Lions beat Bears to run record to 5-0


Monday Night Football was back in Detroit for the first time in a decade, and the Lions delivered.

Jahvid Best and Calvin Johnson turned in big games for Detroit, as the Lions beat the Bears 24-13 to run their record to 5-0 — their best start since 1956.

Best had his first career 100-yard rushing game, finishing with 163 on the ground, including an 88-yard touchdown for the longest run in Lions franchise history. And after an ugly first quarter of football from both teams, Johnson got the game’s scoring started in the first minute of the second quarter with a splendid 73-yard touchdown catch, becoming the first player in NFL history to have nine receiving touchdowns in his team’s first five games.

For the Bears, Jay Cutler and Matt Forte both turned in solid games despite playing behind an offensive line that struggled with the Lions’ front four all night. But Cutler and Forte aren’t going to be able to win games all by themselves: The Bears absolutely have to get better up front.

And even if the Bears do get better up front, it may be too late: At 2-3 they’re now three games behind both the Lions and the Packers and have already lost to both. It’s going to be just about impossible for the Bears to repeat as champions of the NFC North.

Monday night’s game was sloppy, full of penalties and not particularly well played. But Detroit fans won’t mind. It’s mid-October, and the Lions are undefeated.

134 responses to “Lions beat Bears to run record to 5-0

  1. Speaking of MNF, Gruden is unlistenable. Every 4 seconds, Gruden is rolling out with “This is the greatest defense I’ve ever seen on an NFL field” or “That’s the best linebacker I’ve ever watched play” or “I’ve never seen a throw better than that one by Cutler right there” or …. blah blah blah

    Gruden’s overuse of superlatives makes them meaningless. He needs to leave.

  2. LOL at Cutler padding his stats at the end instead of trying to win the game. Denver is 100 times better off with Tebow as their quarterback than that terminal adolescent Cutler.

  3. Cue the haters and their excuses. I’m sure it was due to the injuries or that Chicago somehow lost the game they were dominated in.

    Scoreboard! 5-0 best record in the NFL.

  4. That last drive defines Cutler. He needs 11 but he’d rather throw underneath for completions and stats than to throw down field to actually try to win, but risk a INT on his stats.

  5. Breaking News: Jerry Angelo hates Jay Cutler.

    How can you watch this game and be convinced that that offensive line is fine? I’m surprised he made it to this year.

  6. Why are people attacking Jay Cutler? The man was running for his life the entire football game and you say “he was padding his stats?” That’s a load of crap.

  7. Cutler almost pulled this out by himself. Lovie Smith is a pathetic excuse for a head coach. Wastes two time outs in the first quarter and then the third goes bye bye on a stupid challenge after he should have put points on the board. Meriweather was absolutely brutal, like the offensive line. Smith was instrumental in the signing of #31.

  8. Yeah i really saw cutler hustling and getting his team to line to run plays and save clock. He conceded defeat. Cutler has no heart and is no leader. He’ll never be a winner

  9. Woohoo! Go Lions! I’m sure some will continue to say they only beat patsies so the record isn’t real. But whatever, still undefeated! You can let us know which upcoming opponent we need to beat to validate the progress.

  10. “Let’s face it, the Bears have no heart.



    based on what?

    By that logic, you and them should go to the Wizard, you’d get a group rate.

  11. @paulieorkid: I’m with you. The MNF crew is pathetic. Have you ever heard announcers spend more time talking about the LOSING quarterback? They couldn’t shut up! Too much for me; I had to turn down the volume.

    Great game, Lions. Even tho’ you wussed out on that last 1st and goal from the 5….

  12. “LOL at Cutler padding his stats at the end instead of trying to win the game. Denver is 100 times better off with Tebow as their quarterback than that terminal adolescent Cutler.”


    Can I buy some of what you’re smoking?

    Tebow will go nowhere the way he throws the ball.

    What is Cutler supposed to do, just throw bombs? Detroit’s playing a prevent.

    I wish more people would understand football, instead of basing it based on what works for them in Madden.

  13. Come on, seriously, was there any dought? Bears and Cutler looked like a scared high school team, running with yellow stains between thier legs, from a Pro Bowl caliber defence. You can talk all you want, that was a beatdown by a hungry pack of Lions. You can not stop this Lions Team. You can only pray to your god that you can contain them.

