Report: Eagles will consider bringing in a defensive consultant

After the 2010 season, Eagles coach Andy Reid decided to fire defensive coordinator Sean McDermott and replace him with the man who coached the team’s offensive line for 13 years.  Though Reid remains committed to Castillo — surely because to dump him now would mean that it was a mistake to hire him in the first place — the team is considering options for improving the performance of the defense.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Eagles will consider during the bye week the possibility of bringing in a defensive consultant.

The problem is that most defensive coaches who want to work have jobs.  Eric Mangini, who’s getting a buyout from the Browns, is working at ESPN — and he’s a specialist in the 3-4.  The Eagles use a 4-3.  Former NFL defensive coordinator, Syracuse head coach, and Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Robinson is, as far as we can tell, available, and he has 4-3 experience.

Perhaps the most intriguing possibility is former Titans defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil (pictured).  The former hard-hitting NFL safety’s final season with the Packers coincided with Reid’s first year in Green Bay as an assistant.  Cecil currently is working as a college football analyst for ESPN and evaluating his coaching options.  (He also has something in common with Mike Vick, at least as it relates to the public display of the middle finger.)

The possibility of hiring a consultant apparently means that Castillo would stay put as the defensive coordinator.  Another possibility would be to hire a new coordinator, and to move Castillo back to the offensive line, where he would share the duties with Howard Mudd.

The fact that the Eagles are even entertaining the thought of getting help for Castillo strongly suggests that, if the Eagles had to do it over again, they either would have kept McDermott or hired someone who hasn’t been coaching on the offensive line for the last 13 years.

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  1. “Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Robinson is, as far as we can tell, available, and he has 4-3 experience.”

    If you want to make that defense even worse, then yes, bringing in Greg Robinson is a brilliant idea.

  2. Juan Castillo won’t be fired until the end of the year at the earliest.

    Reid handpicked him, so firing him now would be admitting he made a big error.

  3. they should bring in a head coach consultant and maybe a qb who doesn’t turn the ball over 4 or 5 times a game

  4. It shouldn’t take a “defensive consultant” for Reid to realize that a wide-9 defense combined with average, undersized LBs is a recipe for disaster.

  5. this entire season is on Andy Reid. if he were smart he would find a new coordinator and take the hit to his image because his seat is getting rather warm. if they miss the playoffs he is fired, period.

  6. Problem with Reid-complacency. He doesn’t have the “business like Tiger blood” mentality any longer when it comes to personnel decisions. i.e. -McNabb to skins instead of the Raiders, because he wanted what was best for Don. And now moving Castillo to D-coord., instead of firing him when he realized he wanted Mudd. The “nice thing to do” approach, doesn’t cut it in the NFL. Hence 1-4.

  7. Nobody saw this coming….

    I mean with no offseason and a bunch of new faces, whoda thought that a coordinator with NO professional experience would be successful?

    Andy Reid is a pompous fool for thinking this would work. If he were fighting for his job here, he’d have never made the move.

  8. Butch Davis. He has a bit of baggage, but is a solid, experienced defensive mind, and is available.

  9. Implosion…

    Oh you poor Iggles fans… A worse record than my Cowgirls makes me feel sorry for you…

  10. How much does this consultant get paid? I got your consulting right here.

    1.) Nnamdi Asomugha is a man-to-man cornerback. Stop putting him in your stupid assed zone that doesn’t work.

    2.) Since ALL of your linebackers are undersized cause you all are dumbasses. You need to start implementing more blitz packages. They’re small and fast and young. Send them after the quarterback and make him run for his life, you have the cornerbacks to do this.

    3.) Get a VETERAN strong safety. Nate Allen doesn’t have experience, but he has enough talent to keep his starting role at free safety.

    4.) Get Rodgers-Cromartie a little more active. He’s good when you put him in the right situation (against small slot receivers that are his size)

    Now where is my check?

  11. Anything helps… I think. But this team is absolutely retarded. Just do it the normal way. Why is everything so complicated? Andy Reid has taken years away from my life.

