John Fox won’t name starting quarterback yet


The Broncos have a bye this week, which is a good thing for coach John Fox.

If he makes the seemingly inevitable move to elevate Tim Tebow to the starting quarterback gig, Fox will have more practices to adjust the offense and get Tebow ready.

If Fox decides to keep starting Kyle Orton or goes to Brady Quinn, he will have longer to build a fortress around his house so that the citizens of Denver don’t attack Fox’s family.

Fox did not name a starter after Denver’s loss on Sunday.  Tebow struggled with his accuracy and mishandled three center-snap exchanges, but his running ability helped put some points on the board for the Broncos. Mike Klis of the Denver Post expects Fox to name Tebow the starter on Tuesday.

We’d expect that to happen too, but do not underestimate Fox’s ability to fly in the face of public demand. Fox held on to Jake Delhomme far longer than expected, including after one in-game benching.  Still, Orton’s play has made life difficult for the 1-4 Broncos, among other things.

Orton is averaging 6.32 YPA, which is 28th out of 32 starting quarterbacks. He’s also 28th in passer rating. Orton says it’s not because he feels the pressure from Tebow.

“People’s opinion don’t matter to me, man,” Orton said. “I left that a long time ago. I’ve been through that before. I’m just frustrated with the way we were playing, myself included.”

Orton will earn nearly $9 million for 2011, but it seems likely that he’ll earn the rest of it from the bench.

62 responses to “John Fox won’t name starting quarterback yet

  1. It doesn’t matter what the Dolphins were offering Orton or offering to get Orton.

    Orton and the Broncos should have taken it. Now you have this miasma that won’t go away because the fanbase loves Tebow.

    Anyone who had an ounce of foresight would have seen this problem coming from a mile away.

    Way to go Elway and Fox.

  2. Please, please, please name Tim Tebow the starting QB so Merril Hoge can have a conniption fit! Please!

    Actually, I’m surprised Brady Quinn didn’t get the call to relieve Orton yesterday. Quinn supposedly outplayed Tebow in preseason and training camp.

  3. Not a Bronco fan or hater or Tebow fan or hater but Fox is a Moron. He didn’t even look happy to see Tebow do well and wanted to review film before giving Tebow any credit when talking to the media. I think I am a Fox hater now after seeing his post game press conference.

  4. The change at Q-back is probably inevitable; Tebow brings more excitement to the game; the Bronco fans will like it, but the Broncos will do no better than 4 and 12, whether it be with Orton or Tebow at the helm.

  5. He would have to be completely deluded to keep Kyle Orton as the starter. People may criticize Tebow but the kid has a fire in him and is definitely more of a winner than Orton.

  6. Being that I am not in a Denver or San Deigo market, the only play I was able to see from Tebow was the last play of the game. If that is any indication on what kind of QB he is going to be Denver fans are in big trouble. He had a hard enough time attempting to throw a hail mary, with only 4 guys rushing him. He almost took a sack because he was trying to play like he was back on the Gators football team. Have fun Denver.

  7. I guess at this point I should be a tad more objective about the whole QB situation here in Denver (not that it matters to me anyway – I’m a lifelong Raiders fan with a serious hangover this morning from too much “mourning”) Anyway, the team has pretty much driven itself into the ground, perhaps from bad management or leadership or…….? I did watch the game via one bloodshot eye yesterday and did see Orton was having a terrible start, but why they passed over Brady and went straight for Tebow is beyond me – perhaps he does give them a fighting chance after all. Given all the “love” Orton been shown, I’m willing to bet he’s scoping out new residences in other cities today. Sure, he can earn his $9 million from the pine but it won’t be pretty, that’s for sure. And if I were Brady Quinn, I’d be looking for a new place to reside as well. This whole town is now caught up in Tebowmania, so we’ll have to wait a bit to see how all this works out.

    In retrospect, McD did a grand job of hosing this team before he got Das Boot, and I’m sure he’s sitting in St Louis right now cackling maniacally, even though his current team is winless and probably done for this year.

    The Donks are faced with an impossible situation right now.

  8. So Tebow lost the game, can’t handle the center snap and can’t throw, but its INEVITABLE that he starts the next game?

  9. Wow… what an EPIC FAIL on the part of Broncos management…. after declining a trade request from Miami for Orton… they end up benching him anyways…. still straddled with his monstrous salary and he wasn’t going to be on the Broncos after 2011 anyways! Idiotic…

  10. “Kyle Orton is still our starter because I feel he gives us the best chance to win”. ~John Fox


  11. Tebow-heads keep yelling
    “Orton’s not the answer…give Timmy a shot!”

    Well, Orton may NOT be the answer, but
    Tebow–as exciting as he is–has not shown that
    he can throw the ball accurately enough to be
    an NFL quarterback…and he’s supposedly been
    “fixing” his mechanics for 2 years.

