Super Bowl will be played in Arizona in 2015


Arizona has won the right to host another Super Bowl, as the NFL’s owners voted today to bring the game back to University of Phoenix Stadium in 2015.

The owners voted today to pick Glendale, Arizona over the other finalist, Tampa, Florida.

Tampa and Glendale had been identified as the Super Bowl XLIX host city finalists several months ago. The NFL waited to schedule a final vote on the matter until they were sure the lockout wouldn’t cancel the 2012 Super Bowl, which would have resulted in Indianapolis being awarded the 2015 game. (Aren’t you glad we’re not worrying about such things anymore?)

Indianapolis hosts the Super Bowl at the conclusion of this season, followed by New Orleans in 2013 and New York/New Jersey in 2014 before Arizona in 2015.

42 responses to “Super Bowl will be played in Arizona in 2015

  1. Yawn.

    Rotate it between the cities! Nobody cares about Arizona/Tampa/Miami getting the Super Bowl all the time.

    Just don’t put it back in Dallas, er, “North Texas”, whatever.

  2. Goodell is probably pushing for London in 2016. NFL owners, please get rid of this moron before it’s too late!

  3. This tells U what NFL owners think of the Buccaneers “Glazer Family”.

    Whom the local fans hate as well. Another home game in LONDON

    Debuted Josh Freeman in London as a rookie. Lowest spending team 8 Years in a row!!!!!!

  4. Greg Rosenthall won’t be making the trip, the Valley is too spread out for the media darling….

  5. The 50th Super Bowl should be played at Lambeau Field.

    If the NY/NJ experiment works, they should for sure honor the most historic team in the NFL by allowing them to host the Super Bowl.

  6. Perfect. We’ll win at home in 2014 than relive the greatest SB victory in NFL history in Glendale in 2015 to complete the back to back. I can dig that!

  7. NFL, give the people what they want. We all want to see an ice bowl….

    We are all so tired of seeing palm trees at the Superbowl. I want to see snow blowers uncovering the yard markers in between quarters!!!

  8. To globalize the game truly, maybe playing a Super Bowl overseas could be profitable. A Super Bowl in Rio, London, Mexico City, Beijing could definitely give the NFL a global feel.

    It also might not hurt to include places like Washington D.C., Green Bay, Seattle in the round robin of accepted S.B. sites. I’m personally tired of the same 5 or 6 cities getting the big game.

  9. Leave it in Az every year! Retractable roof, no ice storms, millions of things to do, hundreds of golf courses and the hookers from Vegas have an easy drive down!

  10. Dear NFL:

    Quit rewarding the Bidwill family with the crown jewel of sports until they commit to, and follow through with, putting a competitive team on the field year in and year out.

    The doors to the executive offices aren’t thick enough to hide the joy that comes with lining their pockets despite blatant and intentional iniquity.


    A Cardinals Fan.

  11. While a Super Bowl in Lambeau would be amazing, will never happen.

    There are not enough hotels to support a regular season game there, let alone all that are required for the SB.

    Maybe they can park a bunch of cruise ships in the bay like they did in Jacksonville and rent them as hotel rooms?

  12. All 32 (31 venues?) should have a turn at hosting the SB.

    Millions in revenue and jobs created to the cities hosting these major events and somehow only a few get to get in on the act. Complete BS!!

    It’s football and players and true fans will endour any elements to be a part of it. That can’t be said for the rich celebs, pols, etc. who only go b/c it’s the “thing to do” leaving deserving fans out of luck.

    Remember Dallas anyone?

  13. forget about taking the NFL overseas. Do you think the English Premier League would ever have a meaningful game in the United States? The NFL is popular enough in the USA to make everyone involved millions. Do we give a hairy rats arse about some the Euros? I know i don’t. They can have their football, and we can have ours.

  14. 2016 will definitely be in London. And the millions of lemmings will still watch and still patronize the NFL rather than voting with their wallets. I haven’t watched more than 5 minutes of NFL football this year, and I don’t really feel like i’ve missed anything.

  15. damnyoulinelliot says: L = 50 in Roman numerals, folks.”

    Oh, for . . . How did I not catch that?

    Well done, sir

  16. johnnyb216 says:
    Oct 11, 2011 2:24 PM
    Perfect! The packers have a ton of bandwagon fans in Arizona!


    You don’t say??

  17. Had to pick an area where there is zero chance of a home field advantage….. Hopefully the farm town of Glendale is the actual sponsor city this time and not the hour drive form Scottsdale.

  18. They can’t play in Tampa Bay in 2015 because that team will be in England by then and you can’t host the SB without a NFL team

  19. Did someone really refer to Super Bowl 50 as XLX?

    Wow! There needs to be some sort of screening test that people have to pass in order to be able to post.

  20. First of all, the Bucs games being blacked out has nothing to do with Tampa not getting the SuperBowl in 2015 since the fans of both teams playing each other in the SuperBowl gets the tickets through a lottery system. I don’t understand why Tampa wouldn’t get it since the area is filled with championship chasing jackwagons that can’t support their local team(s) and instead embrace teams of northern cities that they lived in over 20 years ago and are the first to complain and ridicule about fan attendance.

  21. chizzle20 says:Oct 11, 2011 2:48 PM

    johnnyb216 says:
    Oct 11, 2011 2:24 PM
    Perfect! The packers have a ton of bandwagon fans in Arizona!
    ———————————————————-That is why the average man weight if 180 and average woman wieght if 130 goes up to 270 and 230 when Packer fans come to AZ!

  22. stairwayto7 says:
    Oct 11, 2011 4:19 PM
    chizzle20 says:Oct 11, 2011 2:48 PM

    johnnyb216 says:
    Oct 11, 2011 2:24 PM
    Perfect! The packers have a ton of bandwagon fans in Arizona!
    ———————————————————-That is why the average man weight if 180 and average woman wieght if 130 goes up to 270 and 230 when Packer fans come to AZ!


    That’s really your insult? Really? COME ON MAN. You can do better I know it.

  23. Paging Jerry Jones. This will pretty much be a home game for your ‘Boys. Better start selling tickets to fans ASAP!

  24. Why doesn’t Houston put in bids?

    San Diego should, but the city was stupid and built a new baseball park instead of a new football stadium. San Diego would have hosted several Super Bowls, now we have to sit through 81 boring baseball games and no possibility of a World Series cause the Padres suck- stupid city.

  25. 2015 should give the Cardinals enough time to rebuild with Andrew Luck, fix the defense, and get a new GM, so they can return as a participent in the Super Bowl.

    Or whoever drafts Andrew Luck.

    I think this is the 3rd Super Bowl Arizona has been awarded.

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