Von Miller benched during Broncos loss

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Kyle Orton wasn’t the only big name Bronco to get benched Sunday.

No. 2 overall pick Von Miller was taken out of the team’s base defense throughout the loss to the Chargers. Miller was called “one of the bright spots in the whole league” by his coach John Fox last week, but Sunday was a humbling day for him.

“I didn’t play to the best of my potential. I’m pretty disappointed in myself,” Miller said via the Denver Post. “I’m going to come back tomorrow, keep working, keep taking steps to be the player I think I can be.”

Miller’s attitude and intelligence are among his best qualities. He’s already one of the best pass rushers in football; he recorded his fifth sack in five games against San Diego.

We’re guessing that blown assignments or some run defense problems attributed to the benching, which is still a surprise because Miller has received strong marks for his early run defense.

This is a good reminder that Orton isn’t the only problem in Denver. The defense is 30th in points allowed this year.

22 responses to “Von Miller benched during Broncos loss

  1. The defense is a disaster to begin with, then you go and bench Miller and Mays from the starting lineups, the only 2 guys who have showed anything on D this year. Yay Broncos!

  2. Miller got burned deep by the TE yesterday — that was likely why he got benched. The TE just ran right past him on a regular pass play and Miller took off for the QB, only to realize he let the TE run right behind him. He tried to play catch up at that point but was too late and it was a 25- or 30-yard completion.

  3. that’s alright, Tebow will just have to play both ways. He is the greatest player in the league, just ask Bronco fans.

  4. He’s gonna be real good; give him a break; he only had a very limited training camp. Denver is not going anywhere this season; let Tebow, Miller, and the rest of the kids play.

  5. Fox is an idiot but he is better then McDimwit!!!

    Fox should be on the hot seat but will get at least on more season.

    I bet Bronco fans are really missing Shanahan right now!

  6. .

    No disrespect to loyal bronco fans, but your roster needs a total overhaul. Years of questionable personnel decisions have left the team with many more questions than answers. It may take several seasons to repair.


  7. Tebow will fix everything. What with his dazzling ability to complete 40% of his passes and run around like a buffoon on every play (does he even handoff to the RB or just QB keeper every running play?)

  8. To the guy (or lady) defending Joe Mays, the guy missed three or four key tackles when he was the only defender on the spot to make a play.

    If Broncos fans are cool with that, I hear Nate Webster is looking for a job… if he can get away from his legal problems.

  9. #16 taken by redskins Ryan Kerrigan converted to OLB what a steal compared to the other LBs taken in the first rd. Int return for a td, 3 sacks 18 tackles 2 forced fumbles

  10. If the Broncos were 5-0, their opponents’ record would still be 14-11. Granted, being 1-4 inflates your opponent’s record, but through five games, they’ve had the hardest schedule in the league based on present win-loss (18-7). The only other team with a comparably difficult schedule so far this year is Chicago. The Broncos are the only NFL team that has played five teams with winning records. The Chargers had 40 minutes of possession yesterday; that physically exhausts a defense, which leads to the blown assignments like Miller getting burned and the lack of safety help on Floyd’s bomb at the end of the first half. Both of those blown assignments were by rookies (1st & 2nd picks), probably not used to having their offense go 3 and out for two consecutive quarters (the Broncos went two full quarters without a first down, Tebow’s 3rd quarter was almost as bad as Orton’s 2nd quarter). Miller has guts and character and Fox is making a smart gamble to use the benching as a motivation.

  11. I feel sorry for this guy. I mean he got draftd by Denver, Denver. Good luck Von, this aint A&M no more.

  12. I feel for Orton. He gets blamed for the Broncos performance, but over the last 3 years, he’s been more consistent than some “major name” QBs or those that are praised elsewhere. Just compare the passer ratings:

    Manning, Eli QB NYG 88.3
    Orton, Kyle QB DEN 85.1
    Cutler, Jay QB CHI 82.9
    Henne, Chad QB MIA 75.2
    Fitzpatrick, Ryan QB BUF 75.0
    Hasselbeck, Matt QB TEN 70.7
    and my favourite:
    Sanchez, Mark QB NYJ 70.4

  13. Non-story… He’s a rookie. He is playing great, and just has some learing to do. Still has 5 sacks on the year.
    don’t feel sorry for him, Denver is a great place with great fans. Much better than Texas.
    So he’ll be fine. Denver Broncos have great tradition and we will be back to contending in the playoffs in 3-4 years.

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