Source: Tarvaris has pectoral injury


Though it was initially believed that Seahawks starting quarterback Tarvaris Jackson suffered a shoulder injury on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Jackson actually suffered a pectoral injury.

Per the source, early indications are that Jackson will be fine.  That said, Jackson will undergo further evaluation.

The fact that Charlie Whitehurst led the team to an unlikely win over the Giants could call Jackson’s status as the starter into question, even if he’s healthy.  Whitehurst completed 10 of 18 passes for 122 yards.

14 responses to “Source: Tarvaris has pectoral injury

  1. Two picks by Eli to close out the game… Not the franchise quarterback many once thought he could become. Sometimes stellar, but usually mediocre.

  2. Jackson had a mixed game. He led the offense quite effectively in the first half. However, he made some bad throws: A high pass to Miller that left Miller exposed in a way that he was injured on the play, and the late-first-half interception.

    Two red-zone fumbles by RBs cost Seattle two scoring opportunities. Jackson easily could have had them to a larger lead in the first half.

    Not sold on Jackson as a long-term solution at QB, but I wouldn’t mind having him around as a backup.

    Oh yeah, and whoever is playing QB for Seattle has a helluva target in the slot in Doug Baldwin. The kid’s legit.

  3. Charlie Whitehurst will hopefully play QB the rest of the season and get this team winning again… The man should have been given an opportunity to win the starting job from the beginning of the season.

    GO CHARLIE!!!!

  4. we all knew the seahawks were going nowhere this year….now we can officially add the fraud giants to that list. what a disgusting football game.

  5. Most forget that both QBs are paid the same with the same contract length. That said, solid composure from Whitehurst to continue to run no huddle.
    Of course, you listen to all the media reports and its the Giants losing and no respect for Seattle. That said, Lynch didnt play a lot in second half either, so good bye week timing for Sea to rest up andthen get CIN and CLE after the bye.

  6. Why on earth would any defense knock Jackson out of the game?

    You have to make sure he DOESN’T get hurt, and your golden.

  7. Jackson is a horse. If you haven’t watched the Hawks in preseason and the first few games of the year then it is hard to respect how Jackson has handled the pressure and huge hits.

    Hasselback would still be in the hospital if he had been the qb during this stretch and Hasselback is a tough guy (with a bad back).

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