where are you now?

  7. I’m happy to see the progress. They didn’t play very well but last year, the Raiders lose that game.
    Hue has them on the right track.

    RIP Al Davis.

  8. Ugly win, but a win on the road against a great Texan team!


    BTW…On the last play don’t forget Tyvon Branch came off his coverage to keep Schaub from running it in for the easy score and forcing him to make an impossible pass attempt.

    Coach Davis was sure was a great evaluator talent to the very end!

    Coach Davis left the roster (that he single handedly built) loaded with great players…If Hue can coach them up to cut down on the penalties and improve the offense; the sky is the limit.

    Going forward the Raiders need to find a GM to take over for Mr. Davis, but for the first time since the Gruden era, the Raiders are releavent again.

  9. I respect the hell out of Al, but Jason Hanson is the all time leader in 50+ yard field goals and nobody says squat about how incredible that is.
    and even after 20 years, he STILL Hits them from outside of 50!

    every time Jason hits one from 50 yards or further, an nfl record dies and a new shiny one takes it place.

    The Lions hype is spinning out of control!
    and here I went and brought up a Lions player,

    oh well

  10. Great win for the Raiders, although this victory was won by the players coach Davis hand picked, it was coach Davis that actually put his own stamp on this victory when he force tha bad snapped then slapped the ball out of Vickers hand. Big Al will bless the Raiders from above this whole season and just win baby!!!


  11. that final pass by schaub was one of the worst i’ve seen

    good game, raiders fans. rip Al Davis.

  12. Great game. And that was for you Al. Overcame 11 penalties, and hung on for the win. Hue Jackson went to one knee and was in tears…Janikowski, 3 FG’s of 50 yards or more….even DHB got a score.

    “Once a Raider…always a Raider”
    -Al Davis

  13. joetoronto says:
    Oct 9, 2011 5:15 PM
    DHB with 2 big games in a row, the kid just needed some time to develop.

    All you losers calling hum a bust, so early in his career, where are you now?

    Don’t make your usual ignorant comments. The guy has had 2 decent weeks in row and been in the league THREE years!!

  14. Oakland’s secondary is still a sieve, but both defensive fronts played well. Campbell took more shots in that game than he has all season, but Schaub took some, too, and seemed to get rattled in the second half.

  15. That was a nail biter all the way to the end. What a game. The Texans are one hell of a football team, and to beat them in their house, is a huge boost for my Raiders. It wasn’t pretty, that’s for sure, but I’ll take it. The defense finally stepped up when they needed to, and played a hell of a second half. What a way to honor the great Al Davis.

  16. @joetoronto

    Yeah man what an a** beating! You would’ve thought the Texans were missing more than AJ and Mario seeing how lopsided it was!

  17. brianbowman16 says:

    … Jason Hanson is the all time leader in 50+ yard field goals and nobody says squat about how incredible that is.
    This may be true but I sure don’t see his name listed next to 63 yard field goals made. Or, next to 61 yarder’s made in the cold and rain in a soggy Cleveland stadium.

    This game had shades of Buffalo written all over it, coming down to the last play. Too many penalties.
    It’s a shame McFadden’s 2 long runs were called back, especially on that one bogus holding call.

    Maybe Al can talk to the head commissioner upstairs about this.

  18. hard not making a case for seabass for the pro bowl- i know its early but he shows up big,esp today.
    hue jack ‘s emotion at the end and nail bitter of a game– priceless.
    Great win for the team, us and AL

  19. Get real raider fans, the ONLY reason y’all won is cause # 80 didn’t play. Along with all the other players that went down for us… Y’all are still a garbage team with a garbage stadium in garbage town. GO TEXANS!!!

  20. Thank you for saving this victory Huff. It was a hard fought game. And as a Raider fan for 30+ years, thank you everyone for the positive comments. I get all choked up from every one of them. Go Raiders!

  21. Raiders’ MVP…Matt Schaub. I know this is somewhat simplistic, because this game shouldn’t even have been close (had the Texans offense done a better job of scoring, instead of countless 3 and out’s). Add to that the Texans’ special teams were anything but special (allowed blocked punt, mediocre returns, fell for a fake punt that went for 33 yards). On second thought, the Raiders out-played my Texans!

    The only consolation? Everyone else in our division lost today as well!