  12. Yes, that’s what they need. A consultant. And a new front office. And a new HC. And a different QB.

  13. move Castillo back to the offensive line, where he would share the duties with Howard Mudd.

    two offensive line coaches. Yeah that dream team is looking great.

    How about fire whoever thought it would be a bright idea to pay all that money to a corner and 2 lineman and a QB that will never play a full season while you’re stuck with a piss poor O line and LB’s

  14. Andy Reid has made some big blunders over the years, but the Castillo move was by far his biggest. He really needs to have his head examined. Reid is a mad scientist who needs to be stopped before he does any more damage. I’m sure that the Flabbot and Castillo Show is good comedy for the rest of the league, but it is a nightmare for us Eagles fans.

  15. they should move castillo back to the o line and bring in jeff fisher for a d coordinator hes used to having a strong wide 9 playing line and a solid secondary he can help coach up their lb core. if the eagles are really calling this year make or break via the superbowl they gotta go big.

  16. A Defensive Consultant??? Really? LMAO! Sounds like a phony quack that a rich clueless owner would hire and make his players take mandatory therapy sessions with.

  17. Bill Cowher! Coach Cowher? Has anyone seen Bill? Can Cowher coach 4-3? I know he specializes in 3-4 but I’m sure he can work some 4-3! I know! It will never happen….but if we make him D coordinator we can promote him to head coach next year or maybe he doesn’t want the stress of head coach? No? I know it will never happen….

  18. u can bring in all the coaches you want. clipboards cant make tackles. eagles lack the personel on defense to keep their team in the game. the offense has enough raw talent to get it done but the D doesnt give them a chance

  19. That won’t change
    1 interceptions
    2 dropped passes
    3 fumbles
    4 interceptions
    5 poor tackles
    6 Vicks inability to pass in the pocket
    7 interceptions
    8 dropped passes
    9 inability to stop the run
    10 inability to cover anyone
    Did I mention interceptions or Vicks inability to be a 100 million dollar QB?

  20. Eagles should not have kept McDermot but hiring Castillo may have been a mistake. So far it seems to have been and if they don’t make some kind of change immediately their playoff hopes are essentially gone…this coming from an eagles fan. They NEED to win against the skins next week. If they wait until after the bye week it may be too late

  21. Wow…

    The team is 1-4 and Reid is “considering” bringing in a defensive consultant? Your team is gettin’ rung up for an average of 30+ points a game. You need to “do” not “consider”…

    You don’t want to fire Castillo, (b/c you’ll likely close the coffin on yourself Andy) and you won’t change your defensive technique. For what? To show that your defensive technique can eventually get you your 2nd win somewhere around week 9 or week 10? Additionally, your personnel grouping for your defensive scheme is mismatched. But I guess you’re content to ride that out as well for the sake of hoping to say you were right. (which won’t happen)

    It doesn’t take a rocket science to see that Andy needs to be fired. Through 5 games, he’s just shuffled personnel around and stuck with the same old sorry defensive coach and scheme that is getting them abused week to week. The players don’t look disciplined and there is no accountability b/c Castillo is not being held accountable.

    My prediction: Eagles miss the playoffs by a wide margin, Reid and Castillo get fired at season end, Desean doesn’t get a new contract, and the “dream team” starts getting blown up…

  22. My dad is a gynecologist and we talk about medicine all the time, it doesn’t mean I can deliver a baby (but I guess according to Andy Reid it makes me perfectly qualified to do so)

  23. cletusvandam says:

    “they should bring in a head coach consultant and maybe a qb who doesn’t turn the ball over 4 or 5 times a game”

    Right on with the first part!

  24. The Eagles would do well to consider giving Andy Reid the boot. Sure, Reid has got the Eagles close. So? Reid has been at Philly since 1999? Reid is incapable of closing the deal for Philly. Time’s up Andy.