    Side note: Great Night Jahvid Best

  14. Cutler channeled Joey Checkdown on that last series. Thanks for taking some yards and not going for the win.

    Inexcusable style of play – it’s not trying to win.

  15. “That last drive defines Cutler. He needs 11 but he’d rather throw underneath for completions and stats than to throw down field to actually try to win, but risk a INT on his stats.’

    You can’t throw bombs with no time in the pocket, and the other team playing a prevent.

    Please understand football before you post.

  16. Lions whipped my Bears tonight. Two big plays given up on defense. (Chris Harris nowhere to be found on either.) Lovie at podium now making excuses and talking down to all non-football personnel.

  17. Boy I hope that Thanksgiving Day game is between two undefeateds. This Packer fan hopes for an epic Thanksgiving Day game.

  18. Whatever it takes for a regime change in Chicago, I’m all for it. You can’t win with the high school o-line and receivers the Bears have.

    Whoever questions Cutler’s heart after watching a game like this is a complete moron. You’d be curled up in the fetal position, through the ball up in the air with the hits he continually takes.

    Angelo needs to go, and Martz needs to be on that same bus. Enough is enough.

  19. Enjoy it while you can Lions fans the Packers are still the champs and are on an 11 game win streak. No one in the NFL is playing as good as Rodgers right now. Can’t wait for turkey day for the felines to be exposed!

  20. Smith will be back Martz won’t be he will have one more season to right the ship after a Suprebowl and a conference championship that being said the Bears only visit to the Whitehouse is when I wrap up their Madden 11 season!

  21. “Nice last drive cubs, you were down 11 and didnt even try to score to give urself a chance to tie. Quit just like ur qb”


    You can talk about your team when they’ve done something in the postseason is the last decade.

    He’s a quitter, but you’d curl up like a little bitch if you got hit once.

    Put down the PS3, and learn how things work in real football. You don’t just throw bombs into 3 deep safety coverage, with no time to throw. This is simply logic, really it is. If I could draw you a picture, maybe it would sink in.

  22. Lovie Smith is an arrogant, smug jackass. With two key defensive injuries tonight he’ll start swirling around the drain. Quote of the night “We don’t want our QB to take any hits.” Lovie Smith MORON.

  23. Next week the Lions will finally play a real defense. San Fran will show the rest of the league how to contain a high powered offense.

    In Harbaugh we trust.

  24. Blaming Cutler for this loss is wrong. The Bears offensive line sucks. Their receivers suck. Their coaching sucks. Their GM sucks. No one can win a game when you are getting pounded like he has the last two years.

  25. If the Lions ever put four quality quarters together both offensively and defensively they will be something spectacular.

  26. Great Lions Win… and far from playing their best.

    Awesome to have Fairley in for a few plays.

    Bandwagon jumpers, please stay off.

    GO LIONS!!!

  27. I hate to say it, but Cutler played a helluva game under those circumstances (except for the last 3 minutes).

    I’d still like to smack him in his mouthgina, though, just for the way he looks.

  28. I love what the lions are doing. Their schedule is going to get harder. They need to score more points early in games and Stafford has to stop throwing that 1 interception per game. If this happens, this team will be very dangerous .

  29. Schwartz said in the presser, they are a day behind and will be preparing for the 9’ers in an hour and a half. Lions seemed to do well on the injury front tonight and will definitely be ready.

  30. Lions fan here: anyone trashing cutler just doesn’t know football. Cutler should be lying on a table with a toe tag with all the pressure he saw. The fact he was upright at games end was a testament to him. He was not padding stats, he was taking all the lions were allowing and making what plays he could. Give the man his props.

  31. I jusy have to laugh at how Chicago wasn’t having a TE or RB chip the ends, using shotgun, or doing any rollouts.

    I’m not a Cutler fan, but jeez give the guy a chance.

  32. Yeah, Cutler showed some serious moxie tonight. He had maybe one or two opportunities to actually drop back, plant, step, and throw. Mostly, he was trying not to be killed while completing passes at the same time. Dude has a cannon for an arm.