  22. @ txndave – “F” #80 – “F” The Texans and all their fans as far as I’m concern.. This was a emotional win for the Nation and we don’t care who you were missing.

    You Lost! Take it like a real man and stop talking about who you didn’t have. We were out w/ 4 starters so what we still came in and kick your teams A$$.

    “F” Off!! Raiders 4 Life – Win a SB then talk about the Raiders.

  23. txndave says: Oct 9, 2011 6:47 PM

    Get real raider fans, the ONLY reason y’all won is cause # 80 didn’t play. Along with all the other players that went down for us… Y’all are still a garbage team with a garbage stadium in garbage town. GO TEXANS!!!

    Classy. Oakland lost to the Texans last year when Johnson didn’t play, and the Raiders were down a few starters today as well. Now get back out there, txndave, and finish cleaning the urinals.

  24. We are all sorry that Al Davis passed away. That said, Houston should have won this game. Sucks that they gave into the “same ol” Texans habbit. Not knowing how to win games at home, how to win close games. Playoff teams don’t give away
    home games. Texans have always done just that.

  25. txndave…

    way to get on and sound like a spoiled baby… lose the game and the best you got are excuses and insults. ha ha ha ha.. how quasi 1st grade of you..

    the raiders were down a starting corner, using a rookie (youre welcome on that bs phantom PI call too by the way, and the bs holding that brought back a Mcfadden run)… and they had a safety in that was not even in the NFL a month ago… and they found a way to win… 3 games like that.

    the only reason your team is so good is because the Colts are so bad. Way to be the de facto AFC south winner because youre the only ok team in that division.. you guys dont earn anything then complain when you lose…

  26. Nobody thinks Seabass was a foolish draft choice anymore. Having a kicker you can send out on 55-yarders without a second thought is a huge advantage. And for the rare occasion when they’re’re out of Seabass’s range, they have Lechler. Davis may have made questionable choices here and there, but overall his ability as a judge of talent was unparallelled.

  27. @ txndave,

    Such vitrol…It was a great game…Best one of the day in my opinion with all the back and forth.

    @ rangersleadthe way

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  28. “Get real raider fans, the ONLY reason y’all won is cause # 80 didn’t play. Along with all the other players that went down for us… Y’all are still a garbage team with a garbage stadium in garbage town. GO TEXANS!!!”

    ** Laughs and points at the scoreboard***

  29. Huff/DHB/Schilens… all deserve the props.

    But this game was more won by the Raiders run defense holding Foster and Texans’ run game to 2.9yd per and 70yds total. THAT was key in the Raiders victory.

    Big props to the Raiders front 7 in getting it done!!

    Will say this about DHB… he played today like he was pi$$ed off. Campbell missed him on a sideline pass, and DHB was letting his QB have it. DHB’s attitude today will serve him well. He’s been too complacent… he needs to play with the type of passion he showed today.

  30. txndave says:
    Oct 9, 2011 8:55 PM
    I love myself…

    Did you love the Houston Oilers too????

  31. @txndave

    of course you do.. its either yourself or the steers. you have to love yourself, as judging by the level of intelligence of your comments, I doubt even the cows want anything to do with you in tx…. sheep may be more your fit.

  32. Each and every week the Raiders have to play two opponents: the other team and the officials. I’m sick of it. It doesn’t matter who the HC is, who plays for them, they lead the league in penalities. Every non Raider fan just laughs off these claims, but to every Raider fan, it’s obvious this team gets screwed over weekly by the refs.

    This week they had something to answer the two opponents however. The old man gave them the extra push they needed to pull it out. Thanks for being the best owner in the history of professional sports Mr. Davis. You will be missed, and never forgotten.

  33. Remember in the DHB draft, Crabtree was the consensus first choice WR available, but the RAIDERS went with DHB and everyone scoffed at the pick… knowing what we know now, I would take DHB over Crabtree any day. Too much crap comes along with Crabtree…. (Craptree?)

  34. lets face it, rich Gannon cracking his coconut, and then the drafting of J-Bust is really all that set the raiders back.

    Gotta love everybody who said that DMC was a bust, and even though the raiders compared DHB to Cliff Branch and said he was a two year developmental project, everybody had him as a bust as well. Mike Mitchell was unheard of. Nobody even knew where Hillsdale college was, etc……..can everybody just shut up, and realize that this team is only going to win if Jason Campbell plays great.

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