Terrelle Pryor’s suspension ends


On the first day after the first game that the Raiders have played without long-time owner Al Davis, the last player drafted by Al Davis can now prepare for his first game with the team.

Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s five-game suspension has ended, and he may practice with the team and play in the Raiders’ games.

The Raiders have received a one-game roster exemption, allowing Pryor to practice with the team. If/when the team activates Pryor, the exemption will expire.

Pryor has been permitted to work out at the team’s facility and participate in meetings.

The suspension (which the league resisted calling a suspension, even though Pryor was placed on the “reserve/suspended” list) ostensibly arose from the manner in which Pryor made himself eligible for the 2011 supplemental draft.  Many believe that the suspension represented an effort by the NFL to give extra teeth to NCAA regulations — and to likewise put college players and college coaches on notice that the NFL can and will delay their entry to the NFL.

48 responses to “Terrelle Pryor’s suspension ends

  1. Superior fan base – check –
    Superior players – check –
    Superior coaches – check –
    Superior front office – check –
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    The Steeler Nation’s dominance in this league is unmatched (6). This is unfair to you and we understand this. That is why we are making the neccessary changes to make it work for everyone. After we win our seventh Lombardi this year we will start our own league. You get to keep your pansy league while we start a real football league for the game as it was made.

    This league will consist of the Steelers organization (this means the superior facets listed above) ONLY. We will establish rules from the ground up. These rules will stick to the foundations the game was based on. 112 members of the NFL may enter this league after deemed “pure”. We’ll introduce our own draft system that will occur every year (details still need arrangement). The orginal Steelers team (in all it’s glory) will be divided into eight teams for the first season. The system is subject to change after every football year.

    Everyone prepare for the SFL

  2. Here comes the Wildcat. Oaktown style! Pryor at QB DMC and Taiwan Jones at RBs with DHB, Jacoby Ford, and Denarius Moore at WR.


  3. OMG!
    What is it with PFT’s obsession with a average at best QB prospect?!
    Good grief, enough with this guy.
    He’s going to be a league backup at best, most agree.
    Stop it already.

  4. With his size, speed, athletic abilities, shady college history (and race), no doubt the comparisons to Cam Newton will come into play which will be unfortunate for him.

    Campbell ought to serve as a great role model for him with his great work ethic, and Pryor seems to be humbled through this whole ordeal. OSU threw him under the bus and made him a scapegoat, hopefully he doesn’t take this new opportunity for granted.

  5. Love all the haters! You guys hate the OAKLAND RAIDERS so much but you love commenting on all our posts! Hatred= jealousy.And by jealousy i mean: You hate because you can never be a Raider! Stop swinging on the nuts!

  6. Al’s last pick. If Pryor does him justice, he can create a new legacy for himself too.

  7. Why would the Raiders use Pryor as a wildcat when they have the original Wildcat QB, Darren McFadden? The Wildcat package has never looked better then it did at Arkansas with McFadden, Felix Jones, and Peyton Hillis in the same backfield together.

  8. thegreatwhitemidget says: Oct 10, 2011 7:47 PM

    So he can ride the bench…….

    Ride bench and get PAID, Now what is it that you do for a living?????

  9. Losers like the Steeler fan,..seeing how he has no stats of himself ever doing anything he spends his entire life gathering stats of a sports team to give himself an identity,…you are a loser and an embarrassment.

  10. Meanwhile, the dumpster fire he set ablaze in Columbus is burning out of control.

    Nice legacy.

  11. We saw how they treated Pete Carroll, er, wait… um… I guess they just targeted Pryor specifically. Hum…

  12. For some reason I read the entire post by 7thlombardiontheway. It was like a train wreck. I couldn’t look away. I slowly myself get dumber and dumber with each word.

  13. R.I.P Mr. Davis!

    I find it very disrespectful that P.T.I’s lead story was the 9’ers and their hot start versus below average teams! Bspn sucks major wang! Raider nation will have the last laugh when it’s all said and done!

  14. “Love all the haters! You guys hate the OAKLAND RAIDERS so much but you love commenting on all our posts! Hatred= jealousy.And by jealousy i mean: You hate because you can never be a Raider! Stop swinging on the nuts!”