  25. The Eagles are basically saying, “We know we have a problem, and we aren’t willing to do what it takes to fix it, we just want it to look better.”
    Andy Reid should not be a head coach, there is no discipline, just dysfunction. If I was an Eagle fan I’d be pissed.
    McNabb and Reid were made for each other, how did they both make it to a Superbowl? It boggles the mind.
    Neither has a sense of urgency or concern.

  26. This is infuriating. In any real world situation hiring someone with no experience to a top level job in a critical position would be unheard of and would result in the imediate firing of the person doing the hiring. I mean this just isn’t done anywhere, let alone in the NFL. It’s insane. How Any Reid could be so colossally reckless and so unbelievably stupid, yet still have a job, is beyond me. I mean it’s really unfathomable. Now they are bringing in a consultant, which is an even bigger bone headed move. Any fool on the street can fix this problem in two seconds flat. Get rid of this dumb-ass Wide 9 crap. Get some half way decent BIG linebackers, put your press cover corners in press coverage instead of zone, and get a real safety or two. Seriously, does it take some high priced consultant to figure this out?? Are we to believe that nobody on this coaching staff grasps the reasons for what’s going on here? What the hell is this consultant going to tell them to do..Click their heals 3 times and say there’s no place like home?? Honestly, this is so basic and fundamental that any peewee league coach could fix this problem. Tell you what eagles front office. I’ll save you a hell of a lot of money. Give me ten bucks and 5 minutes and I’ll tell you exactly what to do. Jesus, this makes me so angry.

  27. Chuck Cecil???? … This guy destroyed the Titans’ defense right after Jim Schwartz left!!!!!!

    When I think of the “Wide 9”, I think of Andy Reid’s waist size!!!

    The Eagles will NOT make the playoffs!!!! Bye Bye, Big Red (Reid’s nickname), Howard Mudd, Juan Castillo, and whoever the hell coaches the linebackers and defensive backs!!!

    Hello, Joe Philbin and Darren Perry!!!! The “Green Bay Way” must come there one day!!!

  28. Greg Mattison wont have trouble in the NFL. Although he had trouble in college, offenses like the packers are not on the level of Western Michigan.

  29. 1. Cecil could have done a gig in Feb. Why now?
    2. He is probably busy fishing with Jeff Fisher.
    3. The bigger issues is: Get in line behind the University of Arizona, Cecil’s alma mater, as they fired Stoops their HC today.

  30. Maybe they should bring in a QB who won’t throw 4 interceptions in a must-win game.

    Vick’s record as starter for the Eagles: 9-8.

    McNabb’s record in his final 17 games with the Eagles: 11-6.

    Vick’s last seven games: 1-6.


  31. Reid doesn’t want hire anyone from outside the organization that he thinks could be a threat to replace him. That’s why he prefers to appoint dum-dums from within the club. The Lisping Limp-Wristed owner is an idiot too.

  32. Troubled times in the city of brotherly love…..for years many of us have been waiting for this team to have a bad year, to only win 4 or 5 games. Maybe this year the bottom will finally fall out. Here’s to hoping!

  33. It’s hard to coach a defense when the front office has given you no starting calibre linebackers to work with.

    I am willing to bet most defensive coaches would struggle. The Eagles have got some really good pass rushers and 3-great cover corners. They don’t have a good defense. They’ve got the first chapter and the last chapter of a great book. They’ve just forgotten to address that pesky plot thing in the middle which links them together.

    The d-line is relatively light and built for pass rushing. It needs a beefy set of linebackers to plug the run, which the Eagles don’t have. They’ve got inexperienced and undersized linebackers. A double whammy, turned into a tripple whammy by the fact that none of them are that fast either. Moreover, they’re not getting much help from the secondary. At least two of those great cover corners are reknowned for being for reluctant tacklers. Asomugha is the only one with a reputation for defending the run and he hasn’t done that terribly well this year.

