Jets ship Derrick Mason to Houston

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Only days after he reportedly was benched for running his mouth, receiver Derrick Mason has been shipped to the Texans, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Per McClain, the Jets traded Mason to the Texans for a conditional draft choice.

The move caps a surreal series of events in which:  (1) the New York Daily News reported that Mason and Santonio Homes and Plaxico Burress complained to coach Rex Ryan about offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer; (2) the Jets issued a statement denying the report not long before kickoff of Sunday’s game against the Patriots; (3) Mason was benched, reportedly for complaining; and (4) Mason denied that he complained.

So now Mason can complain — or not complain — and be benched — or not benched — in Houston.

146 responses to “Jets ship Derrick Mason to Houston

  1. I don’t get it, didn’t Baltimore have to beg him to not retire, what 3 years ago?

  2. Why did houston do this….he was going to be released this week anyway if they were shopping him around.

  3. HAHAHAHA I bet you wished you resigned with Baltimore now. I’m sorry but that’s hilarious. I still love ya Mase but c’mon this story is just funny.

  4. Not surprising that Mason resorted back to whining about not getting the ball. He did that many times when he was with the Ravens.

  5. Two things we learned:

    1. The Jets were full of crap regarding the denial of their WRs complaining about the offense.

    2. Tannenbaum misses on another one.

  6. so, he is playing against the ravens, who cut him, both week 4 and week 6 this year? i really hope he doesn’t get any revenge. he definitely didn’t last weekend…

  7. Jets did more than deny it, Rex Ryan came out and said it was totally untrue!

    I seriously doubt the Jets got rid of Mason because he was talking. Coaches probably just weren’t too impressed with his skills or attitude in the meeting room.

  8. mason, thanks for wanting to go to a team “who has a chance to win”


    why teams sign players the ravens dont want is beyond me. mason, heap, mcclain, gregg, mcgahee we dont miss you (on the field).

  9. And at the start of training camp, Ryan said that Mason could wind up with 100 catches. Another fail from Blowhard Rex.

  10. I like it. Jets didn’t need him and the Texans need a fill-in for a few weeks. I’m sure the conditional pick is like a 7th rounder which the Texans might not even have to pay if Mason doesn’t stick for the rest of the season.

  11. on a related note: ravens signed grandma moses in time for the game this sunday. she plays defensive back. it is not clear who she will be covering.

  12. 103, 80, 73, 61

    Not bingo numbers. Those are the number of receptions per year that Mason has had since 2007. He’s currently sitting at 13 receptions for 115 yds. While that doesn’t inspire confidence, he’s still got to be better than Jacoby Jones’ 1 catch on 11 targets against the Raiders. Just brutal …

    Welcome to full-time special teamer, Jacoby.

  13. Baltimore fans were always hyper-critical of Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston for referring to Mason as a diva. Looks like he was more right than most of us imagined. This move speaks volumes, especially given how in love Rex is with players from his old team.

  14. Dmase gets to play his old team twice in three weeks …too bad for him its going to be the same result..

    Ravens put up with the Diva for years…. His mouth couldn’t last in NY for 5 weeks…

  15. That’s whatcha get. Good player but his lack of speed doesn’t give him a free pass for his mouth anymore. A complainer that wore out his welcome in Tennessee Baltimore New York and soon Houston.

  16. complain? hahahahahaha….man, is he ever happy! just went from a sinking ship just like leon washigton predicted two years ago to a team that looks like a contender for the next few years and beyond. it is too bad because i like the jets and ryan but cannot stand their sickening silver spoon owner. he is a big douche with way to much say in football matters.

  17. Wow. That’s two weeks in a row the Ravens will play against a guy that still well loved in Baltimore.

  18. If Mason did go to Ryan and complain about Schottenheimer, he took this secondary measure, only because complaining about the “Sanchize Saviour” would have been an excommunicable offense.

  19. Ironically the ravens will play against their former wideout two games in row.. But in a different uniform. I kinda wish Mase woulda hung em up this year and retired a Raven.. I was a big fan of the guy.. It’s sad to see him go out like this.

  20. I’m surprised nobody mentioned that the Texans most likely acquired him for some last minute intel on this weeks opponent, the Ravens…

  21. The jets really got away from what made them great in the past. Run, run, run! They missed used mason, have not used keller enough, and are now exposed to the blitz! Thank you harbaugh:)

  22. This move for Houston is probably more about Jacoby Jones’ awful play more so than finding a fill-in AJ. I can see Mason having a bigger role than Jones once AJ returns.