  33. jay cutler has an incredible arm but needs to develop maturity at qb. I have not seen a qb make some throws like that since Dan Marino. So I can see why announcers say what they say about him. The bears have tried to do everything to make him a better qb because they see something in him, but in my opinion the only person who might be able to teach him is in St. Louis. That’s josh mcdaniels, so Chicago please sign that OC to a deal to make cutler the best qb in the league.

  34. It’s Bull Shi/ to blame Cutler. You got to be kidding me. The Bears O. Line sucks big time. The Defense sucked big time. The real blame has got to go to their personel dept.. Jerry Angelo is a joke of a GM. He cuts the guys that are decent and brings in clowns like Roy Williams. Between he and Ruskell, the Bears are screwed….

  35. only winning team Lions have beaten are the Bucs, we trampled them Sun. Vikings, Bears, Cowboys, KC all losing teams they’ve beat.

    49ers should win this one.

  36. webehighrollin says:
    Oct 10, 2011 11:52 PM
    We’re comin Dee-troit..We’re comin…

    In Harbaugh We Trust!

    I can’t wait to see the Lions bring the 49ers and their fans back to reality.

  37. Bears O-Line is ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL!!! Cutler faced a ferocious pass rush all night … Better luck next time … Only problem is, the same 9 D-Linemen are coming AGAIN!! .. Good luck ….

    As for the Lions ….. Bring on Harbaugh and the Morgan-less Niners, one more EXCUSE people can have to knock Detroit’s soon to be 6-0 start … It is scary to think how good this Lions team can be

  38. Cutlet played well. The entire coaching staff, however, should be fired tomorrow and Roy Williams should be cut yesterday. Detroit’s defense is sick but that was just sad. How do you not kick the FG in the 1st Quarter? That would gave made Cutlers last drive an opportunity to tie. Idiots. And anytime Mike Tice is the head of anything, its usually a disaster.

  39. Coming up next, the 4-1 San Francisco 49ers visit the undefeated Detroit Lions.

    Yeah, I don’t believe it, either.

  40. ok if people are still hating cutler after tonight, then they need to get their head checked out. he seriously didnt even have time to hand the ball off…

  41. PS – Michael David – sloppy yes… but the Lions destroyed the Bears on both lines…

    Pardon the irritation…. but you completely blew the obvious.

    The Lions didn’t just beat the Bears, they manhandled them, they beat them down and tossed them around like rag dolls. That’s a fact.

    Go ahead, try to give the Lions some credit… I know you can do it.

  42. “The Bears absolutely have to get better up front….”

    NO they don’t! I like ’em just the way they are! G-O P-A-C-K!

  43. tatum064 says:
    Oct 10, 2011 11:53 PM
    Lions were sloppy, but it didnt matter. It’s their year. The Green Bay game will be the reality check.

    coming from a Lions fan, yes it very well maybe, if you consider losing to the best team, and i mean the very best team in the nfl, a reality check. Packers are Beast mode right now, Lions are just damn good, but not that good IMO. Packers are far and away the most dominant team i think.

  44. favreforever says:
    Oct 10, 2011 11:50 PM
    LOL at Cutler padding his stats at the end instead of trying to win the game. Denver is 100 times better off with Tebow as their quarterback than that terminal adolescent Cutler.

    I’m guessing you didn’t watch the game. Reason being the bears were in that game soley due to Cutlers play. I’ll be one of the firsts to rag on Cutlers’ persona and toughness, however tonight he was damn good.

  45. rodgers, starks, grant, jennings, driver, jones, nelson, cobb, and finley will you see on thanksgiving lions!

    but what one of them will get the ever sought after turkey leg?

  46. Jay Mariotti said it best in his 2007 article and it is still true today:


    Good win Detroit, hope both teams are undefeated going into Thanksgiving!

  47. Yep, Cutler looked like Macgyver out there…. except in the face. Even Macgyver showed some emotion.

    But a crazy, sloppy, fun game to watch. As usual, Lions fans should hit up the short list of peeps who felt compelled to talk shiz on the half time “The Lions Might Lose” PFT post.

    Those brave few who once again gambled and lost for a third week in a row. Once again they bet their credibility for a chance to be the first to “NYAH-NYAH” the Lions. Once again they lose.

    You lose, you’re a joke, you win, you’re a target I guess. Stay classy other teams fans.

