Tommy Kelly on Schaub: “He choked, simple as that”

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In a game where the Texans let opportunities slip away again and again, quarterback Matt Schaub had one final chance to make amends.

Schaub scrambled as the final seconds ticked off the clock with the Texans down five points. It appeared he had some daylight for a possible game-winning touchdown via the run.  Instead he pulled up, and lofted an interception.

“Old boy choked,” Raiders defensive lineman Tommy Kelly said via the Houston Chronicle. “All he had to do was run it in. He choked, simple as that.”

We’re not so sure. Safety Tyvon Branch was starting to come after Schaub. (Watch the replay here.) It looked to us like Branch had a good chance to close on the quarterback before he reached the goal line.

“I’m not necessarily a guy that’s going to make a whole lot of guys miss in the open field,” Schaub said.

The better criticism for Schaub: He hasn’t been at his best in the red zone this year. Houston has five touchdowns in 18 red zone trips this year.  Schaub also hasn’t played great in the fourth quarter of both Houston’s losses.

The Texans have a habit of dominating the first half of games, but not capitalizing on the scoreboard.  That’s happened three straight weeks, and it came back to bite Houston a second time on Sunday.

57 responses to “Tommy Kelly on Schaub: “He choked, simple as that”

  1. In case you don’t know about Tyvon, dude is fast (he’s a Raider) and hits HARD (he’s a Raider). Great safety who deserved Pro-Bowl consideration last year.

    Schaub made the right call by not running. He just made the wrong call throwing it where he did, and Huff came up big.

  2. It wasn’t that…when they were losing it was they were playing with heavy hearts but when they were winning they were playing inspired football. It’s like AL transferred his bad decisions to schaub. What a miracle…go raiders

  3. Schaub would NOT have made it in running it, the pass was his only/best option. Jacoby Jones HAD position on the defender when Schaub tossed it, then slid towards the back of the endzone ~ gave away his position allowing the INT.
    Receivers need to come TOWARDS the play and either catch it or get a pass interference out of it – Jones never boxed-out playing basketball, obviously… NOT Schaub’s fault.

  4. 1st of all, why should we listen to Tommy Kelly? He peaked in Johnny Dangerously ia long time ago.

    2nd, Branch was closing in.

    3rd, he should have floated it over and won the game. It was a bad throw.

  5. Texans would have lost no matter what. First, Tyvon Branch would killed Schaub before he got in the end zone. Second, even if Jacoby Jones was open, he would have dropped the ball. He’s THAT bad.

  6. I guess accusing the other team of quitting and choking after barely pulling out lucky close wins is the new “thing.”

    So Tommy Kelly choked against the Bills and Patriots this season?

    And really for pretty much ALL of his eight year career Tommy Kelly has choked? Not a lot of wins there to accuse the other team of choking, right? So it must be him choking, right?

    Whatever happened to “Pride and Poise?”

  7. Texans complete a what, 3rd and 19, in the final 20 seconds? We get lucky he throws a bad pass on the last play? Branch had him covered on the run in. Ty would have wooded him.

    C’mon Kelly, this team has no business talking about other teams “choking”. Just pay attention to our business and stay focused.

  8. not so sure Schaub choked. I mean raiders gave up a bomb with only seconds to go. Texans and Schaub started out red hot, and looked like it was going to be a blow out. Raiders d showed up, and stoped foster and the run for once. I would rather win ugly then lose looking good anyday. I do know Kelly was talking crap with Arian Foster most of the day, so he just might be venting.

    Bottom line the refs sucked in this game. Texans should have has a pass inteference call against the raiders as well. .The 40 or so yard run that DMC had dow to the 1 yard line that was called back was a joke, as was the chop block….bottom line we have a tougher time with the refs then we do with other teams.

  9. Coming from a Raider fan I can safely say Tommy Kelly talks too much….. Branch was closing the gap, Schaub wasn’t going to be able to walk in, if by ‘choke’ you mean he should have thrown the ball away then yes, but there was not a play to be made.