    In short, the Broncos are a mediocre team right now, and NEITHER Orton or Tebow is likely to
    lift them to even a .500 season. As long as Denver management frames this as a “Orton or Tebow” issue, the rest of the AFC West can relax, knowing that the Broncos do not have enough talent at QB to be any real threat.

  12. Just do it already. You are gaining nothing by keeping Orton in there. Tebow might not be the answer, but you have to find that out by playing him.

  13. Even if Tebow doesn’t work out, benching the worst athlete in the NFL (Orton) is a good start.

  14. Whatever shortcomings Tim Tebow may have as a passer, not even his harshest critics can deny the spark he brings to a team. When you see a guy compete that hard on every single down, you would have to be the most jaded teammate in the league not to be inspired to play a little harder yourself. Most athletic competitions, indeed just about everything worth having in life, go to the individuals who simply want it more.

  15. Bashing Fox for what he inherited is ridiculous. A bad receiving corps that can’t get open, a QB who can’t extend plays and another QB who can’t hit receivers after he extends plays.

  16. ny82jy says:
    Oct 10, 2011 8:57 AM
    If they dont start tebow thats a joke. Give him a chance already!! The kid is a winner.

    He was a winner in college, and as we all know, winning in college as a quarterback ALWAYS translates into success and winning in the NFL. Just ask Ryan Leaf, Andre Ware, Akili Smith, JaMarcus Russell….

  17. It’s a decision between Capt Check Down or Akward Throwing Motion Guy that somehow puts points on the board…

    Elway: “Gee, Idk? (scratches teeth)”

  18. Wow, the whole delusional fervor of the Tebow camp reminds me of the Favre supports 2-3 years ago.

    Favre vs. Tebow: PFT traffic melts down the intertubes.

  19. Orton had an awful 21.0 quarterback rating at halftime with the Broncos down 23-10, but when Tebow came in, he led Denver to 14 points and made it a game again.

    Tebow posted a 101.7 quarterback rating while throwing one touchdown and running the ball for 38 yards and one touchdown


  20. The only reason people like yahmule make up stuff about Tebow’s intangibles is because there are no TANGIBLES to back up their hysteria. The reason there’s so much chaos on the field with Tebow is because he can’t run the offense and people are trying to figure out what to do while he’s running around back there trying to be the hero.

  21. First off, I do not think Timmy has good mechanics and he did miss some wide open throws yesterday.

    I was at the game and it was like a switch went off in the stadium when he came in! I don’t think he is the answer at quarterback, but i found myself standing up and cheering for the guy.(I think he was the biggest waste of draft picks in the history of the Broncos). He does bring a new dimension to the offense and was fun to watch!

    He plays with passion and excitement, I would take 10 more losses like that over watching Orton do absolutely nothing. Timmy loves to compete and play, and it shows. Let him play. Teams will no doubt prepare and make him do what he is not good at, see if he can do it or not.

  22. cuda1234 says: Oct 10, 2011 10:16 AM

    The only reason people like yahmule make up stuff about Tebow’s intangibles is because there are no TANGIBLES to back up their hysteria. The reason there’s so much chaos on the field with Tebow is because he can’t run the offense and people are trying to figure out what to do while he’s running around back there trying to be the hero.

    Someone needs to copy and paste this into every Tebow post. Cuda just nutshell’d the entire discussion.

  23. This is just comical. Fox tenure in Denver is sure to end in a train wreck or a car crash. I am just watching Bronco games now to see which one it is going to be.

  24. Careful what you wish for Denver.

    When, not if, when Tebow fails to meet your overly-high expectations, then what?

    I’ve been a Bears fan since the 1960’s and the mantra has always been the same: Our favorite quarterback is the one holding the clip board. Welcome to our world.

  25. i am so sick if hearing this from a crappy team every single week. just start tebow. you have no choice at this point.

  26. geeze There are a lot of misinformed comments in this thread. Now get this strait.

    The Broncs did not turn down an offer from Miami. Orton refused to renegotiate his contract to anything Miami wanted to pay. It looks to me like both Miami and Orton were correct. Orton had the best deal he could expect and Miami didn’t want to pay him top dollar.

    As for the guy who wants to fire somebody for extending Orton’s contract: They already did that… His name was Josh.

  27. “He plays with passion and excitement,
    I would take 10 more losses like that…”


    This may be your Luck-y day, then.

    Timmy might be exciting all the way to 2-14.

  28. It should have been Tebow’s team from the beginning of this season. I hope we trade Orton and get something out of him. Not sure when the trade deadline is though…. TEBOW TIME!!

  29. So what are the Broncos fans gonna do when Tebow starts out 0-5? or 1-4? Blame everyone else on the team? Careful what you wish for. I would bet at the end of the season, you’ll look back and wish Orton kept starting.

