Gates, Chargers running backs to be ready after bye


There’s a feeling that the Chargers haven’t played their best despite being 4-1.

They have beaten four of the very worst teams in the league, and they didn’t look especially dominating in any of the games. Still, this is huge progress compared to their usual slow start.

The Chargers can also get excited that Antonio Gates should be back after the team’s bye. He told Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune he would be ready to return against the Jets.

In fact, Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune passes along word that the entire team is expected to be ready in two weeks. Running backs Mike Tolbert and Ryan Mathews were both banged up against Denver, leaving the Chargers with only one healthy tailback.  Both players should be ready to face the Jets after the bye.

13 responses to “Gates, Chargers running backs to be ready after bye

  1. Yeah i am waiting for Rivers to wake up, dude is killing me in fantasy.. less the 3 td game to V Jax who i also have.. Lets get it going after the bye.

  2. Please. With upcoming games against Jets, Bills, Bears, Packers, Lions, two vs. Oakland, they’ll be lucky to win one of those games. Just don’t believe in them. After winning 11 in a row two years ago then first round bye and then getting stiffed by the Jets at home in the playoffs, they don’t have a lot of credibility in the bank.

  3. BTW: Even if Gates comes back – he ain’t the real All-Pro TE anymore. Can’t run after the catch. His foot problems may be the end of his career.

  4. So when you do your power rankings, how valuable is beating – barely for some – 4 of the worst teams in the league? #6?

  5. Since when are the Jets worth a crap? They are a 2 win team who has a starting QB who is having a terrible season. Chargers will out run and pass the Jets in 2 weeks and everyone will still be saying the Chargers havent beaten anyone yet.

  6. I’m a Bolts fan and they really need to get it together. The O Line keeps collapsing and doesn’t give Rivers much time to throw. The real test will be the next part of the schedule. Hopefully Norv gets them ready…oh wait, that’s asking too much of Norv.

  7. They will play better after the bye. For some reason Norv plays down to his opponents. I’m not sure if anybody has seen the last 2 games when Rivers comes off the field a is yelling at and arguing with Norv. I am a die hard Charger fan and something small inside me wants them to miss the playoffs so they can hopefully finally fire Norv and not waste any more of Rivers, Jackson, Gates and Floyd’s prime years. After everything they are still 4-1, they didnt make their schedule did they? Go Chargers!

  8. @tomsd1

    Gates at 80% is still an All-Pro TE. Even if his foot problems diminish his ability to run after the catch, he’ll still be able to get open in the red zone, box out defenders, pick up first downs, and take pressure off Jackson and Floyd.

    However, none of that really matters unless the Chargers fix whatever it is that ails them. They’ve always started terribly, but the difference this year is that even Rivers isn’t playing well either.

  9. @boltdaddy..

    How many Superbowl wins do the Bolts have?

    I guess the Raider sweep of the Chargers last year was a fluke eh?

    What the heck have the Bolts done to warrant envy from Al?

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