  10. After the passing of AD, you kind of knew that the Raiders were going to find a way to win that game. Glad to see that they found a way. Just win Baby!

    The Raiders stole one for AD, but Houston will be fine.

    On a completely different note, how bout those Niners?!

  11. He had no chance. He was hemmed up by two of Al’s hitters. Tyvon Branch was closing in…and Mike Huff was in coverage preying on an interception like a Hawk…that was a classic RAIDER CHECKMATE,

  12. I know I’ll take flack for this, but…

    As a Raider fan, I know they have a problem with penalties. 6-8 of the 10 or so weekly are deserved. The other 4 come from the fact that BECAUSE they’re the Raiders, the refs watch more closely for the calls they think will be there. As a result, even though it’s not intentional, borderline calls tend to go against them.

    I’m curious to see what you guys think.

  13. What? No helicopter? I guess you could say he choked – or you could just say “he’s no Sage”!

  14. I was not able to see the end of the game (Channel 7 “Heidi-Bowled” us because the Donks were starting) but from what I did see, all Schaub had to do was fake a pump then walk in. Apparently it did not go so well as I observed later. I’m glad my Raiders got the win, but for all intents & purposes the Texans really should’ve won.

  15. Who smells another Houston melt down after a strong start? Titans still a player in the South, even with the L yesterday. Houston better wake up.

  16. Absolutely no doubt Branch would have blasted Shaub had he try to run… no chance at all to run it in.

  17. Cripes, I post about Schaub being an underrated clutch INT thrower on the ten pack post 1 hr ago, then comes this post and a comparison of Schaub to Romo on FT. I should go play the lottery today.

  18. “On a completely different note, how bout those Niners?!”

    Holy cow!!! Huge win for your boys. I figured their record was due to an easy schedule, but I’m thinking they’re for real. The defense is playing lights out.
    Good for you guys…

  19. I thought Schaub was perfectly positioned to juke Branch and undercut him. Schaub had the angle on Branch, who was running very fast to where he ‘thought’ Schaub would end up if he continued to run toward the pylon. It would have been a heroic play by Schaub, but I guess Schaub doesn’t have that extra level/gear to give up his body to win.

  20. Schaub made the right call by not running.



    A pump fake and he could have ran inside for a TD!

    Peyton Manning could have ran that in!

  21. As a Houstonian, many people in Houston are calling for Schaub’s head on local sports radio. These people are morons. These are the same morons who are still mad that we didn’t draft Vince Young. It wasn’t Schaub’s fault that Vickers dropeed an easy TD. It wasn’t his fault Dreesen dropped an easy 1st down that we ended up losing a timeout on. If Houstonians want Schaub to be traded, I’m sure he would welcome that. Right now, he and Andre Johnson are wasting with this franchise and a head coach that should have been fired last year.

  22. commandercornpone says:
    Oct 10, 2011 12:07 PM
    raiders cant have an owner die every week. their emotion will fade.


    ??? The Raiders are nothing by emotion. Usually a combination of anger and resentment; it’s what seperates the Raiders from the rest of the NFL (for better or worse)

  23. he was never going to run it in. If you watch the replay the receiver was in front of the corner and cut to the back of the endzone as schaub threw the ball.. But the bottom line is this most of these teams where the head coach is calling the plays are losers. Romo takes the heat in Dallas but the bad play calls (on the goal line v Jets and v Detroit) are from the coach. Whisenhunt hasnt a clue. (he called the 2nd half of the Seattle game as if they were 21 in front). Gary Kubiak needs to go (they lose far too many games they have won) and as for Wade Phillips, Oakland zero first downs until the prevent defense at the end of the half. Unfortunately this was my survivor game. doh.

  24. If he scrambles he’s getting laid out (Crucifixion-style), probably with a bad concussion, fumble returned for 6. Schaub made the right call.

  25. The Texans had no timeouts. They should have ran a quick route like a slant or fade and if it didn’t work they would have had time to run another play. On the play Schaub threw the interception–if he would have tried to run it in and didn’t make it the game would have been over anyway. It was a bad throw, but I don’t think he makes it if he ran.

