Houshmandzadeh gets a look-see in San Fran


With receiver Josh Morgan’s ankle broken and not many (or any) high-end, ankle-breaking receivers available on the market, the Niners are taking a look at a guy who has been making the rounds this year, but who has yet to find a team.

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com reports that the 49ers will give a tryout today to veteran receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Houshmandzadeh was a starter in Cincinnati for several years, before signing as a free agent with the Seahawks.  Cut after only one year there, he spent 2010 with the Ravens.

Houshmandzadeh had a great year in 2007, racking up 47 receptions through five games, the most in NFL history.  (Wes Welker has 45 this year.)  Houshmandzadeh finished with 112 catches, which coincidentally matches the number of receptions for Welker that year.

Maiocco reports that 49ers practice-squad wideouts Joe Hastings and John Matthews (both of whom played for Harbaugh when he was the coach at the University of San Diego) will also have a shot at winning a roster spot.

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  1. Joe Hastings played at Washburn.
    Jim Harbaugh coached at University of San Diego.
    Josh Morgan doesn’t have an ankle injury — he has a broken bone in his lower leg.

  2. Interesting. Word in Baltimore was that he & Harbaugh didn’t get along. I guess if he ends up signing in San Fran, those reports will appear to be doubtful. False reports in the media? No way!

  3. I could live with Housh, but the Morgan injury hurts. He might have been someone that only 9er fans really know about, but he was a big part of the offense…including his blocking down field. I was hoping for T.O., but I guess he popped a bunch of pills? Where is the story PFT?

    At any rate, who needs his drama. Housh would add something to their receiving core not to mention Edwards is back soon. He is going to go off. He looked good before that injury.

    The Lions are the most hyped team in football, the 9ers will make a statement this week!

    Go 9ers!

  4. Alex Smith needs a big body possession wr so he would be a good signing for a week or two. But still experience t Crabtree to have his break out game against the Lions.;)

  5. Football fans are apathetic towards the news, but aging drug addled hippies are enthused, thinking that Houshmandzadah must either be a wild new hallucogin, or a brand new guru from an exotic land.

  6. Josh Morgan is one of the most underrated playmakers on the 49ers, not only because of his passcatching but because if you wind the tape back and you look at Frank Gore’s long highlight-reel runs, you’ll see Morgan on the outside knocking over CBs, chipping LBs, and hammering safeties out of the play. Many 8-12 yards have gone on to be 20+ yard TDs because Morgan is an enthusiastic, powerful run blocker on top of a solid possession receiver.

    There’s only a few WRs in the league with that kind of physical presence and blocking technique in the league, and you simply can’t replace that.

  7. brooklynniner19 says: Oct 11, 2011 1:22 PM

    Um, no, sorry. Don’t ever expect Crabs to have a breakout game.

  8. Houshmandzadah is a cancer. Not many players (other then Keyshawn Johnson) get paid 7 million dollars to just go away. I hope they do sign him so he can gradually rip that team apart. Good luck Alex Smith.

  9. I will not hold my breath for crabbytree to have anything more than a decent catch once in awhile. He is a bust in progress. Maybe the Eagles will be willing to trade a receiver. they don’t seem to be using them anyway.

  10. Crabtree is gonna step up…The only one I worry about is Ginn who has proven hes not a good receiver, I would rather have Kyle Williams at #2. We really should just throw DWalk at #2WR for a week or two and put a blocking TE in his spot til’ Braylon is back.

  11. It has all been downhill for T.J. Houshmandzadeh since he unleashed a diabolical lifetime curse when he stomped on the Terrible Towel.

    I mean except for the $800 million or so he has made since then. Note: I said “made” not “earned.”


  12. Samuel says: Oct 11, 2011 1:04 PM

    Joe Hastings played at Washburn.
    Jim Harbaugh coached at University of San Diego.
    Josh Morgan doesn’t have an ankle injury — he has a broken bone in his lower leg.


    This deserves to be quoted. So much fail in this post. This is your job Flo. Do your research.

  13. sweetnlow44 says: Oct 11, 2011 3:37 PM

    Coming from a Seahawk fan… PLEASE sign this cancer, 49ers!!!


    Coming from a Seahawk fan? I hate to burst your bubble, but Seattle is not a factor.

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