  23. @broncobillie …. What big mouth on the Jets wins Super Bowls????

    The only Super Bowl winners on that team are the ones who complained … Santonio and Plex.


  24. Derrick Mason: Rex I thought you said that he was Mark Sanchise. He can’t throw my favorite out pattern.

    Rex: He is a Jet. He plays like a Jet.

    Derrick Mason: The Ravens had him ducking as he threw the ball. His only quick release of the ball came when Haloti Ngata’s helmet was in his back.

    Rex: Yeah, I built that Raven defense. Did I tell you how I was cheated out of that job by a Harbaugh?

    Derrick Mason: You aren’t over the Ravens are you Rex? You have Raven-envy.

    Rex: If you think Flacco is so great you should have stayed in Baltimore.

    Derrick Mason: Can you call Ozzie and try to trade me back to the Ravens?

    Rex: I did already and they started laughing. But I did find you the next best thing. Houston is playing Baltimore next week.

    Derrick Mason: Thanks Coach. I miss Baltimore and Flacco.

  25. broncobillie says: Oct 11, 2011 10:29 PM

    Message to potential mouths: The Big Mouth don’t take no competition. He only wins superbowls…

    …in his own mind. In reality, not so much

  26. Somewhere in Pittsburgh, Jericho Cotchery is snickering.


    He has 0 catches. The Jets can probably just bring him back in a few weeks when he gets cut.

  27. I wonder if this means the Jets are looking at Moss or TO. The Loss of Braylon Edwards as a deep threat has really hurt the Jets offense. With no deep threat defenses are stacking against the run and clogging the middle to stop slant routes.

    Sanchez is very limited in the passes he can throw. He can throw slant routes, fades and can try a deep ball or two as the reads are all simple. Which is why he is more successful in the 2 minute offense as he can make quick reads against vanilla defenses. With defenses taking away his slant routes it pretty much ends the progression for Sanchez as he only looks at 1/3 of the field and rarely will ever look past his first read. Watch him in a game. He never turns his head. Usually if his 1st read is not there Sanchez panics and freezes waiting for the inevitable hit and fumble or fall down scamble.

    The immediate solution to the Sanchez problem is to go back to last year. Run the ball and take a few deep shots hopefully opening up the slants and crossing patterns to the TE.

    I guess the question is will Moss put the effort in. One thing Edwards brought last year was effort. Edwards broke up many many interceptions on bad Sanchez passes last year. Will Moss do the same or just let the defense take the ball?

    Like I said here many times before the season started the two biggest problems the Jets would have before the season started would be making up for Edwards deep threat and the contribution of Woody and Edwards to the Jets running game. I would expect Edwards may be high on the Jets FA list next year. Hopefully after drafting or picking up a replacement QB for Sanchez.

  28. This could be interesting, provided that draft pick conditions its way to the third day of the draft.

    1) Mason is feisty and can block some.
    2) He runs precise routes.
    3) Jacoby Jones does neither 1 nor 2.
    4) Schaub can get Mason the ball.

    Having said that, this weekend’s going to be tough. I don’t know that Derrick Mason gives the Texans any better of a chance to beat the Ravens than a random high school kid.

    Also, when Andre Johnson gets back in the next week or two, I’m seeing the following package on the field: Foster, Johnson, Walter, Daniels, and Mason. I think you can win with that.

  29. I thought Mason was going to the Super Bowl with the Jets this year. Ooohhhhh the Irony! That’s what happens when you leave a good franchise to a diva franchise sucker!

  30. SCAPE…GOAT. Patented Jets PR machine misdirection. Oh it was one guy! Like Sal Alosi!! Plax is likely next to go – be it offseason or earlier.

  31. Ummmmm….what do you mean his “old team” <——- sophiethegreatdane says: Oct 11, 2011 10:45 PM

    Baltimore fans were always hyper-critical of Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston for referring to Mason as a diva. Looks like he was more right than most of us imagined. This move speaks volumes, especially given how in love Rex is with players from his old team.

    Namath is right.

  32. I find it hard to believe Santonio complained about anything. I’ve never come across an aggressive stoner before.

  33. This is why it made so much sense for Rexy
    to collect the Lombardi Trophy in July

    (so you don’t have to sweat awkward October, etc.)