  26. I’m going to agree that Shaub wouldn’t have made it into the end zone when he decided to take off


    A few plays earlier Shaub took a low hit to his left knee cap from Richard Seymour. Seymour and the Raiders were flagged 15-yards for the “Brady Rule” type-hit.

    Plus, Branch ran a 4.26 at UConn’s pro day and was timed at 4.31 at the combine. He’s got gnarly speed for a safety. Actually, he played corner at UConn before switching positions because of his ability to hit.

    If Shaub had taken off right away, when he saw the Raiders in man coverage, he had a better shot of getting into the end zone. Branch only broke off his coverage when he noticed the other defenders had locked down their man.

    Tommy Kelly was right the Texans choked, but he pointed his criticism at the wrong guy. The Texan that choked would be Lawrence Vickers who dropped what would have been an easy TD on a fullback pass.

  27. @ borisbulldog

    Shaub did utilize a pump fake and Michael Huff and the other defenders didn’t bite, not even Tyvon Branch who was closing in for the tackle.

    Watch the replay/highlight.

  28. Jones actually did the right thing. You’re supposed to get behind the receiver so Schaub can lob and wouldn’t have to throw across his body. You are taught to keep the same distance not box and one in that situation.

    Schaub takes one more step and leap throws, Jones is standing alone behind the CB. Schaub was not going yo make it and he made a bad play.

  29. The botton line is Huff made a play and Schaub didn’t, ballgame… Honestly the old Raiders would normally lose these types of games, not this time…

  30. The bottom line is Huff made a play and Schaub didn’t, ballgame… Honestly the old Raiders would normally lose these types of games, not this time…

  31. If Shaub had made the decision to run a second or two earlier, he may have had a chance. But once Branch broke coverage and started forward, there was zero chance Shaub would have scored… regardless of any pump fake. Branch is extremely fast and would have simply jumped, while continuing forward towards Shaub. The only QB playing today who could have made that work, is Vick.

    I find Tommy Kelly’s statement interesting in the fact that the man simply would NOT talk to the press his first four years in the league. Now he’s giving all kinds of snippets to the press.

    Frankly, big deal. Tommy, I’m sure, was extremely emotional. He may change his mind after he watches the film… but here’s what Seymour said in the same article:

    “When Schaub went to take off to run, my heart was in my stomach,” Raiders defensive Richard Seymour said. “(But) I saw Branch take off as well, and he is a fast guy. When (Schaub) pulled up, that was a good deal. He tried to stick it in there and Huff made a big play.”

    I’ll say this about Huff… he read that play perfectly. He was behind the receiver when Shaub pulled up to pass, shielding himself from Shaub’s view, then broke around the receiver in perfect position for the easy INT. It looked to me like he almost baited Shaub. Regardless… great play and game by Huff.

  32. Who is tommy kelly? What lost us this game was boobiak. He’s a soft head coach with no nuts. The raiders didn’t do anything special.


  33. “obviously… NOT Schaub’s fault.”

    ….just keep telling yourself that, it’s the same thing Cowboy fans were saying whenever Romo choked. Beer Goggles are fun.

  34. txndave says: Oct 10, 2011 2:17 PM

    Who is tommy kelly? What lost us this game was boobiak. He’s a soft head coach with no nuts. The raiders didn’t do anything special.

    Tommy Kelly is big-mouthed free agent that ended up earning the money Al paid him a few years ago. Having a day to reflect on that game certainly hasn’t made you sound any smarter, although I must agree that the Raiders didn’t do anything special. They just did enough to win.

  35. Kelly should keep his mouth shut but hey if you can walk the walk … you can do all the talking you want.
    As for the officating … we all know as Raiders fans the calls go against the Raiders the only difference now is the Raiders have a good enough team to beat the visitors and the refs.

  36. radrntn says:Oct 10, 2011 11:35 AM
    “Texans should have has a pass inteference call against the raiders as well.”

    Kudos to you for saying what the rest of the (non raider) viewers saw on that play.

    I was wondering if any raider fans would have anything to say about that flag being picked up.

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