    You cannot be taken seriously by adults if the first thing you do in an argument is accuse someone of being a “hater.”

    We just realize that Terrelle Pryor isn’t an NFL quarterback, or a receiver for that matter.

    He’ll be out of the league in a year or two.

  15. Yawn…

    He already had to take a pay cut to leave Ohio St., doesn’t seem right to have made him sit out also.

  16. @7thlombardiontheway

    troll much?

    I mean really? You actually went out of your way to type all of that screen-vomit?

    stairwayto7 if I’m not mistaken. right?

    Please try to stay on topic.

    I’d be emabarressed if was a Steeler fan to think I shared my pigskin passion with the sister of all trolls like you.

    (And I know you do it for the attention,just to elicit a response from rational folks like the most of us,but yeah you annoy me like my two year old sons when they’re trying to get their way….congrats!)

  17. Why don’t we just all reserve judgement till he actually has had some time to play in the NFL.

    If he pans out, great. If not, it’s not like EVERY 3rd round pick is a guaranteed to be a stud much less serviceable.

  18. Terrelle Pryor is a fraud. He’s a poor-man’s Cam Newton with the arm and accuracy of a school lunchlady.

  19. I don’t understand why people even get all crazy and trash the Raiders for taking Pryor.. If the Pats took him you would be saying How smart Belicheat is.
    There is no risk taking Pryor..He can either come out and be a Star or he can suck it really does not matter either way for the Raiders..
    Pryor is was the best QB in college so why not give him a chance..He will play against the browns in a wild cat..
    I can’t wait for him to score his first down in the NFL..

  20. With his size, speed, athletic abilities, shady college history (and race), no doubt the comparisons to Cam Newton will come into play which will be unfortunate for him.
    true, true, but i think he’s different. he’s smaller (in weight) and i think Pryor is faster than Cam Newton. Pryor reminds me of a faster Vince Young. i think it may take time, BUT i now want this pick to work out. This is Al Davis’ last pick, so here’s hoping for Al’s memory that his last pick turns into a stud, but like i said it will take time.

    he will likely ride the bench all year. next year or two years is when we could here from him.

  21. @7thlombardiwillneverhappen:

    That has got to be the single most ignorant and ridiculous statement ever typed into a comment box on this or any other site in the history of the internet.

    And I notice you didn’t mention superior city…you know you can’t because you live there. They don’t call it Sh!ttsburgh for nothing.

    Just can’t quite figure out if you’re dumb or just plain stupid. Please troll your Stooler stories and stay away from Raider Nation please.

  22. The best part of pryors game is his ability to run. If he learns how to throw he could be dangerous. But he didn’t even have the best arm or wasn’t the best passer on Ohio States’ Roster, so he has a long way to go. He is not even close to being as good as Newton.

  23. Train him under Cambell and the raiders have an franshise qb. I’m excited but who will get cut?

  24. Wish you the best of luck Terrell. Break a leg as they say. No I mean really break a leg you sleezy piece of crap. I’d put my trust in a used car salesman before I’d beleive a word this weasel says.

    You can bet a hundred this prick is just hoping like hell Campbell gets hurt and soon.

  25. eaglesandravens says: Oct 10, 2011 9:34 PM

    Poor delusional steelers fan. You must be breathing that crappy Pittsburgh air. Must explain where these stupid fans come from

    How can it still be, that after all this time, there are 1000’s of readers here daily that know that: #1, this guy isn’t a Steelers fan and #2, he’s just some attention seeking troll, and yet somehow, you still don’t know?
    / here’s a clue: he switches names and does the same things on other teams threads too…

  26. HB Toss sweep to Jones, no – it’s a reverse to DMC, wait he pulls up, he’s gonna throw, he’s got Pryor down the sideline… caught – the 15 the 5 Touchdown! Unbeleiveable!

  27. These losers that are determined Pryor won’t make it, without even giving him a shot, are the same idiots that said Newton wouldn’t make it either.


  28. one more toy hue can add to his collection of fast sports cars in the garage……..i watched aaron rogers sunday night distribute the ball to 7 or 8 different guys. Raiders have that and speed.

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