Rams sign two players


The Rams roster has been riddled by injuries in the first four weeks of the season and they signed two players Monday to help weather the storm.

They signed wide receiver Nick Miller to fill the roster spot opened up because Danny Amendola will miss the rest of the season with a torn tricep. Miller appeared in the first two games of the season with the Raiders and was waived on October 2nd. Miller played with the Raiders last year as well, catching three passes and serving as a punt returner. Coach Steve Spagnuolo indicated Miller could see time as a returner in St. Louis this season.

Brian Jackson, who played for the Giants in 2010 and was a college teammate of Sam Bradford at Oklahoma, was signed to take Bradley Fletcher’s roster spot. Fletcher will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL and the Rams have also lost cornerbacks Ron Bartell and Jerome Murphy for the season. He had nine tackles in 12 games for the Giants last year.

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  1. J.J. Arrington and Lamont Jordan doesn’t matter what they do till they fire Josh McDaniels

  2. chilomane says:
    Oct 10, 2011 5:41 PM
    J.J. Arrington and Lamont Jordan doesn’t matter what they do till they fire Josh McDaniels

    Ya, thats exactly what this team needs.. 3rd coordinator in as many years… turn Bradford into another Alex Smith

  3. The Josh McDaniels comments need to stop. Yes, I realize that blaming him and making him the scapegoat for the Rams’ woes is funny and the ‘hip’/’cool’ thing to do all of a sudden, but he is not the reason why the Rams are playing so poorly this season. When the linemen don’t block well, when the receivers don’t catch balls thrown right to them, and when the defensive doesn’t defend, you aren’t going to have much success regardless of who the offensive coordinator is. Plus, when the defense gives up huge plays and puts the offense in a big hole, then they need to move away from the run, and the playcalling becomes predictable. Predictable playcalling with a crappy O-Line spells disaster.

    So please, blame McDaniels all you want for ruining the Broncos, but right now his presence has had nothing to do with the Rams’ ineptitude.

  4. @Stlsteelersfan: I was actually saying trade Philly for DRC before the season started, but after seeing how ridiculously bad the eagles are playing him, he makes more sense now.

  5. @ thejabronisayz

    I couldn’t agree w/ you more about the absurd McDaniels comments. Just because some bitter Donkey fans think he ruined their GOLDEN opportunity at some fictional championship run w/ that loaded team (prior to the Teabow yrs)? Doesn’t mean he’s currently to blame for what ails the Lambs. We were sucking long before he got here, suffering through yr. after yr. after yr. of injury bugs. McDaniels isn’t a trainer, & has no bearing over medical issues.

    We lost 3 Olinemen for the yr. back in 07 w/ Vanillahan (or was that 06). Point is I don’t care if you have Bill Walsh as our HC & Mike Holmgren as the OC (or Ram legends Dick Vermeil/Mike Martz); there’s nobody that could get this turd of a team to produce wins w/ the players we’ve lost considering the murderers row of teams we have to play the first 7 games this season. Oh yeah ONE Offensive coordinator would make a HUGE difference lemme tell ya!

    Either something’s in the water at Rams park, or their entire conditioning team, medical staff, strength coaches, etc. need to be fired. This has been an ongoing problem for 7 years or more through three coaching regimes & two owners, Team Presidents, & GMs. But thank you Donkey fans for pointing out McDaniels is our real issue. Now that you’ve helped us, maybe you can get back to looking for a replacement to Elway cuz I just don’t think Teabow is the answer. Ohhhh but if he doesn’t succeed will it be the OC’s fault?

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