  48. “Let’s face it, the Bears have no heart.


    Not a Bears fan at all but Jay Cutler has heart.

    Most QB’s don’t finish that game at all.

  49. When i was a kid Stone Cold Steve Austin was the toughest S.O.B now its Jay Cutler

    You Hear that? Thats the the sound of Javid Best running past Brandon Meriweather

  50. Nflfollower although da bears did get beat by the better team there is shame to be had. 99% of it going to Bears GM Jerry Angelo he is the one that gave up players and a couple of 1st round draftpicks for a then young pro bowl QB then proceeded to give him no offensive weapons or protection! Cutler has O-lineman who shouldnt even be in the league!

  51. That’s it? That’s the mighty Lions?

    Boy oh boy lookout, because Jim Harbaugh is gonna tear y’all a new one this Sunday!


  52. SN: Lance Briggs wants more money, lol. He can go get it somewhere else for all I care after that performance.

    Along the same lines. Pay Forte.

  53. You guys are idiots by saying cutler was padding his stats,last i knew he dont call the plays, marts does! Idiots, give that guy a line and a oc, he would be top 5, put bradford behind bears line he would have had 4 interceptions and a concussion! Liking the lions, fun to watch happy for their rebuild, got a promising future! But you guys are idiots for talking about cutler, hes a trooper and a elite qb no matter what numbers say, fire davis pick up a linebacker and a couple offensive linemen! Id even get rid of martz

  54. Who would’ve thought the 0-16 Lions of ’08 would turn out to be 5-0 in ’11? Way to go! Congrats!!

  55. Tonight’s game was not on Cutler, anyone who watched could see that. Bears season is most likely over barring some miracle. Tom Brady could not operate behind that line & Brandon Meriwether should be released immediately. Angelo, Lovie, & Martz are done in Chicago!

  56. stairwayto7 says: Oct 10, 2011 11:50 PM

    Gosh I hope the Packers go 13-3 and only get a WILD CARD!! Go Lions!!
    I am happy the lions are finally relevant again. After that much BS they deserve some success. However to think they can compete with the Packers is hilarious. The Lions won’t even win next week while the Pack could break an awful lot of records this year. Lets face it the Bears have the worst O line in the NFL and they made the Lions look even better than they are. The Packers backup tackles are a lot better than anything the Bears have. Not to mention Clifton and Bulaga should be healthy by turkey day. I can’t wait.

  57. So….NOW have the Lions beat a “real” team?!

    For all the doubters, probably not. So be it. Our team is 5-0, and haven’t even played their best game possible yet.

    If the Lions ever are able to put a complete game together and reduce the penalties, they are a top three team in the NFL, no doubt.

    49ers….Welcome, to Thunderdome.

  58. The biggest impression this game left on me was how miserable the Bears o-line looked, and how well Cutler was doing despite that. The second big impression was J. Best playing extremely well. Runner up impressions included how poor the Bears d-line looked without Peppers and Megatron continuing his games-in-god-mode streak.

  59. Two elements which are sorely missing from the Bears and have been FOR YEARS:

    1. A stud wide receiver. NO ONE on the Bears offense cuts it as a stud receiver and getting rid of one of the best tight ends in football (Gregg Olsen) was completely ridiculous.

    2. Decent offensive lineman. The Bears need to invest all of their draft picks next year in awesome offensive lineman.

    The Bears go no better than 9-7 this year, and probably a lot worse than that.

  60. Bears fans … where’s all that trash talk that you’ve been typing about Detroit? Remember how the Lions were going to be exposed by the Bears? Yup, you did a great job of exposing the fact that Javid Best can outrun anyone on your team!

    The final Lions drive … we’re in the red zone and there’s no throw to Calvin in the end zone? That’s called showing mercy to a team who is already beat. Schwartz elected not to run up the score.

    Cutler showed that he can stand up to being clobbered all night. Any talk about his toughness should be put to rest.

    So no playoffs for da Bears year … and I normally wouldn’t rub that in, but y’all did so much trash talking that you deserve to be reminded that … you got royally clobbered tonight!

  61. By the way … am I the only one who thinks it’s a little twisted (and hypocritical of the NFL) when Julius Peppers is wearing pink accessories for breast cancer awareness (health awareness), but also appeared to have gone into the locker room for a pain killer shot into his knee?

