Tuesday morning one-liners


The Bills will get cornerback Terrence McGee back in the mix this week.

Miami’s offensive line is a problem, to put it mildly.

It’s been five weeks: Is it safe now to call Chad Ochocinco’s signing a bust?

Rex Ryan insists he didn’t bench Derrick Mason for being mouthy. Mason just hasn’t been very good.

The bye week hasn’t solved Baltimore’s injury problems. Cornerback Jimmy Smith (ankle) doesn’t sound ready to return.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis isn’t ready to throw a parade for the team’s 3-2 start.

Browns DL Marcus Benard is expected to make a full recovery from his broken hand suffered in a motorcycle accident.

Recent Steelers pickup Max Starks showed that everyone doesn’t need training camp.

The Houston Chronicle says the Texans may have problems, but Matt Schaub isn’t one of them.

Colts owner Jim Irsay makes the case for playing Peyton Manning if he’s healthy late in the year.

The Jaguars may scapegoat replace their punter.

Tennessee’s bye week priority: Fix the running game.

The Broncos lost another defensive lineman for the season: DT Kevin Vickerson.

The Chiefs may not look pretty, but they seem to be playing hard for coach Todd Haley.

Looking at some potential “football czar” candidates in Oakland.

The Chargers have seemingly figured out how to win close games.

Cowboys linebacker Anthony Spencer is picking up his play, conveniently in time to hit free agency next year.

Reporters want the Eagles to scrap their “Wide 9” defensive approach. (Which basically just means we like to say the words “Wide 9” and vaguely understand what they mean.)

Giants DT Justin Tuck on Antonio Pierce’s criticism: “I can definitely remember him missing some football games.”

Despite their contentious personal history, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan says he “learned a lot” from Al Davis.

This year’s “PayTheMan” campaign has parked in Chicago with Matt Forte.

Nick Fairley had a quiet debut for the Lions, but the team was happy to finally see him on the field.

The Packers really don’t know if T Chad Clifton will play again this season.

Vikings WR Bernard Berrian will be returning to the lineup.

The Falcons successfully limited the Packers’ possessions on Sunday night, but it didn’t really matter.

Cam Newton has a hard time dealing with losses.

The Saints’ offensive line has survived injuries this year rather well.

The Bucs may have to face the Saints without DT Gerald McCoy and RB LeGarrette Blount.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt says he won’t change his approach following the team’s 1-4 start.

The 49ers can use TE Delanie Walker as more of a weapon following Josh Morgan’s injury.

Rams fans should be worried that the team is breaking in new (old) cornerbacks against the Packers of all teams.

There is no quarterback controversy in Seattle. Tarvaris Jackson will start if healthy.

11 responses to “Tuesday morning one-liners

  1. Ahhhhh!! Scam doesn’t like to lose.! Im sure before long he will find a way to cheat!…beyond just the HGH!

  2. Why is Matt Turk (Jags punter) not gone yet? He should have been told to go shower at home after the game, his services or lack of are not wanted! Prime example of why Del Rio should be gone!

  3. how about this for raiders…ron wolf….all speculation aside, Mark Davis knows what going on. His dad has mentored him as the heia to the throne many decades ago…….Amy is a great CEO, and Al cherished and respected her. Hue seems like a great coach, and has the team playing hard for him, the same way they did last year when Cable was in the way. I know the scouting department has been spot on the past several drafts even with all the haters saying McFadden, and Hayward-Bey were busts, but now it’s all ssshhhhh.

    How about we just leave it alone , and see what happens. Fact is unemployment is at an all time high and there are plenty of guys working for the tv channels that want a real job.

  4. There is no quarterback controversy in Seattle. Tarvaris Jackson will start if healthy.
    Statements like this generally mean that there is a QB controversy forthcoming.

  5. 85 has been a HUGE disappointment; not because ofhis disruptive personality (I’ll give him credit for that) but because he just hasn’t “gotten it” yet.

    We’re five weeks in and the guy continues to line up wrong and miss routes.

    He’s Chad Ochocinco, for God’s sakes, not some rookie. I don’t know why he’s still not getting it.

    No doubt Tom Brady has seen enough. If Chad was the old Chad, Brady would be throwing to him.

    Forget the 6 mill, this guy’s a bust at veteran minimum. It was a gamble worth taking, it didn’t work, and at least he didn’t become a disruptive force on the team.

    Next, let’s take another look at Big Al.

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