  34. Can all u raven fans just shut the hell up.. I hope the TEXANS come into m&m field, are whatever that dump is called, and whoop y’all ass.. GO TEXANS!!!

  35. Bet he wishes he would have just come back home to Tennessee now, but we weren’t good enough for him the 2nd time around! Glad you mad it to the texans though, because in two weeks we get to show you first hand d. Mason why you made a mistake!

  36. So he complains about never getting the ball, and now he’s been sent somewhere where…he’ll never get the ball (once Andre is back, of course). Too funny.

  37. “We need a Wr but I dont know about Mason. Try T.O. Texans.”

    I heard a rumor that T.O. took an overdose just worryin’ about playin’ for Texans.

  38. 1 more Yard.. 1 Stinking Yard. Derrick Mason has been on a quest to find that since Super Bowl 36. If only Kevin Dyson had scored on that final play. Derrick Mason has been a solid player for a long time. He, other than being vocal about his playing time, catches, etc, quietly put up numbers that alot of receivers would love to have. Sure at times his temper or feelings were detrimental or badly timed but he was only fighting and searching for that 1 stinking yard!! Good Luck in Texas Mase. Please just do your job, whatever that will be. Play hard, and go out on top or as close to it as you can. But please dont leave yourself 1 Stinking Yard short of going out on good terms……

  39. So Rex denied there was any controversy and traded the hypothetical problem…

    There goes the credibility.

    This guy is great for the NY media.

  40. Well now there is one less mouth on the Jets to hear. The Jets play the Dolphins on Monday night and should come away with a win. But if they lose perhaps another Jet mouth will be gone. What will happen when the big Jet mouth (Ryan) figures out that he’s not going to the Super Bowl? Stay tuned as the Jet’s mouths move on…………….

  41. @Gordon,
    He signed with the Jets for the veteran minimum. The Ravens offered him more. He was bitter after being cut, and signed with the Jets. He signed with them because he thought he could stick it to the Ravens in NY.

  42. This sure makes me wonder if Andre Johnson’s injury is a lot worse than he or the Texans are admitting. I read one report that he could be out for up to two months, and then I was shocked that he was talking about coming back this week or next. This makes me wonder if we are seeing a little bit of gamesmanship by the Texans, who know he will not play for at least a month but are content to have Andre saying how fast he will get back out there and not saying much else themselves. This forces team’s on the schedule the next few games to game plan for him, even though he won’t be there. Just curious…

  43. This speaks volumes about Derrick Mason. When the loudest mouth in the NFL, who has an affinity for former Ravens ships you away, your officially a cancer.

  44. I love that McClain and Mason both are getting screwed over by leaving the Ravens. McClain wanted more carries…I’m pretty sure if he would’ve signed with the Ravens he would have taken over RB2 on the depth chart and left Leach at FB. Ricky Williams wouldn’t have been signed and McClain would have his carries. Now that Charles is hurt over in KC…McClain still doesn’t have many carries. Also, Mason wanted to be somewhere where he felt wanted…Rex really wants you there now doesn’t he? Hahahaha. In Ozzie We Trust!

  45. it doesnt surprise me that Flacco has been his meal card. it doesnt surprise me tha Rex said he would get 100 catches (you cant make that stuff up) It wont surprise me if he gets 2-3 catches the rest of the year in Texas.

  46. Kicked out of Baltimore.
    Kicked out of New York.
    What else needs to be said. He surely will be kicked out of Houston. Only a matter of time.
    Traded on a tuesday ? He will not contribute in Sundays game. Maybe he can show the Texans around in the visitors locker room.
    Diva needs to retire before he is remembered in a bad way.

  47. Great news for the Jets and a smart deal by Tannenbaum. J. Kerley looks like a real keeper both in return game and as the 3rd WR, the kid has done everything you want a rookie to do.

    Now Kerley gets his shot and the headache that is Mason is GONE!!

    It’s a long season for all of you doubters, the Jets will turn this around starting with the Fish on MNF, yeah!!

  48. Now he will have a chance to win. Jets are going no place this year, and until Rex learns to shut his pie hole they will accomplish very little.

  49. why teams sign players the ravens dont want is beyond me. mason, heap, mcclain, gregg, mcgahee we dont miss you (on the field).

    I generally agree, but McGahee is having a solid year in Denver. Harbaugh just didn’t like him for some reason.

  50. bullseyeonyou says:
    Oct 12, 2011 8:10 AM
    Even an 85 year old Mason is better than Jacobe Joke. We’ll take him.