    Peppers was limping badly, disappeared into the locker room, and came back ready to play. It’s not hard to guess what happened in there.

    And this isn’t a knock on Peppers … I’m just saying that while the NFL is making a show out of health awareness, it would be nice if the player’s long-term health was a considered more important than the team’s short-term needs.

    Those shots in the knee mean that when Peppers is in his 40s and 50s, chances are he’s not going to take walking for granted.

  62. As a Bears fan, the Lions were simply the better team. No other way of saying it.

    …but to anyone who says Cutler has no heart, or Cutler just wanted to raise his stats on the final drive, than y’all were watching another game.

    Cutler virtually had NO ONE blocking for him. Twice the entire game he actually planted his feet to throw a pass. Everything else was literally a sack, knockdown, pressure, hurried, roughing the passer, etc.

    He just had no time at ALL. The o-line are honestly non-existent. Yet he got up after every play and tried to keep us in the game. There were a handful of times where a defender came in LITERALLY UNTOUCHED. Not one f**king finger on him, simply untouched.

  63. I’m not a fan either team, but I would love to see cutler, and forte play behind a good line and with a couple weapons at reciever. But I guess that’s what happens when u don’t draft in the 1st round

  64. Hats off to the Lions. What’s not to love? This team has been bad for so long, and here they are on top and undefeated. You don’t have to be a Lions fan to admire that.

  65. not a bears fan but lets be honest no wonder can ever question cutlers toughness. since he been with the bears his oline has been horrendous and he gets hit game after game like no other qb in the league and he never says crap just shuts his mouth and play ball..does he have the most talent at qb? no not at all but he has a very strong arm and if he a good oline he wouldnt have to force many throws. But cutler is the qb for the bears so win lose or draw he gets the praise and he gets the criticism but still like i said u never hear cutler whine like a bitch so kudos to cutler

  66. There is something special beginning in Detroit. Can’t wait until Thanksgiving or maybe I should be careful what I wish for but it would be cool if the packers and lions became the best and most anticipated rivalry game in the nfl for the next ten years. Hope both teams are still undefeated on turkey day.

  67. Neither team had much to be proud of tonight.

    Cutler did make the best of a horrible situation.

    That Thanksgiving Day Packers Lions game looms large.

  68. Good thing Angelo worked on improving their O-line during the offseason. I would hate to see their performance had he done nothing. LOL – it’s time to show the Bears front office and coaching staff the door…color their season DONE.

  69. While I agree with a lot of posters that are saying the Bears have no heart (especially the defense), I find it funny that the imbeciles with a Cutler vendetta go out of their way to pick on him after he had a rather tremendous game. Has Cutler been awful at times this year? Without a doubt. But he was poised, made some amazing throws under adversity and was very mobile. I’d say he was mobile in the pocket, but there was no pocket, as the Bears have the worst line in NFC North history. This makes Cutler’s play even more great last night.

    Simply put, you really show how much of a homer you are, and how much you really have no clue about football, when you make these dumb*** posts. Congrats to Calvin Johnson on a great season, congats to the Lions and shame on the Bears and Jerry Angelo for parading garbage on the field week in and weekout.

    a level headed football fan

  70. detroit has proven big success comes from drafting strong…..suh, johnson, fairley, stafford, best……these guys have some pretty good players….take note viking upper management

  71. Should be a good game this week, 49ers at Lions. San Fran should be 5-0 too, fluke play against the cowboys screwed that up. Don’t expect Harbaugh to play nice, Tampa found out the hard way. A couple years ago no one would believe these two teams would have a combined record of 9-1 in week 6. Shows how preseason predictions mean nothing.

  72. The game was so-so….. Sloppy but, The Lions are learning how to win, as the Bears are forgetting how to win, so.. I can see why. However, the most enjoyable part for me was watching the fans. Good for you Lions fans!! Especially those who have stayed true for so long!!! It’s great to see a fanbase grow into themselves as the team is doing so also…. the older generation Lions fans showing the newer ones how it is done.. NFL Football…… LOVE IT!!