    Then there are the safeties, who again appear to have been selected for coverage. Where is the run plugger. I know they’re unfashionable and considered limited in “the modern game” but there are reasons why these guys are often fan favourites.

    This is a pretty good pass defense, but it isn’t surprising that it struggles against the run. Andy Reid has been pass happy on offense for years. Now that blind spot for the running game has filtered through on to the defense. It makes Jim Johnson’s career look even better. He must have been like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke. “No Andy, we still have to stop the run.”

  34. How about Jeff Fisher? He knows a thing or two about defense and Vince would love to see him again.

  35. Buddy forbid, Reid could have just gotten it right the first time and hired an ACTUAL Defensive Coordinator. But his extreme stubborness and fat arrogance makes him think he’s the smartest mammal to ever put on a coach’s headset… Didn’t you know, Andy Reid INVENTED football!

    Fire The Walrus

  36. I’ll save the iggles some cash…here’s some advice, totally free of charge:

    Next time you decide to improve your team, don’t spend all your efforts stockpiling players at one position while all the other positions get downgraded through FA losses. Great CBs + Good DL + sub-par safeties + garbage LBs = FAIL. There’s only so far you can coach up your players. You can’t expect to make chicken salad out of chicken $*%! on a regular basis.

  37. Let’s see whats broken !

    Defensive coordinator
    O-line coach
    Line backer talent
    O-line depth
    A QB that wants to be RB
    A shaky Kicker
    Best WR Unhappy and not paid
    Overpaid secondary
    Overweight HC

    l and 4 sounds just about right !!!!

  38. I don’t think Andy Reid has any fear of admitting he made a mistake. That’s why he’s a good coach. The fact that he’s bringing in some help already admits there are problems/mistakes.

  39. I guess Chuck Cecil is the right choice if the objective is to help Castillo handle being constantly maligned by fans for being in over his head as defensive coordinator.

  40. Big Red just wants to let him down easy, without admitting that he shouldn’t have made him DC in the first place.

    Juan: Are you breaking up with me?
    Andy: Let’s just be friends.

  41. Any word on whether or not Andy Reid has plans for hiring a clock management consultant as well as a parenting consultant?

    I seem to recall asking the Eagles’ faithful about their shaky Oline and their sad group of LBs prior to the start of the season. I was told that the Birds would be so far ahead that their flaws would never appear. Quick question; How’s that working for you?

  42. Andy Reid no longer has Jim Johnson to cover his dumbass mistakes. He should be fired. @rajbais, Andy Reid came from Green Bay. No Gruden, no Cowher. Gruden won with Dungy’s team, and it took Cowher 15 years to win a Super Bowl.

  43. Dream Team!

    I am enjoying this train-wreck Iggles season almost as much as I am the Yets, for the exact same reason; bunch of players and fans who thought they’d won a Super Bowl the first week of the pre-season.

  44. if your a playoff contender your coaches should not need on the job training. Point is, Castillo has no exp. Eagles are not a playoff contender this year. I am an Eagles fan and have been a big fan of Andy Reid despite his terrible challenges and clock management through the years. At this point the team needs a new identity. Make a move before the deadline and pick up a LB PLEASE.. trade asante for one. Ooo and my last thought. Why is D.lewis returning Kickoffs. Do we not have a former probowler return man in DRC. Eagles really really seem to have their head up another part of their body.


  45. A used car dealership ought to be thinking seriously about trading for Juan Castillo right about now. Because if he can convince a smart fella like Andy Reid that he (Juan) can coach the defense after having coached the offensive line for 13 years…boy he ought to be able to move used cars off the lot like hotcake.

  46. Jon Gruden for HC!! Look Philly has the weapons on offense to contend, nobody disputes that. Bringing in a coach familiar w/ the West Coast offense, an offense that their current and talented personnel already know, makes sense. Couple that with the hiring of a good DC and all will be ok…

  47. All of you fans who suggested Jeff Fisher are probably correct but Andy Reid will NEVER hire anyone who is a threat to his job and Jeff Fisher is.

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