    I agree with you, Jones is more of a situational receiver than a “jack of all trades” receiver. Nice pick up for you guys.

  51. what a great move. Rex Ryan at his best. Take the attention away from Sanchez and how much he stinks this year and put the attention on a free agent pick up and how you discarded him. Got to give Rex one thing. He gets the attention off of the part of his team that sucks. Unfortunately this year it is his whole team.

  52. There goes the upgrade over Cotchery. Now if we can just get rid of Plaxico “Stone Hands” Burress (the upgrade from Edwards) We’ll be OK. Right Rex?

  53. I wonder if the video guy in the lime green vest got a chance to film Mason cleaning out his locker for “Jet TV”… GO Dolphins this week!!!!!

  54. This is a good pickup for the Texans. People forget this guy has caught over 60 passes a year since 2000. He has age on him but the guy is a good wideout. Gives Schaub another target. I believe the Jets have a offensive problem right now. I dont know if its the coaching or Sanchez but there is something wrong there. With Holmes, Mason, Burress, LT and Greene points should be on the board with this team.

  55. Jacoby Jones is so bad that the Texans went out and got this old, washed up WR. Jones needs to be arrested for theft. He’s stolen money from the Texans his entire tenure in Houston.

  56. He isn’t there to learn the offense this week or make an impact on the team. He’s there to be Wade Phillips best friend the next 5 days. He’ll spend more time in the DC’s office than the Offensive/WR meetings!!

  57. 2 desperate teams: jets and texans.

    Jets need to point the finger at someone. Mase was the perfect guy to cut loose. He had issues with that offense. A loud mouth. Minimal producer. Turned into sacrificial lamb. How bad must he have been to get cut loose in NY? I mean really!

    Texans will be missing their 2 biggest stars. Williams out for year. Johnson out (guessing) a few weeks. Are the Texans really this desperate? Mason who has a history of losing his cool and being disruptive. He can add nothing this week and you really wonder what he can realistically add in the next few weeks. Oh, maybe some ‘intel on the Ravens this week (as if people don’t know enough already about Cam’s offense – play cover 2.)

    Mase needs to ride off quitely into the sunset. I guess going to Texas is a great place to find a horse to do that on.

  58. if the jets sign TO i really think someone needs to tell them that the NFL isnt a reality television series…

  59. Rex to his offense – Keep complaining and I’ll trade you to a better team.

    Rex is taking “players coach” to new heights.

  60. mikeb723 says:
    Oct 11, 2011 10:37 PM
    am i the only one who enjoys the jets collapsing?

    Not by a long shot! There are thousands of PFT posters who are enjoying these under-achieving loud mouths.

  61. You know what’s missing from this post?

    Jet’s fans.

    Other than RexCanCoach, where are these guys?

    The Yets are 2-3 and tanking, the wheels are flying off the bus faster and faster, and these posters are nowhere to be found.

    They were lapping up Rex Ryan saying Mason was going to be a potent offensive weapon this year.

    He can’t catch what Sanchez can’t throw.

    Last week it was “Ground and Pound” …….. how’d THAT work out for you????

  62. If you don’t know why Houston made this trade then you don’t know sports..Mason is in Houston only because they want the inside scoop on the Baltimore Ravens for this weekend….

  63. If you don’t know why Houston made this trade then you don’t know sports..Mason is in Houston only because they want the inside scoop on the Baltimore Ravens for this weekend….

    So using that logic the Ravens should have the inside scoop about the Texans on both sides of the ball because they have Vonta Leach and Bernard Pollard. I guess it’s possible that’s why Houston picked up Mason, but I think it’s more because they need receiver help and he cost them next to nothing.

  64. nyjalleffingday says:Oct 13, 2011 8:10 PM

    Dude, there’s like 5 Jets fans on this site besides me. 90% of the comments on Jet articles are people who can’t stand the Jets.


    As a lifelong Patriot fan, as in one who used to watch games at Sullivan Stadium when there were 9,000 people in the stands, I am just glad that the Jets* got caught filming. It has not been fun enduring the “Cheatriot” and “Belicheat” crapola ans it’s nice to see the worm turn. It’s just too bad this couldn’t have happened when the Jets* were able to win a game.

  65. Mason will make a good wideout but slow and could draw attention away from Johnson. Jones cant catch. And Walter is solid at where he is. Personally I think it is a solid addition that will draw attention. But mason needs to keep his thoughts to himself

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