  73. I still think cutler is a crybaby and overrated but he played his butt off last night. Lions shoulda had a dozen sacks and a shut out if it wasn’t for cutler

  74. Best of luck to Detroit the rest of the way. You will be hard to beat. Your secondary is not very good though. Could come to haunt you IF you make the playoffs.

  75. It’s sad to watch the Bears anymore. Offensively, they have a good QB who could be a great one if he was given the tools to win games – an O-line that gives him time to make plays & receivers who can do the job.

    The same goes for Forte – he needs an O-line who can open the holes for him to get the short gains and keep the opposing linebackers from playing against the pass all the time.
    On defense, the D-line just doesn’t “have it” anymore. Combine that with an aging Urlacher/ Briggs, who are a step-and-a-half/ a step slower than last year and your zone coverage just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. The DB’s can’t take up all the slack these guys have lost.

    But guess what. It will ALWAYS be this way as long as the McCaskey family controls the team. They hire coaches & management that look to the long term. NFL football isn’t like that anymore. The Patriots are the exception because they have an excellent coaching staff, great scouts and a supportive ownership. Every other team has a revolving door in team management because theyr’re looking for another Belechik-style staff.

    So don’t get so down on the players. They’re trying to do their jobs. But they can’t (and won’t) have the support they need until the McCaskey ownership is history.

  76. Lions look good, but I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to test yourselves against the Pack. Stafford is no Rodgers, all those overthrows are going to get picked on Turkey Day. It doesn’t seem like he can make a throw unless it’s a jumpball to CJ or the WR is wide open. Defense is carrying that team. Offense is far from consistent. Great to see the Lions doing well and improving while winning, but the Packers are still the team to beat.

  77. I am not a Cutler fan by any means, I always thought he was a girl, still do,but give the guy credit, he was running for his life! The Bears need an O line! The Lions are the real deal. I’m a Packer fan so T-Giving day will finally be more than what are we eating!! Should be a hell of a show down!

  78. Oh wowo now theres lion fans !!!. Please yall sound like the saints fans from 2 years ago band wagonnnnnnn , bout time yall start winning cuz for 50 years youd never hear a lion fan say ” whose next ” … And the niners are no push over they are playing well

  79. Lions fan here and anyone knocking Cutler’s performance doesn’t understand the game of football. The ONLY reason the Lions didn’t put 30+ on the scoreboard is because their offense was on the bench due to Cutler keeping drives alive while running for his life. The Lions D was all over him and yet he kept making enough plays to keep Stafford and Co. on the bench.

    The guy did everything he could. Blame your O line, blame your D…but your QB played lights out despite running for his life the entire game. The better team won because they controlled both lines of scrimmage…you can’t blame Cutler for that.

  80. Besides the Bears O line looking awful, the D is terrible too. Ulacher hasn’t been good for three years, he old now and he has a casts of cronies just like him, one step away from making plays.
    Lovie needed to inject some youth in this group and get rid of the hangers on. He failed to do that and now both the Bears and The Vikes suffer the same fate, relying on elders to get the job done. Aint workin this year!

  81. Not a Lions fan,

    But this is great for the city of Detroit.

    Any city, hit as hard as Detroit in this economy,
    needs to ” cheer ” about something.

    The fans deserve a winner !


    Go Lions / Tigers

    a Philly fan

  82. My wife mentioned this am that the Lions haven’t started 5-0 since the 56 team. That news really hurt because I used to go to those games and actually remember that team well. That was one great football team.

  83. johnnyshore says:Oct 11, 2011 12:05 AM

    Next week the Lions will finally play a real defense. San Fran will show the rest of the league how to contain a high powered offense.

    In Harbaugh we trust.

    you dont think 1 good game by alex smith means anything? sf going down and not the san fran style either

  84. Something better about the league when the NFC north has teams playing a high caliber of football… just wish the Lions and Vikes played outdoors like the Bears and the Pack.

  85. The Lions look to be a solid team and can only play the schedule they’re given, but it’s pretty likely that they’ve yet to play a playoff team. Coming up they get the Niners, Falcons, Pack twice, Saints, Oakland, and Chargers. It’s a long season, and way to early to anoint the Lions a SB contender.

