Report: T.O. was rushed to hospital last week

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As receiver Terrell Owens tries to get healthy (which hasn’t been easy) and then to land a job with a new team (which could be a lot harder), another unusual complication has arisen.

According to TMZ, T.O. was rushed to a hospital on Thursday in Los Angeles last week.  Specifically, he was taken via ambulance after someone called 911 from an apartment where Owens had been staying.

Per the report, police also were called to the scene.

Owens has since been released from the hospital.  And it’s still unknown why he was hospitalized.

UPDATE 3:41 p.m. ET:  TMZ now reports that emergency officials were dispatched to the apartment to respond to a potential prescription medication overdose.

81 responses to “Report: T.O. was rushed to hospital last week

  1. Tried to revive his career but my sources say that he turned the other patients against each other when Drew Rosenhaus came in demanding a better hospital room days after he was given one much better than the other patients.

    Seriously, I hope he’s alright.

  2. must have saw his reality show and couldnt believe how crappy it is and fell and hit his head

  3. Reports are that he suffered a massive contusion to the ego. They may have to amputate.

  4. It was “AED” (Acute Ego Deflation)… seems nobody wants or cares for him any longer, and the rapid deflation of his galaxy sized ego just about darn near killed him. Directly related to YAIFWR (“Your An Irrelevant Former Wide Receiver”)…

  5. I think you are all wrong and it wasnt T.O. in the ambulance it was a house guest and he died becasue T.O. bored him to death.

  6. After all those years on estrogen based masking agents derived from placenta’s, T.O. surprisingly delivered a 9 pound baby girl.

  7. Someone beat me to it…WHO REALLY CARES?

    I heard his large head kept swelling up ’till it exploded. The blast could be heard all the way to Candlestick Park.

  8. TO is an emotional guy and clearly from his past he has some sort of mental issues…this could be serious. With his apparent financial issues and all something really could be going on. There was that potential attempted suicide cover-up from a few years…lets hope it wasnt something like that.

  9. Just another pathetic attempt at getting his name and picture back in the news but as it turns out nobody cares and it’s basically gone unnoticed.

  10. Well the hospital definitely wasn’t across the middle then or he never woulda made it.

  11. On 60 Minutes they should have asked Rosenhaus why one of his most high profiled client is broke after playing 15 years and tried to off himself lastweek? Why he is going to get his mama’s house foreclosed on……Message to T.O. Talent-Money – Friends. They go in that order. Also Jets suck, thumbs up.

  12. Dear T.O.
    Ill pay you 100 bucks agame to join my flag football team. Also your contract will be bonus heavy, Like free gatorade, Ill pick you up for our games in my Honda and ill make sure we have plenty of tissues at all games. Please let me know if this works for you. If the price is not right we can meet in the middle.

  13. Wow, diva or not, some of you really come off as heartless, miserable people. Is it THAT hard to fight the urge to post the wittiest comment, and simply wish the man well?

  14. @suhperman says: Oct 10, 2011 2:59 PM

    He probably got run over doing sit-ups in the driveway.


    Damn, that’s funny! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  15. Didn’t he have a prescription overdose after all the nastiness with the Eagles?



  17. Did you just copy and paste this story from like 5 years ago? I mean this was literally almost the 5 year anniversary of the last one.

  18. Just maybe T.O.’s water broke and he gave birth…….. I know scary thought of another T.O. walking the earth, but his vagina is alway’s hurting so it could be true…………

  19. People like TO get very depressed towards the end of their careers. It’s very sad that he thinks suicide is the answer. One of his friends should step up and do an intervention.

  20. 7to10for6allday says:
    Oct 10, 2011 3:09 PM
    He’s a bum. Could’ve been really great but he’s too much of a diva punk.

    You should know. You’re “10” is a shorter, wimpier, skinnier, whinier clone.

  21. The guy has been as self absorbed as any athlete I can remember….it doesn’t surprise me people snap back on him now.

    I don’t think he’s ever been well and unfortunately will end up being one of those “American Tragedies.” Not wishing it on him, but it looks like a pretty clear path at the moment.

  22. This sounds more like overdone recreational drugs use than it does of suicide attempt. Which could have been the case years back.

  23. Never let your hatred get in the way of a good joke in spite of a potentially serious situation. So much for your compassionate conservatism. I suppose for you ‘necks TO is for entertainment purposes only.

  24. Last time this happened, I think I remember them saying it was a “reaction to Vicodin”.

    I think it’s more of a cry for attention (or a contract) than a suicide attempt as some of suggested. Having taken the high-strength Vicodin for 4 herniated disks in my back for a few years, I can tell you that you’re more likely to die from liver failure (from the Tylenol in the drug) than the narcotic if you take too many.

    I don’t know how many it takes to kill you but it doesn’t take many to make you throw it back up.

  25. I knew this day was coming for TO. Now he will look back with regret on his career because he had it all and didn’t appreciate it and act like a pro a lot of the time. Now. It’s over. Sadly he won’t be the last professional althlete to realize it too late.

  26. He was probably upset at that really lame sit down with Stephen A. Smith that ESPN kept hyping for some reason. For those that didn’t see it, T.O. announced his retirement, then said he was kidding. Then Stephen A. begged the question, WHEN WILL T.O. BE BACK in only the way Stephen A. can. As if ANYONE cared. I thought he still played for the Bengals. Not really, but if you told me he did I’d say, Oh.

  27. If T.O. is dealing with that level of depression to where he possibly attempted suicide, it is not funny and should not be used as humor. I know as I have had two friends that have committed suicide for that reason. However, when you show that much arrogance and spurn logical behavior to feed your ego and put yourself on a pedestal of that height, you are begging to be knocked down. I can see both sides to these comments and although I don’t agree with some of the comments.

  28. Cruel? Who cares about this idiot. He blew all his millions that he earned in the NFL already. They should have let him pass. It would have done everyone in the world a favor. Less taxes spent on those who don’t deserve it.

  29. Everyone is a comic.

    If you people hate T.O. so much, why spend your time reading and posting about him. Quite sad and petty if you ask me.

  30. wow so much harshness, i think TO is a douche as much as the next guy, but GEEZ, claiming its a suicide attempt without having any facts? You people are as bad as TMZ. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means taking his side, but he did just have a procedure done in a foreign country that is outlawed here, maybe this is the reason it is outlawed in the USA?

  31. uh so was this a suicide attempt??? or was it just a mistake??? Whatever the reasons, he needs to be careful or needs to get help (if it was a suicide attempt) as for his NFL career, i think that’s likely over.

  32. This “accidental overdose” thing is getting a little lame.

    Can somebody act like they care the guy is trying to off himself again?

  33. I really can’t stand the guy, but this is his second similar incident. It’s been reported that he has significant financial issues. His career may well be over–something he’s obviously having difficulty accepting. The man has issues; his behavior through the years is testament to that. The question is whether he has anyone in his life who understands that he needs professional help, can influence hm to seek it, or cares enough to try. And of course, his biggest challenge will be overcoming his own worst enemy: himself.

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