  30. Btw, I love the people crowing about Tebow’s QB rating. Explaining how it’s better than this QB and that QB. Not hard to have a 100QB rating when you throw 8 passes all year

  31. First, the reason Orton is not in Miami is because of Orton. He wouldn’t sign an extension, therefore no trade.

    Second, if you actually listened to the post game interview then you would know that all that running around on the final play was part of the plan to buy time and get someone open in the end zone. They talked about it in the huddle.

    Third, I don’t think Fox and Elway could be less happy about this development. Tebow has a loooong way to go. But this fact is undeniable…Mile High was a morgue through the first 3 quarters. Once Fox/McCoy realized that Timmy just couldn’t run the stuff designed for Orton and finally just put him in the gun and let him do what he does, he was electric. He doesn’t get rattled and he can certainly improvise. The kid is just flat-out exciting and his team fed off of that. Did you see how fired up Ayers was after he forced Rivers to fumble? This was an entirely different team in the fourth quarter. Now they have two weeks to design some stuff around him and see what they’ve got. Honestly, I really doubt it succeeds once defenses get some film and game plan for him, but, hell, at least it should be entertaining.

  32. john fox is proving to be a whole lot worse coach than he was in carolina last season.can him and hire jeff fisher if you guys want a real team!

  33. It’s good to see that some of today’s QBs no longer have to earn their position as starting QBs..Just have the media drum up enough support behind u and the job is urs.

  34. Start him, then when teams get tape on him and start to slow him down the fans will realize that QB isn’t their problem. Its the complete lack of pass protection and way too many passes that are designed to go down field when Orton doesn’t have anywhere near the time to do it.

    Say what you want about McDaniels, under his offensive schemes the Broncos moved the ball and scored, the defense is what lost those games.

  35. Any quality coach or coordinator will implement plays that are designed to maximize your qbs skill set. Don’t try to make tebow a pocket passer that’s not his strength, get him out on the perimeter and give him run pass options. Tebow is the type of player that can run for a td and pass for one. Change your play calling if you know he struggles with 15 yard dig routes god dammit call something else. But he gives them a dimension that they haven’t had in a while. It’s up to the coaches to utilize it.

  36. Not a Tebow fan or a Bronco fan….BUT…I will take a guy who has a competitive fire and will over the guy who is “mechanically better” or who has the rocket arm but no ability to nut up and be a leader. Bring on the kid. Worse thing that happens is you lose some games and find out what you have….Denver won’t win the division with SD and OAK playing well now….Let he $9 million dollar man hold the clipboard.

  37. denver just has to go with tebow. at the very least a loss with tebow at the helm is more entertaining than a loss with orton at the helm. but, that said, it has to be john fox’s decision. he is more important to the team than tebow or orton, and it is not smart for denver fans to attempt to undermine him in his first season.

  38. How many points does a team get for the excitement factor? Broncos fans have lost their freaking minds. Fans posting about liking one loss as opposed to another loss? What the hell is wrong with you people? If you watched Tebow’s performance and you can conclude that he has the basic tools to be a successful NFL QB, you are an intellectually dishonest person.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers! Go Tigers!

  39. There is no way Fox can start Orton. Orton is a guy who will never win you a game. He plays with no passion, like he doesn’t even care he’s playing professional football. That last drive with 28 seconds to go and Tebow got them to the 30 yard line, would Orton even have gotten them that far? no. he would of been sacked or threw a 2 yard dump pass to end the game. I dont understand the hate for Tebow, sure that stat line looks ugly, but plain and simple he’s a playmaker and that’s what denver needs. I guarentee when Tebow starts Denver will be at least .500

  40. I have it on good authority that Miami is preparing fo Kyle Orton by doing the following reps in practice:

    1. smashing stationary tackling dummies at full speed.

    2.picking up loose balls from the turf and running them in to the end zone

    3. Defensive team touchdown dances

    4. Guffawing from the gut after a pass to a wide open WR hits the ground 3 feet in front of him.

    Or, the Broncos can play Tebow. He’s probably better than 6-21.

  41. It’s a cute lil story, and starting Timmy will make all the donkey fans feel all warm inside.

    “The Loveable Losers”

    Has a nice ring to it. Maybe now these people will get what they’ve been wishing for.

    3-13, at best, if not worse.

  42. Explanation from Bronco coach John Fox:

    “Well, folks, you know, I asked myself
    ‘What would Vince Lombardi do?’

    And I decided that Lombardi would probably
    play whoever the loudest fans TOLD him to play.

    Likewise, beginning with the Dolphin game,
    fans will will text in to our sidelines, and
    instruct us on what PLAYS to call.
    Lombardi would be sooooo proud of me!”

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