  86. I have to say that I’m proud of the Lions and what they are doing this year. I’m a Niners fan, and I’m so looking forward to the Niners @ Lions game this upcoming Sunday. It’s going to be one of the best games of the year. Hopefully. I’m not even going to bash the Lions, they have earned their respect. I’m just hoping for a great game! Go Niners!

  87. Moment of the game:

    Urlacher mouthing “What happened?” after Best’s 88 yd run.

    The entire Bear team is probably asking themselves that question still this morning… “what happened?”

  88. The Bears offensive line needs to have 10% of their wages garnished and put into a four oh one JAY plan to pay for the round the clock nursing home care that Cutler is going to need because of the abuse he’s taking.

    It’s pathetic. Why didn’t Martz have Cutler in the shotgun or rolling out? Wow…. just wow….

  89. I think it’s kind of funny hearing all the Lions fans talking up building through the draft. I’ll be the first to admit Angelo is a terrible GM and has drafted poorly over the years (wtf is with the late round QB “projects”), but you have to admit having the first or second choice in the entire draft three years in a row improves the odds of picking good players quite a bit!

    Kudos to the Lions though for getting 3 very productive players with those picks! With Angelo the Bears would have just ended up with 3 Cedric Bensons…

  90. Lmao at all these ppl who don’t actually understand football. They expect cutler to throw deep instead of padding his stats. more than likely he would have ended up throwing up an interception because of the defense detroit was running. and then the same ppl would complain about his miserable stats that included an interception. i don’t understand how blame the game on a quarterback who was the only one playing the entire game.

  91. cwmorga says: Oct 11, 2011 9:59 AM

    The Lions look to be a solid team and can only play the schedule they’re given, but it’s pretty likely that they’ve yet to play a playoff team. Coming up they get the Niners, Falcons, Pack twice, Saints, Oakland, and Chargers. It’s a long season, and way to early to anoint the Lions a SB contender.

    wait you don’t consider chicago who made it to last years nfc championship a playoff team, or even the KC cheifs?

  92. Congrats to the Lions/Their Fans.
    5-0 is 5-0, that’s legit, quit calling them out on that. They’ve earned those 5 wins against some talented teams.

    and LOL at 49er fans, first you guys think Alex Smith is all of a sudden a franchise qb. Dude needed his coach to design quick routes cause he can’t read a blitz… dude is a 6 year vet and can’t run an NFL offense that isn’t made for kids. Get Real.

    nflfollower says:Oct 10, 2011 11:53 PM
    “Packer fans hold your trash talk until Thanksgiving. You might want to wait until Rodgers makes it through that game healthy.”

    Cause Stafford is well known as an Iron Man in this league…. I wouldn’t be bragging about another team’s QB’s health if I were a lion’s fan…

  93. There is now going to be enough film on the Lions that I predict you’ll start to see them stumble. Teams will have figured out their subtle tendencies that result in their big plays.

    I predict maybe 10-6, outside chance at 11-5, but they’ll lose to GB twice and then the wheels come off. The emotional aspect of their game will start to fail when the losses start to happen.

  94. dmackdaddy says:
    Oct 11, 2011 12:33 AM
    only winning team Lions have beaten are the Bucs, we trampled them Sun. Vikings, Bears, Cowboys, KC all losing teams they’ve beat.

    49ers should win this one.

    dude, check your own W-L record before you start ripping on ours. Seattle, Cincy (even though they are 3-2) and Philly aren’t exactly powerhouses…

    The Lions WILL lose a game. I don’t expect them to go 16-0, but please let us relish in this just a little. I think we’ve earned a little celebration after the past 10 years of lousy football!

    It should be a good game Sunday, regardless.

  95. I love how I can come out here after a MNF game and read what the announcers were saying the last 5 minutes of the game….does anyone have an original thought?

    When Jay Cutler was in Denver, he refused to play out of the shotgun. I have no idea why (ask him), but maybe that’s what’s happening in Chicago? When you’re down multiple scores and coming out from under center, you’re going to get hit.

    Cutler is the 3rd best QB in his division.

  96. johnnyshore says:Oct 11, 2011 12:05 AM

    Next week the Lions will finally play a real defense. San Fran will show the rest of the league how to contain a high powered offense.

    In Harbaugh we trust.

    2 very good young coaches plus 2 very good teams= a great game to watch.

    SF won’t contain the Lions though pal wait and see

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