Shockey has “bitter taste” about departure from Saints


Saints coach Sean Payton called Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey one of his favorite players this week.

“If I was one of his favorite players I might still be there,” Shockey said in response via Steve Reed of the Gaston Gazette.

The Saints clearly made the right move getting rid of Shockey; he would have only got in the way of Jimmy Graham this year. You also get the sense the Saints would have let go of Shockey a year sooner if not for Payton’s loyalty to him.

Still, the man who caught the go-ahead touchdown in the Super Bowl is a little salty about being let go.

“I have a lot of respect for everyone in that organization, but that was first time I have ever been cut or released in my life so I’m not going to sit here and say I don’t have a bitter taste in my mouth about being pushed off to side and being told, ‘see you, good luck,’” Shockey said.

Shockey, who is off to a productive start in Carolina, suffered a concussion last week. He will play Sunday regardless.

“My head has always been a little loopy.”

21 responses to “Shockey has “bitter taste” about departure from Saints

  1. Well, there’s no doubt about him being loopy. Who likes to be let go, but lets face it, it’s the business he chose. 15 million Americans have been let go, with more come. At least he has a job in his profession. Many of those 15 million will be watching Shockey do his job on Sunday while 15 million Chinese and Indians do the jobs once proudly done by them but being paid in Tic Tacs.

  2. Hey Germy, you sure that bitter taste aint from that rum drink you sipped in the skybox while the saints won the super bowl without you?

  3. …yeah – some folks get that way when the can’t get paid for WATCHING GAMES from the sidelines any more…

  4. aside from his first year or two with the giants – shockey has been over-rated, has underperformed – and has been a troublemaker – it’s a shame that someone with his talent has turned into a cancer and a loser for every team he has played for – at this point in his career he should shut up and be happy he still has a job in the nfl

  5. I’m a diehard Saints and I like Shockey as well but I feel the Saints did the right thing in this case. It was more a decision of Graham being ready to start than the coach or team hating Shockey. Also paying 4.2 million dollars for a loved back TE would be stupid. WHO DAT!!!!

  6. Shockey is a cancer in the locker room. He has that diva first round draft pick out of miami attitude that you see in wide outs. Only problem is he’s a tight end. Accept your roll, shut your mouth, and go lose games, you bum.

  7. Way to be the Favre of Tight Ends, dude. You know – the guy that hung on for too long and complained when a team had to decide between an injured/aging/declining player and an up-and-coming one that can CLEARLY play.

    Just don’t retire and un-retire half a dozen times on us.

  8. Always thought he looked like Shemp from the tree stoogies with that hair ! Now he is a stoog !

  9. The Saints had a “Wooden Indian” in Shockey. When he wasn’t dropping the ball, and the Saints were fortunate, he would catch the ball, and drop immediately. His yards after a, rare, catch were almost non-existent. His blocking ability was horrid. Sean Payton gave him a Super Bowl TD when he called a Brees to Shockey pass, at the 1 yard line. A running play, for 1 yard, would’ve worked fine, but Payton liked that “Tub of Lard”, and handed him a stat he did not deserve. The Saints carried Shockey to the SB, not the other way around. Keep in mind, the Giants didn’t even invite him to their SB. It is reasonable to figure that Carolina will cut him before they make it back to the SB. It is doubtful he’ll be carried, to the big game, twice.

  10. the saints are doomed! ha…probably not with brees and sproles. but i look forward to another seahawks like collapse in the playoffs. up theirs.

  11. Possibly the only man with more bitterness about Super Bowl wins than Sweetness…


  12. @20bust11 says: Oct 9, 2011 10:31 AM

    I’m no Shockey fanboy, but every point you tried to make in your post is incorrect.

    Shockey is tough to bring down (see 2009 catch and run against the Phins).

    He’s a more than adequate blocker.

    Sean Payton “gave” him the TD in the Super Bowl in part because the Saints were stopped on consecutive runs at the goal line in the 2nd quarter.

    Shockey’s release was more due to the fact that he’s always injured. Oh and the Saints have this second year guy named Jimmy Graham.

  13. jonpeezy says:
    Oct 9, 2011 9:21 AM
    Hey Germy, you sure that bitter taste aint from that rum drink you sipped in the skybox while the saints won the super bowl without you?

    I would say your a little drunk.. BUT I think your just an Idiot!

    JonPeezy, stop giving drunks like me a bad name fool!

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