Rodney Harrison goes rapid fire on Week Five

Every Sunday night, Rodney Harrison of NBC’s Football Night in America and yours truly of NBC’s Football Night in America sit at the desk of NBC’s Football Night in America and talk about the football day. In America.

Last night, we tightened up each topic and hit even more of them.

Here’s the finished product, which is particularly good primarily since Rodney is doing most of the talking.

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13 responses to “Rodney Harrison goes rapid fire on Week Five

  1. raiders could look better, especialy on d on the right side edge. I don’t know if that is quetin groves, or branch/huff that keeps blowing it, but week in and week out we keep getting burned on the right side by giving up huge plays.

    Bottom line I blame breshnaham, he needs to make the adjustment, and get that right side edge contained.

  2. lol.. “i still believe the eagles can win the division”

    He fails to take in account that vick is on that team, and he carries the cloud of karma from the horrific tortures he committed on live bleeding animals. He fools his eagle following with the promise of big plays and wins. It should be noted that he is 1 and 7 in the last 8 games he started. He has 14 turnovers in those games as well… clearly he is a loser both on and off the field!

  3. rodney harrison was an AHOLE as a player and an even bigger A-HOLE as a commentator!
    all those cheap hits he took and gave out have obviously turned what little bit of brain he was born with into jello!

  4. Wow! Eagles still win their division. Apparently a division of “average teams” according to the unwarranted “analysis” of Mr. R. Harrison. That division is going to be a dogfight to see who gets in. Calling the Redskins who are sitting pretty at #1( for now) and the Dallas Cowboys who are only a tweak here and there away from being a scary team, average is nuts. The Giants might not know who they are right now but to assume they’ll just roll over for the Eagles is just as ridiculous as calling the Cowboys and Skins average. Mr. Harrison might have the rings but as always, seems to come off as little arrogant and extremely baseless on his football “analysis” Maybe its the reason I get up for a snack when he comes on Sunday Night Football. My favorite part of football is still Sunday Night Football.

  5. “I believe the Eagles can still win the division”

    Rodney = Delusional

    The Eagles are in complete dissarray, and the finger pointing has already commenced. They just aren’t playing good football, and that is very tough to overcome while a team is losing games they should realistically be winning.

  6. @tigerrrr, can you people really just let all that go already? How is losing football games “karma”? If there was any “karma” for Vick’s legal issues, the karma would going to prison and being forced to file for bankruptcy.

  7. Rodney is correct. the NFC East is a series of flawed teams…so that is only reason eagles have a shot.

    Cowboys???…You want to depend on Romo’s ‘sybil’ acts in 4th quarters?…Redskins…Can ANY team w/Rex Grossman have any type shot?….Giants…god is Manning dumb or what???…Eagles, ok Mike, nice you decided to try & learn how to read defenses THIS year [ admitting he never has]..but still cannot?

    So yes, very down year for NFC East, compared to North & South

  8. Mr. Wright, you make me sick, just because it’s a pet it’s life means nothing. Vick is a horrible human being, and he’s getting what he deserves, ending with a first class flight to hell

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