Report: Bucs fined $250,000 for lockout contact with players

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We’ve previously reported that three teams have been fined for having contact during the lockout with players.  To date, only the Buccaneers have been identified.  We’ve previously reported that the fines are in the six figures.

Today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter supplies the amount, as to the Bucs.  Per Schefter, the league office fined the Buccaneers $250,000.

The Buccaneers declined comment in response to Schefter’s report.

The league remains fiercely tight lipped on the issue, refusing to identify the other teams who were fined and refusing to divulge any of the amounts.  Both the league office and the Titans have denied that a fine was imposed on the Tennessee franchise for lockout contact based on an admission from receiver Kenny Britt that he heard from receivers coach Dave Ragone “all summer long.”  (If the Titans truly got a pass on this, the Bucs should be livid.)

Full transparency would serve the league much better in this context, and not simply because we like to have content.  With discipline imposed on players for on-field and off-field infractions routinely making headlines, secrecy regarding teams who break the rules is more than a bit hypocritical.

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  1. I wonder if the Glazer Family will take out a 10yr interest only loan to pay it off (like they did with Manchester United and that’s why they can’t afford to sign free agents for the Bucs)

  2. “With discipline imposed on players for on-field and off-field infractions routinely making headlines, secrecy regarding teams who break the rules is more than a bit hypocritical.”

    That’s the American way. Those in the position of authority don’t have to play by the same rules as the peasants. Why do you think there are 1000’s of people protesting in New York for the last month?

  3. $250,000 for Raheem congradulating Kellen Winslow on the birth of his child and Talib for his legal issue? Jerry Jone’s got permission to attend Tony Romo’s wedding. I wonder what the tab would’ve been in fines that Jerry racked up tallking to players that night?

  4. The League office. Goddell, was going to fire people if teams got caught speaking with players during the lockout. The fines confirm this. Not sure what mandates to follow to a “t” from this commissioner if he does not follow through.

    I guess this was the easiest way of punishing teams for not following league rules. The message to me is go ahead and cheat and apologize later should you get caught.

  5. Why in the bleep is only one team’s name being made public? That’s not right. Disclose ’em all. Players fines are all disclosed. It’s only fair.

  6. wawa33 says:
    Oct 9, 2011 11:17 AM
    Fake Mike Tomlin is in over his skis

    Bet everything I own that “Fake Mike Tomlin” will win more games this season than “Real Mike Tomlin”

  7. The contact was for personal matters( like the Jerry Jones and Romo event) not prfessional. The fine is unfair but the Bucs should be able to pay it no problem with all the money they saved by passing on free agents.

  8. On second thought it is fortunate for the NFL that the passing of Leroy Selmon and Al Davis happened after the end of the lockout. What a mess that would have been trying to keep both sides from talking to each other at the memorial services.

  9. I tend to side with the owners on most issues because they are the ones who have provided an enviornment that makes other people into millionaires, but I gotta agree with the transparency point. If players’ fines and discipline is a public matter (as it ought to be) it is wholly appropriate to hold the owners to the same standard.

  10. Where is the loss of a draft pick?

    Those calls could have been used to get the players practicing certain things in their players only practices. That’s a big competitive advantage.

    The Pats lost a first rounder for videotaping signals anyone could see with the naked eye. Sure it was against the rules, but no more than this was.

  11. Wow, I thought only the Pat’s cheated.

    BTW, since “spygate” the Pats have the best record in football. If they’re still cheating, does anybody have any idea how they’re doing it?

    Is anyone smart enough to figure it out? Or are you just going to let them get away with it?

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